Are there any delicious food around Yunda?

Introduction: Are there any delicious food around Yunda University? Should I pierce the freshly stuffed sausage with a toothpick? Why? How to make Changwang noodles?

The most famous delicacies around Yunda are Guoqian rice noodles: Guoqian rice noodles in Qiaoxiangyuan, Douhua rice noodles on the first floor of Cuiyun Building, Jianshui local chicken rice noodles in Wenhua Lane, and Qianju Qianna Farmers Market opposite the entrance. The small hot pot at home, the drinks at the rest house on Qianju Street, and the cans of rice noodles on the street from the small hot pot. There is also “Yidingwang Cold Pot Chuanchuan”, which is derived from Sichuan style Malatang. It tastes good and has an authentic Chengdu feel. The shop is very clean, the environment is very good, and the service is also very good. The skewers are served in a big bowl. The skewers look very appetizing, very delicious, and the taste is really authentic. The drink is delicious and goes well with all kinds of skewers. There are also a lot of delicious food in Cultural Alley. In the evening, you can buy Zhaotong barbecue kebabs from the small newsstand next to Ximen Supermarket. It tastes very good, if you like spicy food.

Should I pierce the freshly stuffed sausage with a toothpick? Why?

Sausage filling is a relatively high-tech technique. Do you need to deflate the filled sausage? I don’t know which sausage you are talking about, Sichuan sausage? Cantonese sausage? Harbin red sausage or pink sausage?

If the production process is boiling, such as powdered sausage, garlic sausage, and homemade red sausage, you need to add warm water to the pot and then immerse it over low heat. The water should not boil. After immersing it under low heat until the casings bulge, you need to remove them from the air gaps. Deflate the needle, otherwise boiling and bursting will occur, and the entire production process will fail.

And deflate again every few minutes. Of course, you can’t pierce too many holes. Too many pores will cause the casing to rupture.

If the sausages are directly grilled or dried, such as Sichuan spicy sausages, Northeastern-style dry sausages, five-spice sausages, etc., they do not need to be deflated. When filling, pay attention to filling them fuller and leaving as few gaps as possible. There is no need to punch holes in them. Hang them after filling. Just put it up and let it dry naturally without deflating, which will not affect the taste and shape of the sausage.

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It’s winter again, and it’s the perfect time of year to stuff sausages. Sausage is an intoxicating love for gourmet food and drinking at home. I stuff one or two hundred pounds of sausages with my own hands every year. I clearly told the questioner that the freshly stuffed sausages must be pierced with toothpicks, because toothpicks are used to pierce holes. Later, when it is dried, the oil will seep out a lot, which is very helpful for the taste. In addition, pricking the holes allows the sausage to release the air inside, preventing the casing from bursting. It won’t shrink too much after drying, and it won’t fall apart easily when cut later.

Use a toothpick to poke holes into the sausages. Generally, you can make 5 to 6 small holes in each section of sausage. You can choose to pierce it after filling it, but it is best to squeeze it while piercing it with a toothpick to release the air. After filling each section, prick it a few times. My practice has proved that pricking holes while filling the sausage is helpful for the stuffing to go down. After making the sausage, hang it in a well-ventilated place to dry. After drying for a period of time, if you find any bubbles, use a toothpick to prick the air bubbles. Then flip again until dry.

How to make Changwang noodles?

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Yunnan snacks are characterized by a wide range of ingredients, many varieties, exquisite techniques, ingenious shapes and comprehensive tastes.

Roughly speaking, it can be summarized as “four main and four supplementary”. The main ingredient is rice and wheat as the supplement. The taste is salty, fresh, sour and hot as the main, numb and sweet as the supplement. The cooking methods are steaming and boiling. , braised and pan-fried mainly, fried and roasted as supplements.

Changwang noodles, also called sheep blood noodles, are a famous snack in Yunnan. Intestines are made by washing the large intestines of pigs and marinating them.

Prosperity means blood, and sheep blood or pig blood can be used.

This product is purple, white, yellow and green, crisp, tender and fragrant, salty yet spicy, and the soup is delicious.

Pig blood, known as “liquid meat”, is a good animal protein resource. Research has confirmed that because the plasma protein in pig blood is decomposed by human bone acid, it produces a decomposition product that can sterilize and smooth the intestines. This new substance can biochemically react with dust and harmful metal particles that invade the human body, and is finally excreted from the digestive tract. This discovery scientifically reveals the scientific basis for the folk saying that eating pig blood can remove intestinal dust, so Loved by people!

Changwang noodles

raw material

Ingredients: 150g fresh noodles

Ingredients: 15g sheep blood, 10g braised intestines, 5g crispy whistle

Seasoning: 150 ml of broth, 2g chopped green onion, 5g mint, 3g chili oil.

Preparation method

(1) Cook the sheep’s blood slowly over low heat. Be sure to control the heat and avoid boiling (it will break).

(2) Clean the purchased pig intestines (turn them over and wash them), cut them into inch sections, and use old brine (or five-spice brine medicine packet) to make them mature.

(3) Crispy whistle, fried with oil residue and starch into small pieces (peanut-like size), it is Yunnan’s characteristic crispy food.

(4) Boil a pot of water. After boiling, put in the noodles (after 3 times of cold water quenching), take them out into a bowl, pour in the broth, cover with lamb blood, braised intestines, sprinkle with crispy whistle, chopped green onion and mint. , pour in oil and chili pepper and serve immediately.

Let’s share with you how to make Guiyang Changwang Noodles


Noodles, Xuewang, intestines, crispy whistle, original soup, peanuts, bean sprouts and pepper noodles, chives

The above ingredients can be added in appropriate amounts according to the number of people

1. Prepare original soup, noodles, xuewang, intestines, crispy whistle, bean sprouts, peanuts, oil chili, paste chili noodles, and chives

2. Boil the water and cook the noodles for about 3 minutes. Put them into a bowl and set aside.

3. Put the blood, intestines and bean sprouts into the colander and immerse them in the boiling water for about 2 minutes.

4. Then pour it over the noodles and set aside

5. Boil the soup and pour it into a bowl

6. Add chives, crispy whistles, peanuts, oiled chili peppers, paste chili noodles, salt, etc. and serve.