What are the attractions in Jiujiang area? What are the attractions in Jiujiang city?

Introduction: What are the scenic spots in Jiujiang City? What are the scenic spots in Jiujiang City? 1. What are the scenic spots in Jiujiang City? 2. What are the scenic spots in Jiujiang City? 3. What are the scenic spots in Jiujiang City? 4. What are the scenic spots in Jiujiang City? 5. Attractions in Jiujiang City 6. What tourist attractions are there in Jiujiang City 7. What attractions are there in Jiujiang County 8. Attractions in Jiujiang City

1. What are the scenic spots in Jiujiang city?

  If you want to go to the city center, it is recommended to take 105 or 101 first. Jiuyuan is the starting and ending station of 101 and 105. Jiujiang is a circular route. You can go around the entire city for just 1 yuan, haha. You will know it clearly when you take a car again. If you want to go shopping and buy clothes, get off at Yanshui Pavilion. There is a long pedestrian street inside, which was newly renovated at the end of last year. It is quite nice. If you want to go out and ride a bicycle, you can go to the Yangtze River Bridge (across the bridge is Huangmei County in Hubei Province, you can go to Hubei for a meal haha), Pipa Pavilion, Suojiang Tower, and Xunyang Tower for places that are relatively close and free. It’s all in that one piece. It’s also good to have a picnic at Yanshui Pavilion, Gantang Lake, Nan Lake, Baishui Lake, and Bali Lake, take a boat ride, and stroll around the park. The Lianhuadong Forest Park at the northern foot of Mount Lushan has a 10 yuan ticket and is well worth exploring. There is also the largest part of Lushan Mountain, Donglin Temple, Donglin Grand Canyon, Shimen Stream, Sandie Spring, Wulaofeng, Hanpokou, Bailu Cave, Jinxiu Valley, and Immortal Cave. A little further away, you can go to Shizhong Mountain and Longgong Cave in Hukou, Tao Yuanming’s former residence in Shahe, and so on. I only list some of the ones that come to mind, and the others are waiting for your discovery and addition. Also, if you go to Lushan Mountain, don’t believe their 180 tickets. You can get a mountaineering pass with your student ID card at school. It costs 15 yuan and the entrance fee is free for one year. Moreover, there are young students during this period of school. You can buy tickets there. Each attraction costs about 35 yuan. It is recommended to go to Donglin Grand Canyon, Shimen Stream, and of course Sandiequan Wulaofeng Hanpokou is the most classic, but where to stay? It is too troublesome to go down the mountain, so I recommend staying in the town for one night. The folk customs in the town are very good, and there are many houses for rent. The rooms cost 20-25, and the design is like a hotel. It is very clean. After settling down in the evening, you can visit the night market in the town. In the morning, you can watch the sunrise on Mount Lu, feed the pigeons, and then set off. It is necessary to mention that Jiujiang has had a tourism promotion since the year before last. During the Dragon Boat Festival and Mid-Autumn Festival, almost all tourist attractions in Jiujiang City (including Lushan Mountain) are free for specific groups of people. The specific groups here are residents holding Jiujiang ID cards or work permits and students studying in Jiujiang. Don’t forget to bring your valid ID with you when you go. I personally enjoyed it during the Dragon Boat Festival. Haha, I brought my student ID card (it’s best to bring my ID card) and only needed to pay a few yuan for mountaineering insurance.

2. What are the scenic spots in Jiujiang City?

O(∩_∩)O Haha~, it depends on where you live. The first choice is of course Lushan. The grass in the mountains has been green these days, the flowers are blooming, the scenery is really good, you are completely close to nature, and the air is really good. It’s great. The clouds in the evening when you climb to the top of the mountain are also very beautiful. There is also a lake on the top of the mountain. The environment is really good. You can also stay on the mountain for one night and watch the sunrise the next morning. Hehe, it’s worth going anyway, but Need to buy tickets~

Then there is Bali Lake, which is also a good place to rest on weekends. You can also fly kites and the scenery is pretty good. You can also ask your friends to rent a double bicycle and ride there slowly. There are also buses going there, which is very convenient. convenient

The other one is Nanshan Park. It is also a very large and very nice park. It can be used as a tourist attraction. You can also pick bayberries along the way these days~~ Nanshan Park is also very lively at night. You can climb the tower during the day. It’s beautiful to see the lights at night, but you have to pay attention to safety when you go there at night, especially if you climb to the top and come down from the main door with very high steps, you must pay attention to safety.

Bali Lake and Nanshan Park are both free~

3. Attractions around Jiujiang City


Jiujiang is a must-visit attraction and a world cultural landscape heritage. It is famous for its majesty, wonder, danger and beauty. The rivers, lakes and mountains are integrated into one, and the steepness and beauty are both strong and soft.


