What are the fun places in Dongguan? What are the fun places in Dongguan?

Introduction: What are the fun places in Dongguan? What are the fun places in Dongguan? What are the fun places in Dongguan? What are the fun places to visit in Dongguan? What fun places are there in Dongguan? What fun places are there in Dongguan scenic spots? What fun places are there in Dongguan?

What are the fun places in Dongguan?

Weiyuan Fort, *** War Museum, Yuan Chonghuan Memorial Hall, Keyuan and other scenic spots with strong “historical flavor”

x0ax0aYuehui Garden, South China MALL, Yinxian Villa, Songshan Lake, Lemin Amusement Park, Xiangshi Zoo x0ax0aNew South China MALL Qifeng Park (including Huying Park), Dalingshan Forest Park, Shuilianshan Forest Park, Da Six major forest parks including Barrier Forest Park, Yinpingshan Forest Park, and Tongsha Ecological Park x0a Free tours of urban attractions during the Spring Festival x0ax0a 1

People’s Park x0ax0a Attraction Introduction People’s Park was founded in 1913 and is located in Guancheng District, Dongguan

Today’s People’s Park has a total area of ​​23 hectares. It has complete recreational facilities, pavilions and pavilions, and more than 100 kinds of ornamental tree species. The eight sceneries such as “Fenghuang Cooking Tea” are the most famous.

Opening hours: 7:30 to 21:30

x0ax0a The bus route can be reached by taking city buses such as 1, 8, 15, 22 and 28.

x0ax0a 2

Shuilian Mountain Forest Park x0ax0a Attraction Introduction Shuilian Mountain, formerly known as Pengtong Mountain, is located in Nancheng District

380 meters above sea level, with 6,000 acres of forest

In the old days, Peng Gong practiced Taoism here, so it got its name. Pengdong Water Curtain was once one of the eight scenic spots in Dongguan in the Ming Dynasty.

At present, Shuilianshan Forest Park has been listed as one of the five major forest parks in the city. It is also one of the new scenic spots that Dongguan citizens love on weekends and holidays.

Among them, attractions such as Mengxi Exploration, Nine-hole Waterfall Bridge, Plank Road, Lakeside Road, and Leisure Pavilion are more popular among citizens.

x0ax0a The bus route can be reached by Citybus No. 10, No. 42 and Minibus No. 3.

x0ax0a 3

Qifeng Park x0ax0a Attraction introduction, also known as Dongguan Huangqishan Park, is located at the intersection of Dongguan Avenue and Dongcheng Middle Road

Before the Tang Dynasty, it was one of the famous mountains in Lingnan.

It now covers an area of ​​243 hectares. There are scenic spots and historic sites such as Huangqi Peak Lanterns and Huangqi Ancient Temple, as well as new scenic spots such as the newly built Qifeng Park Plaza, Gate Tower, and Qifeng Lake Scenic Spots.

x0ax0a The bus routes are K1, K2, K4, 27, 14, 18 and tourist bus LG1 and other city buses.

x0ax0a 4

Songshan Lake Taoyuan Park x0ax0a Attraction introduction is known as the “Utopia” of Dongguan style. It is located in the Songshan Lake Flower Sea Scenic Area along Binhu South Road in Songshan Lake. It is located on Binhu South Road and covers an area of ​​400 acres, surrounded by mountains and rivers.

In the park, there is a Peach Blossom Valley that gathers dozens of domestic and foreign peach varieties such as beckoning red, chrysanthemum peach, and four-color peach; a bamboo forest with winding paths; a pier where you can get off the cable to board a boat and go boating on the lake; , enjoy the scenery all the way

x0ax0a Bus route: After taking Route 3 or Route K2 to Songshan Lake, you can choose to walk, take an environmentally friendly vehicle in the area, take a cruise, or ride a bicycle to go directly from the scenic area along the lake to Taoyuan Park.

x0ax0a Other recommendations x0ax0a 1

Dongguan Keyuan bus route: Take bus L1(58), L2(59), L3(60), L5 special line, 2A, 7, 15, 20, 21, 30, 45 It can be reached by city buses such as , 46 and C4.

x0ax0a 2

Tongsha Ecological Park Tongsha Reservoir

2 kilometers to arrive

x0ax0a 3

Songshan Lake Flower Sea, Dream Baihuazhou x0ax0a Bus Route After taking Route 3 or Route K2 to Songshan Lake, you can choose to walk, take an environmentally friendly vehicle in the area, take a cruise, ride a bicycle, etc. to get directly from the scenic area along the lake to Taoyuan Park.

x0ax0a The town’s attractions are cost-effective x0ax0a 1

Yuehui Garden x0ax0a Spring Festival fare: 35 yuan Opening hours: 8:00 in the morning to 18:00 in the evening The gardens, together with the Royal Gardens in Beijing (Summer Palace) and the Jiangnan Gardens in Suzhou (Humble Administrator’s Garden, Poetry Garden, etc.), are also known as the three major systems of Chinese classical gardens.

