A complete list of Beijing attractions in Chaoyang District. What attractions are there in Chaoyang District, Beijing?

Introduction: A complete list of Beijing attractions, Chaoyang District, Beijing. Which attractions are in Chaoyang District, Beijing 1. What attractions are in Chaoyang District, Beijing 2. Tourist attractions in Chaoyang District, Beijing 3. Which attractions are free in Chaoyang District, Beijing 4. What attractions are there in Chaoyang District, Beijing 5. Surrounding Chaoyang District, Beijing Attractions 6. What are the tourist attractions in Chaoyang District, Beijing? 7. What are the attractions in Chaoyang District, Beijing? 8. What are the attractions in Chaoyang District, Beijing? 9. What are the interesting attractions in Chaoyang District, Beijing? 10. What are the attractions in Chaoyang District, Beijing?

1. What are the attractions in Chaoyang District, Beijing?

Chaoyang District in Beijing is of course the richest near the Second Ring Road!

2. Tourist Attractions in Chaoyang District, Beijing

What is there to do near Chaoyang District?

Near Beijing’s Chaoyang District are the China Agricultural Exhibition Hall, Beijing Workers’ Stadium, and Sanlitun Diplomatic Area. There are also CCTV, People’s Daily, Chaoyang Park, and Xiushui Street. These places are all places with a lot of nightlife. Affected by the epidemic, it is recommended that everyone take personal protection and try to go to places with fewer people.

3. Which attractions are free in Chaoyang District, Beijing?

Beijing World Park, Badaling Wildlife Park, Pacific Underwater World, Olympic Tower Night Show, Blues Hot Spring, Blues Lavender Manor, Shidu Xianxi Mountain, Taiping Tianchi Scenic Area, Macaque Valley Scenic Area, Shenquan Gorge, Bairui Valley, Laolaogou Primitive Forest Park, Linghui Mountain, Panlongshan Great Wall, Miaofeng Mountain and other scenic spots.

The 2021 Chaoyang Travel Card free attractions (Beijing area) are Madame Tussauds, World Flower Grand View Garden 4A, Beijing Back Garden,

4. What attractions are there in Chaoyang District, Beijing?

1. Happy Valley is definitely suitable for young people to go

2. Wanda Cinema Flagship Store Cinema + Video Games

3. The second “Ocean Beach Carnival” in Chaoyang Park, there is also a real-life version of CS

4. Dongdaqiao Cash Box, Melody, and a cinema on the top floor of Blue Island

5. There are many restaurants in Shimao Tianjie

6. Blue Harbor is hosting Oktoberfest restaurants and shopping

7.798 Art and Design Plaza is best to go in the afternoon or evening, it is more interesting.

8Sanlitun Bar Street

ps: Chaoyang is so big, I have only introduced part of it here. There are many interesting places, it depends on where you play. Let’s go look at the map

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5. Attractions around Chaoyang District, Beijing

The tourist attractions in Chaoyang District, Beijing include: 798 Art District, Chaoyang Park, Dongyue Temple, Gaobeidian Folk Village, Ritan Park, Olympic Park (Bird’s Nest Water Cube), Olympic Forest Park, Crab Island, Blues Manor, Chinese Ethnic Park, Red Scarf Park, Sanlitun Bar Street, Panjiayuan Antique Market, Xiushui Street, Qingfengzha Park, etc.

National Stadium

Highlights: Located in the Olympic Park, it has a total construction area of ​​80,900 square meters and can accommodate 18,000 people. During the Olympic Games, it mainly undertakes competitive gymnastics, trampoline and handball competitions. After the Olympic Games, the National Stadium, as a first-class sports facility in Beijing, will become a citizen activity center providing multi-functional services.

Introduction The National Stadium is located in the south of the central area of ​​the Olympic Park, adjacent to the “Bird’s Nest”, “Water Cube” and the National Convention Center. Since competition venues and stadiums have different space height requirements, the National Stadium is designed with inspiration from the Chinese “folding fan” and adopts a wavy shape from south to north. The roof is light and dynamic. This wavy shape also cleverly connects the flat-topped “Water Cube” corresponding to the north and south and the single-curved National Convention Center, making the urban landscape in the Olympic Park harmonious and unified.

