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1. Romantic Couple Hotel in Beijing

The first love, the love at first sight between Beijing girl Shen Yan and Beipiao housing designer Chen Feng, is interspersed with the worries of getting married and having children without a house, the rich man who owns a house and a car, and the temptations and threats waiting nearby, showing It tells the story of the difficult love of the lower class, and in the end still sticks to the love of this young couple.

The second love, the cheating of a young man, the collapse of love. Wu Zheng, a master of love, walks between his wife and many lovers. But when his wife Zhang Lei said that she wanted to divorce him, this master of love almost collapsed. The wife, who had always been docile and loyal, tried to retaliate against her husband by indulging herself, but suddenly her “conscience” discovered that she had not done anything deviant in the end.

In the third love, a middle-aged couple pursues the remaining warmth of love and is honest and tolerant to each other. Liu Hui and Jia Ling, in order to add excitement to their increasingly dull lives, pretended to be someone else’s husband and wife and flew to Santorini, Greece for a date. The two of them were in such a romantic rhythm, but the impending heated drama was interrupted because of trivial matters such as the wife having a nose job and the husband having leg cramps.

The fourth love, the green first love. The daughters of Liu Hui and Jia Ling are Liu Mingyang, a sunny girl who plays the cello in her first year of high school in Beijing, and Song Ge, a boy who is also a freshman in high school and comes from a commoner background and carries the great expectations of her mother. In order to help Liu Mingyang go to Hangzhou to perform, he pretended to be sick and took leave as a plumber to earn money to buy a bow for Liu Mingyang, and borrowed money from his grandfather to pay for Liu Mingyang’s travel expenses.

The fifth love is deep love for each other in old age and cannot be let go. Teacher Wang (husband) and Teacher Gao (wife), because their wife was diagnosed with kidney cancer and could die at any time, so Teacher Gao pretended to be Teacher Wang’s cousin and helped Teacher Wang find someone who could accompany him after he left. Ms. Jin, the person who took care of Teacher Wang, finally cooperated with Teacher Wang and allowed Teacher Gao to leave peacefully.

Extended information:

“Beijing Love Story” is a romance film directed by Chen Sicheng and starring Tony Leung Ka Fai, Carina Lau, Wang Xuebing, Yu Nan, Chen Sicheng, Tong Liya, Siqin Gaowa, Liu Haoran, and Ouyang Nana.

The film tells the fable of a person’s lifelong love through the love stories of five pairs of lovers of different ages, showing love in all aspects and in all ages. The five different love stories in the story also refer to the five stages of life. Different stories have different endings, and the emotional experiences of the five pairs of lovers express the attitudes and expectations of love between different age groups and different characters.

2. Hotels suitable for couples in Beijing

Internet cafes no longer have private rooms. You can consider Internet apartments, hotel facilities, and Internet cafes.

3. Beijing Love Hotel Special Room

Couple-themed hotels are mainly concentrated in first-tier cities, including Beijing, Wuhan, Zhengzhou, Changsha, and Shanghai.

If the core of a fast hotel is to have more rooms, standardization, and low prices, then the core of a theme hotel or a couple-themed hotel is design and service.

Rooms like those in the underwater world, primitive society rooms, forest rooms, dream rooms, these are not available at express hotels, only in couple-themed hotels.

Several theme hotels in Beijing, such as Wanai, have many rooms, and none of them are the same in style, which makes them competitive.

4. Beijing romantic couple hotel prices

Of course I knew it. Lin Xia told Da Yao Ping Ping, Da Yao Ping Pin told Cheng Feng, and Cheng Feng told Lao Wu.

5. Ranking of couple-themed hotels in Beijing

The most suitable bar for couples in Beijing is Houhai Street. The original bars on Sanli Bridge are now relatively few, but they are still a bit more interesting. There are also bars on Yandai Xiejie with good scenery.

6. Romantic hotels in Beijing

In one Spa

At In one Spa, you can feel this smell. There is a CD rack here filled with familiar music that will accompany you for the rest of your spa time. It’s been a long time since I listened to music quietly. I was surprised to find “Bagpipes” that I liked, and I immediately embraced it with joy.

The fragrance selection process is more mysterious and interesting. There are five essential oils placed in front of me. The masseur will open them one by one for me to smell the fragrance, and then choose my favorite scent. After the selection, the masseuse asked me if my spleen and stomach were not getting along recently, and she was right.

I was surprised. The masseur smiled and said that the essential oils here are classified according to metal, wood, water, fire, and earth. I chose “earth” to prove that this ingredient is lacking in the body, and then inferred. It was so amazing, I started to feel intoxicated.

