Ruoergai Grassland Self-driving Tour Guide (Ruoergai Grassland Self-driving Tour Guide 2021)

Guide: Self-driving Tour Guide to Ruoergai Grassland (Guide to Self-driving Tour to Ruoergai Grassland 2021) What should you pay attention to when traveling by car to Ruoergai Grassland? do you know? What should you pay attention to when traveling by car to Zoige Grassland? Zoige Prairie Travel Guide

What should you pay attention to when traveling by car to Zoige Grassland? do you know?

Many people think that the Zoige Grassland is just a grassland and will not cause altitude sickness. This is wrong. Many people must pay attention to matters related to altitude sickness before going. Because the Zoige Grassland is located in a plateau environment, the plateau weather and plateau diet are very different from daily life habits. At the same time, the Ruoergai Grassland is at a high altitude, so relevant skin care measures need to be taken. After all, the Ruoergai Grassland is still a relatively distant tourist attraction. Although it is beautiful, there are many things to pay attention to before departure and during the trip.

The weather temperature difference in Zoige Grassland is very large, and the weather is changeable. Even in summer, it is very cold in the morning and evening. If you catch a cold during the trip, it will still affect the itinerary and your mood during the trip. Therefore, if you travel to Zoige, you must consider its weather conditions, bring enough clothes to keep out the cold, and always have an umbrella by your side. You should also bring a rain cover for your backpack, otherwise a sudden rainfall will damage many necessary items in your backpack. thing. Because the altitude of Zoige Grassland is high and the sunshine is strong, everyone must take sun protection measures to prevent their face from being sunburned.

Altitude sickness is generally a problem that everyone is most concerned about. The altitude of Zoige Grassland reaches more than 4,000 meters, so it is very easy to suffer from altitude sickness, so you should bring some anti-altitude sickness medicines in advance. In addition, people who suffer from motion sickness should bring motion sickness medicine because the journey is very far and it will be very uncomfortable if they experience motion sickness again due to altitude sickness. Another disadvantage of being at a high altitude is the lack of water and electricity resources. Many hotels provide hot water on a regular basis, and sometimes there are water and power outages, so bringing a tent with you can help you cope with these unresisting situations. If you are unable to reach your accommodation, you can temporarily choose to camp.

Going on a self-driving trip is still risky, so you should conduct a comprehensive inspection and maintenance of the vehicle before departure to prevent the vehicle from breaking down. Moreover, the journey is long and you will meet many complicated people along the way, so you must always pay attention to the safety of your personal and property. Finally, the food in Zoige Grassland is generally okay, but it is always a good idea to bring something filling with you.

What should you pay attention to when traveling by car to Zoige Grassland?

I have been there five times, so I have a certain say!

First, when going to Zoige, the first thing you should pay attention to is fighting with the local “ruffians”. Generally speaking, Tibetan brothers are good, but there is a small group of people who have ruined the reputation of Tibetan brothers. I was blackmailed three times by gangsters.

For the first time, I was on the roadside near the town of Zoige County. I was shocked by the endless grassland. I parked the car on the roadside. Generally speaking, the car was still on the road. The wheel on the right side pressed a little grass. It was really… Not much was pressed, that is, three or five grasses. (Of course, you shouldn’t press any grass at all.) A *** came over. This is their pasture. If you crush our grass, you have to pay for it. Anyway, I still paid him 30 yuan.

The second time, I went to Chengdu with two truck friends to cook on an abandoned road in the suburbs of Zoige. It was obviously public territory. The three families ate the first meal they made on the grassland and felt very happy. At this time, A *** in his 30s, who seemed to have traveled a lot and knew some Chinese. We told him that we would cook here and not litter… He said yes, yes! So we planned to take a nap after dinner. An hour later, an older man came over on a worn-out Wuyang Honda motorcycle. He first looked at the three of us, and then said that this was their family’s pasture, and each car had to pay a parking fee of 50 yuan. We explained that this was an abandoned highway, but he didn’t listen to the explanation at all. He spoke arrogantly in stifled Chinese and roared: 20 for it! 20 for you! No matter what you said to him, he would just say this: 20 bucks, 20 bucks, 20 bucks… He spoke fast, like a foreigner, with a firm tone. In the end, each of our three families paid. As soon as he took the 20 yuan, he drove away on his motorcycle with smoke coming from the exhaust pipe. Hey, I got hit with a stick again!

