How much are tickets for Beijing attractions?

Introduction: How much do tickets for Beijing attractions cost? 1. How much are tickets for Beijing attractions? 2. What free parks are there in Beijing? 3. I heard that Fangshan has many tourist attractions. Could you please introduce them?

1. How much are tickets for Beijing attractions?

Discounted price for original ticket at attractions

Happy Valley Halloween 60 yuan/person 45 yuan/person

Shijingshan Amusement Park – Package ticket 160 yuan/person 105 yuan/person (adult)

Beijing Amusement Park 120 yuan/person 105 yuan/person (adult)

Badaling Wildlife Park 90 yuan/person 75 yuan/person (adult)

50 yuan/person (college students)

Beijing Wildlife Park 80 yuan/person 70 yuan/person (adult)

50 yuan/person (college students)

World Flower Grand View Garden 50 yuan/person 45 yuan/person (adult)

30 yuan/person (college students)

Pacific Underwater World 85 yuan + 15 yuan for performance 70 yuan/person including performance (adults)

50 yuan/person including performance (college students)

2. What free parks are there in Beijing?

Beijing free attractions

The 12 parks include Zizhuyuan Park, Nanguan Park in Dongcheng District, Rending Lake Park in Xicheng District, Nanyuan Park in Fengtai District, Changxindian Park, Bajiao Sculpture Park in Shijingshan District, Xuanwu Art Park in Xuanwu District, Wanshou Park, Tuanjie Park in Chaoyang District Lake Park, Red Scarf Park, Ritan Park, Lido Park.

The six museums include: Beijing Elk Garden, Beijing Western Zhou Yandu Site Museum, Beijing Dabaotai Western Han Tomb Museum, Beijing Liaojin City Wall Museum, Beijing Tuancheng Martial Arts Hall Management Office, and Haidian Museum.

3. I heard that there are many tourist attractions in Fangshan. Could you please introduce them?

Fangshan is the only world geopark in Beijing, which also makes Beijing known as “the only capital city in the world with a world geopark”. There are many tourist attractions in Fangshan. Many tourists visit Fangshan every year. Fangshan Global Geopark is considered the most popular, including “Shidu Karst Canyon Comprehensive Tourism Area”, “Baihua Mountain-Baicaopan Ecological Tourism Area”, There are six major scenic spots: “Shihuadong Cave Group Sightseeing Area”, “Zhoukoudian Peking Man Site”, “Shangfangshan – Yunju Temple Religious and Cultural Tourist Area”, and “Holy Lotus Mountain Sightseeing Experience Area”. Shidu is the most representative of Fangshan. Yes, I really like the bamboo rafting and rafting inside. Zhoukoudian has a more cultural and historical feel. The other scenery is great. I would like to pick a holiday to go there with my family and friends by car or by bus (you can also take the subway to Fangshan at the end of the year). Traveling to Tangfang Mountain Travel is a great way to relax.