Recommended tourist attractions in Nanjing


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Sun Yat-sen Mausoleum is the mausoleum of Dr. Sun Yat-sen, the great revolutionary forerunner of our country. It is located at the southern foot of Xiaomao Mountain, the second peak of Purple Mountain. It is surrounded by Qingshan Mountain to the north and Pingchuan to the south. It is surrounded by mountains and has a majestic momentum that makes people feel sublime.

There are also some memorial buildings around the Sun Yat-sen Mausoleum, such as Guanghua Pavilion, Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall, Music Stage, Liuhui Pavilion, Yangzhi Pavilion, Guilin Stone House, Meiling Palace, etc., with various architectural styles and beautiful surrounding environment. A tour.

Free and open. The mausoleum of Sun Yat-sen Mausoleum is open for free, the music stage is 10 yuan/person, and the Meiling Palace is 30 yuan/person.

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The Confucius Temple Qinhuai Scenic Belt is located in the south of Nanjing. It refers to the Confucius Temple building as the center and the Qinhuai River as the link. It starts from the Qinhuai Water Pavilion at the Huaiqing Bridge in the East Shuiguan in the east, crosses the Wende Bridge, and extends to the Zhonghua Gate Castle to Xishui Pass. The Qinhuai River area, including the streets, dwellings, nearby monuments and scenic spots on both sides of the Qinhuai River, is the most prosperous place in Nanjing.

No tickets required. Jiangnan Gongyuan: RMB 25 for adults, RMB 12 for students; Dacheng Hall of Confucius Temple: RMB 30 for adults, RMB 15 for children; Li Xiangjun’s Former Residence: RMB 16 for adults, RMB 8 for students; Qinhuai Painted Boat: daytime tickets are RMB 60 per person, night tickets are RMB 80 per person; Zhan Garden: 30 yuan for adults, 15 yuan for students.

Yuhuatai Scenic Area consists of six functional areas: scenic spots and historic sites, martyrs cemetery area, Yuhua Stone Cultural Area, Yuhua Tea Cultural Area, recreational activities area and ecological dense forest area. In recent years, more than 20 places of interest have been newly or rebuilt, such as Yuhua Pavilion, Erzhong Temple, Mumo Pavilion, Qianlong Imperial Stele Pavilion, Fang Xiaoru Tomb, Xinhai Revolutionary Ma Mound, Ganlu Well, Xiyuan, Yiyuan, Meigang, etc. He Lou Tai Pavilion

Free and open. The Yuhua Terrace is open for free; the adult ticket to the Yuhua Stone Museum is 10 yuan/person; the adult ticket to the Yuhua Pavilion is 7 yuan/person.

There are three visiting areas. The central area (central axis) is mainly the National Government, and its affiliated institutions; the west area is Sun Yat-sen’s interim presidential office, secretariat, west garden, and staff department; the east area is mainly the former site of the Executive Yuan, the stables, and the east garden. A series of exhibition halls and historical materials displays are distributed in these three areas.

Adult tickets are 40 yuan per person, and you can enjoy a half-price discount with your student ID. Seniors over 60 years old can enter the park with a valid-purchased half-ticket, and senior citizens over 70 years old can enter the park free of charge with a valid-ticket

The total area of ​​Yuejianglou Scenic Area is 31 hectares, of which water accounts for 1/3, land accounts for 2/3, and the green coverage rate reaches 85%. The scenic area has more than 30 historical sites such as Yuejiang Tower, Wanxian Pavilion, ancient fort, Sun Yat-sen’s river reading place, Fifth Army Tunnel, ancient city wall, Dizang Temple, Wusetu, Jinghai Temple, etc. It is a combination of cultural landscape and natural landscape. A nationally renowned tourist attraction. It is a national AAAA tourist attraction.


40 yuan/person, official website booking is 35 yuan, half-price for seniors aged 60 and under 69, full-time undergraduate and postgraduate students, free for seniors over 70 and children under 1.2 meters, and a combined ticket for Yuejiang Tower and Tianfei Palace is 45 yuan/person.

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Attractions worth visiting in Nanjing, Jiangsu include Zhongshan Scenic Area, Presidential Palace Scenic Area, Hongshan Forest Park, Sun Yat-sen Mausoleum Scenic Area, Xuanwu Lake Park, Qixia Mountain, Nanjing Pearl Spring, Gaochun Old Street, etc.