I was so happy that I almost fell asleep while soaking in the bathtub strewn with flower petals, and a familiar melody sounded in my ears. At this time, my thoughts were interrupted by the masseur’s gentle knock on the door, and the massage began. The masseuse’s techniques were moderately light, and the familiar aroma traveled all over my body with her fingertips. Everything is a familiar feeling, as if I was lying in my mother’s arms when I was a child, relaxing and falling asleep with a smile. My hometown is like this, and heaven is just like this!

Price: About 688 yuan for 90 minutes (aroma massage)

Featured items: Apply metal, wood, water, fire, earth, and five elements of special essential oils to regulate the body

Zen Spa

Pushing open the old-fashioned courtyard door, you will see modern gray fiberglass partitions, weathered old elm dressing tables, various colorful hangings and beauty couches covered with purple gauze gracefully in the wind, and nasturtiums blooming quietly in the water – Zen Mind is everywhere.

In fact, ZenSpa, translated into Chinese, means “Zen Spa”.

ZenSpa is one of the only spas in mainland China that holds professional qualifications from the International Spa Association, and is well recognized in the industry. Designed by a famous Hong Kong teacher, the small courtyard is both modern “cool” and classically “elegant”. The Southeast Asian style of fragrant flower petals and the comfortable facilities of a five-star hotel are also wonderfully blended and outlined. It creates a mysterious and alternative Zen mood. Although the spa treatment room is not large, the light is extremely soft, the background music is soothing and gentle, and it is also very Zen-like.

After bathing, wrap yourself in a bath towel, sip some scented tea, press the doorbell, and a beautiful therapist will come in to serve you. Lie down on the beauty couch and start to quietly enjoy the relaxation of body and mind brought by Thai essential oil back massage. The intensity is neither light nor heavy. Use your palms or fingertips to push and massage along the acupuncture points on the back. After a while, my back gradually became warm. At this time, the subtle fragrance of fragrant wax and the ethereal Zen music floated in the air, making people so relaxed that they almost melted away during the entire 60 minutes of massage.

When dressing, the beautician will still exit the room, leaving you with your private space.

On the way home, you are still immersed in the feeling of a world away. Only the smooth skin reminds you of everything in the courtyard.

Price: Autumn Moisturizing Combination special price 980 yuan (original price 2,000 yuan)

Special item: Autumn moisturizing combination (body massage + bath + Thai aromatherapy essential oil massage)

Commune at the foot of the Great Wall

The commune at the foot of the Great Wall is located in a beautiful valley covering an area of ​​8 square kilometers at the foot of the Great Wall. 42 uniquely designed villas are scattered in the quiet and steep valley. These villas have a total of 236 guest rooms, and the number of rooms in each villa ranges from 4 It ranges from 6 to 6 rooms. The unrestored ancient Great Wall can be seen from each villa and can be accessed from the commune’s private footpath.

Mandara, known as the largest spa brand in the Asia-Pacific region, emphasizes the mysterious aromatherapy massage techniques of the East. Mandara massage is a rhythmic and rhythmic massage that works with breathing rhythm and essential oils to massage the whole body. In the gentle kneading of natural floral essential oils, the whole body feels comfortable and feels the pleasure of relaxation.

The room chosen by the masseuse for me was large, and every corner exuded romance. The smell of incense and the orange light make people feel sleepy and hazy. Mandara is also the signature aromatherapy massage technique in the Mandara Spa brand. It combines Balinese essential oil massage, Japanese acupressure, Hawaiian interlaced rhythmic techniques to soothe muscles and bones, Swedish and European kneading massage techniques, and Thai muscle relaxation techniques. Lajin massage, etc., a total of 5 techniques are mixed. The 50-minute massage is sometimes performed by two masseuses following the rhythm of a four-hand massage for two people, and sometimes a more experienced senior aromatherapist demonstrates the five techniques of massage.

But it’s strange that these various massages did not burden my body. Instead, I became more relaxed and gradually fell asleep. The Thai-style bed here is eye-catching. The curtains pouring down from the ceiling surround this big bed, as if recreating a luxurious dream. Lying inside, returning to the end of the reincarnation, that’s all!

Price: About 880 yuan for 90 minutes

Packages range from 1 hour to 4 hours, ranging from more than 1,000 yuan to more than 2,000 yuan.

Featured item: Mandara’s signature aromatherapy massage

beijing international club

To be precise, it should be “playing in the water” at the Beijing International Club Hot Spring and Fitness Center. There are natural hot springs originating from 1,500 meters underground in Beijing, as well as a hot spring swimming pool surrounded by glass curtain walls and decorated with glass mosaics… Playing with different water brings different enjoyment.

