Taipei city attractions recommended tourist attractions near Taipei

Introduction: Recommended tourist attractions in Taipei City 1. Tourist attractions near Taipei 2. What are the tourist attractions near Taipei 3. Attractions around Taipei 4. Attractions in Taipei City 5. Recommended attractions worth visiting in Taipei 6. Taipei Must-visit tourist attractions

1. Tourist attractions near Taipei

The scenic spot with the word “Taiwan, China” is Bitan (the official English translation is Bitan, according to Xindian City Chronicles, the original name is also known as Chibi Lake, Shibi Lake, Shishan Bian Datan), which is a well-known tourist spot in Xindian City, Taipei County, Taiwan. When the Xindian River flows from the mountainous area into the urban area of ​​Xindian, the river becomes wider and forms a pool-like section. The river is called Bitan because of its clear blue water. It is also one of the most popular scenic spots in the suburbs of Taipei in the early years because of its beautiful scenery and rare suspension bridge architecture in the surrounding areas of Taipei.

2. What are the tourist attractions near Taipei?

I live in Taiwan, let me tell you: Taoyuan, Taiwan has many tourist attractions, such as: Jiaobanshan Park, Zhuwei Fishing Port, Daxi Mausoleum, Cihu, Daxi Old Street, Daguan Mountain (Lala Mountain) Nature Reserve, Weiquan Puxin Ranch, Lilliput, Dongyan Mountain Forest Recreation Area, Amuping, World Police Museum, Yuneixi Waterfalls, Taoyuan Fairy Valley, etc… The above are all places worth visiting for For your reference.

3. Attractions around Taipei

Sun Moon Lake: Sun Moon Lake itself is free, but there will be a combination of various tickets after entering, so you can choose according to your own parade route. Online booking will be cheaper than on-site purchase. For example, if you want to take a cable car to visit Sun Moon Lake, the round-trip cable car price is about NT$300, and there are other different fare combinations that you can choose from on site. It is recommended that there be a total of eight trails around the lake in one day, each of which offers views of Sun Moon Lake from different angles. Things to note: The first is the opening and closing time of the pier. The cruise ticket is NT$300 and the interval is 30 minutes. There are three main piers, Youshuishe Pier (time: 9:00-17:00) and Idashao Pier (time: 9:00). 15-17:15) and Xuanguang Temple Pier (time: 9:30-17:30). There are many accommodation places around Sun Moon Lake. The location of the accommodation is pretty good and you can basically enjoy the beautiful scenery of Sun Moon Lake. You must eat Grandma’s tea eggs when you travel, you will regret it if you don’t.


Kenting: I happened to watch an idol drama “The Weather Is Sunny in Kenting” a long time ago. I also saw such blue sky, such passionate waves, and such passionate life. I felt that I had to go there and experience it. The colorful scenery, romantic beaches and nostalgia for youth!


Kaohsiung: Kaohsiung is a city that is very suitable for cycling, and it is also a city of seafood! In the city, Kaohsiung focuses on city scenery, including the Heart of Love River, the overlook of 85 Building, MRT Formosa Station, and Aozidi Forest Park, allowing you to witness the wisdom and ingenuity of people. Kaohsiung’s MRT is very simple, with only two horizontal and vertical lines. Line, and most scenic spots are located around the MRT station exit, which is very convenient; Kaohsiung’s transportation route is also very simple, just follow the two horizontal and vertical avenues of the MRT line that run through the city. In terms of natural scenery, Xiziwan and Cijin are must-visit places!


Hualien: If you are traveling independently, if you like to experience the perfect integration of nature and humanity, you must not miss Hualien when you come to Taiwan! For independent travel, it is recommended to take the Taiwan Railway from Taipei. It is a coastal railway. The journey of a few hours is a complete pleasure. Friends who have an international driver’s license in Hualien can rent a motorcycle. If not, there are many places where you can rent a taxi. Taroko and other places are very far away (it’s best to rent a car to go to these places, a car costs about NT$3,000, it’s more cost-effective for more people), but I still recommend renting a motorcycle or bicycle on the first day to walk around Hualien city and experience Hualien. The customs and customs are definitely worth it. For accommodation, you can consider a seaside B&B. You can rent a car to go to Taroko the next day. The scenery along the way is absolutely first-class. The driver will also explain each scenic spot in detail to tourists. However, there are often rockfalls in Taroko, so it is not recommended to go when it rains. You still need to experience it slowly! There is only one thing that is certain, Hualien is definitely a place you want to go back to!

4. Attractions in Taipei City

During my graduation trip, I traveled around Taiwan for 15 days by myself, so it is still very impressive even after all these years. Taiwan’s overall construction is actually not as good as ours, and Taipei, the capital, is nothing more than a second- or third-tier city in mainland China. But the name “Treasure Island” is not for nothing. Let’s briefly mention a few attractive attractions.

1. Taipei National Palace Museum

The National Palace Museum in Taipei is a large comprehensive museum in China and one of the three major museums in China. It is also an important center for studying ancient Chinese art history and Sinology. It is the largest museum in Taiwan Province. In order to imitate traditional Chinese palace-style buildings, the main building has four floors, white walls and green tiles, and the main courtyard is in the shape of a plum blossom. Five six-column archways stand in the square in front of the courtyard. The whole building is solemn and elegant, rich in Chinese national characteristics.