Yuehui Garden has an exquisite layout, with 108 garden attractions including pavilions, pavilions, waterside pavilions, winding corridors, stone bridges, and rockeries.

Yuehui Garden is not only a beautiful Lingnan garden, but also a cultural treasure that integrates Lingnan folk customs, Lingnan ancient architectural art, garden art, sculpture art, opera art, and collection art.

x0ax0a Bus route: Go to Dongguan Bus Terminal and take bus No. 9 of the Guangdong Huiyuan Tourist Line to get there directly

x0ax0a Self-driving tour route: Exit from Jiao Exit of Guangshen Expressway, then follow the sign ��� towards Daojiao Daluosha Village (about 10 minutes’ drive); Guangshen Expressway Jiao Exit–Direction to Hongmei– Turn left at a T-intersection in the direction of Daluosha – go straight to Lamma for 10 minutes – Yuehui Garden; Houjie Henggang Exit of Guangshen Expressway – direction of Houjie Town Center – direction of Houjie Xiatun – Dao Go straight in the direction of Jiaonanya for 5 minutes – go straight in the direction of Daluosha for 3 minutes – Yuehui Garden

x0ax0a 2

Guanyin Mountain Forest Park x0ax0a Spring Festival ticket price: 45 yuan x0ax0a Opening hours: 6:00 am to 18:00 pm Forest Park

Guanyin Mountain has a long history. There are many scenic spots in the park, one for each step. There are winding natural waterfalls in the park; there is a fairy spring with a height of 380 meters.

x0ax0a What is particularly attractive is the largest granite statue of Guanyin Bodhisattva in the world, which stands majestically on the top of Guanyin Mountain. It is 33 meters high and weighs more than 3,000 tons. It is exquisitely carved and majestic. It is a rare statue with the style of the prosperous Tang Dynasty. fine stone carving art

The Guanyin Mountain Ancient Tree Museum in the park is the first ancient tree museum in China. It has a collection of more than 50 ancient trees unearthed in recent years that are of research value and ornamental value.

x0ax0a It is reported that in order to welcome the Spring Festival of the Year of the Tiger, Guanyin Mountain Forest Park will also add singing, dancing and martial arts during the Spring Festival.

What are the fun places to visit in Dongguan?

Top ten fun tourist attractions in Dongguan 1

Wanli Agricultural Ecological Park 2

The first of the “New Eight Scenic Spots in Dongguan” – Songhu Misty Rain 3

Songhu Flower Sea 4

Guangdong Province Guanyin Mountain National Forest Park 5

Dongguan Longfengshan Villa Scenic Area 6

Yinxian Villa 7

Moonlight Garden 8

Shuilian Mountain Butterfly Valley 9

Chang’an Park10

Songhu Ecological Park

What fun places are there in Dongguan?

Interesting places in Dongguan include: Dongguan Keyuan, Guangdong Guanyinshan National Forest Park, Yuehui Garden, Dream Baihuazhou, Longfeng Villa Film and Television Resort, etc.

1. Dongguan Keyuan

Keyuan is one of the four famous gardens in Guangdong and a representative work of Lingnan gardens. The predecessors praised it as “an enviable blessed land on earth, and the garden boasts the fairy palace in heaven”. Its ancient building area incorporates many classic elements of Lingnan gardens. It is surrounded by long corridors and has many pavilions and pavilions. Its buildings are all made of water-polished blue bricks.

2. Guangdong Guanyin Mountain National Forest Park

The forest coverage rate of Guangdong Guanyinshan National Forest Park is over 99%. There are many scenic spots in the park, and you can see every step you take. You can burn incense at Guanyin Square, or enjoy water-related fun by the lake and waterfalls.

3. Yuehui Garden

Yuehui Garden recreates the charm of Lingnan ancient architecture and is a representative work of Lingnan gardens. The architecture here is worth seeing. Its layout is exquisite, and the willows are leaning on it, which contains the elegant and unique ancient charm. Of course you can also enjoy lotus flowers and linger in the carp pond.

4. Dream Baihuazhou

The Dream Baihuazhou themed scenic spot has a beautiful environment and is a flower-themed scenic spot with more ornamental value in the Pearl River Delta. With the theme of creating flower culture, a low-carbon, dreamy, healthy, environmentally friendly, flower ecological leisure scenic spot has been established for tourists.

5. Longfeng Villa Film and Television Resort

Longfeng Villa is the largest one-stop film and television and vacation base in South China that integrates wedding photography, honeymoon leisure, catering and entertainment, and tourism and vacation. Various performances in the resort are wonderful, allowing you to enjoy an audio-visual feast.

For the above content, please refer to Baidu Encyclopedia – Dongguan Keyuan Baidu Encyclopedia – Guangdong Guanyinshan National Forest Park

What are the fun places in Dongguan scenic spots?

