Allianz Schengen explains in detail the Allianz Schengen visa application process and materials

The Allianz Schengen visa is one of the necessary procedures for traveling to Europe for tourism or business. This article will explain in detail the Allianz Schengen visa application process and required materials, so that you can understand how to apply quickly and efficiently.

1. Application process

1. Make an appointment online

First, you need to make an appointment for an interview on the official Allianz Schengen visa website. After filling in your personal information and itinerary plan, the system will arrange an interview time for you. The interview time needs to be reserved in advance, and the number is limited. It is recommended to make an appointment in advance.

2. Prepare materials

Before the interview, you need to prepare the required materials. Application materials include passport, application form, photos, itinerary plan, accommodation certificate, insurance certificate, fund certificate, etc. Please be sure to prepare everything and organize it according to the official website requirements.

3. Interview

During the interview, you need to bring all application materials to the visa center. The visa officer will review your materials and conduct a simple interview. Please be sure to answer the questions truthfully to avoid affecting the application result.

4. Wait for results

After the interview, you need to wait patiently for the visa result. Generally, the Allianz Schengen visa processing time is 10 working days, but there may be delays. If you need expedited processing, you can choose paid expedited service.

2. Required materials

1. Passport

You need to provide the original and copy of your passport, which is valid for at least three months. If you have ever held an EU visa, you will also need to provide a corresponding copy.

2. Application form

You will need to complete the Allianz Schengen Visa Application Form. Please be sure to fill it out truthfully. If there is false information, it may affect the application result.

3. Photos

You will need to provide a recent color passport photo. The background of the photo must be white, and the head should account for 70%-80% of the entire photo.

4. Itinerary planning

You need to provide a detailed itinerary plan, including travel dates, itinerary, accommodation location, etc. Itinerary plans need to match air tickets and hotel reservations.

5. Proof of accommodation

You will need to provide proof of hotel or guesthouse reservation. The proof needs to include information such as date of stay, place of stay, cost of stay, etc.

6. Proof of insurance

You will need to provide proof of purchased travel insurance. Insurance needs to cover accidental injury, medical expenses, emergency medical evacuation, etc.

7. Proof of funds

You will need to provide proof of sufficient funds to prove that you have enough funds to pay for your trip. Proof of funds can be bank deposit certificates, pay stubs, tax receipts, etc.

The above is a detailed introduction to the Allianz Schengen visa application process and required materials. The application process will be smoother if you prepare as required.