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1. Dalian cruise tour route quotation

There is no cruise ship to Putuo Mountain in Dalian. If you want to go, I recommend you to take a flight or high-speed rail from Dalian to Ningbo (Zhejiang Province), then take a bus from Ningbo to Chaiqiao (a town under the jurisdiction of Ningbo City) and then take a bus. Go to Zhoushan Island, then take a bus from Zhoushan to Shenjiamen, take a boat from Shenjiamen to Putuoshan Island, go to the island to burn incense and worship Buddha

2. Cruise tour routes departing from Dalian

It takes 3 days to take a cruise from Dalian to Japan. There is a Costa Cruises-Victoria from Dalian to Japan. The boarding location is in Dalian. On the third day, it will arrive at the Japanese port of Fukuoka, and on the fourth day it will arrive at the Japanese port of Sasebo. Costa Cruises-Victoria general itinerary introduction: Day 1 China, Dalian Day 2 sea cruise Day 3 Japan, Fukuoka Day 4 Japan, Sasebo City Day 5 sea cruise Day 6 China, Dalian Dalian to Japan The approximate cost of the cruise is 3,599 yuan. The total cruise time from Dalian, China to Japan and back to China is 6 days and 5 nights. The cost of 3,599 yuan includes the Costa Cruise ticket (including 5 nights of cruise accommodation, free meals at designated cruise restaurants, Designated cruise facilities, cruise entertainment programs and activities); cruise taxes, port fees; full escort service fees; Japan visa-free ship sightseeing landing permit fees; shore sightseeing fees.

Price does not include: This product does not include cruise service fees. Children under 4 years old are free of charge. Passengers aged 4 to 13 years old are priced at USD 6.75/person/night for regular rooms and USD 8.25/person/night for suites; passengers aged 13 and above For the above passengers, the price is USD 13.5/person/night for a regular room and USD 16.5/person/night for a suite.

This fee will be automatically included in your cruise bill, please pay before disembarking; this product does not include transportation costs to and from Dalian, please bear it yourself. Please arrange your itinerary properly to avoid missing the ship.

3. Dalian Port cruise routes and prices

There is currently no route from Dalian to Fukuoka. There will be a flight from Dalian to Nagasaki in September (Star Cruises). The lowest cabin price is 2899 (inner cabin) and the highest cabin is 4999 (suite).

4. Dalian cruise tour route quotation map

There is no direct ferry from Dalian to Shanghai. Now we only go to Weihai, Penglai and Yantai.

5. Dalian Cruise Line

Dongying does not have a cruise ship to Dalian, but there is a roll-on/roll-off passenger ship to Dalian Lushun.

6. Dalian cruise tour route quotation inquiry

You can’t get to Hong Kong by cruise ship from Dalian, so you have to go there.