What are the famous snacks in Quanzhou?

Quanzhou specialty snacks and specific locations for noodle paste: Guo Ah in Shuimen Lane (add more white wine, pepper, fresh crab meat or large intestine, add fried dough sticks, and open more branches in the food street), under the old Shunji Bridge, Laoji Noodles on West Street Noodles Paste (already opened a branch in Jinhuai Back Street), Noodles Paste Shop in Nanmen Cheqiaotou, and “Yuanji Noodles Paste” diagonally across from Shenghu Mobile Communications. Oyster Omelette: Shishi Beef Soup Shop at the exit of the former People’s Theater on Zhongshan South Road, opposite Parkway Shopping Center on Tumen Street. Meat Zongzi: Grandma Hou from East Street. Pig’s Blood: A noodle paste shop in Japan (add more liquor, there is a branch in the food court), a noodle paste shop in Maesaka. Pig’s trotters: Stewed pig’s trotters from Fengchi and Donghu Longtan, white water pig’s trotters (meat soup, sausage enema, cubed meat) from “Nanji Zhenwei Restaurant” on Jinhuai Back Street. Bianshi: In front of Shengwen Primary School on West Street, inside Kuixia Lane. (A bowl used to cost 5 cents, but now it may cost 1 yuan) Pork swallow: Pork swallow food garden opposite Chengtian Temple. To buy fresh pork swallow, go to Fengze Xincun vegetable market (turn left inside the vegetable market and it will be cleaner. , small stall), rich in fillings and delicious. Braised noodles: Authentic Quanzhou braised noodles at “Tieji Food Stall” in the food court (entrance to Fengze Street). Noodles: One in Kuixia Lane and Dry Noodles in Zhenwu Lane. Pan-fried buns: The pan-fried buns at the entrance of the Health School in (County Back Street) are cheap and clean. The original “Fu Ren Yi Pan-fried Buns” can be bought at a snack bar next to the health school. Xiaolongbao: Yuanfang Xiaolongbao (a small shop in the alley next to Qiaoguang Cinema). The green vegetables from Tianhu on Qingyuan Mountain are the most recommended: water spinach, fried sweet potatoes, fried taro, chicken wings, chicken legs, and sausages. It is a good pleasure to bring good tea to enjoy tea and eat vegetables. Baozi: There is a Northeast restaurant in Houban Community next to Fengze New Village. A bun shop made by people. Dumplings: Minquan Hotel (and fried goose intestines). Beef: The beef cubes from East-West Beef (opposite the old pontoon market) are super beefy. Paired with a bowl of salty rice and a bowl of beef soup, that’s so good! Mutton and dog meat: In Shuimen Alley (it used to be the first store on the left side of the water gate, but now it is the second store), over there on West Street (it seems that we haven’t reached the Snail King yet, it’s on the left, there are two stores, It’s quite a big place. The chicken rolls inside are also pretty good). Yongchun White Duck: Yongchun White Duck Soup is directly passed down from Yongchun across from the Garden Hotel on Huxin Street. Salt-roasted duck: The one at Jian Laifa in Qiaozi Tou opposite Baihui is okay. Mung bean cake: Caitangkeng cake shop mung bean cake. (I have loved eating it since I was very young.) Fried snails: The snail king on West Street (in an ancient house) Jiujiu snails: In front of the West Street Cinema. Braised food stalls: The braised food shop at Xicai Shikou (the stall on the right is more delicious, the stall owner is a fat man), and the braised food shop opposite Xiaogan Lane on West Street. BBQ Chicken Wings: Grilled Chicken Wings + Sausages, West Street BBQ next to the People’s Cinema, at the back door of the Cultural Palace, at the entrance to Wenling Road Small Commodity Street. BBQ: Beiguo BBQ opposite East Street No.1. Bean filling ice cake: Caitangkeng cake shop. (Cold and cold) They specialize in making pies, and the mooncakes are very good. I bought a box for a friend last year and said it was delicious. I also ate one filled with eggs. It was very good, and the price was reasonable! Vinegar Pork: The noodle shop in the old Shunji Bridge, the stall next to the bridge between New Century Hotel and Quanzhou Holiday Inn, and the fried vinegar pork next to Pangongkou Guoah. Shihua Gao Four-Fruit Soup: Shihua Gao Four-Fruit Soup at the South Gate (formerly Tongcheng Hotel next to Tianhou Palace in the South Gate), Four-Fruit Soup, Cabbage Sour Soup and Carambola Soup in front of Weiyuan Building, and Cabbage Sour Soup at the People’s Cinema. Several snack bars: On Zhongshan North Road near the bell tower, there is a small entrance more than two people wide on the left hand side (there seems to be a big Chinese character “面” written on the wall). There are sand tea noodles and pork ribs noodles inside. “Nostalgia” (Sichuan cuisine) in Nanjun Lane, “Little Bamboo House” in Hua Lane, “Xiaodongtian” next to Zhuangfu Lane, “Sisters” in the food street, “Cape of Good Hope” at Shaolin intersection, and “Little Garden” in Houban , Xinhua Community’s “Fu Fang” and so on. Laoliang dog meat in Qingmengping, Laoqian seafood in Houzhugang, vegetarian dishes in Suyan Temple, Indonesian food in Shuangyang Market, a fried bun shop on Puxi Road where fried buns, large intestine soup and sausage enema soup, Sunshine Paris II In this period, there are three-layer pork from a snack bar, hand-made dumplings from Weihua in Nanjun Lane, and Zheng Ji’s “Shanghai fried buns” from Yungu Community.