Is Dongguan Nanshe Ancient Village of Ming and Qing Dynasties worth a visit?

During holidays, Dongguan Chashan Nanshe Ancient Village is crowded with tourists.

There are rows of ancient ancestral halls of Ming and Qing dynasties, with red bricks and green tiles, cornices, carved beams and painted beams. Between the buildings, there are ponds scattered around, shaded by ancient trees, and the environment is leisurely.

Nanshe Ancient Village has been successfully established as a national 4A-level tourist attraction, becoming a window into Dongguan’s folk history and culture, and a strong business card for Dongguan’s urban cultural image.

Chashan Nanshe highlights local food, service and other characteristic industries, and focuses on building a number of industrial tourism demonstration sites to enrich tourism connotation, drive people flow and logistics, and promote tourism consumption.

Nanshe is an ancient village based on blood ties, fishing, woodworking, farming and reading as its settlement, and “the unity of nature and man” as its place. Every two or three years, Nanshe holds a “Daqing” activity when the winter solstice approaches, commonly known as “making a fast”. The so-called “Daqing” is actually a ritual of praying for blessings. It is also called “Taiping Qingjiao” or “Qingjiao meeting”. It means fasting to reward the gods, so as to pray for blessings and eliminate disasters.

I have lived in Dongguan for 18 years and it is indeed quite good. With the opening of Dongguan Line 2, more and more people are traveling to Chashan.

In the past, you could only drive from Humen to Chashan and from Shilong to Chashan. You know it is too congested now and there are too many cars in China. So now more and more people are taking the subway to Chashan. I also like the subway + Mobike when traveling.

Tea Mountain is indeed a good place for us to understand the history of Ming and Qing Dynasties and the scenery of ancient buildings in China.

There are often photography activities held in Chashan. Photography enthusiasts are welcome to come to Chashan to collect photos! Yesterday I went to Chashan and held a live broadcast event, which achieved very good results on a certain platform.

This is my first live broadcast, I hope you all can support me.

The agarwood and other decorations above were all seen in a small shop in Chashan. I like them very much. I don’t know if you like it?

By the way, the most important thing is, I almost forgot to tell everyone.

Chashan Nanshe is a model project of “Dongguan Wireless Smart City”.

The entire Chashan Nanshe community has comprehensive free WiFi coverage. Everyone can live broadcast programs there, and live broadcast on the Huoshan short video, with free data.