Interesting places in Dongguan scenic spots: Dongya Lake, Huying Country Park, Daosheng Garden, Jinshawan Park, Dongguan Exhibition Hall.

1. Dongya Lake: Located in the Eastern Industrial Park of Qishi Town, Dongguan City, Guangdong Province, it is the “green heart” of the Eastern Industrial Park. Surrounded by green trees along the lake, it is quiet and elegant. The clear lake water reflects the green mountains, and the green mountains add charm to the lake water. It is a unique and beautiful natural scenery in Qishi.

2. Huying Country Park: Gathering stones from hundreds of mountains and carefully imagining it, it has built a sculpture garden, Huying Pavilion, Yunyu Bridge, Vitality Square, Roman Colonnade, Lover’s Island, open-air swimming pool, Happy Valley BBQ Garden, children’s paradise, etc. Attractions.

3. Daosheng Garden: A 157-year-old Qing Dynasty building, it is the private garden of Zhang Jiamo, a famous figure in the Qing Dynasty. It is a series of atrium layouts with flat courtyards and water pavilions. It is a building complex with three rooms, three bays and nine bays.

4. Jinshawan Park: The park has a riverside avenue, three small squares, musical fountains, artificial beaches, entertainment corridors, and rest pavilions. It is planted with tropical style as the main theme and various flowers and trees. The beautiful Dongjiang River flows through Shilong. Jinshawan forms a natural landscape of one river and three ports.

5. Dongguan Exhibition Hall: It is a museum that aims to display the style of Dongguan’s famous city. It uses grand scenes, detailed information, artistic conception, and high-tech means to vividly reproduce Dongguan’s development history, development achievements, and development pictures, and condense Dongguan. The essence of the past, present and future, a modern exhibition venue integrating publicity, education, consultation and entertainment functions.

For the above content, please refer to Baidu Encyclopedia – Dongguan Daosheng Park Baidu Encyclopedia – Jinshawan Park

What are the fun places in Dongguan?

Dongguan, also known as Guancheng, is a prefecture-level city under the jurisdiction of Guangdong Province. Dongguan is located in the south-central part of Guangdong Province, at the Pearl River port. It borders Guangzhou City to the north, across the sea from Guangzhou City to the west, Shenzhen City to the south, and Huizhou City to the east. , the first of the “Four Little Tigers of Guangdong”, an ancient city in Lingnan, with many places of interest and historical sites, including Lin Zexu’s Ciyan Pond, Shajiao Fort, Weiyuan Fort and other ancient anti-British battlefield sites, the *** War Museum , Naval War Museum, Dalingshan Anti-Japanese Historical Facts Exhibition Hall and Liuhua Anti-Japanese Memorial Pavilion. Cultural landscapes include the famous ancient Guanyin Temple, Jin’aozhou Pagoda and Liuhua Pagoda, Keyuan, one of the four famous gardens in Guangdong, Yuan Chonghuan’s former residence, Huangqi Ancient Temple, etc. Natural scenery includes Xian’e Lake, Shipai Yanling, Dongguan Botanical Garden, Qingxi landscape and the beautiful coastal scenery of the Pearl River Estuary, rice sea banana forest, Lihong lotus fragrance, Qifeng scenic spot, etc., 4A Dongguan Songshan Lake Scenic Area, 4A Humen** * War Museum, 4A Dongguan Guanyin Mountain Forest Park, 4A Dongguan Science and Technology Museum, etc. Have fun.

Yin Ping Zui

Yinpingzui: In the east of Dongguan City, 55 kilometers east-southeast of Guancheng Town, it is connected to Baiyunzhang in Huiyang County in the east, covering an area of ​​5,000 acres. Because there is a Guanyin sitting on the lotus on the west side of the mountain, the mountain looks like a silver vase from a distance, and the top of the mountain is like a mouth, hence the name. Most of the mountains are granite, the soil is yellow soil, and there are strange rocks on the top of the mountain. With an altitude of 898.2 meters, it is the highest peak in Dongguan County and runs east-west. The south of the mountain is cool in summer and warm in the east, but the main peak is often cloudy and foggy in winter and spring. The vegetation is dense.

A list of fun places to visit in Dongguan during the 2018 summer vacation

Yinping Mountain is 898 meters above sea level and is one of the peaks in Dongguan. The main peak, Yinpingzui, is located in Xiegang. Yinping Mountain has beautiful scenery. The mountains surrounded by clear water, high mountains, dense forests, cliffs and strange rocks, waterfalls and streams form a rare fairyland on earth. During early spring, rare species of red flowers bloom all over the mountains and fields. Known as the living fossils of the dinosaur age, rare plants such as cycad ferns can also be found here.

Address: In the east of Dongguan County

Yinxian Villa Happy Valley Paradise

Belvedere Yuxiu, located in Belvedere Yinxian Villa, located in Belvedere Development Zone, Changping, is one of the four major attractions on the “Road to Dongguan”. This place was originally the hermitage of Li Juesi, a hermit in Changping in the late Ming Dynasty, and Yinxian Villa got its name from this.