The steel roof truss of the National Stadium is 144 meters long from north to south and 114 meters wide from east to west. The entire stadium steel roof truss project is composed of 14 trusses, with a total steel consumption of 2,800 tons. The shape of the steel roof truss is a fan-shaped wavy curve. It is currently the largest two-way tension steel string in the country. Roof truss structural system.

Beijing Olympic Park

Beijing Olympic Park is located in Chaoyang District, Beijing, at the northern end of Beijing’s central axis, bounded by the south bank of Qinghe River in the north, Beitucheng Road in the south, Anli Road and Beichen East Road in the east, Lincui Road and Beichen West Road in the west, covering a total area of Covering an area of ​​11.59 square kilometers, it embodies the three major concepts of “technology, green and humanities”. It is a new urban area integrating multiple functions of office, commerce, hotel, culture, sports, conference and residence.

During the 2008 Olympic Games, there were the Bird’s Nest, Water Cube, National Stadium, National Convention Center Fencing Hall, Olympic Sports Center Stadium, Olympic Sports Center Stadium, Yingdong Swimming Pool, Olympic Park Archery Range, Olympic Park Tennis Court, and Olympic Park Hockey Field. Waiting for 10 Olympic competition venues.

In addition, there are 7 non-competition venues including the Olympic Main Press Center (MPC), International Broadcast Center (IBC), Olympic Reception Center, Olympic Village (Paralympic Village), etc., including sports events, convention and exhibition centers, science and education It is a comprehensive citizen public activity center with multiple functions such as culture, leisure and shopping.

Chaoyang Park

Beijing Chaoyang Park is a comprehensive, multi-functional large-scale cultural recreation and entertainment park mainly featuring landscaping. It is the largest urban park within the Fourth Ring Road of Beijing. It was originally called Shuizizi Park. It was founded in 1984 and was renamed Beijing Chaoyang Park in 1992. It is about 2.8 kilometers long from north to south and 1.5 kilometers wide from east to west. The total planned area is 288.7 hectares, including 68.2 hectares of water surface area and a green space occupation rate of 87%. The scenic spots built in Chaoyang Park include more than 20 scenic spots such as the Central Governor’s Planting Forest, the General’s Forest, and the Esperanto Forest.

6. What are the tourist attractions in Chaoyang District, Beijing?

Attractions in Chaoyang Park include: Central Head of State Planted Forest, General Forest, Esperanto Forest, International Friendship Forest, Vast Forest, Water Tour Area, South Gate Scenic Area, Brave World Amusement Park, European Style, Green Song, Source of Life, Art Square, There are more than 20 scenic spots including Waterfront Island and Ecological Water Stream.

7. What are the attractions in Chaoyang District, Beijing?

Hello! There are many tourist attractions in Chaoyang District! You can consider the following attractions! a. Huangmu Factory has the largest existing “Zhangbiantou”. b. Chinese Ethnic Garden c. Chinese Red Sandalwood Museum. This was built by Ms. Chen Laiwa, the former richest woman in China and the chairman of Hong Kong Fu Wah Group. I didn’t have time to go there last time. This is what I want to see most~~ I hope you can Don’t miss it~~ d. Asian Games Village e. Sun Temple

8. What are the attractions in Chaoyang District, Beijing?

Beijing also has many amusement parks, such as Beijing Happy Valley, Water Cube Water Park, Ledo Port Fantasy Park, Beijing Universal Resort, Beijing Shijingshan Amusement Park, Crab Island Carnival Amusement Park, Chaoyang Park Brave Park, and Beijing Grand Canal Forest Park Green Island Park, Jurassic World Dinosaur Park, Baoyan Park, etc.

1. Beijing Happy Valley is located at Xiaowuji North Road, East Fourth Ring Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing. There are seven themed areas including Fjord Forest, Atlantis, Lost Maya, Aegean Port, Shangri-La, Dessert Kingdom and Happy Hour.

2. Water Cube Water Park is located on the first floor of the National Aquatics Center, No. 11 Tianchen East Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing. There are ten major water recreation projects and a total of more than 20 various slides for tourists to perfectly experience the thrill, excitement and joy of water entertainment. Among them, deep-sea tornadoes, overturning rivers and seas, rapid undercurrents, and underwater shuttles will bring tourists a refreshing water adventure.

