Are there any interesting scenic spots in Changsha, Hunan? Which scenic spots in Changsha are interesting?

Introduction: Are there any interesting scenic spots in Changsha, Hunan? Which scenic spots in Changsha are interesting? 1. Which scenic spots in Changsha are interesting? 2. What scenic spots are interesting in Changsha? 3. What scenic spots are interesting in Changsha? 4. Which scenic spots in Changsha are interesting for a day trip? 5. Which scenic spots in Changsha are interesting? Have fun 6. The most fun places in Changsha urban scenic spots 7. Which scenic spots in Changsha are fun 8. The most fun scenic spots in Changsha 9. Which Changsha scenic spots are the most fun 10. Which Changsha tourist attractions are fun 11. Which Changsha scenic spots are fun and cheap

1. Which scenic spots in Changsha are fun?

Ziquejie, Meishan Dragon Palace, Daxiong Mountain National Forest Park, Zhangjiajie Grand Canyon, Nanyue Hengshan, and Tianmen Mountain National Forest Park. Worth visiting are:

purple magpie world

Attraction introduction: Ziquejie Rice Terraces is located in the western mountainous area of ​​Xinhua County, Loudi City, Hunan Province, China. It is a world irrigation engineering heritage. The terraced fields around her reach more than 80,000 acres, and the core scenic area covers more than 20,000 acres. It is in the process of applying for Guinness records.

2. What are the interesting scenic spots in Changsha?

1. Tianxin Pavilion Tianxin Pavilion is one of the “Eight Scenes of New Xiaoxiang”, a national AAAA tourist attraction, and one of the eight famous historical and cultural buildings in China. Tianxin Pavilion Scenic Area is named after Tianxin Pavilion. Tianxin Pavilion and the ancient city wall of Changsha are the main attractions. Together with Chonglie Pavilion and Chonglie Gate commemorating the fallen soldiers of the Anti-Japanese War, the relief sculpture of “Soul of the Taiping Army”, and the Stone Carving Gallery of Historical Celebrities, it forms the core landscape of the scenic spot. .

2. Kaifu Temple In Fengzui, the intersection of Xinhe River and Xiangjiang River in the north of Changsha City, there is a majestic and imposing thousand-year-old temple. This is Kaifu Temple, a famous temple in Sanxiang. Kaifu Temple is one of the key open temples of Chinese Buddhism and a famous temple of the Yangqi sect of the Linji Sect of Zen Buddhism. It was first built in the Five Dynasties period and has a history of more than 1,000 years. At that time, Ma and Yin separated Hunan and established the Chu State, which was known as “Ma Chu” in history. The Ma family made Changsha its capital, built a palace in the north of the city, and built Huichun Garden as a place of refuge.

3. Jia Yi’s former residence in Changsha. Jia Yi’s former residence in Changsha is known as the source of Huxiang culture. Changsha’s Jia Taifu’s thoughts gave birth to the thoughts of Zeng Guofan Wang Fuzhi Zuo Zongtang and Mao Zedong. It is the “oldest monument” in Changsha, a famous historical and cultural city, and the “hometown of Qu Jia”. “Iconic cultural heritage. Since the Western Han Dynasty, it has become a must-visit place for celebrities arriving and passing through Changsha. Its long history and rich cultural connotation are the highest in Changsha.

4. Changsha Catholic Church Changsha Catholic Church is located in Xiangchun Lane, Kaifu District, Changsha City, Hunan Province. This is the oldest modern church building in the province. This church was built in 1901. It is a European imitation Gothic building and was built by Italian missionary Ong Deming. The Catholic Church became the Archbishop’s Cathedral of Hunan in 1946, and 18 Chinese and foreign missionaries once preached here. It is still the cathedral of the Catholic Diocese of Hunan. It is a symbol of the entry of European religious culture into Hunan in the early 20th century, so it enjoys a high reputation at home and abroad.

3. What scenic spots are interesting in Changsha?

Recommended top ten tourist attractions in Hunan

1. Zhangjiajie

2. Shennong Valley

3. Phoenix Ancient City

4. Nanyue Hengshan

5. Yueyang Tower

6. Dongting Lake

7. Mangshan

8. Dongjiang Lake

9. Shaoshan

10. Mausoleum of Emperor Yan

4. Which scenic spot in Changsha is a fun one-day trip?

1. Overall, it was okay. The dolphin show was still very good. I went there on November and there were so many people.

2. The Underwater World is in Changsha City. It can be reached by taking bus No. 132 and No. 501. The transportation is relatively convenient. The tickets here are quite expensive, costing 130 yuan. This Underwater World is not very big, but when you get here There are still quite a lot of friends coming to play. The undersea tunnel stop was quite good. There were sea lion and seal performances in the museum. The only drawback was that there were relatively few types of fish. It is recommended that you plan your route inside the museum in advance, otherwise you may miss the performance time. In addition, the Underwater World is right next to the Window of the World and can be placed on the same day’s schedule.