Li Juesi entered the official career with the title of Jinshi in his early years and was sentenced to death. Later, he angered Long Yan because of his loyal advice and sparing good ministers. The area has a profound influence and is known as the “hermit in the bamboo forest” by the world. Yinxian Villa is also named after this.

Yinxian Villa is a large tourist attraction integrating tourism, vacation and leisure. The layout of Yinxian Villa Scenic Spot is beautiful and elegant, and the scenic spots are integrated. On the bank of the blue waves, on the top of the green mountain, sits the largest statue of Puci Guanyin (29 meters high) carved from 2,000 tons of natural white marble. The magnificent and popular Yinxian Temple welcomes believers from all over the world with daily morning bells and evening drums to offer incense and worship Buddha. The more representative Wancuiju (i.e. Li Juesi Memorial Hall) reproduces this wise minister in the late Ming Dynasty to people. life trajectory. The dotted cultural landscapes such as the Maitreya Buddha, the Qing Palace, the Moon Flower Spring, the One-Legged Heavenly Toad, the Buddhist Incense Pagoda, and the Immortal Bed all reflect the connotation of the traditional culture of Confucianism, Buddhism, and Taoism in my country.

Tickets: Daytime: 30 yuan/person Night: 15 yuan/person (after 18:00)

Address: No. 8, Yinxian Villa Avenue, Licheng, Changping Town, Dongguan City

iron spring

The happy world in the hot spring

When many people hear about Longmen Iron Spring, they think of soaking in hot springs in the golden soup. But they don’t know that Iron Spring is also equipped with a “warm and cold water happy world” covering an area of ​​80,000 square meters. It uses the rich and high-quality hot spring water resources of Iron Spring to Mountain spring water resources create water entertainment projects suitable for all seasons.

Highlights of playing in the water: Known as the “water roller coaster”, the hot and cold water of Tiequan spirals into the sky, falling instantly from a 13.8-meter-high platform, and rapidly descending at a speed of 13 meters per second. Sitting on the unique The two-person float suddenly jumped to the top of the large skateboard, and slid down for the second time at a 90-degree angle. They instantly experienced the “separation of heart and body” experience, twisting and turning, ups and downs on the 150-meter-long slide. Leap Benz.

The iron spring hot and cold water super loudspeaker is like a giant beast. It adopts a powerful swallowing design and is equipped with a unique four-leaf clover-shaped floating ring. It can carry 4 people. From a platform with a height of 15 meters, the slide is 108 meters long. The tornado with a diameter of 18.5 meters in diameter is spinning and sliding down, causing exclamations and screams. The five-star heartbeat coefficient is an ideal place for young people and families.

The Water Country Maze City covers a total area of ​​about 20,000 square meters, with elementary, intermediate and high-end baths interlocking with each other. The outstanding features include island rafting, ice water surfing, ice cave, recreational ship (Arctic Ocean), ice spring, ** * Houses, water parks, etc. The water comes from the famous Paradise Mountain Reservoir. The water quality is clear and contains a variety of minerals and trace elements. There is also a large-scale hot spring surfing in the Water Country Lost City, with a wave height of 1.2 meters. The surging hot spring water cleanses the body and mind and is more exciting than the waves.

Opening hours: Water Fun World is open all year round

Tips: Please pay attention to sun protection when playing in the water outdoors.

Transportation guide: Starting from Huizhou, you can take the Huihe Expressway, take the Taimei exit toward Longmen County, pass Pingling to Longmen, and after arriving at Longmen County, walk 10 kilometers toward Xinfeng and see the advertising sign on the left. Go straight for 2 kilometers.

songshan lake

Songshan Lake is located in the geometric center of Dongguan City, in the Songshan Lake Science and Technology Industrial Park where “science and technology share the same color as the landscape”. Songshan Lake has a beautiful natural environment and its charming scenery when the rain comes out in the early morning is famous for its “misty rain”. 150,000 flowers of various styles, including peach blossoms and plum blossoms, are planted along the lakeshore and coastal islands, providing beautiful scenery in all seasons. What’s even more special is the Songhu Yanyu Firefly Garden, where you can get up close to fireflies and feel the romance and fantasy intertwined. There is a pillar in the area that looks like a giant pen. It is said that Lai Buyi, a famous Feng Shui expert in the Ming Dynasty, followed the dragon veins here and saw a mountain like a golden hairpin, which looked like the relics of the seven fairies. Lai Buyi did not dare to reveal the secret, so he inserted the brush in his hand with the copper sleeve on the ground, which meant the treasured place of the No. 1 Scholar. The locals called this pillar “the No. 1 Scholar’s Brush”.

Dongguan, located in the southeast of Guangzhou and on the east bank of the Pearl River Estuary, is an important birthplace of Lingnan civilization. It is an international garden city, a national forest city and a famous historical and cultural city in Guangdong. There are many places of interest in Dongguan. Which scenic spot is more interesting?