A must-visit attraction when traveling in Jiujiang, a national 4A tourist attraction. The main sights include: Nanya Stele Inscription, Wenfeng Pagoda, Yunyan Temple, Huang Tingjian Memorial Hall, etc.

NO.3: Fuhua Mountain

The must-visit attractions when traveling in Jiujiang include Pohu Lake in the east, Yuanxi in the west, green mountains and clear waters, and beautiful bells and whistles.

NO.4: Lushan West Sea

A must-visit attraction when traveling in Jiujiang, Asia’s largest earth dam reservoir, with beautiful lakes and mountains, beautiful scenery and charming scenery.

NO.5: Shizhong Mountain

< p>A must-visit attraction when traveling in Jiujiang, facing water on three sides and landing on one side, with steep, abrupt and majestic cliffs.

NO.6: Longgong Cave

A must-visit attraction when traveling in Jiujiang, there are a large number of stalactites in the cave, which are strangely shaped and crystal clear, just like the Dragon Palace in the East China Sea.

NO.7:Wulingyan Forest Park

The must-visit attractions when traveling in Jiujiang include winding streams, colorful pools, tumbling waterfalls, and lush vegetation.

NO.8: Longyuan Gorge

A must-visit attraction when traveling in Jiujiang, with gurgling streams, ancient trees, climbing wisteria, and hundreds of birds, it is known as the Amazon of the East.

4. What are the scenic spots in Jiujiang City?

  Urban scenic spots: Xunyang Tower, Suojiang Tower, Yanshui Pavilion (Jiujiang Museum), Binjiang Ecological Park, Victory Park, Baishui Lake Park (Jiujiang Urban Planning Museum), Longkai Old Road Park, Gantang Park, Nanhu Park ( National Park), Lakeside Park, etc. PS: Xiaoba is very beautiful when you go there at night. Main commercial places: Shanghai Nongsong Supermarket Jiujiang Store, Wal-Mart Supermarket Jiujiang Lushan South Road Store, RT-Mart Supermarket (under construction), Liansheng Shopping Plaza, Xinda Zhongda Pacific Department Store, Hongkelong Department Store Jiujiang Store and many Liansheng and Liansheng stores in the city Paramount supermarket chain. Main commercial districts: Bajiaoshi Commercial District, Si Pier Commercial District, Wal-Mart Minghu Plaza Commercial District, Shili Building Commercial District, Si Pier Commercial District main commercial streets: Dazhong Road Pedestrian Street, Lushan District Shanghai Road Pedestrian Street, Xunyang Road Commercial Street, Lushan South Road Food Culture Street, Huancheng Road Tea Street, Chaisang Market, Xunyang East Road Underground Commercial Street Breakfast categories: 1. The old train station, the beef offal shop opposite the Mass (People’s) Bathroom. The scallion pancake dipped in beef offal soup is the best in the world. Next door to 2.10 is a steamed bun shop. 4 small buns for 1 yuan. How to eat small steamed buns with lots of soup + red rice porridge without getting tired of it. Next door to 3.10, there is a fried rice noodle shop next door to the bun shop. The fried noodles are smooth and refreshing. 4. Diagonally opposite No. 4 Middle School, there is a breakfast shop that sells everything. Recommend the radish cake (the fried kind that is very dry) with clear soup for a unique flavor. 5. Near the Fourth Factory, fried noodles + meatball soup, pure breakfast, authentic enjoyment. 6. The bakery opposite No. 5 Middle School. It seems to be 3 pieces for 1 yuan. After a big meal of greasy buns, I had some refreshing mung bean soup, oh~ also~ 7. The road opposite the Christian Church is directly opposite the Public Security Bureau. The beef noodles are smooth and the hot dry noodles are rich. 8. At the south entrance, there is a clear soup shop opposite the kindergarten in the city center. Carrot cake is 0.6 yuan, meat cake is 0.8 yuan, chaos is 2 yuan, meat cake + chaos = invincible. 9. A clear soup shop at the intersection of Shengsheng Computer City. That breakfast is very popular. Carrot cake is 0.6 yuan, meat cake is 0.8 yuan, Chaos is 2 yuan, and there is also the long-lost Shui Zi Chong Egg in Jiujiang. 10. There is a clear soup shop under the Prince Internet Cafe near Shengsheng Computer City (walk inward from Dutian Lane). Hot dry noodles, Huan Chao enjoyed it very much. 11. There is a specialty store selling Wuliangye opposite the Mashi Commercial Building. On the side of the building where the specialty store belongs, there is a Wangwang dumpling shop. The fried dumplings dipped in red chili oil are so authentic, chaos, kelp soup, radish soup, Red rice porridge. They are all things that really taste valuable. 12. Zhu Gong Tang Po is located under the Super Speed ​​Internet Cafe near Mashi Shopping Mall. It has a variety of porridge and fried rice, including celery shredded pork porridge, preserved egg and lean meat porridge, big bone porridge, red rice porridge, assorted fried rice, Yangzhou fried rice, and Sichuan flavor. Fried rice, curry fried rice… 13. Fried buns and fried buns sold in the alley next to Longshan Primary School: 1. Fried stall at the north gate of Lufeng Community. 2. The fried stall inside the south gate of the chemical plant. 3. The fried stall below the Masi Shopping Mall. 4. Near Dazhongda (now called Pacific Shopping Plaza) (the Anhui style fried stall opposite the original Mickey Internet Cafe). 5. The fried stall opposite the Jingjiu Wholesale Market in the pedestrian street. 6. Master Li’s fried stall under the Prince Internet Cafe in Shengsheng Computer City is highly recommended. 7. The fried milk tea and meat cake stall below Shengsheng Computer City. 8. Go from the old gate of the Second Hospital towards Jiujiu Mall (the middle of the two locations). After 4 pm, in a small residential alley, there will be an old lady selling fried dumplings (spring rolls). They are so delicious and plentiful. big. 9. The two fried stalls under Jiujiu Mall both taste good. 10. There are many snacks on the road between the north and south districts of Hubin Community. 11. Sweet fried barbecue restaurants in various places in Jiujiang. 12. On a connecting road between No. 1 Road and No. 2 Road, there is a store that sells fried food. It sells almost any fried food. It also sells white fungus, mung beans, red rice soup, and vermicelli soup. Late night snacks 1. The best pot stickers from Ma Shi, Hubin and Kowloon Street. 2. Laoer Lobster Shop (by the river, below the Civil Affairs Bureau building). 3. Fatty Lobster Shop (Yaojiawa, near Yaojiawa Vegetable Market) 4. Bald BBQ (behind Jiujiang City Cultural Palace). 5. There is a small soup shop opposite Bald Head BBQ. There are many people and it is easy to identify. 6. Braised meat (duck neck) near Bald BBQ. 7. I miss the barbecue stalls near Yanshui Pavilion and Hongqi Cinema. 8. Go inside from Erma Road and find Laoyan Niuza, which serves salted duck hotpot + fried bacon with garlic. I hope you have fun in Jiujiang, o(∩_∩)o