3. Leduogang Fantasy Park is located in the west of Dengzhuang Village, Chengnan Street, Changping District, Beijing (280 meters north of Leduogang Holiday Plaza). The park consists of 10 high-tech indoor projects, 5 outdoor mainstream mechanical amusement projects and a children’s kingdom covering an area of ​​4,000 square meters. It brings together the 360-degree panoramic dome theater “Myth”, the film and television jumping machine “Heaven and Earth”, the world There are more than 20 amusement experience projects represented by first-class Italian CRG karts, immersive VR experiences and unpredictable haunted house adventures.

4. Universal Beijing Resort is located in Universal Beijing Resort, Tongzhou District, Beijing. The resort includes the largest Universal theme park in operation, Beijing Universal CityWalk, and two resort hotels. Universal Beijing Resort combines Chinese cultural elements to create a unique experience, with seven themed scenic spots, 37 rides and entertainment facilities and landmark attractions.

5. Beijing Shijingshan Amusement Park is located at the intersection of the west extension of Chang’an Street and the West Fifth Ring Road in Beijing. Shijingshan Amusement Park covers an area of ​​about 350,000 square meters and consists of four parts: East Area, West Area, Fantasy World and Adventure World. There are nearly a hundred rides in the amusement park, such as canyoning, American adventure, mining cars, etc.

6. Crab Island Carnival Amusement Park is located in Crab Island Resort, No. 1, Crab Island Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing. All the kiosks in the amusement park are located in every corner of the entire amusement park, with special rides as the background. Here, you can not only enjoy world-class amusement projects, but also watch lively and colorful entertainment performances.

7. Chaoyang Park Brave Paradise is located at No. 1 Nongzhan South Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing (Chaoyang Park). The main entertainment items include: Happy Dinosaur Carousel, Mini Shuttle, Interstellar Travel, World of Warcraft, Snail Agent Team, Passionate Spin, etc.

8. Beijing Grand Canal Forest Park Green

9. What are the fun attractions in Chaoyang District, Beijing?

1: Beijing Ming City Wall Ruins Park Address: No. 9, Chongwenmen East Street, Dongcheng District, Beijing 2: Longtan Park Address: No. 8 Longtan Road, Dongcheng District, Beijing 3: Chaoyang Park Address: No. 1, Chaoyang Park South Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing 4: Chaoyang Park Ocean Beach Carnival Address: No. 1, Agricultural Exhibition Hall South Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing

10. What are the attractions in Chaoyang District, Beijing?

There are many places to play in Chaoyang, here are some brief recommendations.

1. Chaoyang Phoenix Mountain

Chaoyang Phoenix Mountain, known as Longshan and Helong Mountain in ancient times. In 2012, Chaoyang Phoenix Mountain National Forest Park and Chaoyang Bird Fossil Geopark were rated as national 4A-level tourist attractions; Chaoyang Phoenix Mountain is located 4 kilometers east of Chaoyang City in western Liaoning. Covering an area of ​​55 square kilometers, the highest peak is 660 meters above sea level.

2. Chaoyang Bird Fossil National Geopark

The world’s “first flower”, “first bird” and various other biological fossils are displayed here.

The well-deserved “Fossil Capital of the World”.

3. Chaoyang Qingfengling

It is located in Yingzi Township, Chaoyang County, 58 kilometers away from the urban area. In the scenic area, there are nine ditches and eighteen ridges, no ditch is not beautiful, no ridge is not strange. The peaks in the Yulingou Scenic Area are overlapping, and the rock formations are interesting and natural, with lifelike images, and have the charm of Zhangjiajie; the Miaogou Scenic Area has towering ancient trees, a hole for every hundred steps, a waterfall for a thousand steps, mountain springs are hidden among the trees, and waterfalls Hanging diagonally on the mountain wall, it has the artistic conception of Jiuzhaigou. Strange peaks, strange rocks, clear springs, waterfalls, caves and giant trees form a series of natural ink paintings.