Yuehui Garden is a large private garden and a representative work of Lingnan gardens. Yuehui Garden integrates traditional art and modern aesthetic taste. There are 108 garden attractions in the park, such as pavilions, pavilions, waterside pavilions, winding corridors, stone bridges, and rockeries. The waterways in the garden connect various attractions in the garden. The water moves with the garden, and the garden is alive with water. The park is full of cultural atmosphere. Personally, I think Yuehui Garden is a more interesting scenic spot in Dongguan and a must-see when traveling to Dongguan.

Weiyuan Fort is one of the ancient battlefield sites of the Japanese War, and is also one of the most complete and largest ancient forts preserved in China. The fort is majestic and spectacular, with a row of fort holes facing the sea. I personally feel that it has a strong sense of history and is particularly spectacular.

Yinxian Villa is located in Changping Town, Dongguan City. It was named after the wise minister Li Juesi lived in seclusion here in the late Ming Dynasty. The layout of the scenic spot is not only beautiful and elegant, but also has beautiful mountains and rivers and pleasant scenery. In particular, the tennis courts, lakeside villas, snow paradise, children’s paradise and other modern recreational facilities along the lake, as well as the Yinxian Lake water park, all allow us to appreciate the romantic atmosphere of modern life amid the scenery of lakes and mountains. In short, Yinxian Villa is a large tourist attraction integrating tourism, vacation and leisure, and it is also a relatively interesting scenic spot in Dongguan.

Some of the more interesting scenic spots in Dongguan include: Dongguan Keyuan, Dongguan Humen Bridge, Shuilian Mountain Forest Park, Dalingshan Forest Park, Palm Valley Water City, Dongguan Guanyin Mountain Forest Park, etc. I think these are the more interesting scenic spots in Dongguan. Friends are welcome to express their opinions in the comment area!

I went to Dongguan for interviews and shooting at the end of June this year. During the 10 days in Dongguan, I visited 10 towns and villages, mainly to see Dongguan’s tourism resources. I found that in addition to some famous scenic spots in Dongguan, such as Keyuan, Humen Fort, Nanshe Ming and Qing Ancient Village, etc., there are actually many places worth visiting, some of which may not even be visited by locals in Dongguan.

There are three places that impressed me deeply. One is Yaxiang Street in Liaobu Town. Dongguan has the “Three Treasures”: Wanxiang, Wancao and Wanyan. Wanxiang is what people often call agarwood and its ancillary products. Yaxiang Street is where Dongguan incense has been sold and sold for hundreds of years. It is an old street. Although it has been renovated, traces of the past can still be seen on the street. So, go check it out if you have the chance.

The second place is Zhongshan Road Old Street in Shilong Town, Dongguan. This is an old street with a history of hundreds of years. The buildings along the street are all arcades. It is also the place with the best preserved arcade buildings in Guangdong, and the scale is also larger. On this street, people still retain the lifestyle of front shop and backyard. They open shops on the first floor and live in the back. The people are very simple. There are some handicrafts on the old street that are about to be lost, such as Xinchang drums and handmade bamboo strips. Carpenter. These handicrafts are almost invisible in the city.

The third one is Jinglian Ancient Village. It is a small mountain village with a history of 800 years in Qiaotou Town, Dongguan. It has not been developed yet and retains the original mountain village life. Jinglian Ancient Village is also an ancient village that I saw in an almost primitive state in Dongguan, the world’s factory. The scenery is also very beautiful. There is no admission fee to visit the ancient village. It is worth a visit.

Of course, those who are interested in ancestral halls can also visit the towns in Dongguan. Almost every town has one or two ancestral halls. Each ancestral hall is a piece of history of the formation of a township. When you go to the ancestral hall, be sure to talk to the old people who guard the ancestral hall. They will tell you many stories about the ancestral hall.

Finally, I wish my friends a fruitful trip to Dongguan.

Let me recommend three more distinctive ones to you! 1. There are many strange rocks in Yuehui Garden. It is a film and television base. The garden is relatively large and there are not too many people. Apart from the inconvenience of taking the bus, it is definitely good to drive by yourself.

There are 12 archways inside, which can be seen in many movies and TV series. You can also feed fish inside, there are many corridors, and you are not afraid of the bright sun. It is suitable for family outings. You can drive to eat and enter the park for free without parking fees. The garden environment with Lingnan characteristics is quite good.

Although it is a modern imitation, it has an ancient charm and is similar to Keyuan. The environment is beautiful, very quiet, not many people, better than ordinary parks. There are quite a lot of attractions inside, and they are all interesting. The area is much larger than Keyuan, but you can visit it in less than a morning.

2. Keyuan is a typical Lingnan garden based on the historical and cultural attractions of Dongguan. It was one of the four famous gardens in Guangdong during the Qing Dynasty. The combination of mountains and rivers is very good, so it is suitable to visit when there is sunshine in the afternoon. It feels very good to have the shade of trees and not be afraid of the sun and heat.

