Which travel agency is suitable for visiting Shanghai Disneyland? Is it fun to go to Shanghai Disneyland?

Introduction: Which travel agency is suitable to go to Shanghai Disney? Is it fun to go to Shanghai Disney? 1. Is it fun to go to Shanghai Disney? 2. Is it fun to go to Shanghai Disney? Is it suitable for middle-aged people? 3. Is it fun to go to Shanghai Disney? Is it expensive? 4. Going to Shanghai Disney Is it fun? Zhihu 5. Is Shanghai Disney fun? 6. Is it fun to go to Shanghai Disney? Now 7. Is it fun to go to Shanghai Disney? Is it worth going?

1. Is it fun to go to Shanghai Disneyland?

not worth it.

The first is the projects. I think everyone says that Disney’s projects are fun, and you want to try them too. In fact, 4D parks such as Fantawild have similar things (imitations). Although it is not as exquisite as Disney, the excitement it brings is actually about the same. The processes are very similar.

(If there are fewer people in line, the happiness will be doubled.)

In addition, I personally think that the giant-screen IMAX movie at the Shanghai Science and Technology Museum (ticket is only 30) is more shocking than Disney’s Beyond the Horizon

2. Is it fun to go to Shanghai Disney? Is it suitable for middle-aged people?

One ticket to Shanghai Disneyland allows you to enter the park at one time and can only be used for one day.

If you plan to enter the park twice, you can purchase a two-day pass.

Ticket prices for Shanghai Disneyland:

Starting from June 6, 2018, Shanghai Disneyland offers weekday tickets, peak day tickets and holiday peak day tickets. The ticket price is RMB 399 on weekdays, RMB 575 on peak days when demand is higher (including summer vacation, weekends and most holidays), and RMB 575 on holiday peak days when demand is higher (mainly including the Spring Festival and National Day holiday weeks). The ticket price is 665 yuan.

Children, senior citizens and visitors with disabilities can enjoy a 25% discount on standard fares when purchasing tickets. Infants and young children can enter the park free of charge. If you purchase a two-day coupon, you can enjoy a discount of approximately 10% off the total price for both days. Ticket prices for specific calendar days should be consulted on the ticket booking page.

3. Is it fun to go to Shanghai Disneyland? Is it expensive?

If you don’t buy anything and bring your own food, it usually only costs the price of the ticket. If you want to buy something, there is no upper limit. Generally, a trip to Disneyland costs at least a thousand yuan. If you buy a lot of food and eat it at Disneyland, it will cost you 2-3 thousand yuan is a must

4. Is it fun to go to Shanghai Disney? Zhihu

Of course it is necessary.

Anyone can play at Shanghai Disney, whether you are a child, an adult or an elderly person.

Children go there to play and see the characters in fairy tales. For adults, of course it is necessary to go there, because Shanghai Disney is a sentimental thing, and you have grown up from childhood to adulthood, so of course you can go to Shanghai Disney.

5. Is Shanghai Disney fun?

1. Flying Over the Horizon. I remember when Shanghai Disney first opened, the queue for this project was as long as 6 or 7 hours. I was the one who spent 6 hours waiting in line, but it was really worth it. It is actually a spherical ring-screen movie that plays The various city scenes are very immersive. 2. Pirates of the Caribbean is a project about riding a small wooden boat in a cave. The main selling point is also the spherical ring screen, but it is more vivid than Flying Over the Horizon, with characters from the movie appearing. 3. The tron ​​speed light wheel is one of the most fun projects. If you don’t play it, you will definitely regret it. It is recommended to go at night. Firstly, there are not many people. Secondly, the lights of this project are better at night and it has a very sci-fi atmosphere. The above three are the activities I would like to recommend. Overall, Shanghai Disney is still worth a visit.

6. Is it fun to go to Shanghai Disney now?

It’s super bad. I just went there yesterday. It was not the weekend. I got up at 5 o’clock and got home at 22 o’clock. I played 4 activities and the ticket cost more than 500. It is unimaginable that there are so many people. We have to queue for more than 3 hours for one project. On a hot day, imagine how it feels. The service attitude is extremely poor. The staff and tourists are quarreling. Everyone is extremely disappointed, annoyed and having to queue. , there are frequent quarrels between tourists queuing up, and people nearby are saying that they will never come here again in this life. The good things said online are just excuses, are they? The chicken drumstick rice inside is 100 yuan, and it is not delicious. Damn it, I won’t even add some dried radish, I won’t go there again

7. Is it fun to go to Shanghai Disneyland? Is it worth going?

A ticket to Shanghai Disneyland costs 499, and the nice B&Bs nearby cost around 200 per night. After counting your own travel expenses, + 500 yuan for other expenses, that’s what you need to prepare~ Disney is a fairy tale dream factory. Everyone is urging you to grow up, but only Disney can keep you in your childhood. The castle and the lovely Daisy and Jenny and their friends are absolutely childlike. Come to Disney and be your true self.