What attractions are there around Phoenix Mountain in Suzhou? What other attractions are there near Phoenix Mountain?

Introduction: What other attractions are there around Phoenix Mountain in Suzhou? What other attractions are there near Phoenix Mountain 1. What other attractions are there near Phoenix Mountain 2. What other interesting attractions are there near Phoenix Mountain 3. Where is Phoenix Mountain 4. What else is near Phoenix Mountain Attractions to visit 5. What attractions are there in Fengcheng Mountain 6. Attractions around Phoenix Mountain 7. What are the attractions near Phoenix Mountain 8. What other scenic spots are there next to Fenghuang Mountain Scenic Area 9. What are the main attractions in Phoenix Mountain 10. What are the fun things to do in Phoenix Mountain tourist attractions? 11. What is the tourist attraction in Phoenix Mountain?

1. What other attractions are near Phoenix Mountain?

Attractions in Fenghuang Mountain: Fenghuang Wenchang Tower, Holy Water Jade Spring, Light Path Organ, Gassho Pillow Flow, and Pure Vase Sprinkling Dew.

Phoenix Mountain has three major attractions

1. Fengniao Bun: The main peak of Fenghuang Mountain, with a total area of ​​30 square kilometers and a forest coverage rate of nearly 90%. It is known as the “Ecological Barrier of Eastern Guangdong” and the “Chaoshan Plant Grand View Garden”;

2. Wudong Mountain: The second highest peak of Phoenix Mountain, with an altitude of 1,397 meters. There are many strange rocks and rocks with unique shapes on the mountain;

3. Tianchi: Located at the top of Wudong Peak in the Phoenix Mountains, Tianchi covers an area of ​​76 acres. It is a natural lake formed by an ancient volcanic crater. The spring water in the pool has been gushing out for thousands of years. It is home to the rare amphibian “tetrapod fish” in the world. , “soft-shell snails” and rare frogs.

2. What other interesting attractions are there near Phoenix Mountain?

Fenghuang Mountain Scenic Area is located to the north of Kaixian County and has a unique geographical location.

The scenic spot consists of three small scenic spots: Shengshan Garden, Shengshan Park, and Yingxian Mountain, with a total area of ​​4.05 square kilometers. Shengshan Park is located in the center of Fenghuang Mountain Scenic Area, with an altitude of 600 meters and a relative height of 400 meters. It is a comprehensive natural landscape park in the city. In the 13th year of Tang Yuanhe (AD 818), Wei Chuhou, a meritorious official, was demoted to the governor of Kaizhou. He lived in Kaizhou for three years. He wandered around Shengshan in his spare time, focusing on the mountains, rivers, clouds and moon. Dozens of literati, including Bai Juyi and Zhang Ji, wrote and composed the poems about the two scenes with emotion. They were combined into a large volume and Han Yu wrote the preface. From this, it has been passed down from generation to generation that Kaixian’s “Twelve Scenes of Shengshan” and “Poems of Twelve Scenes” by Wei Chuhou, Zhang Ji and others are famous throughout China and have a far-reaching reputation. The planning scope of Shengshan Park stretches from Yanguanyin in the east, County People’s Hospital in the south, Dongyue Temple in the west, and the top of the foothills of Shengshan Mountain in the north, covering an area of ​​1.05 square kilometers. Over the past 10 years, more than 35 million yuan has been invested to carry out large-scale construction and attraction development of the park. The Twelve Scenic Spots of Shengshan, Antique Art Gallery, Liu Shuai Memorial Hall, Rock Guanyin, Park Gate, Xunsheng Gate, Dashiti Mountain River Ode Mural, Jianqiao, Longquan, Zhuyue Bridge, Eight Immortals Bridge, Mountain Climbing Dashishi, and Ten With the development and construction of attractions such as the Two Zodiac Signs, Yin and Yang Bagua, Golden Phoenix, Hexagonal Pavilion, Turtles Playing in the Water, and pavilions of different styles, the park has large and small stone staircases extending in all directions, and the green coverage rate reaches more than 80%. The park has rich landforms, with obvious ridges and valleys, natural transitions between flat land, gentle slopes, and steep slopes. Various hills and valleys are undulating, and the vegetation is diverse. At the same time, because Kaixian County belongs to a subtropical broad-leaved forest area with complex structure, this is the basis for the plant community of the park. The establishment provides rich and colorful plant resources.