3. It is best to go with children, as it can stimulate their interest in natural sciences and learn a lot of useful things. The park is not big, but it is very rich. It is a common place for local schools in Changsha to visit during autumn outings. There is also a dolphin show in the afternoon.

4. It consists of an aquarium, a polar animal museum, a science and education center, a water park, and a children’s park. It is very good.

5. It is still a very good place. There is a water park inside with a lot of things to play. The underwater world is very beautiful with colorful lights and various fish. There are also performances to watch, which are worth going to see.

6. It took me about five or six hours to read the whole thing. This is purely for sightseeing and there are no other projects. Suitable for people with children to play, they are all fish. You should check the route and performance time arrangements in advance. Set out in the morning and you can finish the whole show before noon. You just need to visit once and take photos.

  7. Hunan’s largest marine zoo has all kinds of fish and is worth a visit. Tickets are a bit expensive.

  8. This is a must-see place in Changsha. I went there for a day last time and it was very beautiful. There were many fish that I had never seen before, and there were also performances.

  9. This is really not fun. What’s even weirder is that the ticket is a one-time ticket. You can’t go in after coming out of the aquarium, so you can only choose to play the rides outside.

5. Which scenic spot in Changsha is more fun?

1. Orange Island

Orange Island has been a well-known tourist attraction since ancient times. It is also a place where Changsha citizens play on weekdays. Orange Island is a long and slender island in the center of the Xiangjiang River. However, the area is still quite large. Ordinary people can spend a day exploring it. It’s impossible.

The most famous thing on the island is the statue of Chairman Mao when he was young. It is a bit like a small town. There are restaurants, bars, and natural swimming pools on the island. There is also a square next to it, and there are festivals every Saturday and Sunday. Fireworks show.

If you feel tired during the tour, you can take the sightseeing bus in the scenic spot for 20 yuan 5 times, which will save a lot of energy. It is recommended that you join a group, which is very cost-effective and more interesting than traveling by yourself. You can also experience the Xiangjiang River Cruise.

2. Taiping Street

Taiping Street is a well-known food street in Changsha. When visiting here, you must eat and shop. Here you can not only eat Changsha’s specialties, such as Changsha stinky tofu and sugar oil rake, but also learn about many ancient buildings. , there are ancient buildings such as Jia Yi’s former residence, Changhuai Well, Mingji Fan Prince’s Mansion, etc. It is especially recommended that you stay in Taiping Street. There are many hotels in the small alleys on both sides of the street for you to choose from.

3. Changsha Ferris Wheel

The Changsha Ferris Wheel is a well-known attraction in Changsha. Sitting on it, you can overlook the entire city of Changsha. You can clearly see the famous attractions and buildings far and near. The highest point of the Ferris wheel is 120 meters above the ground. It takes 20 minutes to rotate once, and can accommodate 360 ​​people at the same time. people.

Every night, the various computerized lights emitted by the Ferris wheel turn this place into a world of lights, which is particularly spectacular.

4. Yuelu Mountain

Yuelu Mountain is a scenic spot on the west bank of the Xiangjiang River. The scenic area is relatively large. It is recommended that you use a combination of hiking and cableway to visit here. Yuelu Mountain has two gates, the south gate and the east gate. Most of the scenic spots are near the south gate. The general way to play is to enter from the south gate, then start climbing, and finally take the ropeway out of the scenic area from the east gate.

5. Jinggang Ancient Town

Most of the buildings in this ancient town are from the Wanqing period, and there are many exhibition halls inside. The most famous one is the Brothel Cultural Exhibition Hall. The displays here are all based on the layout of the brothels back then. It is very interesting. Minors are not allowed to enter. .

In addition to the historical relics there, there are many places worth visiting, such as blacksmith shops and some exhibition halls of ancient agricultural products. And here you can also eat a variety of delicacies, such as sesame tea, Jinggang dried xiangxiang, sweet wine and eggs, etc.;

6. Hunan University

Hunan University is an open university in Changsha. There are no walls. You can come and go freely here. Behind the school is Yuelu Mountain, and not far away is Yuelu Academy.

There are Dongfanghong Square and old buildings next to the school. You can also eat many local specialties after leaving the school, such as Changsha stinky tofu.

