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Introduction: How much does a group tour from Chengdu to Hainan cost? How much does a group tour from Chengdu to Hainan cost? 4. How much does a group tour from Chengdu to Hainan cost? 5. Prices for group tours from Chengdu to Hainan 6. Group tours to Hainan 7. Group tours from Hainan to Yunnan 8. Group tours from Haikou to Chengdu 9. Chengdu to Hainan

1. Group travel from Chengdu to Hainan

Take the train to Guangzhou, or transfer to Zhanjiang. The family hotels in Sanya are mainly located in Sanya Bay (Lanhai Garden, Blue Sea and Blue Sky, Cuihai Coconut Hui, Golden Phoenix Community, etc.), and the hotels in Dadonghai are mainly located in (Ruihai Haoting Community, Lanhai Haoyuan Community, Dadonghai Garden Community), etc. When staying in a family hotel, you need to find a hotel that suits you, is cost-effective, and is convenient for travel. Now Sanya has gradually entered the off-season for tourism, and prices have returned to the off-season. The price is better, and you have more choices when booking. The main thing is to do more homework. When traveling to Sanya for a self-guided tour, the main thing is to find a suitable hotel and choose a relatively cost-effective one. You also need to do more homework on the itinerary and find a hotel that is familiar with Sanya. Travel professionals specially design the itinerary. In June and July, you can generally wear summer clothes. It is mainly sunny. There is no problem in swimming in the sea. Just pay attention to sun protection. The activity time is usually to go to Hainan in the morning for free travel. First of all, please pay attention to three points: 1. Air tickets must be booked in advance. Round-trip group tickets are cheaper. 2. Booking the hotel with a local travel company in Hainan will also be cheaper. For accommodation, you can choose two nights in Yalong Bay, which is close to the city and have a good leisure vacation. Area 3. You can first determine a rough itinerary, and then decide on the subsequent itinerary based on your own play situation. You need to do more homework. If you don’t understand anything, you can ask me or go to my space to take a look at some of the routes I recommend. One day trip to Nanshan and Tianya Haijiao, one day trip to Nantian Hot Spring and Wuzhizhou Island, one day trip to the tropical rainforest, one day trip to outdoor deep sea diving by yacht. I wish you a happy holiday.

2. How much does a tour package from Chengdu to Hainan cost?

The round-trip ticket costs about RMB 500, and you can’t save on all kinds of seafood, snacks, and specialties when it comes to dining. Everyone has to eat it. Tickets are for one attraction per day. According to one person, the average ticket price in Sanya is about 130 yuan, which is multiplied by 7 for seven days. Accommodation is very simple. It’s as cheap as 70 yuan a room, and you can find a very good B&B for around 260 yuan. I go to some orchards to pick local fruits and send them back to my hometown. Taking Lianwu as an example, it costs 15 yuan per catty in the orchards. Adding in the first weight of 8 yuan and the additional weight of 2 yuan per pound, it is 178 yuan to send ten pounds home.

3. How much does a group tour from Chengdu to Hainan cost?

Hahaha, people from Chengdu who are studying in Hainan University come here uninvited. The cheapest air tickets are from October to November. You can buy a round trip for about 700 in total. It is possible to buy it for more than 500. Accommodation is also cheap at that time, and it happens to be cold in Chengdu. Hainan also wears short sleeves. 1500 depends on how long you want to play, does it include air tickets?

Air tickets are included. If students buy tickets at half price, they should be able to visit Sanya and Haikou and eat at food stalls in a youth hostel for about 5 days.

If you only visit Haikou, you should still be able to play better (the main money-burning places are in Sanya, Haikou has few attractions and cheap tickets). If air tickets are not included, 1,500 should be a relatively normal price for a budget trip to Hainan, and you can stay in a room for about 100 a night. (It was generally not expensive at that time) If you can eat better, you can choose the convenient and fast high-speed rail from Haikou to Sanya instead of taking the bus to save money (the bus experience is really not good). I traveled from Haikou to Sanya last month. For 6 days, I shared a room with my friends and spent a total of more than 1,300, but I had already visited many scenic spots, but I didn’t go there.

I feel that if I want to play more comfortably, 2,000 without air tickets is more appropriate.

4. Travel from Chengdu to Hainan

Air ticket prices change in real time. Generally speaking, fares are divided into first class, business class, and economy class. Economy class is a full fare ticket. Business class is 1.2 times the economy class fare, and first class is 1.5 times the economy class fare. There are no discounts for business class and first class. Economy class will have discounts. However, discounts are controlled by airlines and ticket sales outlets, and the number of tickets and discounts change in real time. So the price is also unstable. You can only check and book the tickets yourself.

5. Prices for group tours from Chengdu to Hainan

But from an economic point of view, it is certainly cost-effective to drive. Winter is the peak season for tourism in Sanya, so air tickets are not too cheap~ If you drive, road and bridge tolls plus gas costs, in terms of travel costs alone, a round trip per person will not cost more than 1,500~ Of course , flying saves a lot of time and is not so tiring~~

6. Travel to Hainan with a group

Hello, I am happy to answer your question.
When traveling to Sanya with a group, you need to pay attention to the following:
1. Hainan has a hot climate, strong ultraviolet radiation, and abundant rain. Please bring necessary sun protection products, sunglasses, sun hats, and umbrellas. When traveling in Hainan, you should wear travel shoes as much as possible and avoid wearing leather shoes. ,High heel.
It is also recommended to bring your own heat-clearing and heat-relieving medicine or granules. Hainan is a famous seaside tourist resort, so please bring your own slippers, swimsuits and trunks.
Please pay attention to personal safety and do not go into the sea privately.
The food in Hainan has a lighter taste, and the dishes in ordinary team restaurants are relatively similar.
It is recommended that tourists bring some pickles or chili sauce to accompany their meals.
2. It is advisable to go together at night or during free activities and inform the tour guide. Remember the tour guide’s mobile phone number for backup, and pay attention to personal and property safety.
Valuables can be stored in the safe at the front desk of the hotel. Remember the name and location of the hotel where you are staying. Do not trust strangers, especially three-wheeled motorcycles and people posting small advertisements on the street. There is no free lunch in the world. 3. Travel in a civilized manner, consciously protect the flowers, trees and cultural relics in scenic spots, and do not arbitrarily carve or graffiti on scenic spots and historic sites. If you have no intention of buying, please do not bargain with vendors. Once you agree on the price and do not buy, it is easy to cause conflicts. When traveling, please maintain a normal attitude and do not be impatient when things happen. Everyone should be considerate and help each other. 4. For other Hainan local special tourism items and information not included in the itinerary, if you need it, you can contact the tour guide and arrange the time reasonably so as not to leave any regrets during the trip. The local tour guide of the experience project can make reasonable arrangements based on the best time for the experience. Thank you, your adoption is my motivation to move forward!

7. Hainan to Yunnan group tour

Hainan and Yunnan are both very mature tourism areas. The more mature the area, the less need to sign up for a tour group. It is easy to get cheated after signing up for a tour and it will affect your mood. Hainan is mainly about enjoying the sea, eating seafood and visiting hotels. Renting a car or chartering a car will be a good idea. You just need to book the itinerary and hotel in advance. I have never been to Yunnan, so I can’t comment.

8. Group tour from Haikou to Chengdu

There is no need to quarantine when returning to Chengdu from Haikou, but only when returning to the mainland from abroad or from Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan.

9. Chengdu to Hainan

Just look online for air tickets. The flight from Haikou to Lingshui starts at 60 yuan. It is cheaper from Sanya, which costs 30 yuan.