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Introduction: Shanxi’s top travel agency Shanxi’s largest travel agency 1. Shanxi’s largest travel agency 2. Shanxi’s top ten travel agencies phone number 3. Shanxi’s best travel agency 4. Shanxi travel agency directory 5. What are the largest travel agencies in Shanxi 6. Shanxi’s largest travel agency ranking 7 . How many travel agencies are there in Shanxi Province? 8. Shanxi Travel Agency

1. The largest travel agency in Shanxi

Qingdao Rizhao 4-day tour, 860 RMB

2. Telephone numbers of the top ten travel agencies in Shanxi

Generally speaking, business travel is relatively “high-end” in Taiyuan, right? Because they are the first travel agency to open Taiyuan to Taiwan for travel, which shows that their qualifications are good. My mother once signed up to go to Taiwan with her colleagues here. She said that the service was really good, and it sounded like it was better than the one I signed up for from Beijing. The key is, my mother’s tour price is a little cheaper than mine. However, this price is still quite unreliable. It is also a business trip. If you sign up at different stores, the prices will be slightly different. Therefore, if you encounter a large group fee, you must visit more stores. Let’s compare the prices. In addition, let’s talk about the time we signed up for a group trip to Hong Kong from here. Because my mother’s registered permanent residence was in Taiyuan, we couldn’t take her to travel independently from Beijing, so we had no choice but to sign up for a group trip from Taiyuan. It’s the winter vacation and the Chinese New Year. The price is around 3,900, so the price is definitely suitable, but the service is a bit mediocre. Mainly reflected in eating. There’s no problem with accommodation or anything else. The tour guide is also so-so and will ask you to buy things, but that’s what tour guides do, so there doesn’t seem to be anything to complain about. However, the food was a little too bad. The wife tastes terrible. Therefore, I would like to advise everyone that if you go to Hong Kong as a group, you must bring your own food, otherwise you will never be full. I also kindly remind you that it is difficult to eat delicious food in Hong Kong unless you spend a lot of money. Hong Kong is a shopper’s paradise, but food and accommodation are too expensive. Before going, you should choose the right time and prepare a strategy.

3. The best travel agency in Shanxi

Search for the keyword “travel agency (●°u°●)” Shanxi in the official account, or search for Shanxi travel agency in Toutiao. Contact details are easy to find

4. Shanxi Travel Agency Directory

Shanxi is a beautiful historical and cultural city. The tourism industry has developed very well. According to the sales data on the websites of major travel agencies in Shanxi, the ranking order and introduction of the top ten travel agencies in Shanxi are listed. I hope this tourism ranking can help you when traveling. More choices.

  Ranking of the top ten travel agencies in Shanxi

  1. Shanxi Pacific International Travel Service

  2. Shanxi Red Horse International Travel Service

  3. Shanxi Chunqiu International Travel Service

  4. Shanxi Huaxia International Travel Service

  5. Shanxi Xinhua International Travel Service

  6. Shanxi Oriental International Travel Service

  7. Shanxi Friendship International Travel Service

  8. Shanxi Port China Travel Service

  9. Shanxi Aitu Travel Agency

  10. Shanxi Xinglu Travel Agency

5. What are the largest travel agencies in Shanxi?

1. Shanxi Oriental International Travel Service, 2. Datong China International Travel Service, 3. Jincheng Taihang Travel Service, 4. Shanxi Nature Travel Service, 5. Houma Sanhuang Travel Service, 6. Shanxi Zhuogen Travel Service, 7. Taiyuan Overseas International Travel Service, 8. Wutaishan Tianma Travel Agency, 9. Taiyuan Jincheng International Travel Agency Co., Ltd., 10. Shanxi Business International Travel Agency. You can choose yourself

6. Ranking of the largest travel agencies in Shanxi

Ranking list of the top ten famous tourist attractions in Henan:

