What are the fun places to visit in Xuzhou at night? Are there any fun places to visit in Xuzhou at night?

Introduction: What are the fun places to see in Xuzhou at night? Are there any fun places to do in Xuzhou at night? 1. Are there any fun places to see in Xuzhou at night? 2. Are there any fun places to see in Xuzhou at night? 3. Are there any fun places to see in Xuzhou at night? One-day tour 4. Xuzhou at night Fun places5. What fun places are there in Xuzhou at night?6. Are there any fun places in Xuzhou at night for couples?7. What fun places are there in Xuzhou, Jiangsu at night8. What are the fun places in Xuzhou at night9. What fun places are there in Xuzhou at night? The place

1. Are there any fun places to visit in Xuzhou at night?


The Dalong Lake light show officially starts at 19:00 every night. Please pay attention to the time change and go according to the opening time of the light show. Due to the large number of light viewers, please pay more attention to safety, wear masks in accordance with the regulations of the scenic area, and obey the scenic area regulations. Arrangements for personnel: Do not make loud noises or run back and forth while watching.

2. Fun places to visit in Xuzhou at night

There are many tourist attractions in Xuzhou. You can visit them carefully in three days. As a person who has worked as a tour guide, I will make a simple travel plan for you. On the first day, you can visit the Huai Pagoda (Huaihai Campaign Martyrs Memorial Hall) in the morning. , the new museum has just been completed and is magnificent. It is a must-visit place in Xu. It is free for individuals with their ID cards. It takes about two hours to complete the visit. You can go to the hotel near the north gate of Huaita at noon, which is very close You can walk there and eat at Xuzhou’s dining centers. In the afternoon, you can visit the Guishan Han Tomb, one of the representative landscapes of Xuzhou’s Han culture. It is characterized by uncanny craftsmanship, but it is far away from the city. It is also a must-see in Xuzhou. On the second day, you can focus on visiting Yunlong Mountain Yunlong Lake Scenic Area, which is the landscape of Xuzhou City and also shows its beautiful south and north. The scenery of Yunlong Lake is comparable to that of West Lake. There are many historical sites on Yunlong Mountain, and It’s worth a visit. After going down the mountain, you can directly visit the Municipal Museum located outside Beishan Gate, which displays gold jade clothing and other cultural relics worth admiring. It is free with your ID card. In the afternoon, you can choose to visit the nearby Hubu Mountain Pedestrian Street, or Go to visit the Horse Theater, which is located on Hubu Mountain. This is where Xiang Yu, the former overlord, built a platform on the mountain to watch horse performances. There is also the Xuzhou Folk Museum nearby. On the third day, you must go to the newly built Han Dynasty Cultural Scenic Spot in Xuzhou City , among which there are the Chu King’s Tombs, which ranked among the top ten archaeological discoveries in 1995, and the Underwater Terracotta Warriors and Horses Museum, etc. It will take at least half a day to visit them carefully. What I recommend to you is also the most worthwhile for foreign tourists to visit Xuzhou. The scenic spots to see are the most convenient ones. Of course, you can also choose them according to your own preferences. I wish you a happy trip.

3. Are there any fun places to visit in Xuzhou at night? One-day tour

After shopping in the city center, take a look (or take the bus) along Pengcheng Road to Ma Shi Street. During the day, you can watch the Wenbaozhai Zisha factory making purple clay pots (Xuzhou Zisha) in the middle of the road. At night, take a walk to see the bright neon lights of ancient buildings. There are also attractions such as the horse stage, folk museum, ancient houses and so on. ; It will be more convenient after the subway is built. You can take the Hubushan Station at the door to travel around. It is only one stop away from Pengcheng Plaza, making commuting convenient.

4. Fun places to visit in Xuzhou at night

Xuzhou now has beautiful night views in many places. Binhu Park, Xiaonan Lake, Yunlong Park and the Concert Hall near Yunlong Lake are all very beautiful at night. The night view of Jinlong Lake is also very beautiful, and the Yellow River along the Heping Bridge is also very beautiful. The night view of Xianhong Island is also good. These are relatively quiet scenic spots.

There are also many commercial districts with beautiful night views. Gupeng Square in the city center sometimes has fountains at night, which is very beautiful, and the Hubu Mountain Pedestrian Street is also very good. .

I had nothing to do in the evening and walked around Xuzhou, and found that many places are very beautiful. . .

