Meizhou One Day Tour Attractions Meizhou City Travel Guide One Day Tour

Introduction: Meizhou One-day Tour Attractions Meizhou City Tourism Guide One-Day Tour 1. Meizhou City Tourism Guide One-day Tour 2. Meizhou Tourist Attractions Guide 3. Meizhou Tourism Guide Self-guided Tour 4. Meizhou City Tourism Guide One-day Tour Attractions 5. Meizhou City Tourism Guide to the best one-day tour route 6. Meizhou tourist attractions one-day tour route 7. One-day tour to tourist attractions near Meizhou 8. Meizhou city travel guide one-day tour price 9. Meizhou tourist route

1. Meizhou City Travel Guide One-day Tour

1. Points close to Meizhou city: Pankeng, with Hakka cultural corridor, waterfalls, metasequoia forest, Gongwang Temple, and Gaoguanyin (if you have enough time and like to climb mountains, you can go up, the top of the mountain is not bad) Hakka Town, with Hakka Town Hakka Museum, learn about Hakka culture 2. Yanyang: The ancient charm of Qiaoxi, the former residence of Ye Jianying

2. Guide to Meizhou tourist attractions

The top ten must-visit attractions in Meizhou include Meixian Yannanfei Tea Field Scenic Area, Meijiang Ketianxia Scenic Area, Dabu Baihou Ancient Village, Pingyuan Wuzhi Stone Scenic Area, Meixian Ye Jianying Memorial Park, Meixian Qiaoxi Ancient Rhythm Scenic Area, and Meixian Lingguang Temple Scenic Area. , Fengshun Longguizhai Waterfall Scenic Area, Meixian Yanming Lake Tourist Resort, Meixian Wuxianyan Foguang Temple, the more worthwhile ones are Meixian Yannanfei Tea Field Scenic Area, Meijiang Ketianxia Scenic Area, Dabu Baihou Ancient Village, Pingding Far away from Wuzhishi Scenic Area and Ye Jianying Memorial Park in Meixian County.

1. Yannanfei Tea Field Scenic Area in Meixian County The Yannanfei Tea Field in Meizhou is super beautiful. It integrates tea production, processing and tourism and vacation. It is not only a beautiful tea garden, but also a very elegant one. It is a place where three high-tech, Are you going to go to an ecological, tourism-agricultural resort?

2. Meijiang Ketianxia Scenic Area cannot stop the Hakka style. Ketianxia Scenic Area integrates “food, accommodation, transportation, travel, shopping, and entertainment” and consists of Ketianxia Plaza, Hakka Town, Thousand-acre Rhododendron Garden, and Suburban Forest It consists of “five major scenic spots”: park and Shengshan Lake. Interesting experience, in-depth understanding, Ketianxia is really fun!

3. Dabu Baihou Ancient Village Dabu Baihou Ancient Village! You don’t even know why so many people go there! It turns out Baihou is so fun! It is divided into five themed areas: Impression of Baihou, Farming and Reading Family, Charm of Ancient Alleys, Old Dreams of the Market, and Houbei Family.

4. Pingyuan Wuzhi Stone Scenic Area The scenery of Pingyuan Wuzhi Stone in Meizhou is also amazing! It has rich and unique natural and cultural landscape resources. There are more than 60 scenic spots in the scenic area, including the “Five Wonders and Eight Scenes” and Danjingju, Butterfly Valley, and Ecological Paradise. It is a good place for leisure and vacation in Guangdong Province. You can come here to check in.

5. Ye Jianying Memorial Garden in Meixian County. Ye Jianying Memorial Garden is a classic red tourist attraction. The former residence of Ye Shuai is connected to the memorial hall and is an ordinary Hakka folk farmhouse. On the platform on the left side of the main entrance of the memorial hall, there are green cypresses and clusters of flowers, reflecting the sitting posture of Marshal Ye Jianying.

3. Meizhou travel guide self-guided tour

Whether a two-day trip is long depends on what you want to see. If you want to see the Danxia landform, you can choose Wuzhi Stone in Pingyuan, Meizhou on the first day. Then if you return early, you can go to Xiangsi Valley to see it. If not, go to Meicheng to rest for one night. On the second day, you can choose to go to Songkou Ancient Town in Meixian County. Look.