3. Where is Phoenix Mountain?

is a place.

Xinmi Phoenix Mountain Scenic Area is located in Xiasigou Village, Jianshan, Xinmi City, about 50 kilometers southwest of the provincial capital Zhengzhou, with a total area of ​​about 15 square kilometers. Fenghuang Mountain belongs to the remnants of Songshan Mountain and is commonly known as North Songshan Mountain. Because Fuxi, the ancestor of mankind, once lived in this area, later generations also called it Fuxi Mountain.

Fenghuang Mountain Natural Scenery Tourist Area is located in a typical warm temperate continental monsoon climate zone with four distinct seasons, rain and heat in the same period, which is suitable for the growth of a variety of wild animals and plants. The vegetation coverage rate is as high as 86%, and the negative ion content in the air can reach 1200-1200 per cubic centimeter. -5000. In high temperatures, the temperature in the scenic area is 1℃-5℃ lower than outside the mountain. In low temperature season, the temperature in the mountain is about 2℃ higher than outside the mountain. The oxygen content in the forest is 5-7 times higher than that in the city. It is called a rare ” Natural Oxygen Bar”.

4. What other attractions can be visited near Phoenix Mountain?

Also nearby are Shitan Square, Gu Wu Park, He Xiangu Family Temple, Xiancong Garden, Hezhizhou Wetland Park, Wantian Reservoir, Yan Pagoda, Zengcheng Square, Next Park, Zengcheng Children’s Park, Zengcheng, Shapu Square, Phoenix Mountain Park, Zengcheng Museum, Ningxi Square, Zengcheng Sports Square, Lin Forest Park, Nanxiangshan Forest Park, Houlongshan Park, Siwanggang Park and other tourist attractions

5. What attractions are there in Phoenix Mountain in Fengcheng?

There are two Phoenix Mountains in Liaoning, one is Fengcheng Phoenix Mountain and the other is Chaoyang Phoenix Mountain.

Phoenix Mountain in Fengcheng is more famous than Chaoyang. Phoenix Mountain is located in Fengcheng City, Dandong, Liaoning Province. It consists of two major scenic spots, Dongshan and Xishan. The highest peak “Zanyun Peak” is 836 meters above sea level and covers an area of ​​216 square kilometers. Phoenix Mountain is one of the four scenic spots in Fengtian. One of the famous mountains, the first famous mountain in Liaodong region.

Phoenix Mountain is known as “the famous mountain at the gate of the country”, “the first mountain on the Great Wall”, and “the first mountain in China’s adventure”. During the Zhenguan period of the Tang Dynasty, Emperor Taizong Li Shimin of the Tang Dynasty made an imperial tour to the east. When visiting this mountain, there was a legend of “Phoenix worshiping ancestors”, so the mountain was named Phoenix Mountain.

6. Attractions around Phoenix Mountain

Phoenix Mountain and Phoenix Mountain Park are the same place.

Phoenix Mountain Forest Park is located in the southwest of Bao’an District, Shenzhen City, covering an area of ​​approximately 24.8 square kilometers. It is one of the key forest parks planned and constructed by Shenzhen City. The scenic area has built the main entrance of Fuyong Phoenix and the Guanyin Temple.

Fenghuang Mountain is the main mountain range of the park scenic area. It is a low mountain range on the east bank of the Pearl River Estuary and belongs to the Lianhua Mountain System along the eastern coast of Guangdong. The mountain system has a South African trend, and the mountain body has a northeast-southwest trend, with an altitude of 376 meters.

Fenghuang Mountain and Fenghuang Mountain Forest Park are the first choice for citizens in Baoan District to enjoy mountain climbing on weekends and holidays. On every first and fifteenth day of the Lunar New Year, many citizens go to Fenghuang Mountain to burn incense and worship Buddha.

7. What are the attractions near Phoenix Mountain?

A more interesting attraction near Fenghuang Mountain in Chaozhou City is Fengxiang Gorge.


Fengxiang Gorge is known as the “South Gate of Phoenix Mountain”. It closely relies on Fandu Mountain, the third highest peak of the Phoenix Mountain Range. It is listed as a national 3A tourist attraction together with Phoenix Mountain Tianchi and Green Sun Ecological Resort.