The third time, we learned from previous experience and paid special attention to parking. This time we took 5 cars to Langmusi, which is the border area between Gansu and Sichuan. After we finished playing, we could drive the car to a rural road. It was a cement road, very new and clean. We thought : There shouldn’t be any problems with this place! Just look at the grassland here and make some tea here. When we were playing here for about half an hour, a relatively young *** drove over in a Wuling Light van. When he arrived, he asked first, “Is this your car?” (We didn’t occupy the road or clear the pasture.) We didn’t know what his purpose was, so we just said, “Yes.” His face immediately darkened and he said: 500 yuan for parking! ! As soon as he said this, we were shocked. We thought he was joking, smiled, patted his shoulder and said to him: Come and have a cup of tea! He still had a dark face and said 500 yuan. This road used to be their family’s pasture. Of course we explained to him that this was a road in use, but he refused to give in at all and even took out his mobile phone and said: If you don’t give it, we will call someone. At that time, two beautiful sisters who were traveling with us came up and said to him: Handsome guy, you look so handsome, don’t be angry, I will drive away right away…, he still said with a black face, even if he drives away, Give me money! ! ! We were really a little angry and took a tougher stance: We will give you 50 yuan! Then we started packing our things and gave him 50 yuan when we left. He continued with a dull expression! After driving out, we drove into the racecourse of a Tibetan brother named Jin by Huahu Lake. We agreed to pay 20 yuan per car for the night! This *** brother surnamed Jin is nice and treats us well. We even took a photo with him and hugged him… Until now, he often greets us on WeChat.

Why I suffered a small extortion near Zoergailangmusi three times, I think it may be because of the following reasons: 1. It belongs to the border area of ​​Sichuan and Gansu, and the law enforcement force is relatively weak.

2. There are bad people everywhere, but there are only a few bad people. Those bad people who specialize in extorting tourists from other places take advantage of the tourists’ mentality of not wanting to get into trouble, not wanting to make themselves unhappy, and to spend a little money to avoid disaster, so they often succeed and are unjust. With wealth as motivation, they may often ride motorcycles or drive Wuling to look around, looking for targets, and extorting money. Anyway, I feel very unhappy about this place. Although we also understand that the bad guys are only a small part, what they have ruined is the image of tourism in the entire Zoige region. They affect the business of most legitimate *** brothers. This A small group of people are really hateful!

Second, when traveling to Zoige, you should pay attention to cold protection. Once when we went to Zoige in July, we parked the car in the yard of a certain bureau in Zoige. We paid the guard 20 yuan for parking, and we fell asleep in the car. We woke up in the middle of the night because of the freezing cold, and the temperature actually reached below zero. . The next morning I woke up and opened the car door. It was snowing lightly outside and there was a layer of ice on the roof of the car. So even if you go to Zoige in summer, you should bring winter clothes. If it is an RV or a bed cart, prepare a thick quilt, remember! ! !

Third, you should pay attention to your time in Ergai. When traveling to Ergai, it is nothing more than appreciating the characteristics of the grassland. So what are the characteristics of grassland? It is boundless prairie, cattle and sheep, the sky is high and the clouds are clear, and flowers are everywhere. To see these scenery, don’t go before May. The grass is not green yet and it is relatively cold before May. Even if you go there reluctantly, it won’t be interesting!

Fourth, although the altitude of Zoige is not too high, only more than 3,000 meters, you still need to buy some anti-hypertensive medicine and some oxygen in case of emergency. After arriving at Zoige and seeing the beautiful scenery, don’t get excited, don’t run around and jump around, and do everything slowly and gently to avoid high reflexes.

Fifth, try not to take a bath or wash your hair. After all, the altitude here is more than 3,000 meters above sea level, especially for people from the south. The altitude in the south is extremely low. If you accidentally take a bath and wash your hair and catch a cold, you may be in greater danger. Your trip to the grassland may end early!

The grassland is really beautiful, and it is also a paradise for summer vacation. I hope everyone will have a wonderful experience there, and I sincerely hope that Zoige tourism will get better and better!

There are several places you can go to the Zoige Grassland on National Highway 213. You can go there from Chengdu, you can also come here from Xining, you can also go around from Guangyuan to Longnan or Gannan. Generally speaking, you can go to Zoige Grassland. In the grassland, we should take a small loop route without repeating the route. There are actually many things to pay attention to, because this is a plateau and the requirements for people are quite high. What does that mean?

