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1. Travel online taxi hailing from Hohhot to Beijing

1. Passenger cars with more than 5 seats (including 5 seats) and less than 7 seats (including 7 seats) registered in this city.

2. Install vehicle-mounted equipment with driving records, satellite positioning, emergency alarm and other functions that comply with relevant national regulations and standards, and connect to the supervision platform of the municipal taxi management agency.

3. The period from the first registration of the vehicle by the public security and traffic management department to the date of application shall not exceed 3 years. The technical requirements of the vehicle shall comply with the relevant provisions of the “Technical Management Regulations for Road Transport Vehicles”, and the third-party liability of the insured shall be no less than RMB 500,000. Insurance and commercial insurance related to operating vehicles.

4. The taxable price of the vehicle should be higher than the cruising taxis licensed in our city during the same period.

2. Hohhot to Beijing tour group

Currently during the Beijing Winter Olympics, everyone entering Beijing is required to provide a nucleic acid test report within 48 hours.

3. How much does it cost to book a taxi from Hohhot to Beijing on a travel website?

A 48-hour nucleic acid test is enough. The nucleic acid test for the new coronavirus is affected by many links and factors. Because the new coronavirus is characterized by a certain incubation period and concealment, during the first nucleic acid test, if the concentration of the virus in the body is not enough and is below the detection limit, it may not be detected; different people use different sampling methods, and the collection cannot be collected If it reaches the appropriate location, it may cause missed detection.

Therefore, in order to detect the source of the disease more accurately and identify infected people as early as possible, it is necessary to carry out repeated testing in a timely manner.

4. Travel from Beijing to Hohhot

Hello everyone, I am Xiaotian. I like traveling and recording. Everywhere I go, I like to record it in words.

I have been to Inner Mongolia three times and I am very familiar with every scenic spot in Inner Mongolia. I have been to popular scenic spots such as Birch Forest, Genhe Wetland Park, Hulun Lake, and Manzhouli more than twice. Not only the scenic spots, but also the natural scenery along the way are amazing. It will make you intoxicated because it is so beautiful!

Let me start with a few words and tell you how I played the previous three times~

The first time I went to Inner Mongolia with a local group tour was a very busy trip. I was just looking around and didn’t see many scenic spots. There was also mandatory shopping, which cost me a lot of money. (Don’t play like this~)

The second time I took my parents there, I decided to find a strategy and plan the route myself. Although it was very free, it was very troublesome and tiring to find accommodation by myself and the roads were unfamiliar. It also cost a lot and you would be ripped off if you were not careful. (As rich as you like~)

The third time I went there with my best friend, I found the local tour guide Kaixin recommended by my good friend. I visited for six days and five nights just for fun. This time the route was well planned and I had enough time to see the scenery. I slept every morning Set off when you wake up naturally. You can visit all the places you want to visit. It is necessary to find a good tour guide when traveling to Inner Mongolia, which saves money and worry. (Recommended gameplay~)

The last time I went to Inner Mongolia was in mid-summer in July last year. I went with my boyfriend. They said that the summer scenery in Inner Mongolia is not as good as the autumn scenery and it is not fun to play. But I am exactly the opposite. This time, I had the most fun in Inner Mongolia! What I want to thank the most is not my boyfriend, but the happy tour guide who arranged the food, clothing, housing and transportation for us. If this trip had not been arranged by the happy tour guide, I think I would have been among those who were ripped off and cheated and queued up everywhere!

(I’ll tell you the story with the happy tour guide later. I’ll show you my itinerary first)

Okay, now I’ll show you my itinerary, and I’ll post a few random pictures, all of them are beautiful~

Day 1: Arrive in Hohhot

Day 2: Grassland Highway ~ Xilamuren Grassland ~ The most ceremonial dismounting wine in the grassland, and stay at the [five-star starry sky yurt] in the evening

Day 3: Get up early to watch the sunrise ~ Sand-crossing Highway ~ Xiangshawan ~ Desert Disney Fairy Island ~ Yuesha Island ~ Stay at [Qixing Lake Resort] in the evening

Day 4: Get up early and visit Qixing Lake, the only oasis in the desert ~ visit the mausoleum of Genghis Khan ~ pass by the new city of Kangbashi in the desert on the way

Day 5: Set off to the place where the sky is clear and cattle and sheep are found in the wild windswept meadows, the Chilechuan grassland, and the West Lake Hasuhai outside the Great Wall.

The good time is always too short. Whether it is the scenic spots or the scenery on the road, it is dizzying. The only drawback is that there is not enough time. Fortunately, thanks to the arrangement of the tour guide, I went to all the scenic spots I wanted to visit despite the limited time! Many attractions can be accessed through happy paths, and tickets are free*^__^*. After Kaixin’s recommendation, we tasted the special delicacies, and then Kaixin arranged to send us back. Special thanks to Kaixin’s tour guide.

1. Help me customize the route according to my ideas and arrange driving, hotels, special meals, etc.

2. Regarding the attractions where I want to buy tickets, help me book them in advance to save queuing time.

3. Provide free pick-up and drop-off service, free itinerary, no rush to sell products

4. Happy Tour Guide is a local butler-style tour guide in Inner Mongolia, professional and has a good reputation

5. It is a free travel, you can travel freely, you can go wherever you want, relaxed and comfortable

During this trip, I traveled freely in a private car. I ate local special meals arranged by Kaixin Tour Guide for me. Entrance fees, transportation fees, and butler service fees from Kaixin Tour Guide were all included! The entire trip, including food, drinks, accommodation, and transportation, was all properly arranged. Five nights in a luxury hotel cost less than 2,000 yuan per person, 1,900 yuan to be precise. I thought at the time, would Kaixin lose money with such an arrangement? Kaixin told me that she got the cooperation base price of hotels and restaurants, so it was very affordable, much more affordable than traveling by herself.