5. What is there to do in Xuzhou at night?

Pengcheng Plaza!

When I was in Xuzhou before, I would go there to have a lot of fun at night!

Yunlong Lake is also good, as is Xiaonan Lake.

A quiet place, Yunlong Mountain is nice.

6. Are there any fun places for couples to visit in Xuzhou at night?

Date location No.1: Yunlong Lake

  Yunlong Lake scenic spot is decorated with jade and pearl couplets, and the scenery is picturesque. The East Lake tourist area is mainly about water sports and sightseeing, the West Lake tourist area is mainly about recuperation and vacation, and Hunan is mainly about entertainment and hotels. There are 18 sceneries facing each other, each with its own merits. Yunlong Lake is a sister lake to Hangzhou West Lake, but it covers a larger area than West Lake and the lake is wider. Walking there feels very romantic. The lakeshore has no beginning or end and represents eternal love.

  Date location No.2: Yunlong Mountain

  Yunlong Mountain in Xuzhou is a good place for couples to go on a date. There is a ropeway that can go up the mountain. There is a Tongxin Terrace on the mountain that is loved by couples. Many couples go there, hoping to be together forever with their beloved. In addition, the scenery of Yunlong Mountain is also very beautiful. Couples taking photos there will feel very happy after that. The mountains and water are beautiful, the people are beautiful, and the mood is great!

  ���Meeting location No.3: Xiaonan Lake

  There is a pond, two islands, three pavilions and five gardens in the Xiaonan Lake Scenic Area. When you come to Xiaonan Lake, the first thing that attracts you is of course a pool of clear water. It is quiet and soft, with the gentleness and beauty of Jiangnan Xiaojiabiyu everywhere. The most beautiful time is at dusk. Under the setting sun, her cheeks sometimes glow with a charming flush, sometimes like a transparent jade. Walking here hand in hand, a few leisurely cruise ships sailed under the bridge, looking at the dark mountains in the distance… This is probably the so-called “fairy couple”!

  Date location No.4: Along the Yellow River

  Along the Yellow River, 11 exquisite sculptures in 8 places will appear in front of you one by one. From the “Ancient Yellow River” stele to the group sculpture “Soldier Soul”, to the Bian-Si intersection stele, the forbidden stele, the Zhang Liang tomb stele, to the ground sculptures, cultural wall reliefs, and then to Baibuhong Square. Between the flower stands and the corridor, iron bulls, bronze bulls and other sculptures look at each other from a distance. Young men and women wandering among the flowers on the embankment linger and enjoy the charming scenery of the old course of the Yellow River.

  Date location No. 5: Mount Tobe

  The current Hubu Mountain facade beautification, street greening, lighting and street purification have become a new highlight of Xuzhou’s economic prosperity, the intersection of historical and cultural heritage and modern civilization in commercial development, and the beginning of a comprehensive tourism service area. Specific scale. It is truly the “prosperous place through the ages, the city that never sleeps in Xuzhou”. Every alley here has rich cultural heritage, and every house tells ancient stories. It is a very comfortable and romantic thing to take your loved one here to experience the long history and the tranquility of the years.

7. What fun places are there in Xuzhou, Jiangsu at night?

According to the information disclosed on the Internet, the top ten cities that never sleep in Jiangsu are: Nanjing Confucius Temple Qinhuai Scenic Area, Suzhou Zhouzhuang Ancient Town, Yangzhou Slender West Lake, Nantong Haohe River, Huaianli Canal Cultural Corridor, Wuxi Taihu Lake Scenic Area, Suzhou City Network Teacher’s Garden, Nanjing Ming City Wall, Xuzhou TV Tower, Taizhou Old Street, the night scenery of the above cities is indeed beautiful, and it makes people feel relaxed and happy!

8. What are the places to play in Xuzhou at night?

First, Xuzhou is second in the north. In Xuzhou city, there are some scenic spots such as the Chu King’s Tomb, Yunlong Lake, Hanwang Ancient Town, Caribbean, etc. Then there are Huangzang Valley and Tianmen Temple outside Xuzhou City, both of which are quite good. Finally, I suggest you have an authentic Xuzhou barbecue and drink draft beer in the evening. After so many years outside, I still feel that Xuzhou barbecue is the best!

9. Where is the fun place in Xuzhou at night?

The most crowded place is Yunlong Lake in Xuzhou.

Walk around the lake, enjoy the scenery, run