Zhanjiang Travel Guide for Free Travel (Zhanjiang Travel Guide for Better Routes for Free Travel)

Introduction: Zhanjiang Travel Guide for Free Travel (Zhanjiang Travel Guide for Better Routes for Free Travel) Guangdong Zhanjiang Travel Guide Top Ten Must-Visit Attractions in Zhanjiang, Guangdong What are the fun tourist attractions in Zhanjiang?

Guangdong Zhanjiang Travel Guide

Zhanjiang Guide

D1 (October 2): 9 o’clock in Chikan City, Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall Subway Exit C.

I estimate that I will arrive in Chikan in the evening, put my luggage, meet up with friends, and have dinner.

D2 (October 3): Techeng Island/Huguangyan—Seaside Park—Xiashan Catholic Church—the former site of the French Embassy—Fishing Port Park—Sea Viewing Corridor

(Morning) A: Huguangyan (cost is about 60+/person) Tickets are 50 yuan/person, rent a car to tour the lake.

B: Techeng Island (cost about 40/person)

It is about 3 kilometers away from Xiashan District and covers an area of ​​about 3.6 square kilometers. There are two ferries in Xiashan to take a boat to Techeng Island. Take the sea express from the pier near the port authority to Badeng Island. There are more flights there, about every half an hour. The round-trip resort ticket is 40 yuan per person, and half the price for students. Sailing time is about eight minutes.

(Afternoon) Go to the seaside park, take a coastal tour to the sea view promenade, and then go to the fishing port park.

(The seaside – sea view – fishing port are all on the same line, more than two kilometers long. You can stroll under the blue sea and sky and appreciate the wonderful life. You can go to eat roasted oysters in the evening, there are many in the food stalls on the seaside)

D3 (October 4): East China Sea Island—Naozhou Island

      Go to Donghai Southeast Pier. Take a ferry (only for cars) for 2 yuan/person – for pedestrians, it takes 30 minutes to reach Naozhou; take a speedboat (only for pedestrians), 6 yuan/person, and it takes 15 minutes to get to Naozhou. There are round-trip speedboats from 6:00 to 18:00 every day. After 18:00, you can only try your luck to see if there are overtime ferries. Therefore, tourists who want to go back and forth on the same day are better to go to Naozhou early in the morning. After visiting, I just bought seafood at the seafood market. The seafood market is 150 meters away from the pier, which is very close. There is plenty of seafood and the price is low. After buying it, go to a nearby restaurant for processing. We recommend Lvjing Restaurant, which charges a processing fee of three yuan per catty. If you ask the locals how to get there, everyone will tell you the location of Lvjing Restaurant. For the locals, the food in this restaurant tastes first-class and it is a dining hall for locals. Naozhou Island (Lighthouse), ticket price 10 yuan

    The island is most famous for its abalone and lobster. Abalone is famous because the seabed around Naozhou Island is covered with volcanic rocks and caves. It is a paradise for fish, shrimps and crabs to live in with luxuriant seagrass. Abalone has become a tribute because of its smooth and delicious meat. Now it is a famous brand seafood, better than other seafood. Abalone is several times more expensive. Lobsters are born in deep water caves and are particularly plump and strong. They are the top-grade lobsters. There are also some delicacies on the island such as natural grouper, mackerel, red fish, red crab, Dongfeng snail and sweet banana. There are no entertainment venues on the island. Their usual leisure and entertainment is to walk on the beach or go to the ancient lighthouse.

      It is said that the ancient lighthouse was once a historical site of the Song Dynasty emperor. When the Southern Song Dynasty court fled, it was stationed on the island for four months. The remaining historic sites include Xianglong Academy, Songhuang Village, Songhuang Well, Sanzhong Temple, etc. The ancient lighthouse built in 1899 is currently the only two crystal-ground mirror lighthouses in the world (the other is the London International Lighthouse). The lighthouse was built higher up, and its light can shine for more than twenty nautical miles. It is still used as a navigation lighthouse. The rotating light illuminates the entire island and the sea, which is really a spectacle. In 1996, the lighthouse was listed as a national key cultural relic protection unit.

D4 (October 5): Watch the sunrise/Xiashan Old Street Tour/Historical Tour of Chikan, an ancient commercial port

a. Chikan historical tour of the ancient commercial port: Chikan Minzhu Road old buildings, Jiueryi Road, Minzu Road, Minquan Road, Heping Road, Sanhe Street, Xingfu Road, Guangzhou Bay Chamber of Commerce, Nanhua Hotel, Gemstone Hotel , Dazhong Restaurant, the former residence of Xu Aizhou, one of the old streets in Zhanjiang – Gudu, Chikan Old Street, the Chikan Ancient Well that opened the port, Chikan Datong Street, live in the hotel street – Shengli Road, look for the five major conference halls in Chikan, and explore Yayi Port, etc.

b. Xiashan Old Street Tour: Xiashan European Style Street (also known as: Xiashan French Style Street), Hankou Road, Dongdi Road, Xiashan Loquat Street-Yixian Road, etc. Zhanjiang Sports Center (free and open), Chikan Pedestrian Street. Xiashan Pedestrian Street. Jackfruit Street—Chikan Xingfu Road, etc.  


1. When taking buses in the city, try to take the Renmin Avenue line (Line 11 or Line 12). The buses on Haibin Road on Line 2 are particularly slow.