If you are purely on vacation, you can go to Yannan Fei in Meixian County on the first day, and then you can go to Lingguang Temple and have a look at Yanming Lake on the way back. If you have enough time, you can also choose to go to Ketianxia or Ye Shuai’s former residence. (Personal thoughts, for reference only)

4. Meizhou City Travel Guide One-day Tour Attractions

Guide to visiting Meizhou Food Street. Meizhou is a national historical and cultural city and an excellent tourist city in China. It is also one of the most concentrated settlements of Hakka people. It is known as the “Hakka Capital of the World”. The food has distinctive Hakka cuisine characteristics and the food is delicious. Salty, crispy and tender. Among them, the most famous Meizhou specialties include Meizhou salt-baked chicken, Meizhou stuffed tofu, Meizhou pickled noodles, braised pork with Meizhou vegetables, fish in vinegar, stir-fried duck, stewed fish maw, etc. These are the best ways to taste Meizhou, regardless of the Countless. Speaking of Hakka food, the first thing that comes to every Hakka’s mind must be the simple and delicious bowl of pickled noodles. Leehom Wang ate it when he performed this month. Paired with San Ji Di Soup (a soup made from Chee Cheong Fun + Pork Belly + Lean Meat + Wolfberry Leaves), they are a must for breakfast and late night snacks. During the Qing Dynasty, some people compared pig rice noodles, pork belly and lean meat to the top three – the number one scholar, the second place and the top three. This is why the soup got its name. What are the traditional delicacies of Meizhou? What are the traditional delicacies of Meizhou? The small meat ball soup looks like an inconspicuous bowl of soup at first glance, but I don’t know how many generations of Meizhou people have grown up with it. Insert a small meatball with a toothpick and dip it in Meizhou’s unique sweet and sour sauce. You won’t be able to stop. Then there is the soup, which is mixed with a hint of green onion and is very refreshing and delicious. Moreover, the soup can usually be added for free. The Jinshanshan Meatball stall near Meizhou Middle School has been serving it for 10 years, not only its appearance and the people inside, but also their meatballs. What are the traditional delicacies of Meizhou? What are the traditional delicacies of Meizhou? What are the salty pancakes? In fact, there are salty pancakes everywhere, but the salty pancakes in each place look different and taste different. Hakka salty pancakes have two shapes, one is One kind is oval, which is relatively thin and crisp, and is now rare; the other kind is generally round, and the black place in the middle is the most fragrant. In fact, it is like another snack – cow ears, except that it is an expanded version. etc.

5. Meizhou City Travel Guide: The best route for a one-day trip

Enclosed house

TV series produced by Meizhou Radio and Television Station in 2011

“Family Around the House” is jointly produced by Meizhou Radio and Television Station and the Film and Television Production Center of Guangdong Kedu Culture Development Co., Ltd. It uses Hakka folk customs, folk houses, allusions, tourism, food, characters, current affairs, etc. as themes to create a new interpretation of the story. Filmed and produced in the form of a sitcom, it reflects Hakka customs, promotes Hakka culture, and integrates local customs, current affairs, politics, and entertainment commentary. The play style strives to be elegant and humorous, allowing the audience to learn more about Hakka culture and social phenomena while enjoying entertainment.

It was launched on June 1, 2011 on Meizhou Radio and Television Station.

6. Meizhou attractions one-day tour route

1. Baihou Ancient Village in Dapu, Meizhou.

2. Meizhou Pingyuan Wuzhi Stone Scenic Area.

3. Ye Jianying Memorial Garden, Mei County, Meizhou.

4. Lingguang Temple Scenic Area in Meixian County, Meizhou.

5. Yanming Lake Tourist Resort in Mei County, Meizhou.

6. Wuxianyan Foguang Temple in Meixian County, Meizhou.

7. Meijiang Ketianxia Scenic Area in Meizhou.

8. Yannanfei Tea Field Scenic Area in Mei County, Meizhou

9. Qiaoxi Ancient Rhythm Scenic Area in Meixian County, Meizhou

10. Meizhou Fengshun Longgui Village Waterfall Scenic Area

7. One-day tour to tourist attractions near Meizhou

Famous scenic spots include Wuzhi Stone, Ye Jianying Memorial Hall, Lingguang Temple, etc.

