What are the must-see attractions in Xichang City? What are the must-see attractions in Xichang City?

Introduction: What are the must-see attractions in Xichang City? 1. What are the must-see attractions in Xichang City? 2. Recommended top ten must-see attractions in Xichang 3. The top ten must-see attractions in Xichang 4. Xichang What are the must-see attractions in Xichang City 5. What are the must-see attractions in Xichang City 6. Attractions around Xichang 7. What attractions are there in Xichang City 8. The most worth-seeing attractions in Xichang 9. Must-see places in Xichang City What pictures are there of the scenic spots?

1. What are the must-see attractions in Xichang city?

Qionghai Lushan, a scenic spot in southern Sichuan! One county, one product, garlic sprouts, a special agricultural product in Xichang, Sichuan

Xichang City (county-level city), affiliated to Liangshan Yi Autonomous Prefecture, Sichuan Province, is located in the hinterland of the Anning River Plain (the second largest plain in Sichuan) on the Western Sichuan Plateau. It is an important city at the junction of Sichuan and Yunnan. It belongs to the tropical plateau monsoon climate zone and is known as a small “Spring City”. It has warm winters and cool summers, spring-like weather all year round, abundant rainfall, concentrated rainfall, and sufficient sunshine.

Qionghai Lushan Scenic Area is located in Xichang City. Qionghai, also known as Qiongchi, is located 5 kilometers southeast of Xichang City. It has clear green water and is rich in fish and shrimp. The lake is surrounded by mountains, green trees, beautiful environment and pleasant scenery.

Lushan, rising from the ground near Qionghai, forms a major scenic spot in southwestern Sichuan with Qionghai, with the momentum of “half the wall supporting the sky, and Ningcheng lined with painted screens”, and is known as the “scenic spot in southern Sichuan”.

Lushan Mountain is also known as Frog Mountain. The ancient trees on the mountain are towering, especially the pine trees. More than ten Buddhist temples and Buddhist palaces are exposed in the depths of the dense forest. People are fascinated.

Xixi Xianren Cave is located in Xixi Township, 15 kilometers south of Xichang City. It is a large-scale magma cave with a length of more than 10 kilometers. The cave body of Xianren Cave is curved and undulating, with alternate width and narrowness. The karst landscape in the cave is in various shapes, moving or still, birds or beasts, lifelike and magical. An underground river flows northward close to the cave wall, and the sound of gurgling water can be heard from time to time, which is refreshing and refreshing.

Jianchang salted duck, Xichang’s original name is Jianchang and is famous for its production of salted duck, hence the name Jianchang salted duck. It has the characteristics of large body, fat, rich oil, tender meat, aroma and delicious taste.

One county, one product (Daxing garlic sprouts)

Xichang Daxing Township has an advantageous geographical location, pleasant climate and rich products. It is the largest vegetable base in Sichuan. The garlic sprouts produced here are thick and long in shape, with a white base, dark green upper part, no bran core at the end, and upright and refreshing plants. , bright green color; thick meat, less fiber and slag in the mouth, spicy and slightly sweet aroma. (China Agriculture and Forestry Science and Technology Network)

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2. Recommended top ten tourist attractions in Xichang

Xichang City is the capital of Liangshan Yi Autonomous Prefecture. It is known as “a city where spring lives”. The city has a long and profound culture. There are many ancient towns with beautiful scenery and splendid humanities and history in the suburbs. The main one is Lizhou Town, which is where the Red Army passed during the Long March. A famous town in the country, it is the base of red culture and education in the country; there is Chuanxing Town, located in the Qionglu Scenic Area, with beautiful scenery; there is Anning Ancient Town, which is the only place to pass through on the Tea Horse Road; there is Huangliangguan Town, with a natural landscape of Huangliantu Forest Famous far and wide.

3. Top 10 must-see attractions in Xichang

Interesting attractions in Xichang include the Qionghai Lushan Scenic Area, which is integrated with the urban area of ​​Xichang, forming a unique natural landscape and beautiful living environment where mountains, water, and cities are interdependent and rarely seen in China.

Qionghai, also known as Qiongchi, is located 5 kilometers southeast of Xichang City. It is one of the largest lakes in Sichuan Province. The lake covers an area of ​​31 square kilometers and its deepest point is 34 meters. It stores about 320 million cubic meters of water all year round. The green water is clear and rich in fish and shrimp. It is a famous natural fishing ground and water sports ground. The lake is surrounded by mountains, green trees, beautiful environment and pleasant scenery. The lake water is clear all year round, making it suitable for swimming, boating and fishing in all seasons.

Lushan is located on the coast of Qionghai, with an altitude of 2,317 meters, and a relative height difference of 807 meters from Qionghai. The beautiful mountains and towering ancient trees are Xichang’s natural green barrier. There are many kinds of rare animals and plants in the forest. The Kowloon Hancypress, one of the ten “Kings of Bashu Trees” with a history of 2,000 years, has a unique shape and is unique in the world.