Tickets are required to visit the old building (ancient building). Now the area has been expanded and a new building has been opened to introduce Lingnan gardens. Visiting the new building is free. The elegant environment can preserve a piece of pure land in the hustle and bustle of the city, giving tired people a peaceful place!

3. Dalingshan Forest Park is full of the charm of original ecology. The plant landscape is rich in mountains, lush and harmonious in vegetation, and the original secondary forest has the advantages of diverse landscapes, rich species, clear layers, complex structures, and strong ecological functions.

The air is fresh and comfortable to breathe, and the stone steps are well designed, so going up the mountain is not particularly strenuous. The scenery along the way is particularly beautiful, with mountains and rivers flowing down along the creek, and the water is clear. People who have never been there before will definitely say it’s a good place to play. There are also the most famous lychee firewood roasted goose and roasted chicken for sale, which are delicious and you will definitely like it.

1. Songshan Lake, Songshan Lake Park has beautiful scenery, complete facilities, green mountains, green waters, and green grass. You can enjoy a healthy hike, or walk and cycle, and enjoy the leisure and wild fun.

2 Keyuan is an enviable blessed land on earth, boasting the fairy palace in the sky. It is one of the four famous gardens in Guangdong and a representative work of Lingnan gardens.

3. Humen Bridge is known as one of the largest bridges in the world. It is world-famous for its difficult bridge-building technology.

4. Xiabeifang, a famous historical and cultural village in the province, is a living block integrating creativity, leisure, design and art.

5. Guanyin Mountain, National Forest Park, scenic spots include Ciyun Pavilion, International Convention and Exhibition Center, Guanyin Square, Thanksgiving Lake, 36-level waterfall, etc.

7. The *** War Museum, which is an exhibition hall of war cultural relics and historical materials, is a base for patriotism education.

8. The Naval War Museum is a thematic museum that combines historical sites and is also one of the three major anti-drug education bases.

In fact, in addition to the above, there are also Longfeng Villa, Shajiao Fort, Yinxian Villa, etc. and some other mountains…

*** War Museum

*** War Museum

*** War Museum (Lin Zexu Memorial Hall) is located in Humen Town, Dongguan City. It is a thematic museum that collects, protects, displays, and studies Lin Zexu’s anti-smoking and *** war cultural relics and historical materials. It is a national 4A tourist attraction and one of one hundred nationwide. One of the patriotic education demonstration bases.

The exhibition hall is full of pictures and texts, and the content is vivid and rich. A large ring-shaped three-dimensional giant painting on the front of the second floor reproduces the scene of the Humen Naval Battle of the Japanese War. The giant painting combines reality and reality, and uses modern electronic, sound, light, shadow and other technological devices to put people in the Anti-Japanese War 150 years ago. In the British battle formation. The museum also has anti-drug exhibitions and temporary exhibitions on modern calligraphy and painting art, ethnic customs, natural science and technology, etc.

Guanyin Mountain Forest Park

Guanyin Mountain Forest Park

Guanyin Mountain Forest Park is located in Shixin Community, Zhangmutou Town, 1.5 kilometers away from the town center, with a total area of ​​18 square kilometers. It is a natural scenic spot integrating ecological sightseeing and religious and cultural tourism. Guanyin Mountain, formerly known as Guanyin Mountain, is one of the mountains in the southeastern Pingzhang area of ​​Zhangmutou.

There are many peaks in the Guanyin Mountain Park. More than ten main peaks are surrounded by each other and compete with each other. The scenery is shrouded in clouds and mist all year round and the scenery is unpredictable. The magical creation of nature has added countless natural landscapes to Guanyin Mountain. The more spectacular ones are the Xianquan Waterfall with a drop of 380 meters and 36 meandering rocks, the “Foyuan Road” with 3999 levels of winding paths, and Songtao’s “Forest Bath” .

Dongguan Laughter World

Dongguan Laughter World

***, screaming, fashion, laughter… It is known as the most unique indoor and outdoor amusement center in South China – Laughter World Amusement Center. Three kinds of large-scale foreign advanced entertainment equipment with stunning appearance and dozens of fresh and interesting competitive games are on the scene. In the entertainment center of tens of thousands of square meters, the essence of today’s large-scale entertainment equipment is gathered, including roller coasters, surfing and jumping machines. The huge and advanced machinery group comes from the United States, the Netherlands, Italy and other major entertainment equipment countries. There are many thrilling entertainment projects that make people “scream and scream”, as well as small and medium-sized entertainment projects suitable for all ages. .

songshan lake

songshan lake

Songshan Lake Scenic Area has a planned control area of ​​72 square kilometers, with 8 square kilometers of freshwater lake and 14 square kilometers of ecological green space. It maintains a intact original ecological green space full of Lingnan flavor, with a green coverage rate of more than 60%. Songshan Lake, with a water surface of 8 square kilometers, is surrounded by peaks and mountains, and the lake surface is vast. It has developed three major tourism products: “ecological tourism”, “industrial tourism” and “technical tourism”, including Songhu Misty Rain, Songhu Flower Sea, Zhuangyuanbi Park, Yuehe Lake Park, Dream Flower Valley, Taoyuan Park and other major attractions. It is a national AAAA-level tourist attraction integrating sightseeing, leisure, vacation, fitness and entertainment.



