How can I take good pictures of the scenery?

You need to understand the weather. Sunny days are best for photography. You need to choose the right angle, adjust the distance and distance, have a balance between reality and reality, pay attention to light and shade, and have a reasonable composition and scientific layout!

How can I take good pictures of the scenery? I am a photography enthusiast, and I would like to share with you some questions about landscape photography.

1. Composition

No matter what the subject is, composition is more important. In landscape photography, we still need to arrange the main scenery on the golden section line. In addition, we must pay attention to the arrangement of the horizon and try not to place it in the middle of the picture. If the sky is gray and white, it is recommended to leave more space on the ground. If the sky is blue and the clouds are white, you can leave more space in the sky.

2. Exposure

It is recommended to shoot with a small aperture, which will have a larger depth of field. You can use an aperture of 8-11 to shoot. If the light is relatively large, you can use a light reduction filter to shoot, which can effectively reduce the exposure of the sky. This is the most ideal. It is more appropriate to set the sensitivity ISO to the minimum, which can also ensure ideal image quality.

3. Later stage

In landscape photography, sometimes we are not ideal in the early stage. We can crop the composition, correct the exposure, adjust the color and other operations in the later stage to achieve our ideal effect.

The above is my opinion. Friends are welcome to add or comment.

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