7. Changsha Ecological Zoo

The zoo in Changsha is quite famous, and the animal species in it are also very rich. There are various birds, snakes, turtles, elephants, bears, wolves, lions, tigers, etc. I can’t say enough in one breath. If these animals If you are also interested, then I suggest you check it out.

6. The most interesting places in Changsha urban scenic spots

1. Changsha Ecological Zoo

2. Hunan Songya Lake National Wetland Park

3. Changsha Zhongmao City

4. Changsha Jinxiu Jiangnan Ecological Farm

5. Changsha Shiyan Lake Ecological Tourism Scenic Area

6. Changsha Yang Kaihui Memorial Hall

7. Xu Teli’s former residence

8. Jiudaowan Ecological Farm

9. Xiangfeng Feiyue Organic Tea Base

10. Changshalon Huashan

7. Which scenic spots are interesting in Changsha?

Changsha, also known as “Star City”, is a national historical and cultural city with many interesting historical and cultural attractions. The following highlights the recommended attractions above.

1. Orange Island Scenic Area

Transportation route: Metro Line 2; Juzizhou Station

Orange Island is located in the center of the Xiangjiang River, surrounded by water and stretching for dozens of miles. It is a national key scenic spot. There are historical and cultural exhibition halls, citrus cultural gardens, etc. above, which is a comprehensive scenic spot integrating viewing, leisure and entertainment.

There is a huge statue of young Chairman Mao on Orange Island. In the park, there is the popular inscription “Qinyuanchun·Changsha”. On the white jade stele there is also the calligraphy of our great leader Chairman Mao “Orange Island Head”, etc.; on holiday nights there are also The grand fireworks show is a visual feast that cannot be missed; standing at the head of Orange Island, you can not only enjoy the infinite scenery of the island, but also overlook the riverside landscape on both sides of the Xiangjiang River, the light shows of high-rise buildings, and the accompanying The Yuelu Mountain landscape is definitely worth a visit.

2. Yuelu Mountain Scenic Area

Transportation routes: Take bus 132, 202, 305, etc.; Yuelu Mountain Station

Yuelu Mountain Scenic Area belongs to the last peak of the 72 peaks of Nanyue Hengshan Mountain. The mountain is full of lush trees and ancient and famous trees. It is known as one of the four major maple viewing spots in China.

There are many scenic spots in the entire Yuelu Mountain Scenic Area, including Yuelu Academy, Birdsong Forest, Aiwan Pavilion, Lushan Temple, etc. Walking in the scenic area at night, accompanied by the singing of birds and the fragrance of flowers, and admiring the many cultural landscapes, can completely relax your body and mind. In addition, standing on Yuelu Mountain, you can overlook the blossoming flowers and urban landscape on both sides of the Xiangjiang River in Changsha.

3. Palace of Fire

Transportation route: Take Route 2, Route 138, Route 143, etc., get off at Jia Yi Former Residence Station, and walk about 200 meters;

Fire Palace is known as a famous food city in Changsha. It is said that there are more than 300 kinds of snacks in Sanxiang. Famous throughout the country, Wang Lao’s stinky tofu, flavored shrimp, beef noodles, sugar-oiled cakes, etc. are all delicacies worth trying. This is a paradise for “foodies”, gathering tourists from all over the country who love food. Of course, it is also the place where you encounter celebrities most frequently in “Star City”, and it is also a beautiful scenery.

8. The most interesting scenic spots in Changsha

,yuelu Mountain

Yuelu Mountain is a representative attraction in Changsha. Its landmark buildings are Aiwan Pavilion and Yuelu Academy. The entire park does not charge admission fees and is very friendly. Residents nearby also like to climb the mountain for exercise. Due to its proximity to Hunan University and Central South University, Yuelu Mountain has added an academic atmosphere, and you can often see university club activities on the mountain. The beautiful scenery on the mountain all year round is also very beautiful. It is said that Du Mu’s “Mountain Journey” was written here. If you come in autumn, you can see the garden is full of red maple leaves, and in winter it is covered with silver. , has a unique flavor!

2. Orange Island

Orange Island is a national 5A-level tourist attraction. At the end of the island sits the country’s largest statue of Chairman Mao, which is 32 meters high and 84 meters wide. The most important thing is that the transportation is convenient. There is a stop on the No. 2 subway line in Juzizhou, which can be reached as soon as you exit the subway. There are also sightseeing cars inside. The air is good and the scenery is good. On weekends, I invite a few friends to go for a walk. It is very nice. Comfortable.

3. Window to the world

It is a long-established amusement park in Changsha. You can see many miniature versions of world famous places and historic sites. It is mainly European-style buildings. It is beautiful to take pictures and has many projects. You can enjoy it for a day with a general pass. There are performances in the evening and large carnival parades on holidays. , it can be regarded as one of the favorite paradises among the people of Changsha.