Keyuan Garden is located in Boxia Village, Guancheng, Dongguan City, a national key cultural relics protection unit. It is one of the four famous gardens in Guangdong in the Qing Dynasty (Key Garden, Shunde Qinghui Garden, Panyu Yuyin Shanfang, Foshan Liang Garden). It is a classical private garden building in Lingnan. It was built in the 30th year of Daoguang reign of the Qing Dynasty (1850 AD). The founder was Zhang Jingxiu, a native of Boxia, Dongguan, served as an official to Jiangxi Province as an inspector.

Huayang Lake Wetland Park

Huayang Lake Wetland Park

Huayang Lake Wetland Park is located in Huayang Village, Mayong Town, northwest of Dongguan City. It is connected to the Guangzhou Economic and Technological Development Zone by a bridge and covers an area of ​​2 square kilometers. Based on the design concept of “Wandering dragons in brocade, clouds dancing in Zexiang”, scenic spots such as Zexiang Flower Fields, Bajiao Villas, and Lakeside Tower Shadows are planned and constructed. The entire wetland park integrates leisure tourism, farming experience, popular science culture, and urban ecological functions. Integrated into one, it has strong Lingnan water town characteristics. Huayang Lake Wetland Park hosted the Chinese Dragon Boat Race Finals in November 2013, making Mayong famous in the Pearl River Delta and even across the country.

Nanshe Village and Tangwei Village Ancient Buildings

Nanshe Village and Tangwei Village Ancient Buildings

The ancient building complexes of Nanshe Village and Tangwei Village are located in Dongguan City, Guangdong Province. Nanshe Village in Chashan Town in the east of the city was built in the early Southern Song Dynasty. It is a famous ancient village in the Pearl River Delta with a history of 800 years. Most of the villagers’ ancestors are descendants of the Xie family in Shaoxing, Zhejiang. The village houses, ancestral halls, gatehouses, ancient lanes, ancient wells, ancient tombs, etc. built in the Ming and Qing Dynasties are integrated into one. Drainage channels are provided under the stone slabs of the roadway. Most of the hundreds of residential houses are in the “three rooms and two corridors” style unique to the Pearl River Delta, covering an area of ​​tens to nearly a hundred square meters. Most of the houses have stone wall foundations, green brick walls, and door frames wrapped with red sandstone.

The hometown of Sun Yat-sen’s ancestors

The hometown of Sun Yat-sen’s ancestors

Shangsha Village, the former residence of Dr. Sun Yat-sen, was called Changsha in ancient times, also known as Shaxi. Our ancestors named it this way because they lived in Changsha near the sea.

Sun’s Ancestral Hall is located in the Sun’s Ancestral Hall in Sha Village, Chang’an Town. It was built in the middle of the Ming Dynasty. In the early years of Tongzhi in the Qing Dynasty, the Zuobutou clan in Xiangshan (Zhongshan City) sponsored the addition of the ancestral hall, which made the ancestral hall look majestic. It is spectacular and shaped like a crotch. It was given as a couplet on the day of the completion of the ancestral hall, describing the origin of the Sun family’s lineage in a concise and concise way, so as to teach future generations not to forget the kindness of their ancestors.

Guangdong Modern International Exhibition Center

Guangdong Modern International Exhibition Center

Guangdong Modern International Exhibition Center is located in Dongguan City, the center of the Pearl River Delta urban agglomeration. It covers an area of ​​330,000 square meters. The first phase of the exhibition hall is 74,000 square meters, and can provide 2,615 international standard booths. The outdoor exhibition area covers an area of ​​90,000 square meters, making it one of the largest single exhibition halls in Asia.

Yin Ping Zui

Yin Ping Zui

Yinpingzui, one of the peaks in Dongguan, is located at the junction of Qingxi Town and Huizhou. It is known as the “Little Jiuzhaigou”. The main peak of Yinpingzui Mountain is 898 meters tall. It is named because it looks like a silver bottle from a distance and the top of the mountain is like a mouth. According to legend, Guanyin Bodhisattva traveled to the south and was attracted by the beautiful scenery in front of Yinping Mountain. He stopped unknowingly and left the lotus seat and the vase here when he was nostalgic, which turned into the current Lotus Seat Mountain and Yinpingzui.

As of December 31, 2017, there were 19 A-level tourist attractions in Dongguan, including 15 4A-level scenic spots and 6 3A-level scenic spots.