1: Zhongyue Songshan·Shaolin Temple

2: Laojun Mountain·Jiguan Cave·Baiyun Mountain

3: Longmen Grottoes

4: Yuntai Mountain, Shennong Mountain, Qingtian River, Baoquan Tourist Resort

5: Funiu Mountain Global Geopark·Laojieling·Dinosaur Heritage Park

6: Baligou

7: Taihang Mountain Grand Canyon·Hongqi Canal·Xiandai Mountain

8: Wangwushan·Dameishan Global Geopark·Longtan Grand Canyon·Three Gorges of the Yellow River

9: Jigong Mountain Scenic Area

10: Chaya Mountain

Zhongyue Songshan·Shaolin Temple

Songshan Shaolin Scenic Area is a world-famous tourist attraction with rich cultural landscapes. It mainly includes the Zen Ancestral Temple known as “the most famous temple in the world” and the Shaolin Temple, the birthplace of Shaolin martial arts. There are also the largest and most numerous pagodas in China. The earliest stone tower, Shaoshi Tower, as well as Bodhidharma Cave, First Ancestor Temple, Second Ancestor Temple, Shifang Chanyuan, Gan Terrace and other landscapes; the natural landscapes are concentrated in the Sanhuang Village of Shaoshi Mountain. Representative landscapes include Monkey Viewing the Sky and Yunfeng Tiger. There are more than 40 places such as howling, sunset in Yuzhai, and autumn colors in Shaoshi.

Laojun Mountain·Jiguan Cave·Baiyun Mountain

Laojun Mountain·Jiguan Cave tourist area consists of Laojun Mountain Scenic Area and Jiguan Cave Scenic Area. Since 2011, Luanchuan has combined Laojun Mountain and Jiguan Cave, two representative scenic spots, with the concept of a large scenic area, unified planning, unified publicity, Unify the logo and create the Laojun Mountain·Jiguandong tourist area in Luanchuan, Luoyang. Among them, Laojun Mountain has been popular in the past dynasties and is revered as a Taoist holy land and a famous mountain in the world. It is the first of the eight major landscapes in Luanchuan and is known as the “wonderful scenery of Junshan”. Jiguan Cave is a natural limestone cave with karst landforms. Its history can be traced back to 800 million years ago. It is known as the “No. 1 Cave in the North” and has high archaeological research value.

Longmen Grottoes

Longmen Grottoes is a treasure house of stone carving art with many statues and the largest scale in the world. It is rated as “the highest peak of Chinese stone carving art” by UNESCO. It is also a world cultural heritage. It is also known as one of China’s three largest caves with Dunhuang Mogao Grottoes and Yungang Grottoes. Big grotto. The Longmen Grottoes were excavated during the reign of Emperor Xiaowen of the Northern Wei Dynasty. Afterwards, they continued to be constructed on a large scale for more than 400 years through the Eastern Wei, Sui, Tang, Song and other dynasties. Today, there are 2,345 cave niches, more than 100,000 statues, and more than 2,800 inscriptions. . Among them, “Twenty Products of Longmen” is the essence of Wei calligraphy stele, and “Stele of Yique Buddhist Niche” written by Chu Suiliang is a model of regular script art in the early Tang Dynasty.

Yuntai Mountain, Shennong Mountain, Qingtian River, Baoquan Tourist Resort

Jiaozuo (Yuntai Mountain – Shennong Mountain – Qingtian River) Scenic Area includes three scenic areas: Yuntai Mountain, Qingtian River, and Shennong Mountain. Among them, Yuntai Mountain Scenic Area is characterized by the Taihang Mountain waterscape, canyon-like geological landforms, and history. It is a popular science eco-tourism scenic spot with culture as its connotation and integrating scientific and aesthetic values; Qingtian River Scenic Area integrates the water towns in the south of the Yangtze River and the pastoral scenery in the north, and is known as the “Three Gorges of the North” and the reputation of “Little Guilin in Northern Henan”; Shennong Mountain Scenic Area is a famous mountain for Confucian, Taoist and Buddhist culture. It is the place where Laozi, the founder of Taoism, built a furnace to refine elixirs and became a Taoist immortal.

