How much does it cost to go to Gulangyu Island in Xiamen? Strategy sharing

Gulangyu Island in Xiamen is a tourist attraction, attracting countless tourists for sightseeing. If you are planning a trip to Gulangyu Island, then you may be wondering how much it will cost. This article will provide you with some tips and budgets to help you better plan your trip.

There are no tickets for Gulangyu Island, but if you want to visit some attractions, you need to buy tickets. The following are ticket prices for some attractions

1. Gulangyu Museum 20 yuan/person

2. Concert hall 20 yuan/person

3. Sunlight Rock 60 yuan/person

4. Long wave rippling 30 yuan/person

5. Nanputuo Temple 25 yuan/person

There are two ways to get from Xiamen Island to Gulangyu Island by ferry or speedboat. The following are the fees for both methods

1. Ferry 35 yuan/person (one way), 70 yuan/person (round trip)

2. Speedboat 50 yuan/person (one way), 100 yuan/person (round trip)

You can taste a variety of delicacies on Gulangyu Island, including seafood, specialty snacks, etc. Here are some dining expenses

1. Seafood 100-200 yuan/person

2. Specialty snacks 20-50 yuan/person

3. Tea restaurant 30-50 yuan/person

If you want to stay in Gulangyu Island, here are some reference prices

1. Hotel RMB 200-500/night

2. B&B 100-300 yuan/night

The above is the approximate cost of visiting Gulangyu Island in Xiamen. Of course, the specific budget depends on your own needs and actual situation. I hope this article can be helpful to your travels.