1. 4A-level scenic spots – *** War Memorial Hall, Songshan Lake, Guanyin Mountain National Forest Park, Science and Technology Museum, Longfeng Villa Film and Television Tourist Area, Yuehui Garden, Xiangshi Zoo, Guangdong Dongjiang Column Memorial Hall, Yiyi Art House Museum , Dongguan Exhibition Hall, Yinpingshan Forest Park, Nanshe Village and Tangwei Village Ancient Building Groups, Keyuan Museum, Xiangshi Cultural Tourism Zone, Yinxian Villa.

2. 3A-level scenic spots – Guanhe Museum, China Sacred Heart Pastry Museum, Aesthetic Ceramics Museum, Senhui Natural Museum, Xianxi Fudi Ougong Cultural Scenic Area, Daoxiang Food Culture Tourism Area.

3. Other scenic spots – Humen Fort, Jin’aozhou Tower, Cuntou Village ruins, Shaojian Temple, Yingluo Temple, Dongyuan Temple, Wanjie Temple, Baoqing’s School, the former site of Dingyangtai, the former site of Shanshanyingying, Shetou Bay Fort, Zhenyuan Fort, Shajiao Fort Gate Tower, Shajiao Coastal Platform, Shajiao Lingao Platform, Shajiao Yingxun Gate, Shajiao Fishing Platform, Shajiaolunshan Fort, Shajiaoqishan Fort, Guangdong Navy Admiral’s Office Wall, Hengli Cultural Square, Huangjiang People’s Park, Thanksgiving Lake, Yanling Cliff Carvings, Guanyin Mountain Ancient Tree Museum, Humen Square, Qingxi Forest Park, Tangxia Tourist Park, Changping Railway Park, Lianhua Mountain, Huangqi Mountain, Dongguan Botanical Garden, Damier Forest Park, Naval War Museum, Dongguan Houjie, Dalingshan Forest Park, Dream Baihuazhou, Xiabafang, Shuilian Mountain Butterfly Valley, Fenggangyuan Longshan Park, Huayang Lake Wetland Park, Humen Lin Zexu Memorial Hall, Guangdong Modern International Exhibition Center, Fushengang Park, Furong Temple, Tongsha Reservoir, West Lake Paradise, Tongling Liuhua Pagoda, Mashan Wonderland, Dongyue Temple, Zhangmutou Riverside Park, Baoshan Forest Park, Wusha Bijiashan Park, Jiangjunshan Park, Dongya Lake, Licun Yashan Park, Dongguan People’s Park, Huying Country Park, Jinshawan Park, Humen Opium Exhibition Site, etc.

Keyuan Garden is located in Xiboxia Village, Dongguan City, Guangdong Province. It is a representative work of Lingnan gardens. It was built by Zhang Jingxiu, a native of Dongguan City. It is also one of the four famous gardens in Guangdong in the Qing Dynasty, namely Yuyin Shanfang in Panyu, Liangyuan in Foshan, and Qinghui Garden in Shunde.

Dongguan Xiangshi Zoo is located in Yaole Village, Xiangshi Tourist Area, Liaobu Town. It is a 4A scenic spot. Tickets are 100 yuan, *** 90 yuan for adults and 60 yuan for children. It is not expensive and includes large tickets and performance visits. tickets and 7 large-scale entertainment projects. There are performances by sea lions, monkeys, dolphins and more every day.

Dalingshan Forest Park is widely distributed and spans four towns in Dongguan City, including Dalingshan Town, Houjie Town, Chang’an Town, and Humen Town. There are roads to go up the mountain! The northeast gate belongs to Dalingshan Town, the southeast gate belongs to Chang’an Town, the northwest gate belongs to Houjie Town, and the south gate belongs to Humen Town. The main scenic spots include Guanyin Temple, Maitreya Buddha, Tea Mountain Peak, and Stone Scenic Area.

Monument to the Seven Warriors of the Shajiao Fortress who loved the people and rescued the people. There are stone walls and air-raid shelters on the roadside. The one on the left goes to the military base. There is a small building on the seaside. The August 1st badge is hung on the wall. There are twelve hanging on the wall. The words “Listen to the party’s command to win the war and have excellent work style” are guarded by guardrails on the road and tourists are prohibited from entering. On the left, there is a cannon under a big tree, and there is the Lin Zexu Monument. On the left, there are many small cannons, and a large field. In front of the sea, there is a refreshing sea breeze.

Humen*** War Museum is located at No. 113 Jiefang Road, Humen Town, Dongguan City. You can drive or take a car to the gate. There is a parking lot outside the gate. The transportation is convenient. If you have time to go to Humen, Dongguan, be sure to come and see it and look back* ** The history of war reminds me of the days when the Chinese people were bullied and humiliated. Only when the country is strong can the children of the people live a safe and happy life.

The Humen Naval War Museum, Weiyuan Fort, Humen Bridge, and scenic spots are all connected together. It is also a good place not to miss for leisure.