Wuzhishi Scenic Area:

The Wuzhi Stone Scenic Area is majestic, dangerous, strange, beautiful, secluded and ancient, and has the reputation of “Five Fingers of Beauty, Wonderland on Earth”. Within the 16.8 square kilometers of the scenic area, there are 36 lifelike stone mountains of different shapes, presenting a unique Danxia landform landscape of “strange peaks, crisscrossing ravines, and red cliffs”. It has many scenic spots, majestic mountains, and many cracks. It is characterized by remoteness, deep rocks and secluded caves, hazy and changing scenery, rich three-dimensionality, beautiful natural scenery and rich landscape levels. These magical landscapes carved by nature’s uncanny craftsmanship are very interesting to visit and are the most prominent tourism resource features of Wuzhishi Scenic Area.

Yannanfei Tea Field Scenic Area:

The first national 5A tourist attraction in eastern Guangdong is located in Yanyang Town, Meixian County, the hometown of Marshal Ye Jianying. When you are in Yannanfei, you can deeply feel the long-standing Hakka culture, the extensive and profound tea culture and the ecologically beautiful tourism culture. Here are the Weilong Hotel and Weilong Restaurant, which won the Luban Award, the highest award for Chinese construction projects. Here you can enjoy original Hakka song and dance performances, taste delicious Hakka food, and appreciate the passionate Hakka landscape.

Ye Jianying Memorial Garden:

Ye Jianying Memorial Park is located in Huxing Village, Yanyang Town, Meixian County. The park is divided into humanities show area, memorial scenic area, ecological forest area, and tourism and leisure service area. It integrates Hakka residences and modern construction, reproducing the great glory and legendary color of Marshal Ye Jianying. life. Ye Jianying has turned the tide three times at turning points in history. Mao Zedong commented on him that “Zhuge was only cautious in his life, and Lu Duan never messed up in important matters”; Zhou Enlai praised him as “the strong wind knows the strong grass, and the rough and turbulent know the honest minister”.

China Hakka Museum:

“Understand Hakkas for thousands of years in one day”, the museum is located in Meizhou City. It is the only national-level special museum in China that collects, studies, displays and inherits Hakka culture. It is a “Hakka architecture, Hakka art, Hakka customs and Hakka customs in one place” Hakka Grand View Garden”.

Lingguang Temple:

The national 4A-level scenic spot is located at the foothills of Yinna Mountain in Yanyang Town, 46 kilometers away from Meizhou City. It is one of the four famous temples in Guangdong Province. Lingguang Temple is built on the mountain and has been famous since ancient times because Lingguang Temple has “three unique features”. The first unique feature is that there are two cypress trees on the lawn in front of the temple. The living ones have lush branches and tall leaves, standing proudly; the dead ones have big and strong branches, which are withered but not rotten and immortal; the second is definitely the most spectacular main hall in the temple, the Mahavira Hall, where cigarettes are often in full bloom, but under no circumstances are there any smoke. The third unique thing is that there are many green trees on the mountain behind the main hall, but there is not a leaf on the roof of the main hall. Those who are willing to climb Wuzhi Peak to watch the beautiful sunrise and the scenery on the top of the mountain can arrive at Lingguang Temple on the first day and climb to the top of Wuzhi Peak early the next morning to wait for the sunrise. Lucky ones may also see the appearance of “Lingguang”.

Yanming Lake Tourist Resort:

Located in Nanfu Village, Yanyang Town, the hometown of the great Marshal Ye Jianying, it is a bright tourist pearl in the Meizhou Mountains. With the theme of “sightseeing, leisure and vacation, health, fitness and entertainment, and ecological environment protection”, the resort has three major scenic spots: Chunhui Garden, Xiaxiaoyuan and Qiushi Garden. Hotels in the resort, villas, tea houses, lawn skiing grounds, tourist pools, children’s fun parks, entertainment cities, Green Island Plaza, Purple Smoke Falls, Plum Pond, Yinhu Nunnery, tennis, badminton courts, billiards halls, rose gardens, With a horse-drawn carriage station, dozens of pavilions and pavilions, scenic spots and supporting service facilities, it is a good place for Meizhou people to relax and vacation.

Ketianxia Scenic Area:

Hakka Tianxia Scenic Area is located in the urban area. It is the first tourism industrial park in Guangdong that integrates tourism real estate, cultural agriculture, etc. In the park, there are 100-meter large stone sculptures of Hakka migrations, 1,000-meter Hakka memory reliefs, giant bronze sculptures of Hakka Ruins, and the largest in Asia. Thousands of acres of azalea gardens and quaint Hakka towns…are just like a Hakka cultural city.

