The most detailed guide for free travel in Guilin (a must-have guide for Guilin travel)

Guilin is a tourist city in China with magnificent landscapes and long history and culture. Free travel is a free and easy way to travel, providing tourists with more freedom and flexibility. If you are planning a free trip to Guilin, the following guide will provide you with the necessary information and suggestions to make your trip more enjoyable and smooth.

1. Airport Guilin Liangjiang International Airport is the main airport in Guilin, about 28 kilometers away from the city center. There are airport buses and taxis available in the city. The airport bus fare is about 20 yuan per person, and the taxi fare is about 60 yuan.

2. Railway Station Guilin Station and Guilin North Railway Station are the two main railway stations in Guilin, about 4-5 kilometers away from the city center. There are buses, taxis and subways to choose from in the city. Subway Line 2 can go directly to Guilin Station.

3. Long-distance bus stations There are two long-distance bus stations in Guilin urban area, namely Guilin Passenger Transport Center and Guilin South Bus Station. There are buses and taxis available in the city.

There are many hotels and guesthouses in Guilin for tourists to choose from. Among them, the area around the Two Rivers and Four Lakes Scenic Area located in the city center is an area where tourists gather, and there are many hotels and inns nearby. Yangshuo County is also a popular place for tourists, and there are many unique hotels and inns there.

1. Two Rivers and Four Lakes Two Rivers and Four Lakes are scenic spots in the urban area of ​​Guilin. They are composed of the Li River, the Gui River and four connected lakes. Visitors can choose to take a cruise to enjoy Guilin’s unique landscape scenery.

2. Xiangshan Park Xiangshan Park is a mountain park in Guilin. It is a good place for tourists to relax and enjoy the beautiful scenery of Guilin.

3. Qixing Park Qixing Park is a mountain park in Guilin, and it is also the place to watch the night view of Guilin.

4. Lijiang Scenic Area Lijiang Scenic Area is a tourist attraction in Guilin. Visitors can choose to take a bamboo raft or boat tour to enjoy the beautiful scenery of Guilin.

5. Longji Rice Terraces Longji Rice Terraces is an attraction around Guilin, where visitors can enjoy the magnificent terraced scenery.

Guilin’s delicacies are represented by rice noodles and snail noodles. These two special snacks are Guilin’s traditional delicacies. There are many other delicacies in Guilin, such as Guilin rice noodles, Guilin crispy pork, Guilin sour bamboo shoots, etc.

There are many specialties of Guilin, such as lychee, grapefruit, white fungus, Guilin sweet-scented osmanthus cake, etc. Guilin also has many handicrafts, such as lacquerware, bamboo weaving, ceramics, etc.

6. Precautions

1. Guilin has a humid climate, with hot and humid summers and cold and humid winters. Visitors should choose appropriate clothing according to local weather conditions.

2. When traveling in Guilin, you should pay attention to the safety of personal belongings and do not carry too much cash and valuables in crowded places.

3. When traveling in Guilin, you should respect local customs and cultural traditions, and do not behave impolitely.

The above is a detailed introduction to Guilin’s free travel guide. I hope it will be helpful to your travels.