5. Self-driving travel guide from Hohhot to Beijing

Taking a plane from Hohhot City in the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region to Beijing takes about a little more than an hour. After all, the distance is only more than 600 kilometers.

High-speed rail and self-driving are both good options for traveling back and forth. Other cities in Inner Mongolia also have airports connected to Beijing. Toutiao Laibian

The distance varies. The further away, the longer the flight time will definitely be. The specific flight time depends on the mileage from the specific city location in Inner Mongolia to Beijing, so that the approximate flight time can be estimated.

6. Travel online taxi phone number from Hohhot to Beijing


Ranked from high to low by order compliance rate are Xiamen, Guangzhou, Hangzhou, Chongqing, Shenzhen, Nanning, Guiyang, Zhengzhou, Hefei, Hohhot, Lanzhou, Qingdao, Changchun, Nanchang, Ningbo, Fuzhou, Wuhan, Xining, Nanjing, Xi’an, Haikou, Changsha, Jinan, Tianjin, Taiyuan, Chengdu, Harbin, Shanghai, Shenyang, Dalian, Yinchuan, Beijing, Shijiazhuang, Kunming. Among them, the order compliance rates in eight cities, namely Xiamen, Guangzhou, Hangzhou, Chongqing, Shenzhen, Nanning, Guiyang, and Zhengzhou, are all above 80%.

7. How to apply for online taxi hailing service in Hohhot

uncertain! The taxi business is all related to the weather, festival luck, etc.! For example, rain and snow are very popular! It’s peak tourist season too! Luck is also important. Sometimes you are lucky! There are people taking taxis everywhere you go! Generally, the net profit is above 2,000, which means that as long as your car does not have frequent problems or be fined! Can maintain an income of more than 2,000!

8. Carpooling from Hohhot to Beijing

  The route from Hohhot to Beijing passes through Ulanqab City, Zhangjiakou City, and finally Beijing City, with a total distance of approximately 483.6 kilometers.

  Driving route: Starting point: Hohhot City 1. Driving plan in Hohhot City 1) Start from the starting point due north, drive along Shuangyong Lane for 10 meters, make a U-turn and enter Shuangyong Lane 2) Drive along Shuangyong Lane for 210 meters, turn left and enter Ruyi Road 3) Drive along Ruyi Road for 500 meters, turn left into Xinhua East Street 4) Drive along Xinhua East Street for 2.7 kilometers, turn slightly right into Airport Expressway 5) Drive along Airport Expressway for 20 meters, go straight into Airport Expressway 6) Follow Drive 8.2 kilometers on the Airport Expressway, go straight onto the Airport Expressway 7) Drive along the Airport Expressway for 40 meters, go straight onto S101 8) Drive along S101 for 50 meters, turn right onto ramp 2. Drive along the ramp for 390 meters, go straight onto Beijing-Tibet Expressway 3. Drive 316.2 kilometers on the Beijing-Tibet Expressway, turn slightly right onto ramp 4. Drive 380 meters along the ramp, and go straight into the Beijing-Tibet Expressway 5. Drive 144.3 kilometers along the Beijing-Tibet Expressway, cross the Jiandemen Bridge for about 1.0 kilometers, and go straight into Desheng Menwai Street 6. Drive along Deshengmenwai Street for 1.1 kilometers, cross the Deshengmenwai Bridge, and go straight into the Deshengmenwai Street auxiliary road 7. Driving plan in Beijing 1) Drive along the Deshengmenwai Street auxiliary road, pass the Desheng Shangcheng, go straight into Deshengmenwai Street 2) Drive along Deshengmenwai Street for 210 meters, towards Deshengmennei Street/Changqiao/Gulou West Street/Drum Tower, turn left 3) Drive 150 meters, Cross Deshengmen Bridge, turn left 4) Drive, cross Deshengmen Bridge, go straight into Deshengmen Street 5) Drive along Deshengmen Street 40 meters, cross Deshengmen Bridge, turn right and enter Desheng Menmen Street 6) Drive along Deshengmen Nei Street for 1.7 kilometers, turn left into Di’anmen West Street 7) Drive along Di’anmen West Street for 1.2 kilometers, pass Siemens (Di’anmen) on the right, about 210 meters away , go straight into Di’anmen East Street 8) Drive along Di’anmen East Street for 820 meters, turn right into Bei Heyan Street 9) Drive along Bei Heyan Street for 2.0 kilometers, go straight into South Heyan Street 10) Drive along Nan Heyan Street for 690 meters , after passing the European and American Alumni Association site on the right for about 130 meters, go straight into Zhengyi Road 11) Drive along Zhengyi Road for 450 meters, turn around and enter Zhengyi Road 12) Drive along Zhengyi Road for 60 meters to the end (on the right side of the road) End :Beijing City

9. One-day trip from Beijing to Hohhot

Beijing is located southeast of Hohhot. The two cities are more than 500 kilometers apart. Today, with very developed transportation, the distance should be very close. Especially after the Olympic Games, the highway heading towards Inner Mongolia was very well built. The scenery along the way is also very good. If you walk and play at the same time, it won’t take you a day. So you can take a self-driving tour to Inner Mongolia to have a look.