Funiu Mountain World Geopark·Laojieling·Dinosaur Heritage Park

Nanyang Funiu Mountain Global Geopark is located in the hinterland of the Funiu Mountains in Henan Province, with the Funiu Mountains in Xixia, Neixiang, Luanchuan, Songxian and Nanzhao as the main body. It has rich geological connotations, beautiful natural landscapes and rich cultural heritage. , is an ideal area to carry out research on the formation and evolution of the Qinling orogenic belt, dinosaurs and dinosaur eggs, as well as popular science tourism and leisure vacations. The total area of ​​Funiu Mountain World Geopark is 5858.52k㎡, which mainly consists of China Xixia Dinosaur Heritage Park, Xixia Laojie Ridge, Xixia Longtangou, Neixiang Baotianman, Qixingtan, Yunlu Mountain, Zhenping Wuduo Mountain, It consists of eight core scenic spots including Zhenwuding Scenic Spot.


Baligou Scenic Area is located in the deep mountainous area of ​​Shangbali Town, Huixian County, Xinxiang City, 50 kilometers northwest of Xinxiang City, Henan Province, at the southern foot of Taihang Mountain, at the junction of Henan and Shanxi provinces, with an altitude difference of 300 meters to 1,700 meters, with a total area of ​​42 Square kilometers, it is a typical scenery of South Taihang. Baligou Tourist Area is divided into four tourist sections: Taohua Bay, Shanshen Temple, Tianhe Waterfall and Hongshi River. Baligou Scenic Area brings together the essence of Taihang’s landscape, which is strange, dangerous, handsome, beautiful and secluded in one valley. It is known as the “soul of Taihang and the Chinese character” and is hailed as “one of the best in Asia” by garden experts.

Taihang Mountain Grand Canyon·Hongqi Canal·Xiandai Mountain

The Hongqi Canal·Taihang Grand Canyon tourist area includes two main scenic spots: Hongqi Canal and Taihang Grand Canyon. The Hongqi Canal is known as the artificial Tianhe, the eighth wonder of the world, and the Great Water Wall of China. It consists of three scenic spots: Fenshuiyuan, Qingnian Cave, and Luositan. Each of the three scenic spots has its own characteristics and different styles. The connotations are connected and complement each other. The Taihang Grand Canyon is one of the ten most beautiful canyons in my country. It is known as the scenic spot of Beixiong and the soul of Taihang for 800 miles. It has the Peach Blossom Valley where peach blossoms bloom in the severe cold of March and Nine, Taiji Mountain where the water freezes in the scorching heat of March, and the deep valley of Tantan. There are eight major landscapes including Youxianxia Valley and Jinpulong Cave Xiaodongtian.

Wangwushan·Dameishan Global Geopark·Longtan Grand Canyon·Three Gorges of the Yellow River

China Wangwushan-Dameishan Global Geopark is located in the west of Jiyuan City and the north of Xin’an County, with a total area of ​​about 986 square kilometers and a core area of ​​about 273 square kilometers. It is a geological park with typical geological sections, geological landforms, and paleontology. Supplemented by fossils, water landscapes and geological engineering landscapes, it is a large-scale comprehensive geopark characterized by the mutual complementation of ecology and humanity. Wangwushan-Dameishan Global Geopark consists of Wangwushan Geopark in Jiyuan City and Daimeishan Geopark in Xin’an County, Luoyang. It is divided into two parks: Wangwushan and Xiaolangdi, including Tiantan Mountain, Xiaolangdi, Wulongkou, the Three Gorges of the Yellow River, and Xiaogoubei Five scenic spots.