Regardless of spring, summer, autumn or winter, sunny days are the best time to “play in the water” in the International Club’s hot spring swimming pool. The gorgeous swimming pool surrounded by glass curtain walls overlooks the neatly manicured gardens. Comfortable beach chairs are placed on the poolside terrace. The 25-meter-long main pool and hydro hot spring massage pool are decorated with glass mosaics… Put your body on your back and float lightly in the pool. On the water of the middle hot spring, look at the blue sky, bathe in the sunshine, and feel comfortable physically and mentally.

The physical therapist arranged a set of “Aromatherapy Full Body Treatment” (60 minutes, 500 yuan) for me based on my physical condition that day. She said that this is one of the most unique SPA skin care programs in the hot spring center. It uses pure and effective, The aromatic essential oils specially formulated for customers, coupled with specially designed massage techniques, can relax my whole body and reduce mental stress and tension.

At the appointed time, I was taken on time by the physiotherapist into the area that only women can enter (according to relevant regulations, all services in the hot spring center are separate for men and women).

I was led to a separate physical therapy room. The room is not big, the lights are dim, the incense burner and the speakers each play their own functions, looming and just right, making people feel drowsy. The first step is to push the back oil. Lavender aromatic water-soluble essential oil has the functions of calming, anti-inflammatory and balancing, and helps the body relax as soon as possible. From the back to the legs to the feet, the acupuncture points and the professional massage by the physiotherapist allowed the essential oil to penetrate well and be absorbed smoothly by the skin. At this time, I gradually fell into sleep.

Price: hot spring body treatment 550 yuan to 850 yuan, natural hot spring VIP care 500 yuan to 1,300 yuan, hot spring physiotherapy combination 900 yuan to 1,800 yuan

Featured items: aromatherapy full body care (featured items also include herbal and swamp mud full body care, top pure body scrub massage, St. Regis signature treatments and hot spring packages, etc.)

Da Zi Zai Black Mud Health Center

The entire hall is dark-colored, quiet and profound, which calmed down my anxiety from waiting. The gurgling water ringing in the ears and the fragrant fragrance of flowers and plants immediately make people feel comfortable and far away from the world. There are only 55 guests here a day, so it’s very quiet. After changing your clothes, go to the Dead Sea pool to experience floating. The staff will give you earplugs and guide you to float correctly in the pool. During this process, there will be two staff to protect you. People who are afraid of water can also completely Try to float while relaxing.

Wrapping in black mud is novel and fun. It reminds me of playing in mud with my childhood playmates in my childhood. The staff are well-trained. While serving me, they also explained some beauty knowledge to me. Their attitude and tone were very appropriate. It turns out that the black mud here comes from Yuncheng, Shanxi, where there is also a Dead Sea lake. The mud and water quality have been scientifically proven to be the same as the black mud and water in Israel. The mud used for guests in the health center is processed and mixed with aloe vera juice, which has a moisturizing effect and has a pleasant taste… The following words seem to be the background music of my sleep. Please forgive me for my incomparable Relax. After the black mud was smeared all over my body, I was wrapped in an electric blanket. The temperature of the blanket was adjusted to 42 degrees. After 25 minutes of heating, I could go to the shower and the whole project was completed.

While taking a shower, the waiter prepared peach juice with saline added. She said that after doing the black mud regimen, there will be some physical loss, and drinking some juice with saline will help restore physical fitness. “The slightly salty peach juice is delicious.” It seemed as if my taste buds were saying it, and my whole body was saying it.

Price: 468 yuan for black mud project + 198 yuan for Dead Sea floating

Featured items: Japanese black mud, Dead Sea floating

I Spa Taimei (Napa Valley Store)

The Sanlitun store of I Spa is relatively close to me, but my friend strongly recommended that I go to the Napa Valley store of I Spa instead of being closer. They said the environment is particularly beautiful.

To be honest, the indoor environment didn’t surprise me. I guess people who often stay in five-star hotels on business trips would feel the same way as me, which is the kind of standard luxury.

I Spa is the only Thai spa in Beijing certified by the Thai Ambassador, so I chose the ancient Thai massage. This massage requires the customer to completely relax the body, so I turned into a piece of meat and was at the mercy of the Thai therapist. During this period, I thought of “The Cook Ding Jie Niu” many times, and I felt like my body had met a close friend. When I sat cross-legged and she guided my hands and stretched my body into a beautiful arc, I simply fell in love with the warm, fat hands of the physical therapist.

After the massage, I took a walk around the club and realized why my friend said “the environment is particularly beautiful”. The garden is very well designed, natural and smooth, with no trace of carving. Walking along the path in the woods, the grass next to it was covered with yellow fallen leaves, and then I saw a piece of water with clumps of reeds. In the afterglow of the setting sun, the ducks swam towards me together, just like they were playing “Swan Lake”. Strolling along the water’s edge, I encountered a Scottish shepherd dog playing with its owner, its hair fluttering in the wind. I feel that my heart, which has been tired and twisted recently, has the ability to love again.