5. Attractions in Jiujiang City

There are many interesting places in Jiujiang, so take a stroll if you have time.

First of all, everyone should know that the Yanshui Pavilion in the center of the building is famous for being the dianjiangtai of Zhou Yu, the general of the Three Kingdoms.

Secondly, Xunyang Tower, one of the Four Great Ming Towers, is very close to Yanshui Pavilion. It is on the edge of the Yangtze River on foot for 20 minutes. The view of the Yangtze River is quite good. Strolling along the Yangtze River is Suojiang Tower and Jiujiang Bridge, which are very majestic. Of course, the lights of Gantang Lake along the Yangtze River are also very beautiful at night.

6. What tourist attractions are there in Jiujiang city?

Lushan Mountain in Jiujiang is a beautiful scenic spot. It is a summer resort for summer travel. Our family went there once in 2009. We drove up there and looked down from the car: I was frightened and frightened. It was bottomless and the road was very smoggy. Seriously, I really can’t see the route of the person in front of me clearly at all. If I wasn’t highly skilled, it would be really difficult to move forward! But it’s really unique when you get to the top.

7. What are the attractions in Jiujiang County?

Counties under the jurisdiction of the city: Jiujiang County, Hukou County, Pengze County, Duchang County, Xingzi County, De’an County, Yongxiu County, Wuning County, Xiushui County Municipal districts: Xunyang District, Lushan District; 2 county-level jurisdictions City: Gongqing City, Ruichang City Hosting: Lushan Scenic and Historic Places Administration (Deputy Prefecture Level)

8. Attractions in Jiujiang City

Jiujiang is a good place for mountain climbing. The sea of ​​flowers, maple leaves, and autumn wind will make you cry every minute. Recommended ones include Longyuan Gorge in Xiushui County, Shenwu Mountain in Wuning, Shizhong Mountain and Shoe Mountain in Hukou, and Duchang County Nanshan Scenic Area, Yunju Mountain in Yongxiu, Fuhua Mountain in Gongqingcheng, Huanglong Mountain in Shuishui, and the most famous Haohan Slope in Lushan Scenic Area in Jiujiang City. Friends meet up to go hiking!