4. What are the must-see attractions in Xichang city?

Xichang’s Pedestrian Street is a very famous commercial street. This street is very famous in the local area. Everyone comes here to go shopping in their free time. It is a very lively street. There are a lot of things sold here. You can buy a lot of things here. There are also a lot of delicious foods and drinks you can taste. In addition, you can also feel the strong Yi culture, which is very good. shopping places.

Where to go shopping in Xichang

The most popular Yuecheng Square in Xichang is also a very suitable place for shopping. It is a very prosperous commercial district and a leisure and entertainment place for local residents. There is the largest shopping mall in Xichang, Dada Shopping Plaza, which sells a wide variety of things. You can buy many things and local specialties here. In addition to shopping malls, there are also unique Jinshui Bridge attractions and large and small fountains to watch while shopping. If you can still see many people dancing in the square in the evening, the scene will be very spectacular.

5. What are the must-see attractions in Xichang city?

1. Reason for recommendation of Qionghai Scenic Area: Qionghai is the second largest freshwater lake in Sichuan Province, and it is also the favorite backyard garden for locals to spend weekends. 2. Reason for recommendation of Lushan Mountain: It has the longest trough slide in the southwest, and the top of the mountain It overlooks Qionghai and Xichang City 3. Reason for recommendation of Xichang Ancient City: The essence of the ancient city ruins. You can overlook the surrounding night view by climbing up Datong Gate at night 4. Reason for recommendation of moonlight style town: A comprehensive tourism integrating entertainment, catering and accommodation District 5. Reason for recommendation of Liangshan Yi Slave Society Museum: China’s first ethnic museum 6. Reason for recommendation of small fishing village: experience the simple and natural fishermen’s folk customs and taste Qionghai seafood 7. Reason for recommendation of Huanglian Earth Forest: one of the four major earth forests in China. The soil forest is majestic and has different shapes 8. Qionghai National Wetland Park 9. Moon Bay Scenic Area 10. Qinglong Temple Recommendation reason: It is an excellent place to watch the sea from the heights around Qionghai. The cherry blossom garden is open for free during the cherry blossom season.

6. Attractions around Xichang

The closest place to the south of Xichang is Miyi County, which is 140 kilometers away from Panzhihua. It is 200 kilometers away from Hanyuan County in Ya’an in the north, and the two places are connected by the Yaxi Expressway.

Miyi County is a county under the jurisdiction of Panzhihua City, Sichuan Province. It is located in the northeast of Panzhihua City. It is known as “Zhuan Xu’s hometown, sunny Miyi”. Miyi’s special geographical environment forms a health resort for the elderly. Winters are warm and the temperature is often around 20°C. Many elderly people come here to escape the cold in winter.

7. What are the attractions in Xichang city?

Xichang Satellite Launch Center is a national AAA tourist attraction. The old No. 3 launch station, known as the “Tower of Merit”, has retired with success. On April 8, 1984, the Lao-3 launch site successfully launched my country’s first geosynchronous orbit satellite, which opened the prelude to my country’s satellite communications; on February 1, 1986, it successfully launched my country’s first practical satellite. The broadcast communication satellite ended the history of my country renting extraterrestrials to watch TV and listen to radio. On April 7, 1990, my country successfully launched its first foreign commercial satellite, knocking on the door of the international aerospace market for the first time and creating achieved three firsts in my country’s aerospace history. Introducing the Xichang Satellite Launch Center, built in the early 1970s, it is Asia’s largest, most advanced new satellite launch base with the capability to launch spacecraft. It is located in the beautiful mountains and waters about 60 kilometers northwest of Xichang City. The two launch stations in the launch site area (i.e., the No. 2 launch station known as the “Asia’s No. 1 Tower” and the new No. 3 launch station newly built to ensure the smooth implementation of my country’s moon landing plan) and the technical test center and command The control center and other supporting facilities can undertake and complete various types of domestic and foreign satellite launch services. Since the first experimental communication satellite was successfully launched in 1984, more than ten satellites have been successfully launched using the “Long March 3”, “Long March 2E” and “Long March 3A” carrier rockets in more than ten years. Opened to the outside world in 1988, hundreds of thousands of tourists from home and abroad have come to this magical canyon to learn about the wonderful process of rocket launches.

8. The most worth visiting attractions in Xichang

Whether traveling to Yunnan or Sichuan, many tourists are thinking about Lugu Lake. They always feel that not going here is a big regret in life. So do you know that besides Lugu Lake, there are other interesting places in Xichang? Here are 5 recommendations for you to choose from.

1. Xichang Satellite Launch Center is a tasteless scenic spot for many people. It is not fun here, but it is a must-visit place when going to Xichang. Because many rockets have been launched here, it is very famous at home and abroad. As long as you are Chinese, you must visit here and at least understand the country’s scientific and technological undertakings; remember to bring your ID card, only Chinese can visit , foreigners are not allowed to enter. The scenic spot is divided into two places, one is the launch base, and the other is the launch center located in the city. The launch center cannot be visited, and it takes more than an hour to drive from the launch base to the city. There are two scenic spots in the base, which are Use one ticket (ticket 90 yuan, including explanation and scenic spot transportation). If you drive by car, you can only park your car in the parking lot and then take the scenic transportation to visit.