It is to prevent altitude sickness and colds. The altitude here in the Zoige Grassland is 3200 meters. As for severe altitude sickness, it is not possible, but it is normal to have trouble sleeping, insomnia, or feel a little dizzy. Here I would like to remind all travel friends that strenuous exercise must be prohibited. Everything is in slow motion. You will gasp for breath if you exert any effort. Strenuous exercise will cause altitude sickness and make you feel uncomfortable.

The preparation work that needs to be done is to prepare oxygen and some Red Bull. Especially in the morning, you can drink a little and heat it up before drinking. The effect may be better. In addition, bring more clothes and wear sun protection. The sunshine here is very strong, and the temperature difference between morning and evening is large. Even in the hot summer days, it is very cold here at night. At least you need to wear a jacket, or even a jacket, etc. If it rains a little and the wind blows a little, , it will make you feel the biting cold wind.

Okay, that’s all! I wish you have fun. In addition, pay attention to safety when driving, especially at night. It is not recommended to drive. There are too many cows here. Try to drive during the day and stop at night. Plan the route in advance, OK.

I went there during the National Day holiday on October 1. I set off from Chengdu one day in advance and the journey was smooth. I went to Hongyuan to rest for a while that night. Due to personal work reasons, I couldn’t stay here for a long time, so the itinerary was quite full. We arrived at Zoige University During the grassland, the grass has dried up and the flowers have withered. You can’t see the grassland or the sea of ​​flowers, so it is not recommended to go to the Zoige Prairie at this time. When we were returning from the fun, some buses were still stuck on the Beichuan landslide road. Before we reached Chengdu, we heard news of hail and landslides in many scenic spots.

I wish you have a nice trip!

In 2019, my children went there by car during their summer vacation. Speaking from personal experience, there are not many things to pay attention to. Let’s talk about the road conditions first. This journey is worry-free. The highway is definitely no problem. The national highway is also in good condition. Refueling along the way is not a problem, so there is no need to worry. In particular, Ruoergai is a plateau grassland. The asphalt road winds into the sky, the clouds are wide and the sky is low, which is very poetic.

Let’s talk about the issue of high altitude sickness. This trip is higher up and passes through the Partridge Mountain Tunnel (4448 meters above sea level). This is not a big problem. Our old lady is over 70 years old. Apart from a little tinnitus, there is nothing wrong with her. There are no high reflexes here, so you don’t have to worry about the journey ahead! Let’s go boldly and confidently!

Then let’s talk about the problem of Tibetan compatriots. Don’t worry about this. At least I have never encountered those unreasonable people. But at least you have to respect other people’s beliefs. Also, if you don’t want to buy something, don’t ask for the price. After asking and counter-offering, you might as well buy it. In fact, most of them are good. We in the mainland also have good and bad ones. This route is relatively mature, so there is no need to worry.

Let’s talk about what to bring. Bring warm clothes. It gets cold in the morning and evening. Hotels usually have electric blankets so it’s no problem at night. Bring a plugboard, it will definitely come in handy! I am really afraid of altitude sickness, so oxygen bottles can be bought locally. It is better to prepare an oxygen bag and have it administered at the hospital. The price is low and the quality is guaranteed! Sun protective clothing, sunscreen, etc. are things that ladies who love beauty don’t dare to forget! If you have children, prepare some puffed food in your food, not just for eating, but for the “bang” feeling of life exploding on the plateau. Listen to me! Headache medicine, diarrhea medicine, etc., it’s better to be prepared! Prepare the rest as needed! Ladies must bring a beautiful big shawl. Taking photos on the grassland and on the edge of the Yellow River will definitely be a surprise!

The last thing to pay attention to is the season. If you go in August, it is a bit late. At least the flowers in Huahu have already bloomed, so don’t go later than July, remember!

As for the entire loop tour route, I have a guide myself, which is also a must-have for self-driving tours! The article is too long, so I only list the approximate route for reference. The time can be extended according to your interest. If necessary, you can talk in detail!