Changtan Tourist Area:

The scenic spot is known as China’s Lingnan Sun Moon Lake. It is located in Changtan Town, Jiaoling. It is a river of green water and is famous in three provinces. The mountains are like Wu Gorge, the water is like Xiaoxiang, and the scenery is like the Li River. The scenery changes with each step, and the scenery is unique.

Tanghu Hot Mineral Mud Villa:

China’s No. 1 Divine Clay. The scenic spot is located in Zhuanshui Town, Wuhua County. The hot spring water temperature is as high as 83 degrees. The mineral mud soaked in the hot spring for thousands of years contains more than 60 kinds of trace elements needed by the human body. It is a resort for health care.

Shenguangshan National Forest Park:

The divine light shines, and the rooster crows to announce the dawn. The scenic spot is located in Fuxing, Xingning City. It has towering ancient trees and a Shenguang Temple in the middle of the mountain. It has always been popular and is a good place to visit in all seasons.

Longjing River Rafting Scenic Area:

Longjing River Rafting is located in the northwest of Fengshun County, with a rafting distance of 9.8 kilometers and a drop of 40 meters. Rafting uses an unpowered inflatable rubber boat to go down the river. In the stormy waves, you can feel the excitement of “hitting the water in the middle of the current and the waves stopping the flying boat”, stimulating the passion for hard work and progress, and experiencing the fun of being brave in the face of danger without danger, and enjoying the freedom. The Longjing River Rafting Scenic Area is home to the largest, most numerous, best-preserved and complete types of glacial mortars in China, which are relics of ancient glaciers more than three million years ago.

Pingshan terraces:

Pingshan Terraces Scenic Area is 40 kilometers away from Dabu County. It was built in the mid-Ming Dynasty and completed in the early Qing Dynasty. It has a history of more than 400 years and has a total area of ​​more than 1,200 acres, including more than 680 acres of main terraces, with mostly slopes of 25°-65°. , layer upon layer along the hillside, it is spectacular, connecting from the foot of the mountain to the top of the mountain, and from one mountain to the other mountain, stretching endlessly, with as few as dozens of levels, and as many as more than a thousand levels. Pingshan terraces have different landscapes throughout the year. In February every year, golden rapeseed flowers are in full bloom; in March and April and July and August, the fields are full of water, like beads hanging on them; in April and May and August and September, the seedlings are green and green. Like layers of green brocade; in June and October, the rice ears are mature and golden.

Nankou Overseas Chinese Village:

The first ancient Hakka village in the world. Qiao Village is located in Nankou Town, Meixian County. It has a history of more than 500 years. There are a large number of well-preserved Weilong houses in the village, which embodies the rich Hakka customs.

Sanheba Tourist Area:

The Meijiang River, Tingjiang River and Meitan River merge here to form the Hanjiang River. The peaks on the four banks of the river are towering and verdant, making it picturesque and poetic. On the east bank of the Han River, the “August 1st” Rebel Army Sanheba Battle Memorial Park, a national key martyrs’ memorial building protection unit, is located on the top of Bizhi Mountain; on the west bank, there are the country’s earliest Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall, Zhongshan Park, the “Hanjiangyuan” stone sculpture, the ancient city of the Ming Dynasty, the Ming Dynasty Attractions such as the Tomb of Weng Wanda, Minister of the Ministry of War. In addition, there are many cultural attractions in the scenic area such as the ancient city of the Ming Dynasty and the tomb of Weng Wanda, Minister of War of the Ming Dynasty.

Alpine Wailong:

Tonggu Peak is the highest peak in eastern Guangdong. The scenic spot is located in Fengshun County, with an altitude of 1,560 meters. There is a complete Hakka dragon house on the high mountain, which is known as the highest altitude dragon house in China.

Hakka Tuwei Building and Hua Calyx Building:

The Huacalyx Tower was built in the 36th year of Wanli in the Ming Dynasty and has a history of nearly 400 years. It is a provincial cultural relic protection unit. The entire earth building has a reasonable layout, ventilation and lighting, and is warm in winter and cool in summer. There are currently more than ten families surnamed Lin living in the building. The Huacalyx Building is exquisitely designed and has a unique structure, which shows the Hakka people’s life philosophy of perfection, unity, averageness and equality. It is currently the largest, most exquisitely designed and best-preserved ancient residential building in Dongtuwei Building in the world. A wonder of residential architecture.

