What are the must-visit attractions in Aksu? The must-see attractions in Aksu Travel Guide

Introduction: What are the must-see attractions in Aksu? The must-see attractions in Aksu Travel Guide 1. The must-see attractions in Aksu Travel Guide 2. The fun attractions in Aksu 3. The must-see attractions in Aksu Travel Guide 4. The must-see attractions in Aksu Travel Guide 5. What are the must-see attractions in Aksu Travel Guide 6. Travel Guide to Attractions Near Aksu 7. Detailed Guide to Aksu City Attractions

1. Must-see attractions in Aksu travel guide

Smart people, National Day is a good time to travel! When Xinjiang is at its most beautiful, the key is that the rock sugar apples in Aksu are ripe, the 100,000 acres of sea buckthorn in Wushi County, the hometown of sea buckthorn in China, are ripe, and the walnuts and grapes are ripe. The Populus euphratica in Shaya has turned yellow, and the weather is neither cold nor hot. Some watch, some play, some eat and some buy! What to pay attention to is to remember to bring a jacket and hiking shoes, because Aksu’s scenic spots, whether they are Wensu Grand Canyon, Kuqa Grand Canyon, or Wushi Xiangfei Valley, need to walk more and bring a power bank to prevent them from being captured by mobile phones. There is no electricity, and you have to shut up your mouth about losing weight every day. Xinjiang is very safe now. Aksu has a lot of delicious food, and night markets are blooming everywhere. Eat well first before you have the strength to go home and lose weight. Welcome friends to Xinjiang! Send me a few random photos. Welcome to find me in Aksu and follow me!

2. Fun attractions in Aksu


Kuqa Palace

The restoration of the palace began in the spring of 2005. The rebuilt Kuqa Palace was basically restored according to its original appearance, with a construction area of ​​more than 50,000 square meters, integrating Uyghur architectural style, Central Plains architectural style, and Russian architectural style. Stepping into the Kuqa Palace, you can hear the echoes of nearly 200 years of history, recall the history of the royal family, and experience their mainstream of safeguarding the unification of the motherland and strengthening national unity and moral integrity.

Attraction level: AAAA


Tianshan Kuqa Grand Canyon

The mysterious Grand Canyon of the Tianshan Mountains, surrounded by mountains at the southern foot of the Tianshan Mountains, combines the wonders of human canyons with the wonders of the Tianshan Mountains and contains the aura of eternity.


Kizil Thousand Buddha Caves

The Kizil Grottoes (or Kizil Thousand Buddha Caves) are located in Mingwutage Mountain in Kizil Township, Baicheng County, adjacent to Kuqa. The caves…

Mysterious Grand Canyon

It is located next to National Highway 217, 72 kilometers north of Kuqa County, Aksu Prefecture. It is about 5.5 kilometers long from east to west and is a reddish-brown rock.

Tianshan Shenmu Garden

Aksu means “white water” in Uyghur. It was named because the Aksu River flows through the territory. Aksu is a warm temperate dry zone


Turtle Ci Country, one of the ancient Western Kingdoms, has residents who are good at music. The ancient city is located in Pilang Village, about two kilometers west of Kuqa County. my country’s Han and Tang Dynasties

lake aciman

Lake Aisiman is formed by the spring water from the overflow zone of the Aksu River alluvial fan that accumulates in the depression. The lake surface is in the shape of a long and narrow crescent heading northwest.

Avati Silk Road

Hotan River is the only river that passes through the hinterland of the Taklimakan Desert, with a total length of 1,127 kilometers. Its upper reaches are composed of two tributaries.

Baicheng County International Hunting Ground

Laohutai International Hunting Ground is located in Laohutai Township, Aksubai City County, with an area of ​​approximately 200 square kilometers and an altitude of 1,800 meters.

kizil reservoir

Kizil Reservoir is a valley dammed reservoir and a large water conservancy hub that controls the backbone of the Weigan River Basin. Kizil reservoir area

Kurmish Atamu Mazar

This scenic spot is a vast and sudden oasis, with gurgling water, thick shade, luxuriant grass, and chirping birds, which combines beauty and magic.

Thousand Tears Spring

Qianlei Spring is located in the Mingwutag Mountain Depression on the north bank of the upper reaches of the Weigan River. It is oval in shape, with rock cliffs about 50 meters high on three sides.


