One-day trip to Yangcheng Lake Scenic Area Best route for one-day trip to Yangcheng Lake

Introduction: One-day trip to Yangcheng Lake Scenic Area The best route for one-day trip to Yangcheng Lake 1. The best route for one-day trip to Yangcheng Lake 2. Practical guide for Yangcheng Lake travel guide 3. The best route for Yangcheng Lake trip 4. The best route for two-day trip to Yangcheng Lake 5. Yangcheng Lake 1 Guide to the best route for a one-day trip 6. Guide to a three-day trip to Yangcheng Lake 7. Pictures of the best route for a one-day trip to Yangcheng Lake

1. The best route for a one-day trip to Yangcheng Lake

Lianhua Island Beihuwan Crab Industry is a good farmhouse crab restaurant on Lianhua Island. The environment is clean, the farm food is authentic and fresh, and the boss is very enthusiastic. The key is that the hairy crabs are raised by his own family, so the boss can I will take you to visit her breeding base, which is quite authentic and highly recommended and worth your money.

2. Practical guide to Yangcheng Lake travel guide

Friends who are familiar with the distribution of wild vegetables in Sioux City know that,

Every spring when flowers bloom,

Follow Chenglin Road until you land on Lianhua Island.

In the green spaces and islands along the way, the whole of Suzhou grows.

The most numerous and diverse wild vegetables!

Fresh and tender wild vegetables bring the flavor of spring,

With the label of pure natural and no additives,

Grannies who know the goods are often very excited about this.

Young mothers with their babies,

Also ranks digging wild vegetables as one of the most fun spring holiday activities.

There are even children who travel in groups,

Come and experience the “wild” fun for yourself.

From the shepherd’s purse and golden cauliflower in the warm to cold season,

When the water is warm and the sun is growing, the malantou or dandelion, no matter what kind,

They are all especially delicious because of the good water and good air by Yangcheng Lake.

Shepherd’s purse, Suzhou dialect calls “xia” dish,

It should be the freshest wild vegetable,

Naturally, it is a favorite of Suzhou people.

Whether making soup, frying bamboo shoots, or making wontons,

They are all fresh words.

Shepherd’s purse grows close to the ground and has relatively deep roots.

Short ones, one cluster in the east and one cluster in the west,

I had to bend my body to look for it,

Picking shepherd’s purse also requires your eyesight.

After all, there are many jagged wild vegetables.

Yang Chengjun is really a bit stupid and can’t tell the difference.

There are two kinds of Malantou, red stem and green stem, both of which are edible.

Because of its fresh green color and refreshing taste,

Malantou is often served as appetizers and appetizers.

Malantou has a unique fragrance,

Pick a tree at random and pinch the stem with your fingernails.

My fingertips were immediately touched by the fragrance,

Chop the blanched Malan heads into pieces with a knife.

Mix with dried sesame oil,

This is a great appetizer for Suzhou’s spring table.

Fragrant dried malan head.

Dandelion seems to be the new favorite in the field of wild vegetables.

This probably has something to do with the fact that people across the country love health care.

After all, dandelions have:

It has many health and wellness values ​​such as clearing heat and detoxifying, eliminating carbuncles and boils, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory, protecting the stomach and beautifying the skin, protecting the liver and diuresis.

The young leaves can be blanched and served cold.

Elderly people can still soak in water and drink it.

Yang Chengjun also drank the water soaked in dandelion, an internet celebrity.

The effect of clearing away heat and detoxifying is really good!

Digging for vegetables is fun, and wild vegetables are delicious.

Grain Rain has arrived and spring is about to pass.

Seize the last opportunity,

Arrive at the bank of Yangcheng Lake,

Experience this fun and delicious food again,

If you miss it, you’ll have to wait until next year!