One day: Chengdu-Dujiangyan-Wenchuan-Li County-Hongyuan (accommodation in Hongyuan)

The next day: Hongyuan – Zoige Prairie – Zoige County (accommodation)

Hongyuan County – Ruoergai Grassland (72.3 kilometers, 1.07 hours), temporarily choose a detour to the first of the nine bends of the Yellow River (16.6 kilometers, 26 minutes), the first of the nine bends of the Yellow River – Ruoergai County (72 kilometers, 1.18 hours)

Day 3: Ruoergai County – Huahu – Chuanzhu Temple or Songpan (accommodation)

Ruoergai County – Huahu (49.3 kilometers, 48 ​​minutes), Huahu returns to Ruoergai County to Chuanzhu Temple (191.4 kilometers, 2.46 hours), to Songpan (208 kilometers, 305 hours), choose Chuanzhu Temple or Songpan for accommodation. Chuanzhu Temple (elevation 3100 meters) Songpan (2851 meters)

Day 4: Songpan-Maoxian-Chengdu (299.8 kilometers, 5.19 hours)

It’s better to go at the end of June or early July, otherwise it will enter the rainy season. The section of National Highway 213 from Wenchuan to Songpan has landslides every year in the rainy season in the past two years. The grassland is beautiful in late June and early July. Hotels need to be booked in advance. Tangke can stay at the Yellow River Bay Hotel, which is very convenient in the scenic area. When playing in the grassland, try not to drive into the grassland.

The altitude is more than 4,000 meters, so bring headache powder to prevent altitude sickness. Also, the temperature is low, so bring winter clothes.

Zoige Prairie Travel Guide

Zoige Prairie Travel Guide

Zoige Prairie Travel Guide

Introduction: Ruoergai Grassland has beautiful and unique natural scenery, simple and colorful ethnic customs, and rich tourism resources: one of the nine bends of the Yellow River is winding and graceful; the Namo Grand Canyon has rugged rocks and green peaks; Ruoergai Grassland is a vast expanse of green. The dreamy flower lake is vast; the Dangzha hot springs are lingering; the primeval forests are vast; the Brazilian meeting site is radiant; the ancient Panzhou ruins continue to this day; the religious culture is magical and magnificent; the ethnic customs are ancient and simple…

? ? Strolling in Ruoergai, resting on the sound of the waves of the Yellow River, watching the sunset as the herds return home, the water and sky are the same color; lying on the plank road of Huahua Lake, watching gulls soaring and cranes dancing, and letting the clouds roll in and relax. You can ride on a horse and fly into the sky, enter the canyon to explore the source of the Bailong River, taste cheese cakes, drink butter tea, eat roasted whole sheep, cook Yellow River fish, and dance in a charming Guozhuang. It is like reading poetry and appreciating paintings. It is full of fun and endless fun.

Zoige Prairie travel guide:

Grassland attractions: Deer Farm, Sun Lake, Baiwa Temple, Dageze Temple, Jiangzha Hot Spring, the former site of the Brazilian Conference, one of the nine bends of the Yellow River, and Tiebu Sika Deer Nature Reserve.

Better time to travel: Summer is the golden season for the grasslands, where the weather is clear and the visibility is high. Between the sky and the earth, there are green grass, blooming flowers, and faint fragrance, stretching as far as the eye can see. The grassland is dotted with countless small lakes. The lakes are blue and the small rivers connect the large and small lakes like vines. The river water is crystal clear and there are countless fish swimming in it. In addition, in mid-September every year, the red leaves all over the mountains and plains compete with each other from high to low, from the top of the mountain to the valley. Walking along the promenade where the green valleys and the mountains intertwine, your heart will be filled with the intoxicating autumn colors.

Accommodation: There are tent hotels in the Nine Bends of the Yellow River Scenic Area and Waqie, priced at 30-40 yuan/person, with electric blankets. Tourists can also choose to stay in Tangke Township, 8 kilometers away from the scenic area, priced at 15-20 yuan/person. There are two hotels with better conditions in Zoige County: Zoige Hotel and Lingado Hotel. In addition, the Shambhala Hotel in Zoige County is one of the better hotels for foreign tourists in Zoige. The standard room is 288 yuan per person. It has authentic Tibetan food and delicious Sichuan cuisine. Hongyuan County recommends staying at Hongmao Hotel, Hongyuan Hotel, Century Shambhala Hotel, and Daprai Xinlong Hotel.

Special catering: Tibetan catering includes tsampa, horned horse rice, sour rice cakes, milk cakes, steamed buns, pickled cabbage noodles, wild vegetables, Tibetan bacon, sausages, fragrant pork legs, highland barley wine, etc.

Travel Tips: The average altitude of Ruoergai is about 3,500 meters, so you need to make detailed preparations before traveling, and bring raincoats, cold-proof clothing, etc. It is recommended not to take a shower on the night you arrive to prevent colds and mild altitude sickness. You can use oxygen-carrying tablets to combat altitude sickness.