Price: 498 yuan (90 minutes)

Featured items: Ancient Thai massage

7. What are the romantic couple hotels in Beijing?

It seems that there are no such strict private rooms nowadays. Many movie theaters have two-person sofas for couples seats.

If there are private rooms, there may be video rooms and the like, and you can order movies yourself. When I was in high school, my classmates often went to the video room at Dahua Cinema together. I don’t know if it still exists now. The charge is about 50 yuan an hour.

There is a nice restaurant for couples called Two Worlds. But it’s a bit expensive.

But the atmosphere is very good, there are only two people, and you can cook in person, but you need to make a reservation. The restaurant is very famous, just search it.

The weather is now warm, so you can go boating.

Find a quiet place to stop and chat.

KTV is more vulgar and more expensive.

By the way, I am a girl and I have always wanted to ride the Ferris wheel with my boyfriend. Although the time is shorter, it still feels good.

8. Beijing romantic couple hotel address

There are very few love hotels in Shenzhen, and there are more such love hotels in Japan and Taiwan. There are currently many domestic love hotels in Shanghai and Beijing. Shenzhen Yishuo Rose Romantic Hotel is designed for couples, and only some rooms are love rooms. PS It’s still a bit cold to go to Xiaomeisha right now!

9. Beijing resort hotels for couples

Go to Houhai Bar. You can go skating in Di’anmen. There are many people and it’s very lively. If you are tired, you can also go to the bar street and sit there. It feels very good.

10. Beijing Love Hotels

There are also many rumors that couples cannot climb Xiangshan Mountain, go to the Old Summer Palace, or go to the Broken Bridge on the West Lake. To be honest, if you believe it, you may believe it, but if you don’t believe it, you may not. If you are concerned about these rumors, it is best to avoid traveling with your partner; if you laugh off these rumors, you can go with it.

11. The most luxurious love hotel in Beijing

Amy 1895 Movie Street

Inside the World Trade Department Store in Sanlitun. It is a small private cinema, suitable for couples, and is good for small parties. It is a very good cinema, with various models, including large and small packages. It seems to have very luxurious private rooms. People often come to parties here! All kinds of surprises are made. some type of. After watching it at noon, there were a lot of people waiting. There were so many people and it was very popular! To choose movies in the private room, you need to go to the self-service machine to choose. There are new movies, European and American blockbusters, action, etc., and there are many movie sources. After making your selection, just tell the bar clerk to pay directly.

Address: 3rd Floor, Shimao Plaza, No. 13 Gongti North Road

77 fashion themed private cinema

I like this private cinema very much. Although the location is not easy to find, the environment is great and the facilities are very new. The rooms are all underground and the hall is above ground. There were many rooms and many people came here, so we still had to wait for a table. Nowadays, private cinemas provide too few rooms for four people, either two or three people. This store is no exception, but the room is large, with two sofas and a round bed, which is enough for four people. I really like the decoration style of the room, the color combination is great, the screen is very clear and looks very comfortable.

Address: Room 102, Floor 1, Building 2, Courtyard A, No. 16 Zhongguancun East Road (Zhongguancun)

Meow Fruit Theme Mini Cinema

The blue fat room is not bad, it is comfortable to lie down. Each room has a different theme. Just go to whichever room you encounter. Reservations are not available on weekends. In ancient weddings, there were festive reds everywhere and the beds were huge.

Address: No. 101, Floor 17, No. 1, Dingfuzhuang North Lane, Dingfuzhuang Road

Shangmu private customized theme theater

They are all independent private rooms. The form of private cinema is very novel. You can choose here for family gatherings, birthday parties, marriage proposals, full moon gatherings, weekend get-togethers with colleagues and classmates! The eye-catching decoration design is refreshing! Every package The design styles of the rooms are different, which can meet the needs of various groups of people and different scenes. The small room is a room for two people, very private and warm. The middle room can seat six to eight people, which is very suitable for family gatherings. I really like Doraemon and the Hello Kitty room. It is super beautiful and full of childlike fun. You can bring children! The large private room can seat more than ten to thirty people. Wait, it’s very stylish and suitable for business!

Address: 8th Floor, Contemporary Mall, No. 40 Zhongguancun Street (opposite the east gate of Renmin University)

Yunchuan private photo bar

Yunchuan Private Movie Bar has a particularly large selection of movies, with more than 6,000 movies to choose from, all of which are foreign movies. It is a rare and good place for many movie lovers. The charges here are calculated based on every 3 hours.

The private rooms here have tables, chairs, sofas, beds and other room types. Most of them are small rooms that can accommodate 2-3 people. Not only that, it also accepts private customization services. In order to enhance the atmosphere for couples’ confessions, friends’ gatherings, etc., you can call the store in advance to make an appointment for the decoration.