2. Qionghai National Wetland Park used to be a natural fishing ground. It was later planned by the government as a wetland park, and a walking path and bicycle path were built around the lake. The water quality here is very good. It is recommended that you rent a bicycle in the scenic area. , and then visit by bike, which will save energy. You can also take a boat at the pier to the small fishing village opposite, where you can eat local specialty seafood and enjoy the life of the locals. If you have time, you can stay here for one night. It will definitely give you a dreamy night away from the noise of the city. Qionghai tickets: ranging from 33 yuan to 85 yuan, depending on the scenic spot you choose;

3. Xichang Ancient City has been an important military, transportation, economic and cultural center of the country since the Qin and Han Dynasties. Many important government officials have been stationed here. The ancient city has a history of more than 2,000 years, but it is still well preserved. Even though the ancient city now only occupies the northeast corner of Xichang City, it still cannot conceal its historical fame.

4. Luoji Mountain Luoji Mountain is 40 kilometers away from Xichang City. Now the transportation is very complete, you can choose to drive there by yourself. After entering the scenic spot, buy tickets first, then take the scenic bus to the cableway, and ride the cableway up to a height of more than 3,500 meters. Visiting Luoji Mountain really depends on your luck. If you are lucky, you can see the clear sky. If you are not lucky, you can see the clear sky. Well, all you can see is clouds and mist. It is recommended that you come here in May, when the azaleas all over the mountain are spectacular. Most people take the ropeway to Black Dragon Pond, and then hike from here. Along the way, you will enjoy a series of spectacular sights such as mountains and seas, aquatic grass lake, swan lake, wild duck lake, and hand-in-hand lake.

5. Lushan Lushan, okay, this Lushan is not Lushan. The altitude of this mountain is not very high, only more than 2,000 meters above sea level. However, its geographical location and the scenery on the top of the mountain are particularly beautiful, which also makes many Tourists were amazed after climbing. To the north of Lushan Mountain is Xichang Ancient City, to the south is Luoji Mountain, to the west is Anning River, and to the east is Qionghai. When you climb to the top of the mountain, you can overlook the entire Qionghai. The scenery is so beautiful that you can forget it. Climbing causes physical pain. Hotel reservation, hotel price inquiry, hotel accommodation reservation, mobile hotel booking-[Ctrip Hotel Mobile Version]

9. What are the pictures of must-see attractions in Xichang city?

1. Qionghai Scenic Area: Qionghai is the second largest freshwater lake in Sichuan Province, and it is also the favorite backyard garden for locals to spend weekends. There are many special attractions worth visiting in the Qionghai Scenic Area, such as Moon Bay, New Beach, and Guanwan Bay on the north coast, Bird Watching Wetland Park on the south coast, and the moonlit town at the foot of Lushan Mountain.

2. Lushan: Buddhism, Taoism, Confucianism and other religions have coexisted for thousands of years in the mountains. At the foot of the mountain is the Yi Slave Society Museum, which displays the history and culture of the Yi people. On the mountain is the popular Guangfu Temple. There is also the longest trough slide in the Southwest, commonly known as “dry land sledding”. It slides down at high speed and is very exciting. The sightseeing terrace at the top of the mountain overlooks Qionghai and Xichang City.

3. Small Fishing Village: The scenic spot is located on the north bank of Qionghai Lake. From here, you can see the Lushan Scenic Area and Qionghai Park on the other side of the lake, and you can enjoy the urban wetland landscape to the northwest.

4. Huanglianguan soil forest: The soil forest in Huangliangguan Town is a landform developed on a set of ice-water frozen-thaw debris flow accumulations. The earth forest is magnificent and has different shapes. This is a natural relic that lacks protection, and fallen earth pillars can already be seen in the scenic area, but this natural “museum” shows the world the miraculous craftsmanship of nature.

5. Xichang Ancient City: There are only a few ruins left in the Xichang Ancient City. This ancient city with a history of more than 2,000 years only occupies the northeast corner of Xichang City. Its three gates are its prominent symbols, and Datong Gate is the last mark of the ancient city of Xichang.

6. Torch Square of Liangshan National Culture and Art Center: Xichang Torch Square is located on the northwest side of Qionghai. It is the main venue of the 2006 Sichuan Winter Tourism Fair. Xichang Torch Square is mainly a performing arts center, integrating academic exchanges, exhibitions, leisure and entertainment. It is an integrated multi-functional cultural building.

7. Xixi Immortal Cave: It is a large-scale magma cave with a length of more than 10 kilometers. The cave body is curved and undulating, with alternate width and narrowness. In the narrow place, only one person can pass through; in the wide place, the hall is connected and can accommodate hundreds or even thousands of people. The karst landscape in the cave is in various shapes, moving or still, birds or beasts, lifelike and uncanny.

8. Guanwan Scenic Area: Guanwan Scenic Area has the best tank in the world. There are also some hotels and inns converted from independent villas, which can meet the accommodation needs of different tourists. Climb up here and look at the Qionghai Sea. The bays and blue lakes along the coast are exciting.