Source: Yangcheng Lake Resort

3. Best travel routes to Yangcheng Lake

  Lianhua Island is an island surrounded by water in Yangcheng Lake. Farmers on Lianhua Island raise crabs. The tour route first goes to the cabin to enjoy farm-style hairy crabs, then takes a motorboat to play on Yangcheng Lake and enjoys the Lotus Island scenic spot. Then you can go to Yangcheng Lake Pier and go shopping at Repulse Bay Commercial Street to buy some local specialties and souvenirs. There are also Shanghai Golf Club, Yangcheng Lake Water Style Park, Paintball Center, and Fishing Center, all of which can be visited. Tourists can travel independently or with a tour guide. There is also Lianhuchi Park here, and Yangcheng Lake Park can also be used for self-driving tours. The surrounding scenery is great.

4. The best route for a two-day trip to Yangcheng Lake

The cruise ship from Lianhua Island Pier departs every 30 minutes.

Lotus Island is located in Yangcheng Lake Ecological Leisure Tourism Resort, Xiangcheng District, Suzhou, Jiangsu Province. It is located in the center of Yangcheng Lake. It is an isolated island with less than 3,000 acres of land. The trees on the island are verdant, and the “red tiles and blue bricks” are hidden among the green bushes, which is very beautiful. Eating crabs on Lianhua Island is authentic and wild. “One belly is made of gold and jade, two claws are bright and the moon is red in autumn.” Yangcheng Lake hairy crabs have a unique taste and are a great place to eat crabs and watch the lake.

5. Guide to the best routes for a one-day trip to Yangcheng Lake

Don’t go to Yangcheng Lake. There are no crabs now. You can go to Tinglin Park and Zhouzhuang. It’s fun. Thousand lanterns are not fun. Jinxi’s natural scenery is very good.

6. Yangcheng Lake three-day tour guide

First tie the legs and clips of Yangcheng Lake hairy crabs with ropes, then put them in the cold storage layer of the refrigerator and cover them with a layer of wet towel. They can generally be stored for about 3 days.

Method 2: Put the Yangcheng Lake hairy crabs into a plastic bucket or basin, and then pour half of the water into the crab body. It can generally be stored for about 7 days.

Method 3: Put the Yangcheng Lake hairy crabs into the bathtub, add an appropriate amount of water, small fish and shrimps. Generally, they can be stored for about 10-15 days.

7. Picture of the best route for a one-day trip to Yangcheng Lake

Known as “Paradise above, Suzhou and Hangzhou below”, Suzhou, as the hometown of gardens in China, is very suitable for tourists to visit and relax. Today’s Suzhou not only retains the original appearance of the ancient city, but also develops the modern civilization of the new city. It is worth seeing. Speaking of Suzhou attractions, the Humble Administrator’s Garden, Lion Grove, and Pingjiang Road in the ancient city are naturally indispensable. They can allow you to experience the quaint natural charm of ancient Suzhou. The bank of Yangcheng Lake in Xincheng Industrial Park not only allows you to experience Suzhou’s original and simple folk customs and the beautiful scenery of Yangcheng Lake, but the adjacent Suzhou Yiou Lai Outlet also allows you to experience the joy and joy of European shopping and tourism without going abroad. , all the ancient charm and modernity of Suzhou can be experienced and felt in these scenic spots. If you want to take a self-driving trip to Suzhou, then follow me to take a look at the Suzhou one-day self-driving guide prepared for you.

Morning (Humble Administrator’s Garden-Lion Grove-Pingjiang Road)

Friends from Shanghai who come to Suzhou for a self-driving tour can choose to leave early. It takes less than two hours to reach the Humble Administrator’s Garden in the ancient city of Suzhou. It is known as one of the four famous gardens in China and is also a model of Suzhou gardens. It is also very literary and artistic. A breathtaking place, the Humble Administrator’s Garden is divided into three parts: east, middle and west. The east garden is open and spacious, the middle garden is the essence of the whole garden, and the west garden has exquisite architecture and each has its own characteristics. The southern part of the park is a residential area, reflecting the typical multi-entry pattern of traditional residential buildings in Jiangnan area.