Tickets for persons with disabilities in Gubei Water Town?

The elderly, disabled people, military personnel, and students in Gubei Water Town need to bring relevant documents to get free admission, or to purchase half-price admission.

Disabled persons in Gubei Water Town are free of charge. Gubei Water Town is located in Gubeikou Town, Miyun District, Beijing. It is backed by the Simatai Great Wall, the most beautiful and dangerous place in China, and sits on the Yuanyang Lake Reservoir. It is a rare tourist resort that combines mountains, rivers and cities in the suburbs of Beijing.

The night view is unparalleled and has become a new landmark for night tours in Beijing. It borders Hebei and has convenient transportation. It is about an hour and a half drive from the Capital International Airport and Beijing, and about 45 minutes from Miyun District and Chengde City.