Shenmu Garden is a large mound adjacent to the mountains, covering an area of ​​45.33 hectares and about 50 meters high. There are green grass and bushes on the tomb

Tiereke Hot Spring

Tiereke Hot Spring is located on a terrace in the upper reaches of the Kapuslang River. Hot water overflows 200 meters along the river. The hot water is

3298 people want to go to the ancient city of Tunguska

The ancient city of Tunguska is located about 40 kilometers southwest of Xinhe County, Aksu, Xinjiang. It is one of the larger ancient city sites. city

Kapuslang river stone footprints

The stone footprints are located on the first-level ground on the left bank of the Kapuslang River in Tierek Town, Baicheng County. Next to it is a deep small ravine with the source

Ushkat ancient city

The ancient city of Ushkat, which means “triple city”, is about 20 kilometers west of Xinhe County. It is a ruins of the Han Dynasty and is considered to be the site of Qiuci in the Han Dynasty.


Yuman Tourist Resort is composed of alluvial fine soil plains of the Aksu River. The terrain is flat and open, and the soil is salted fluvoid soil and meadow soil.

Keping Microlithic Site

The Keping microlithic site is located in the southwest of Keping County, Aksu, in the Sargan Basin between the Kepingtag Mountain and the Awaiyitage Mountain.

3. A complete list of must-see attractions in Aksu travel guide

1. Wensu Grand Canyon 2. Duolang Park 3. Xinjiang Aksu Museum 4. Aksu River Wetland 5. Aksu Shuanglong Pond 6. Populus euphratica Park 7. Kizil Reservoir 8. Liu Ping Guozhi Guan Pavilion Singing Stone Carvings

4. Must-visit attractions in Aksu

Aksu is located in southern Xinjiang and is the only way to Kashgar. It is a beautiful oasis in the Tarim Basin. There are folk attractions such as Daolang Tribe, Shenmu Garden, Gaolaozhuang, and the Kekoya green ecology created by Aksu people over decades. Forest, beautiful Duolang River landscape belt, wetland forest park, etc.

5. What are the must-see attractions in Aksu travel guide?

Urban area: Duolang one-day tour to Duolang Park (AA), Duolang River Landscape Zone, 1-hour museum tour, Century Square night view tour, and evening tour of various food streets. The night view of Duolang is good, it is recommended to go at night.

Within 20 kilometers of Aksu City: Kekeya Greening Project, in addition to the Kekeya Memorial Hall and the original landscape, there are also more than a dozen farmhouses such as Gumo Farmhouse (still 2A), Yixinyuan (2A), Liuyuan Resort (2A) and more Ronren’s House (A) Aksu West Lake, Populus euphratica Villa, Wensu Gaolaozhuang (A). West Lake is a ski resort in winter

6. Travel guide to attractions near Aksu

There are no tourist buses or direct buses from Aksu City to Daolang Scenic Area by taxi. To go to Daolang Tribe Scenic Area from Aksu City, you need to take a taxi directly or take a taxi to Awati County, and then go to Miancheng Hotel in Awati County. Their boss Wang Xiaoping may be able to arrange minibuses to be sent to the Daolang Tribe Scenic Area. Generally, Aksu locals can just drive directly to the Daolang Tribe Scenic Area, but there are often traffic police at the intersection between Awati County and the Daolang Tribe Scenic Area. Exceeding the range of enforcement fines, please drive carefully.

7. Detailed guide to Aksu city’s attractions

Around Aksu City: 1. Wensu Grand Canyon. Personally, I think Valley No. 2 is the highlight, while Valley No. 1 is rarely visited. You can drive by yourself, the ticket is 100 yuan, and the ticket is 40 yuan per person. However, since the sediment in the river valley is soft and the road is uneven, it is recommended to use an SUV, preferably a four-wheel drive. I also went in with a two-wheel drive, but it was indeed more difficult. You can also take the shuttle bus, the shuttle bus ticket is 60 yuan, and the ticket per person is 36 yuan, totaling 96 yuan per person. But recently I was filming a TV series starring Lu Yi. The prefectural committee probably didn’t allow cars to get close to the filming location in order to expand its influence, so I had to go on foot. 2. Shenmu Garden. There are some thousand-year-old trees. The park is more than an hour away from the city. It is very small. If you walk slowly, you will be out in more than an hour. I heard that a hot spring is being built so that you can take a bath in the future! 3. Wushi County is also good, only two hours’ drive away. There is also Chentang Fengsui in Yanquan Mountain Park, where you can recall the past: Those who offend our strong men will be punished no matter how far away they are. You can also look at the present and see the beautiful scenery of the beautiful bridges and flowing water in Wushi County. 4. There are many other small attractions. Time does not allow and it is not recommended to go. If you go further, you can go to Kuqa, Kuqa Grand Canyon, Kizil Thousand Buddha Caves, Shaya Populus euphratica, etc…