8. Meizhou City Travel Guide One-day Tour Price

Attractions suitable for one-day trips in Meizhou

1: Pankeng Tourist Area

Meizhou Pankeng Tourist Scenic Area is located in Sanjiao Town, Meijiang District, Meizhou City, 4 kilometers away from Meicheng, Meizhou City, and 2 kilometers away from Meizhou Kedu Airport and Meizhou Railway Station (Meizhou Station). It is known as the “Meinan Scenic Spot”. It is a resort for holiday leisure travel.

The “Sanshan King’s Temple” built in the Ming Dynasty is commonly known as “Pakeng King’s Temple” by the villagers. The reputation of “Prince Pankeng protects his hometown” has spread far and wide, attracting many faithful men and women at home and abroad to burn incense and pray for blessings. Since the temple was built, the incense has continued. I heard that it is very effective there and answers all requests.

2: Lingguang Temple Meizhou Lingguang Temple Scenic Area is a national 4A tourist attraction, a Guangdong Provincial Nature Reserve and a Guangdong Provincial Scenic Area. Lingguang Temple Tourist Area is located in Yanyang Town, Meixian District, Meizhou City, Guangdong Province, the hometown of Marshal Ye Jianying. The core attraction, Lingguang Temple, was built in the fourth year of Xiantong, Yizong of the Tang Dynasty (AD 863). It has a history of more than 1,100 years. The temple is dedicated to the founder of Yinna Mountain, the founder of Yin Na Mountain. I go there to worship every Chinese New Year. I heard that the Guanyin there is quite efficacious. Many good men and women come to pray for wealth and wishes, and the incense continues all year round.

3: Meixian People’s Square Meizhou City Meixian District People’s Square is located in the center of the new city of Meixian District, Meizhou City, Guangdong Province, adjacent to the administrative center of Meixian District, and backed by Lianhuashan Forest Park. It is a complex integrating tourism, gatherings, entertainment, fitness, and leisure. Large modern urban public space. The square has an investment of 30 million yuan and covers an area of ​​90,000 square meters. It is vast and majestic. The more than 20-meter nine-dragon column in the center symbolizes the Hakka spirit.

4: Jianying Park

Jianying Park is located at the starting point and core area of ​​the central axis of Jiangnan New Town, covering an area of ​​656,000 square meters. It is the largest park in Meizhou City to date. Construction started in 1986 and is now basically complete. The gatehouse at the main entrance of the park was built with a donation of NT$150,000 from Mr. Liu Yuxin, the former vice president of the Jiaying Chamber of Commerce in Hong Kong. The four characters “Jianying Park” on the gatehouse were inscribed by Liu Fuzhi, the former Minister of Public Security and Prosecutor General of the Supreme People’s Procuratorate of the People’s Republic of China. . 5: Guangdong Hanguang Chaoshun Agricultural Tourism Park

Hanguang Chaoshun Agricultural Tourism Park (Huanglong Base) is located in Huanglong Village, Zhuanshui Town, Wuhua County, Guangdong Province, covering an area of ​​680 acres. The park is divided into sightseeing area, picking area, production area, exhibition area, food court, children’s playground, etc. It also has a series of supporting facilities. 6: Hakka Park

Hakka Park is located in Xiaoxichuan, East District, Meizhou City, covering an area of ​​163.2 acres. Construction started on March 28, 2005. It was expanded and integrated based on Huang Zunxian’s former residence, Renjinglu and Rongludi. It is divided into a commemorative scenic area, a cultural show area, The service community has three major functional areas. The newly built museum, academician hall, general hall, overseas Chinese consulate, memorial pavilion, poetry forest, forest of steles and many other facilities integrate Hakka architecture, Hakka culture and art, and Hakka folk customs into one place, forming a rich and unique “Hakka Grand View Garden” “.