4. Kazuo Longfeng Mountain

Longfeng Mountain Scenic Area is located in Youzhangzi Township, Kazuo County, western Liaoning Province, 430 kilometers away from Beijing and Shenyang. The earliest totems of the Chinese dragon culture from the Neolithic Age and the blessing and worship culture of more than 5,000 years ago were discovered in Kazuo County.

There are more than 70 natural caves here, with holes embedded outside the caves, caves hidden inside the caves, and caves facing the sun, so they are called “Chaoyang Cave”. Ancient human utensils have been found in the cave. Coming here will allow you to travel to the village of ancient humans 5,000 years ago and experience the living conditions of ancient humans. Drilling wood to make fire, logging with stone axes, making pottery; worshiping goddesses in a matrilineal society; experiencing and witnessing the sacrifices and worship of ancient Chinese humans, and the totem evolution of the dragon culture of the Chinese dynasties will shock you.

5. Kazuo Longyuan Lake

 There are 15 Mongolian characteristic squares and amusement parks in the Longyuan Lake Leisure and Tourism Resort, as well as simulated sculptures of dinosaurs, horses, cattle and sheep. Planning and construction of water boardwalks, water art boats, chess and music guild halls, water town boat streets, etc. Carry out ecological fishing, wetland bird watching, wetland maze, wetland science popularization and other projects. We are committed to creating a comprehensive amusement park group that combines fun, experiential, entertainment, popular science and folk customs.

6. Kazuo Yulong Valley

Yulonggu Hot Spring Resort is located in Xiaoying Village, Pingfangfang Town, Kazuo County, Liaoning Province. It was originally known as the Hot Water Hot Spring of Kalaqin Palace. It was later developed into a resort that integrates leisure, vacation, entertainment, tourism, ecology and rehabilitation. A large comprehensive resort with Mongolian characteristics, it is an ideal place for health care, catering, and leisure vacations.

7. Beipiao Daheishan

Beipiao Daheishan tourist attraction is located in the northwest of Beipiao City, Liaoning Province, at the junction of Aohan Banner in Inner Mongolia and 30 kilometers away from Beipiao urban area. It is now a national 4A-level tourist attraction and a Liaoning provincial eco-tourism demonstration zone.

The Daheishan tourist attraction gathers the characteristics of plants from North China, Inner Mongolia and the Greater Khingan Mountains, and its wild natural forests have high research value. The core area of ​​the park is 29.4 square kilometers, with a forest coverage rate of 93% and a maximum altitude of 1074.3. Dahei Mountain is a natural and cultural landscape composed of “strange peaks and rocks”, with diverse landscapes such as glass planks, cableways, wooden planks, and tourist trails.

8. Jianping Tianxiu Mountain

Liaoning Tianxiu Mountain Forest Park is located in Xiaopingfang Village, Jianping County, Chaoyang City, Liaoning Province, which is known as the “No. 1 Village in Western Liaoning”. It is 19 kilometers away from Jianping County. It belongs to the southern end of Yanshan Mountains and Nuruerhu Mountain, covering an area of ​​12 square kilometers. , the forest coverage rate is 81%, and the highest peak is 951.9 meters. Through mountain closures, ecological protection and tourism development, Tianxiu Mountain Forest Park was rated as a national AAA tourist attraction in 2009.

9. Lingyuan hot water soup

Lingyuan hot water soup is surrounded by mountains, quiet and quiet, with four distinct seasons and a pleasant climate. It is backed by the largest artificial Pinus tabulaeformis forest in Asia, and natural tourist attractions such as Tiger Cave, Hongshili, and Waibo Mountain formed by nature. Its east wing is adjacent to the world-famous birthplace of five thousand years of Chinese civilization. In order to develop abundant hot water resources, Lingyuan City will build a hot water soup tourist resort, making it a tourist resort that integrates tourism, vacation, leisure, conferences, recuperation and entertainment.

Chaoyang also has Pishangou Scenic Area, Yamabibi Reservoir, etc. Kazuo also has the first bay of Linghe River, Pigeon Cave, Dongshanzui Cultural Site, etc. There is the Baishi Reservoir in Beipiao, the Niuheliang Hongshan Cultural Heritage Museum in Jianping, etc. are not listed here one by one.

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