2. Remember: don’t buy seafood next to the pier. People on the pier will lobby for something. The price of seafood on the pier is the same as that in the seafood market. I can tell you that the seafood on the pier is the seafood market. Made up of garbage, the seafood was extremely stale and expensive. If you go to two markets, you will be able to realize this immediately. Am I wrong? As a connoisseur, you should eat in the same restaurants as the locals, and buy in the same markets as the locals. There are also many hotels and food stalls nearby that process the food for you, making it the first choice for people who know how to eat. I recommend a restaurant on the northeastern side door, which seems to be called Jin Dafu. Its processing fee is 8 yuan per catty. Its quality is good. It also has its own brand-name dishes (you must try them). The key is that the processed stir-fried dishes taste first-class. Remember to pay attention to one thing: the restaurant must make the decision when it comes to seafood preparations, so that it can be perfect. In addition, on the first floor next to the northeast door of Dongfeng Seafood Market, there is a wholesale market for dried seafood. There are all kinds of dried seafood that you will want to buy when you see it.

Top ten tourist attractions in Zhanjiang, Guangdong

The top ten must-visit attractions in Zhanjiang, Guangdong include:

1. Huguangyan

Huguangyan Scenic Area is a national scenic spot, a national geological park, a national AAAA tourist attraction and a national youth science education base, ranking first among the eight scenic spots in Zhanjiang. Approved as a World Geopark by UNESCO, it is one of the three existing volcanic lakes in my country.

2. Techeng Island

Techeng Island is only 2.8 nautical miles away from Xiashan District, Zhanjiang City, and the voyage takes about 8 minutes. It echoes the modern Zhanjiang Port and Military Port. Surrounding half of the island are mangroves. These ancient trees in the sea that have grown for thousands of years are densely packed, towering and green, and birds are flying in groups.

3. Xiashan Sea Viewing Corridor

Zhanjiang Sea View Corridor is one of the eight scenic spots in Zhanjiang. The promenade is divided into two sections: Chikan Jinshawan Sea View Corridor and Xiashan Sea View Corridor. Walking on the promenade, the sea breeze is blowing, the huge waves are passing by the sea, and the moving clouds are floating in the sky, it is really refreshing.

4. Donghai Island

The eastern part of Zhanjiang Donghai Island, Zhanjiang Donghai Island Tourist Resort, is one of the “Eight New Scenic Spots of Zhanjiang”.

5. Jinshawan Beach

The ecological landscape in Jinsha Bay is rare in China. The tall white sand dunes, green coconut groves and blue sea are wonderfully combined to form a very magnificent and beautiful natural ecological landscape. Its unique ocean desert scenery attracts people. Countless tourists from home and abroad.

6. Zhanjiang Seaside Park

Zhanjiang Seaside Park is located on the seashore in the northeast corner of Xiashan District, Zhanjiang City, Guangdong Province, and is rich in subtropical ocean scenery.

7. Naozhou Island Tourist Area

Naozhou Island is an island formed by the eruption of an undersea volcano about 200,000 to 500,000 years ago. There are many places of interest on the island, including the remains of the last emperor of the Song Dynasty, Song Duanzong, who ascended the throne in Naozhou, Xianglong Academy, Bajiaojing, Songhuang Monument, Songhuang Pavilion, Songhuang Village, Chima Village, Dou Zhenbiao’s Tomb and “Gongbaofang”, etc.

8. Cunjin Bridge Park

Cunjin Bridge Park is located on the west side of Chikan District, Zhanjiang City, Guangdong Province. It is named after its proximity to Cunjin Bridge.

9. Xuwen Ancient Port

Xuwen County is located at the southernmost tip of mainland China. Dengloujiao, Tianya Haijiao on Hainan Island and Eluanbi on Taiwan Island are called the “three southern ends” of mainland China. Hainan Island’s Tianya Haijiao is a very well-known scenic spot.

10. Lamp corner

Dengloujiao in Xuwen County faces Lingaojiao in Hainan Island. The strait is 12 nautical miles wide and is a maritime traffic hub. There are dangerous reefs and hidden rocks in the sea to the southwest and southeast of this corner. In the 16th year of Guangxu (1890), a lighthouse was built here, hence its name.

What are the fun tourist attractions in Zhanjiang?

Interesting tourist attractions in Zhanjiang include Jinshawan Coastal Tourist Area, Antarctic Village, Baimao Sea, Xianqu Island, and Gangmen Shijiao Port.

1. Jinshawan Coastal Tourist Area

Jinshawan is the end of Zhanjiang Bay. There are free and open natural bathing beaches, beach and water activities areas, and it is also a better place to enjoy the full view of the Bay Bridge up close.

2. Antarctic Village

The sunset in Antarctic Village is an endless poem. Three hundred and sixty-five days, three hundred and sixty-five changes.

3. Baimaohai

Here, you can not only observe the fishing boats docked on the shore up close, but also sit on the shore and enjoy the sea breeze and watch the sunset with your loved one.

4. Fairy skirt island

If you travel to Xianyun Island at sunset, you can see the amazing scenery of orange, pink and deep blue water. During the day, it is suitable for a leisurely walk along the seaside, admiring the beach and bay.

5. Gangmen Shijiao Port

A mysterious “corner” in Zhanjiang – Suixi Shijiao Port, with its beautiful natural scenery, busy fishing port and charming sunset, attracts a large number of photographers.