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The English terminology explained at the hotel front desk “recommended” Hotel chain means hotel chain. A company or system that owns and operates two or more hotels. Chain hotels use the same name, the same logo, and implement unified management. Management standard service standards. House credit limit refers to the credit limit.

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ENT represents expenses (entertainment expenses); ENT is the English abbreviation of Entertainment-Recreation Department entertainment.

ABF, the full name is: American Breakfast, American breakfast. There are many American breakfast items, and the breakfast content varies between hotels due to different stars and levels.

What are these words in hotel English terms?

Departed means a guest has left the hotel. This term is often used in hotel management systems and reservation systems so that hotel staff can track guests’ check-in and check-out status.

The front desk of the hotel provides umbrellas for loan. The cabaret stage reception provides an umbrella to use. Please contact the receptionist.

Information for guests to check in at the hotel. The content is about the special requirements and hobbies that customers have had when visiting the store, which is a measure to attract repeat customers. 2House use〓Hotel staff rooms The hotel provides some rooms for management staff to rest and work.

) We have single rooms, double rooms, suites and deluxe suites in our hotel.

Hotel management terminology

1. Hotel OTA refers to the staff who handle hotel online travel business. It is a common position in travel-related industries. Practitioners need to have strong communication, coordination and negotiation skills, and be energetic and able to adapt to business trips.

2. House use〓hotel staff rooms The hotel provides some rooms for management staff to rest and work. 2House credit limit〓Credit limit The hotel allows guests to spend a higher amount on credit in the hotel.

3. The specific tasks that the hotel front office is responsible for include guest reservations, registration, room status control, settlement and review of guest accounts, and comprehensive front office business management. The work of the front office mainly involves the business activities of the hotel’s external affairs department. A hotel’s front office is usually a broader term than front office.

4. A collection of commonly used English vocabulary for hotels. There are many world-famous tourist attractions in our country, and the hotel industry often receives foreign tourists.