The entire Fengxiang Gorge Scenic Area covers an area of ​​8.5 square kilometers. The pure natural and original ecology is the biggest feature of Fengxiang Gorge, and it can also be called the best representative work of the beauty of Phoenix Mountain. Being surrounded by thousands of springs and lush greenery, one can be immersed in nature’s green mountains and waters, and deeply appreciate the true meaning of “nature without carvings”, where all modern creations will appear redundant.

The entire canyon of Fengxiang Gorge retains a kind of original beauty. Especially when you come here from the bustling city, you can appreciate the fresh beauty and comfort and tranquility in the canyon. Your physical and mental fatigue and irritability can be instantly dissipated, and life can breathe freely here. Drawing on the aura given by nature, it has become one of people’s favorite eco-tourism destinations in recent years.

8. What other scenic spots are next to Fenghuang Mountain Scenic Area?

Wanyuan Badai Mountain Scenic Area

Xuanhan Bashan Grand Canyon Scenic Area (formerly Baili Gorge)

Wanyuan Huaeshan Scenic Area

Dachuan Shiqiao Ancient Town

Dachuan Shenjian Garden (former residence of Zhang Aiping)

Phoenix Mountain Scenic Area

Xuanhan Yanglie Water Village

Dachuan Zhenfo Mountain Scenic Area

Dachuan Fairy Mountain Scenic Area

Dazhuzhuhai Park

Dazhu Qinghe Ancient Town

Jiren Valley, Qu County

Wanhua Valley in Qu County

Kaijiang Wanghe Pavilion

9. What are the main attractions in Phoenix Mountain?

Phoenix Mountain Forest Park is located in Fenghuang Village, Fuyong Street, Bao’an District, Shenzhen City. The main peak of Phoenix Mountain is 678 meters above sea level and has a radius of 1.2 kilometers. It is known as “Fengshan Fengshui Blessing Land”. The phoenix is ​​so majestic and majestic that it looks like a crescent moon inlaid on the shore of the West Sea, hanging high on the fertile land of Haotian in the South. It overlooks Lingding Ocean to the west and Shenzhen Bay to the south. The peaks and mountains are rolling green, the trees are lush all year round; the birds are singing, the flowers and fruits are fragrant; the mountain springs are singing, the caves are hidden, the strange rocks are diverse, and the ancient temples are shining. The natural scenery is beautiful and the cultural landscape is rich. The water, mountains, cliffs and ancient caves form a beautiful and majestic landscape painting. Phoenix Mountain Forest Park is shaped like a phoenix and rests on the shore of the vast Lingding Ocean.

10. What are the fun things to do at the tourist attractions in Phoenix Mountain?

The route up the mountain, from Huangma Village, takes about 50 minutes to the square of the ancient temple area. The two sides of the tall screen wall in the square are “Namo Amitabha Buddha” and “Buddha’s Light Shining”.

Then you can walk up to the stone steps leading to the top of the mountain. Here you will find green trees, sweet and clear mountain springs, fresh air, and cool mountain breezes. Stay away from the noise of the city and enjoy the fun of breathing oxygen.

Climb to the Zhenshan Pavilion and stand on a huge rock to take a bird’s-eye view. To the west you can see the endless Lingding Ocean. You can feel the pleasure of being at a high altitude here. This is already the highest point in Bao’an District.

11. Where is Phoenix Mountain?

Phoenix Mountain in Chengdu is more than 530 meters high. Phoenix Mountain is located about 6 kilometers in the northern suburbs of Chengdu. It is a strange-shaped hill that runs north-south and consists of two hills facing each other. From a distance, it looks like a phoenix spreading its wings in the spring and looking up into the distance, hence its name. According to legend, this mountain was originally named Dendrobium Mountain. At the foot of the mountain, there are Dongfeng Canal and Fenghuang River, while on the mountain there are ponds and ditches.

Fenghuang Mountain is the hill closest to the central city of Chengdu. According to the city’s overall plan, Fenghuang New City with a total area of ​​10 square kilometers will be built here and will serve as an important part of the planned northern new city. In accordance with the master plan of the northern new city and combined with the unique natural landscape of Phoenix Mountain, Chengdu will build a complex in the core area of ​​Phoenix Mountain with regional history and culture as the background, highlighting ecological environmental protection, integrating natural mountains, ecological forests, and man-made beauty, with leisure entertainment, An urban core park with functions such as tourism and sightseeing