The National Palace Museum in Taipei houses old royal collections from the National Palace Museum, Nanjing National Palace Museum, Shenyang National Palace Museum, Chengde Summer Resort, Summer Palace, Jingyi Garden and Imperial College. The collection of Shang and Zhou bronzes, jades, ceramics, ancient books and documents, famous paintings and inscriptions from past dynasties are all rare treasures. The exhibition hall changes its exhibits every three months. As of the end of 2014, the collection of cultural relics reached more than 696,000 pieces.

Most people would think that the most popular treasure of the National Palace Museum in Taipei is the “pork and cabbage pot”: the meat-shaped stone, the jade cabbage pot and the Mao Gong Tripod. Many people are always looking around to look at it. In fact, the first two items are just interesting collections from the royal family in the past. . The real treasures of the National Palace Museum in Taipei are Fan Kuan’s “Traveling to Streams and Mountains”, Guo Xi’s “Early Spring”, and Li Tang’s “Ten Thousand Valleys with Pine Wind”. However, these three paintings can only be seen during special exhibitions.

2.Tainan City

There is an old saying in Taiwan: If you want to know Taiwan, start in Tainan. Many tourists like to come here because the pace of this city is different from other places and is full of traces of the past. Ye Shitao, a contemporary Taiwanese literary master who was born in Tainan, said: “Tainan is a place suitable for people to dream, work, fall in love, get married, and live leisurely.” As long as I take a few walks in Tainan, this warm sentence will always appear in my heart. . Heritage is alive in Tainan, where the old and the new are intertwined, just like adolescence meets menopause. Tainan is the most artistic city in Taiwan. A large number of artistic young people from the north love to come to Tainan to draw inspiration and experience its heritage. Tainan’s endless delicacies are one of its major attractions. When you leave Tainan, you will shed tears of regret and realize that your stomach is too small to eat all of Tainan’s delicacies.


As the most important tourist destination in southern Taiwan, Kenting is now a must-visit place when visiting Taiwan. In the past few years, movies such as “Cape No. 7” and “It Was Sunny in Kenting” have only fueled this craze. For people in northern Taiwan, when the cold snap comes and everyone packs their bags tight, seeing Kenting on TV in sunny beach bikinis makes people unable to calm down with envy, so “going to Kenting” has become as ritual as a pilgrimage journey.

In addition to the familiar blue sky, white clouds, fine sand and sea, Kenting also has natural scenery such as grasslands, distant mountains, and ecological reserves. Riding the wind and riding on the road, in addition to experiencing the enthusiasm and simplicity of the people in southern Taiwan, the surprises that will be given to you along the way are definitely a good choice to “recharge” during your vacation.

4. Hualien

Hualien, known as Qilai in ancient times, is the main settlement area of ​​aborigines. To this day, a quarter of the population is still aboriginal. Qilai Mountain stands on the west side of Hualien. In addition, Nanhu Mountain and Xiuguluan Mountain are also famous peaks in Hualien. Hualien’s mountainous terrain has created numerous rivers and dense forests and valleys of various shapes, plus the coastal mountains and sea erosion landscape on the east coast, making it famous for its rich natural tourism resources, including Taroko Gorge and Qingshui Cliff. , Suhua Longitudinal Valley and Shimen Coastal Area.

5. Recommended attractions worth visiting in Taipei

The place with the highest rainfall in Taiwan is “Huo Shaoliao” in Pingxi Township, Taipei County. The average annual rainfall reaches 5,000 to 6,000 millimeters. Not only does it far exceed the average annual rainfall of 2,500 millimeters in Taiwan, it is also the highest in East Asia. Huoshaoliao is located on the windward side of the junction of Keelung, Taipei, and Yilan counties. The northeast monsoon from September to March every year carries a large amount of water vapor southward, where it is intercepted by the terrain and forms dense rain; in summer and autumn The typhoon brought astonishing rainfall in an instant, so it is known as the “Heavy Rain Center” in Taiwan.

6. Must-visit tourist attractions in Taipei

Travel is like an addiction. It may have something to do with love, or it may not. I love the feeling of walking on the road, the unknown, the expectation, the surprise… I love the sound of the train moving during the journey, and the sea of ​​flowers when my beloved suddenly appears in front of me… It is a symbol that excites me: walking, on the road.

1. National Palace Museum in Taipei

The Forbidden City houses 650,000 treasures. More than 90% come from the Forbidden City in Beijing. It covers almost the entire 5,000 years of Chinese history. We are proud to see the cultural heritage of the Chinese civilization for thousands of years. It is also painful as if I have experienced the vicissitudes of modern times. As long as there is war, it will cause great harm to history and culture.

2. Taipei 101

We hurriedly went to 101 before it closed. It closed at 10:30 and we played till the end. Speaking of which, Taipei’s night view may not be as good as Shanghai’s Bund or Lujiazui, or Hong Kong’s Victoria Harbor. But as long as I stand on a high place, overlooking everything, and looking at the stars and lights all over the street~~ I feel so good

3. Zhongxiao Commercial District

There are many trendy brands and boutiques here. I happened to pass by and took a fancy to a dress, so I went in to try it on. The young lady in the store held my hand affectionately and said, “How can my sister only buy one piece of clothing during the Chinese New Year? Do you believe me to try this one? This one is also very beautiful. I can’t bear the enthusiasm.”

I hope that in the future, we can have enough time to freely explore the places we want to go. Let’s explore every inch of the earth together. Even if we are old, we must become 60-year-old backpackers with a bright smile. The most important thing is The most important thing is that we are together and witness the wonderful world. This should be the most precious memory in the lives of two people.