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1. Video of Panjin Attractions

Weihai Crab Beach Tourist Area is part of the tourist area of ​​Panjin Dingxiang Ecological Tourism Resort (the other two parts are Taiping River Scenic Belt and Bird Paradise). Located at the mouth of the Yangyang River. It focuses on showing the magnificence of the reed marsh and the magic of the crab beach. Some people say that the reed marsh is the largest in the world, and some say it is the largest in Asia. I don’t have an accurate conclusion. You will understand after taking a look. The crab beach is really magical. Whenever the tide goes out, a large number of crabs cover the river beach, which is a spectacular sight. Welcome to come and see this land of plenty in the north and south of the Yangtze River!

2. Pictures of Panjin Scenic Spots

Tianzhuangtai Chongxing Temple In the hinterland of the vast Liaohe River Delta, there is a famous historical and cultural town – Tianzhuangtai Town, which enjoys the reputation of “nine temples in the same town and five religions coexisting”. There is Chongxing Temple in Yaowang Village, Liyang Community, Tianzhuangtai Town. It is a Buddhist temple of unknown origin and rebuilt during the Longqing and Wanli years of the Ming Dynasty. It has a history of at least 450 years and is the earliest Buddhist temple in Panjin.

3. HD video of Panjin attractions

Panjin Heifengguan Ancient Town is located in Xinli Town, Dawa District. It is a 4A-level scenic spot. The scenic spot provides tourists with a high-quality play experience in the form of one island, one town, interconnected blocks, and multiple parks. One island refers to Peacock Island, where dozens of peacocks compete to show off their beauty to tourists. One town refers to the Heifengguan Ancient Town, Tangfeng City Gate projection show, wandering night show, bonfire party, etc. The main attractions include the hotel area, Tianxia Granary Area, Chinatown, Shijing Street, Tangwang Dianjiang Area, rice field sightseeing area, fishing area, etc. In addition to these, there are also different projects in each season, such as skiing and snowboarding in winter, snow bumper cars, carousels, zip lines and other interesting interactive projects.

4. Panjin attractions

1. Red Beach Scenic Area

2. Dingxiang Ecological Tourism Resort

3. Liaohe Green Water Bay

4. Lakeside Park

5. Zhongxing Park

6. Educated Youth Headquarters

7. Xinanyuan Resort

8. Tianzhuangtai Guandi Temple

9. Dongsheng Horticulture Base

10. Liaohe Estuary Weihai Wetland Scenic Area

11. Yuanyanggou Tourist Area

12. Liaohe Stele Forest

13. Tombs of soldiers who died in the Sino-Japanese War of 1894-1898

14. Zhang’s Cemetery

15. Liaohe Cultural Industrial Park

16. Forest Park

17. Sandaogou Fishing House

18. Nongken Rongxing Memorial Hall

19. Clam Hill Tourist Area

20. Raoyang Bay Scenic Area

5. Panjin attractions video collection

1. Red Beach 2. Liaohe Green Water Bay Scenic Area 3. Dawa Xi’an Ecological Tourism Area 4 Lakeside Park

6. Video introduction to Panjin attractions

Panjin Red Beach and Jinbo Beach are the two best places for leisure and entertainment in Panjin. Each of them has its own characteristics and fun places. Panjin Red Beach has beautiful scenery, and the endless Suaeda Samae are like a beautiful red sea. The carpet is as spectacular as the birds fluttering in the reed marshes. Panjin river crabs are famous both at home and abroad. Various sea boats and surf boats take you to ride the wind and waves and appreciate the beauty of nature. Panjin Golden Silk Beach is a combination of seaside vacation, leisure, It is a large-scale seaside resort and bathing beach that integrates multiple functions such as entertainment experience. The sea sand is soft and delicate, the water is clear and blue, and there are various sea cruises, sea entertainment projects, and various delicacies to ensure that you will not miss it.

7. Panjin scenery video

The highest altitude in Panjin is Jicui Peak, which is 18.2 meters above sea level. Jicui Peak is a scenic spot in Panjin Forest Park. The park is located in Xibin Village, Gaosheng Street, Panshan County. The total area is 2443 acres. Most of the trees in the scenic area are local species, including poplar, willow, elm, locust, mulberry, pear, peach, hawthorn, etc., totaling more than 500,000 trees. The scenic area is full of birds, with pleasant natural scenery and a vegetation coverage rate of more than 90%. It is the forest park with the best original ecological protection in Panjin. It is also the only provincial forest park in Panjin and is known as Panjin’s “natural oxygen bar”.

8. Panjin tourist attractions

You can see the color red and the sea from a distance, which is even more beautiful when viewed from a distance. It may seem boring when viewed up close. The beauty seen from a distance is more suitable for taking pictures. There may also be seagulls and other seabirds as well as equipment and facilities on the oil fields. Come here, the key is that you don’t have to spend money from a distance, you don’t have to buy tickets, you don’t have to pay for parking, and you will save a lot of money on accommodation and meals far away. The food is not delicious yet, but if you come to see it, you still have to take a closer look. Yes, this trip is worth it!