7: Meizhou, both sides of the river

Meizhou Yijiang Scenic Spot is located in Meijiang District, Meizhou City, Guangdong Province. The Meizhou Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government attach great importance to flood control. They began to renovate both sides of the Yijiang River in 1993 and invested heavily in building embankments according to high standards for “once-in-a-hundred-year” floods. . Along both sides of the river, there are traditional-style promenades, cultural promenades, Roman-style promenades, cultural squares, roads around the river, etc., presenting a new style of green city, water in the city, clear water and blue sky, and beautiful environment. The 6 bridges including Meijiang Bridge, Jiaying Bridge, Dongshan Bridge, Meizhou Bridge, Jianying Memorial Bridge, Xiulan Bridge and Chengjiang Delong Bridge at the entrance of Meijiang River are like rainbows and rippling blue waves. The water of the Meijiang River complements each other, forming an elegant picture of “green city, water in the city” with clear water stretching to the sky and beautiful environment. 8: Meizhou guest world

Ketianxia Tourism Industrial Park is located next to Dongsheng Industrial Park in Meijiang District, Meizhou City, Guangdong Province, covering an area of ​​2,000 hectares. Construction started on March 29, 2006, with an estimated total investment of 30 billion yuan.

Ketianxia Tourism Industrial Park is my country’s first tourism industrial park and was established with the approval of the Meizhou Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government. The park is composed of original natural mountains and three major reservoirs: Dongsheng Industrial Park, Aokeng, and Xiaomi. It integrates “food, housing, transportation, travel, shopping, and entertainment” as well as education, scientific research, and culture. The key construction project is the pioneer of Meizhou City’s “emancipation of the mind and green rise” and a “new business card” of the world’s guest capital.

9. Meizhou travel routes

1. Fengshun County Yuedong Grand Canyon Scenic Area (National 3A-level tourist attraction, mountain climbing, fitness, and fresh air. Lunch at Shan Dujuan Restaurant: Laojiu wheat chicken, Baxiang bitter bamboo shoots pot, canyon mountain pit fish, etc.) – Guangdong Deer Lake Hot Spring Resort (national 4A-level tourist attraction, experience the precious “radon + sulfur” hot spring resources. Dinner at Luhu Hot Spring Holiday Hotel: Luhu Imperial Chicken, Braised Pork Knuckles with Fresh Bamboo Shoots and Pickled Cabbage, Stir-fried Landu, Seafood Mushrooms, etc., Overnight ).

2. Xiyan Tea Village Resort in Dabu County (National 3A-level tourist attraction, enjoy tea fields and taste strange rocks. Lunch at Xiyan Tea Mountain Restaurant: Xiyan Tea Shrimp, Orchid Palm Treasure, Oolong Tea Roast Chicken, etc.) – Ruishan Ecological tourism resort (national 3A tourist attraction, sightseeing, good air. Dinner at Yunhai Hotel: golden cherry paste stew, salt-baked chicken, white-cut chicken, braised squab, etc., overnight stay).

3. Lingguang Temple Tourist Area in Meixian District (national 4A-level tourist attraction, visit the thousand-year-old cypress <tree of life and death>, thousand-year-old ancient temple) – Zhimulou B&B (national B-level tourist B&B, lunch: Jinbuhuan fried mountain snails, coarse salt Steamed native chicken, handmade mugwort balls, etc.) – Nanshoufeng Tourist Attraction (National 3A-level tourist attraction, with the theme of “Culture + Leisure + Health + Elderly Care”, it is a place with rich Hakka characteristics, advanced traditional Chinese medicine health care technology, and complete health care and elderly care functions. Themed leisure, vacation and health industry) – Hakka Cultural Tourism Area (national 3A tourist attraction, visit the old streets of Hakka Village, experience the rich Hakka culture, dinner at Jiangnan Restaurant: fish maw and scallop chicken, baked eel, Signature salted goose, etc. Overnight accommodation: Xunlujian B&B <5-star B&B>).

4. Lin Fengmian’s Former Residence and Memorial Hall in Meijiang District (Visit Lin Fengmian’s Former Residence and Lin Fengmian Memorial Hall, visit former residences of celebrities, and listen to their stories) – Ketianxia Scenic Area (National 4A-level tourist attraction, visit Hakka Town, Sage Valley, Aiyuan Sea, wedding celebrations Palace, Chuangyi Garden Happy Town, etc. Dinner in the guest world: Hakka salt-baked chicken, braised pork with pickled vegetables, glutinous rice braised duck, etc.).