4. Mawangdui Han Tomb

A total of more than 3,000 precious cultural relics were unearthed here. The internationally famous Madam Xin Zhui was also buried here. There are also historical relics such as ceramics and musical instruments, which display the splendid cultural essence of the Han Dynasty and provide us with precious history to understand the history of that time. material. The Han Dynasty Tomb is not very big, but the exhibits are very delicately arranged. It is recommended not to just take a quick look when visiting, but to experience it slowly.

5. Tianxin Pavilion

Tianxin Pavilion is a landmark building in ancient Changsha. Although it has been repaired by later generations, the ancient city wall is still standing. This antique tower has witnessed the historical changes of Changsha. There is also a park next to it where you can visit and experience the people of Changsha. daily life.

6. Taiping Street

Taiping Street is well-preserved. It not only contains historical relics such as Jia Yi’s former residence and the site of the Revolution of 1911, but also has uniformly planned shops. The Republic of China and modernity are well integrated, and there are things to eat and play, and it has a charm!

9. Which attraction is the most fun in Changsha?

1. Yuelu Mountain

5A Scenic Area National Scenic Area

Yuelu Mountain Scenic Area is located in Yuelu District, Changsha City, Hunan Province. It is the last peak of the 72 peaks of Nanyue Hengshan Mountain. It is an urban mountain-type scenic spot and one of the four major maple viewing spots in China. In the golden autumn season, the red leaves in the canyon are all over the mountains, reflecting the sky and the earth. The Aiwan Pavilion behind Yuelu Academy is a famous spot for viewing red leaves at home and abroad. The maple trees here are spread out and are as red as blazing flames. As we all know, the maple leaves in Yuelu Mountain turn red late. Mid-to-late November to mid-December is the best time to appreciate the red leaves in Yuelu Mountain in Changsha. From late November to mid-December, as the weather changes in Yuelu Mountain, the red mountain forests begin to wither. The last touch of red marks the arrival of winter. Yuelu Mountain is suitable for visiting in late autumn and early winter. Huangxing Tomb, Chuanshipo, Chuanshi Lake, Chuanshipo Pavilion and other places are also good places to enjoy maple leaves in December.

10. What are the fun places to visit in Changsha’s tourist attractions?

According to the A-level tourist attractions in Changsha announced on the official website of the Changsha Culture, Tourism, Radio, Film and Television Bureau on September 28, 2021, there are 61 A-level scenic spots, including two 5A-level scenic spots and 24 4A-level scenic spots. The specific list is as follows:

1. 5A level scenic spot

1/, Yuelu Mountain·Juzizhou Tourist Area

2/, Huaminglou Scenic Area

2. 4A level scenic spot

1/, Changsha Window to the World

2/, Changsha Underwater World

3/, Changsha Tianxin Pavilion, etc. 24.

3. 3A level scenic spot

1/Ningxiang Thousand Buddha Cave

2/, Ningxiang Huilongshan Scenic Area, etc. 34.

4. 2A level scenic spots

1/, Liuyang Ancient Wind Cave.

11. Which scenic spot in Changsha is fun and cheap?

1. Yuelu Mountain Yuelu Mountain Scenic Area is one of the first batch of scenic spots to be approved and announced in Hunan Province. Located on both sides of the Xiangjiang River in the ancient city of Changsha, with a total area of ​​36 square kilometers, it consists of four scenic spots: Lushan Mountain, Tianma Mountain, Taohualing, and Shijialing, as well as the former site of Xinmin Society and the two scenic spots of Nanjin City.

Transportation: Take the Lishan Line from the train station to the foot of Yuelu Mountain.

2. Orange Island Head, also known as Orange Island and Shuilu Island, is located in the middle stream of the Xiangjiang River opposite Changsha City. It is one of the many alluvial sandbars in the lower reaches of the Xiangjiang River.

Transportation: Take Route 1 and get under the Dachun Bridge. There is the Changsha First Normal School where Chairman Mao once taught. You can take a three-wheeled motorcycle to the entrance of the park for 4 yuan; you can also walk to the riverside and take a ferry to Juzizhou Park, a speedboat of 20 yuan. Yuan; you can also take bus 16 directly.

3. Martyrs Park Martyrs Park is the largest park in Changsha City. It is located at No. 1 Dongfeng Road in the northeast of Changsha City. It is a comprehensive park integrating commemoration, sightseeing and entertainment.

Transportation: Bus lines 111, 303 and other buses are directly accessible.