Attractions for flower viewing on May 1st in Chengdu – A complete list of flower viewing tourist attractions around Chengdu

Introduction: May Day flower viewing attractions in Chengdu – A comprehensive list of flower viewing tourist attractions around Chengdu 1. A comprehensive list of flower viewing tourist attractions around Chengdu 2. A comprehensive ranking of flower viewing tourist attractions around Chengdu 3. Recommended flower viewing attractions around Chengdu 4. Flower viewing tourist attractions around Chengdu Good places to visit5. Recommendations for the best one-day flower viewing spots near Chengdu6. Recommended flower viewing attractions around Chengdu7. Recommended flower viewing attractions around Chengdu8. Places for flower viewing in Chengdu

1. A complete list of flower viewing tourist attractions around Chengdu

There are many scenic spots suitable for flower viewing in Chengdu in the first half of the year. When the peach blossoms are in bloom in spring, you can go to Longquan Mountain to enjoy the peach blossoms, make a cup of tea, and eat a meal of farm food. You can enjoy the beautiful scenery and delicious food.

Chongqing Road in Chongzhou City is a famous rapeseed planting area in the country. In spring, the rapeseed flowers bloom, and as far as the eye can see, the fields are golden, and the industrious little bees in the flower fields are busy collecting nectar.

There are many kinds of flowers in Shixiang Lake, especially the tulips imported from abroad. They are delicate, fragrant and beautiful, pleasing to the eye and refreshing.

2. Complete ranking of flower viewing tourist attractions around Chengdu

You can go to Shixiang Lake to see tulips, Longquan Peach Blossom Hometown to see peach blossoms, Pengzhou Danjing Mountain to see peonies, Sansheng Flower Township to see plum blossoms and lotus flowers, Xindu Guihu Park to see osmanthus, Xinjin Lihua Stream to see pear blossoms, Qingbaijiang Phoenix Lake to see cherry blossoms, You can see the alpine azalea sea at Xiling Snow Mountain, the rape blossoms on Chongqing Road in Chongzhou, the camellias at Tiantai Mountain in Qionglai, and the 10,000-acre sea of ​​apricot flowers at Qingbaijiang Xinghua Village. In addition to these good places for flower viewing, there are also Flowers on the World, Chengdu Botanical Garden, and Weiran Flower. The most beautiful flower viewing spots in Chengdu are Haihai and Jintang Flower Valley.

3. Recommended flower viewing spots around Chengdu

Weiran Flower Sea is a famous flower sea scenic spot in Chengdu. There are many varieties and forms of flowers planted. It shows visitors a unique sea of ​​flowers 365 days a year. It is the largest flower viewing base in Chengdu and a good place for flower viewing in Sichuan. It has been rated as It is the “most beautiful flower viewing base” in Chengdu and one of the top ten flower viewing tourist destinations in Sichuan Province. In spring, you can enjoy millions of tulips, poppies, roses, peonies, azaleas and other flowers. In summer, from July to August, tens of thousands of square meters of sunflowers bloom as far as the eye can see.

4. Good places to enjoy flowers near Chengdu

It is a good place for leisure walks. Chengdu East Lake Park is an original ecological lake-type park within the third ring road of Chengdu. Located on the edge of the second ring road of Chengdu, East Lake Park has a large lake with beautiful scenery. East Lake Park has 5 major scenic spots, including Xilinfu. It is adjacent to the river and Shahe River in the south, unveiling a wonderful landscape of “the lake and the sky are one color” for the citizens.

The East Lake viewing area also includes an auditory viewing area, a riverside viewing area, a flower beach viewing area, a butterfly viewing area, etc. Among them, the butterfly viewing area will contain 50,000 butterflies of different species from around the world, becoming the iconic landscape of East Lake. It is also a good place to enjoy flowers in Chengdu. There are palm trees, osmanthus, osmanthus, palms, osmanthus, ginkgo, cherry blossoms, wintersweet, silk crabapple, red maple, etc. planted in the park.

