Where to travel during the Spring Festival? Xuexiang Travel Guide

But for southerners who have never seen snow, the north is a pure and clean world. Where to travel during the Spring Festival? In the coldest season, go to Harbin to experience the ice and snow. After the opening of the Harbin Ice and Snow Festival in 2012, tourists continued to come south to enjoy the festive atmosphere.
When talking about Harbin tourism, I believe many people will think of the Ice and Snow World, but that is a place for people who like liveliness. If tourists like quietness and the authentic customs of Northeast China, they must go to Snow Village.
Xuexiang is a place where it snows for seven months of the year. Just like the sunshine in Sanya, the snow here is also very moving. Tourists can rent a car and drive to Xuexiang, where they can see beautiful rime along the way. The roads, trees, and grass are all covered with white snowflakes, and only the sky is blue. It makes people marvel at the miraculous craftsmanship of nature that has gifted mankind such a beautiful place.
When renting a car in Harbin, you must put on snow tires. The road to Xuexiang is full of snow. Ordinary tires are not very safe. You must ask people who drive in snow to check the price, otherwise it will be very easy. There are phenomena such as sideslip and failure to brake. The snow in Harbin is relatively heavy, so one of the two lanes is usually used to pile up snow. If there is strong wind on a snowy day, the visibility will be particularly low, so drive slowly and do not overtake easily. Tourists can take the expressway from Harbin to Mudanjiang all the way to Yabuli, or take the Yaxue Highway all the way to Xuexiang.
The real name of Xuexiang is Shuangfeng Forest Farm. It once lay here in obscurity. Later, a few travel friends undoubtedly broke in and discovered the beautiful scenery here. They took a lot of photos and uploaded them to the Internet. Xuexiang became famous for this. The snow in Xuexiang is very high every year and can form mushroom clouds. It is a very dreamy place. There are farmhouses in Xuexiang. The New Year is coming soon. Red lanterns are hung in these farmyards. When the lights are turned on at night, they illuminate the surrounding snow red, which is very beautiful. There is usually a fee to take photos in a farmhouse. However, tourists can choose a farmhouse to live in and then take photos there. The boss usually does not charge additional fees. You can also eat Northeastern delicacies here. Northeastern people are very down-to-earth and the stews are very generous. Be careful not to order too much when ordering.
The Spring Festival has arrived before you know it, and next week is the Spring Festival of the Year of the Dragon that people across the country are looking forward to. Where to travel during the Spring Festival? The 2012 Harbin Ice and Snow Festival has opened. Come to Harbin to experience the wonders of ice and snow.