Jigong Mountain Scenic Area

Jigong Mountain is named because the mountain looks like a rooster with its head spread out and its neck crowing. It is one of the four major summer resorts in China and the natural dividing line between the south and the north of my country. It has the reputation of “strangling the three rivers”. The Jigong Mountain Scenic Area has a total area of ​​2,917 hectares and an altitude of more than 800 meters. The area has dense forests, rich biological resources, clear springs, green forests, sea of ​​clouds and glowing clouds. It has beautiful scenery. There are buildings of different countries and styles in the late Qing Dynasty and the early Republic of China, as well as ” Eight natural landscapes: Buddha’s light, sea of ​​clouds, rime, rain, rays of light, exotic flowers and plants, strange peaks and rocks, waterfalls and flowing springs.

Chacha Mountain

Chaya Mountain is a national tourist attraction, a national geological park, a national forest park, and a national key cultural relic protection unit. It is also the main location filming base for the sequel of CCTV’s “Journey to the West” and is known as the “Central Plains Bonsai” and “Chinese Totem Forest” of good reputation. Chaya Mountain Scenic Area is mainly composed of five major scenic areas: Nanshan Mountain, Beishan Mountain, Liufeng Mountain, Tianmo Lake, and Pipa Lake. The scenic area is lined with strange rocks, mountains and rivers, secluded canyons, and majestic peaks. Nanshan Mountain, Beishan Mountain, and Liufeng Mountain stand tall. Xiumi Lake, Pipa Lake and Tianmo Lake are dotted among them, forming a unique and beautiful scenery.

7. How many travel agencies are there in Shanxi Province?

Introduction: Changzhi Dongming Travel Agency Co., Ltd. is a domestic travel agency in Changzhi City, Shanxi Province. It is headquartered on the 1st floor of Shop 8, No. 5, Yongshengyuan Community, Changzhi City (Business License No.: L-SX00943). It was established on January 14, 2013. . The business scope of Changzhi Dongming Travel Agency is domestic tourism, inbound tourism, purchasing train tickets, air tickets, and conference reception. The main business includes Changzhi to five cities in East China, Changzhi to Yunnan, Changzhi to Tibet, Changzhi to Sichuan, Changzhi to Xinjiang, Changzhi to Hainan, Changzhi to Qingdao, Changzhi to Ningxia, Changzhi to Xiamen, Changzhi to Guilin and other domestic tourism routes . Tourist routes around Mount Wutai, Pingyao, Qiaojia and other scenic spots in Shanxi. There are also professional pick-ups at Huguan Taihang Mountain Scenic Area in Changzhi, Tongtian Gorge Scenic Area in Pingshun, Jingdi Village (Shenlong Bay Scenic Area), and Huaye Rafting Scenic Area! Legal representative: Zhang Yanwei Date of establishment: 2013-01-14 Registered capital: 300,000 RMB Industrial and commercial registration number: 140402100163635 Enterprise type: Limited liability company (natural person investment or holding) Company address: No. 8, downstairs, No. 5, Yongshengyuan Community, Changzhi City Shop 1st floor

8. Shanxi Travel Agency

Shanxi Haozheng Travel Agency, headquartered in Taiyuan City, is a joint-stock enterprise with legal person status approved by the Tourism Bureau and the Industry and Commerce Bureau. Since the founding of the company, the ground connection department of our company has been mainly responsible for the whole line of Shanxi/Shanxi Inner Mongolia/and surrounding provinces and cities. The Shanshui Line is mainly responsible for the wholesale of the same industry in the province/Henan/Hebei and other places. In recent years, it has formed a stable customer source/has With its own unique products, the total number of ground pick-up passengers has been steadily increasing year by year. It has been awarded the honorary title of “Civilized Unit”, “Civilized Service Demonstration Point”, “Civilized Window”, etc., and was awarded the “Designated Ground Pickup Unit of Shanxi Province” by the Provincial and Municipal Tourism Bureau “.