5. Recommendations for the best one-day flower viewing spots near Chengdu

Let’s go to Pujiang. Route 1: Ganxi Mingyue Village. The fresh and artistic village is very suitable for taking pictures and you can experience pottery batik. Route 2: Wulong Valley is suitable for this season. It only costs 10 yuan to make a cup of local green tea by the river. You can sit leisurely by the river and listen to songs and cool off. You can also go kayaking, have a water fight, pick up screws and catch small fish and shrimps. , suitable for traveling with children. Route 3: Shixiang Lake, where you can row a boat and see flowers, and the rippling green waves are also very cool. Route 4: The winter jujube picking in Shouan Town has begun, you can experience it. Now is the time when local kiwi fruits are on the market. You can also go to the local market to buy some and take them home.

6. A complete list of flower viewing spots around Chengdu

Around the beginning of spring in February, the flower viewing route in Chengdu is: Zoo (mainly tulips, cherry blossoms, winter jasmine) → Fuhe Photography Park (cherry blossoms, peach blossoms, winter jasmine, daffodils) → New Taurus Park (kale, cherry blossoms, peach blossoms, Magnolia) → Huanhuaxi Park (plum blossoms, camellias, magnolias, cherry blossoms, hyacinths) → Baihuatan Park (spring bonsai, red plums, crabapples, wintersweets, winter jasmine) → Tianfu Furong Garden (cherry blossoms, camellias, azaleas, roses) → Jincheng Lake Park (jasmine, plum blossoms, cherry blossoms)

Before and after the Jingzhe, the flower viewing route: People’s Park (early cherry blossoms, crabapples, magnolias, azaleas, daffodils) → Cultural Park (begonias, magnolias, plum blossoms, cherry blossoms) → Beilin Greenway Lujiatan Demonstration Section (cherry blossoms, azaleas, crabapples) → Chongqing Road, Chongzhou (rapeseed flowers) → Tianfu Flower Valley (begonias, tulips, plum blossoms, cherry blossoms)

Flower viewing routes before and after the Spring Equinox: Botanical Garden (hydrangeas, cherry blossoms, crabapples, azaleas, peach blossoms, yellow agarwood, bellflowers, anemones) → Panda Base (cherry blossoms, plum blossoms, crabapples, magnolias, purple-leafed plums, apricot blossoms, peach blossoms) → Xinhua Park (begonias, tulips, azaleas) → Guixi Ecological Park (plum blossoms, cherry blossoms, peach blossoms, azaleas) → Tanghu Park (begonias) → Airport Flowers (mainly rape flowers) → Shixiang Lake (tulips, azaleas) Rhododendron, crabapple) → Lihua Creek Scenic Area (mainly pear flowers)

7. Recommended flower viewing tourist attractions around Chengdu

You can see plum blossoms in Chengdu Tazishan Park this month and next month, and you can see chrysanthemums in Chengdu People’s Park this month…

Chengdu People’s Park does not require tickets and is open for free. Chengdu People’s Park is located on Shaocheng Road, Ancestral Street, Chengdu, covering an area of ​​112,639 square meters (nearly 169 acres). It has beautiful scenery and convenient transportation. It is the largest in the center of the prosperous urban area and is also the first city in Chengdu to break the wall and become green. An open landscape and historical park that is also green for citizens.

There are plum garden, begonia garden, orchid garden, bonsai garden, large rockery and other attractions in the park. You can go boating on the artificial lake, and there is an antique tea house near the lake. Various exhibitions and performances are often held in the square in the park. The chrysanthemum exhibition and the Heming Old Tea House in the park have long been famous.

8. Places to enjoy flowers in Chengdu

This year’s spring came earlier than usual. In March, Chengdu was already a sea of ​​flowers. In one place, Qilixiang bloomed and covered the entire river, spreading down like a waterfall. It was very beautiful.

This sea of ​​seven-mile incense flowers blooms on the river. From a distance, it looks like it covers the entire ground. The seven-mile incense flowers on both sides are tall and long, hanging down on both sides, like a waterfall. It is very spectacular!

how can I get there:

Take Exit D of the Jincheng Lake Line 5 subway. Just walk a few steps forward and you’ll be there. You can already see a large sea of ​​seven-mile fragrant flowers outside. If you want to see more, go in along the path from the tennis court on the right, and there will be more. The huge Qilixiang Falls!