Longnan City Tourist Attractions Layout Map Longnan City’s Main Attractions

Introduction: Longnan City tourist attractions layout map Longnan City’s main attractions 1. Longnan City’s main attractions 2. What are the main attractions in Longnan City 3. Longnan City’s famous attractions 4. What are the attractions in Longnan City 5. Longnan City’s top ten attractions 6. Longnan Introduction to the city’s main attractions 7. The top ten tourist attractions in Longnan City 8. What scenic spots are there in Longnan City 9. What are the main attractions in Longnan City

1. Main attractions in Longnan City

There are many, many, many, including the most famous Xixia Song in Chengxian County, which is known as Longshang Xiaojiangnan, Du Fu Thatched Cottage, Taishan Temple, the white-bone pine trees in Hongchuan, mountains in the clouds, the Eight Immortals Cave with overlapping clouds on the mountainside, airports, rivers, etc. Wait, the most attractive thing is the variety of snacks that dominate the screen. You can’t finish them in ten days. In addition, Jinhui Avenue in Hui County, Yunping in Liangdang, the pleasant Yangba and Huaqiao in Kang County, Tianchi in Wen County, Guan’e Valley in Dangmao, and the Langdu grassland in Min County in Dingxi are now famous. The Western and Tangram Festival and so on. I hope you are satisfied and welcome to Longnan as a guest.

2. What are the main attractions in Longnan City?


Tianchi is located in Chaggangliang Mountain District, Tianchi Township, Wenxian County, Longnan City. It is surrounded by mountains with a height of more than 3,500 meters, especially the realgar mountain, which is nearly 4,200 meters high. Therefore, in March and April every year, you can still see the white snow on the top of the mountain, which is very spectacular. Sometimes when the weather is good, you can see the unpredictable clouds, which is really beautiful!

Tianchi is a unique alpine lake in Gansu Province. The lake is more than 1,700 meters above sea level. Its shape is like a gourd. The water is clear and deep. There is an artificial plank road along the lake, with strange rocks and bad trees. Along the way, you can enjoy many scenic spots such as Yinma Pond, Fairy Pond, Tianmen Mountain, Qishite Beach, Guanyin Cliff, etc., so it becomes a natural beauty with nine twists and turns! It’s true that “the scenery can only be found in the sky, and the winding paths lead to picturesque beauty!”

Tianchi now has many honors, including “Provincial Forest Park”, “Provincial Geopark”, “Top Ten Scenic Spots in Gansu Province”, and “National 4A Tourist Attraction”.

Tianchi is also a summer resort. Bring your wife, children, or friends, and invite three or five friends to stop in the busyness and experience the scenery in depth! You will find that even if there are thousands of words, it is difficult to describe the unique beauty of Tianchi!

3. Famous attractions in Longnan City

There are mainly one state and one city in southern Gansu, namely Gannan Prefecture and Longnan City. The main attractions in Gannan Prefecture include Xiahe Labrang Monastery, Sangke Grassland, and the Han Dynasty Bajiao City at the foot of Dalijia Mountain in the eastern part of Ganjia Grassland. Within Luqu County are the Zecha Stone Forest, Gahai Lake, etc., and the first bend of the Yellow River in Maqu.

The main attractions in Longnan are Gonge Valley in Dangchang County (known as Xiaojiuzhaigou), Tianchi in Wen County, etc.

4. What are the attractions in Longnan City?

The highest altitude of Emanggou is 4153 meters.

Emanggou is located on the outskirts of Dangchang County, Longnan City, Gansu Province, about 340 kilometers away from Lanzhou City. It is one of the core scenic spots of the Guanyogou Scenic Area. It is located at the intersection of the eastern edge of the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau and the branches of the West Qinling and Minshan Mountains. , adjacent to Jiuzhaigou Scenic Area in Sichuan. Emanggou is like a picture scroll, with beautiful mountains and clear waters, singing birds and fragrant flowers, winding peaks and winding meridians. It can be seen that Leigu Mountain, the highest peak in Longnan at an altitude of 4153 meters, and the vast forest sea shrouded in clouds and mist have become a natural oxygen bar.

5. Top ten attractions in Longnan City

It depends on which direction you are coming from. I can provide the line:

Entering from the direction of Dangchang, you can visit the Red Army Long March Gas Station Hadapu – Guan’egou – Wudu Wanxiang Cave – Wen County Tianchi – Bikou Ancient Town, and go north to enter Yangba – Huaqiao in Kang County. Go eastward and enter the Xixiasong Scenic Area in Chengxian County – Jifeng Mountain – Santan in Huixian County – Liangdang Mutiny Site; go west and enter Qiuchi Mountain – Wanxia Lake – Wanxia Lake in Xihe County – Lixian County Pre-Qin relics.

There are also some small attractions along the way. If you are traveling by car, you can also stop and have a look. The scenery is also good.

6. Introduction to the main attractions in Longnan City

Guan’egou in Danchang County, Longnan City, is located in the south of Danchang County. The scenic area is picturesque all year round. You can enjoy flowers and trees in spring and summer, and you can enjoy the red leaves and snow scenery on the mountain in autumn and winter. There are large and small waterfalls scattered in the scenic area. There are clear and beautiful scenery in the scenic area. The river at the bottom has different scenery every season. It is favored by domestic and foreign tourists and is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Longnan City.

7. Top ten tourist attractions in Longnan City

1. Tianshui and Longnan are both very interesting. They are both known as Longshangjiangnan. There are many tourist attractions in the province.

2. Tianshui City is located in the southeast of Longnan and is known as the south bank of the Longshang River. Interesting places in the city include Maijishan Grottoes Scenic Area, Maiji District Scenic Area, Gangu Elephant Mountain Scenic Area and other famous attractions. Interesting places in Longnan City include Wanxiang Cave Scenic Area, Chengxian Xixia Scenic Area, Dangchang Guan’egou and other scenic spots.

8. What scenic spots are there in Longnan?

The beauty of Tianshui: beauty lies in the profound history and culture

“The Silk Road is three thousand miles long and the Chinese civilization is eight thousand years old.” This is a vivid portrayal of Gansu’s long history and rich culture. The starting point of the Silk Road in Gansu and the origin of Chinese civilization are the same place – Tianshui.

Tianshui is the birthplace of Fuxi, the ancestor of humanities. Fuxi began to draw the Eight Diagrams here, opened the sky with one painting, and civilization began. The ancestors of China multiplied, created, and grew here, composing a splendid ancient civilization. In a sense, it is precisely because of Fuxi’s profound and profound logical thinking and pioneering spirit that the Qin ancestor Ying Feizi rose and developed in Tianshui. After that, the Qin State unified the world and established the Qin Dynasty.

Fuxi Temple

Annual public memorial ceremony for Fuxi

Guatai Mountain is said to be the place where Fuxi began to draw the Eight Diagrams.

Qin’an Dadiwan

Painted pottery vase with human head shape and mouth unearthed from Dadiwan

Nanzhaizi, the Hu family’s residence during the Ming Dynasty

Tianshui Jixin Temple

The beauty of Tianshui lies in the majestic natural scenery

Tianshui has more than 8,000 years of civilization history, more than 3,000 years of written history, and more than 2,700 years of city building history. This magical land has accumulated an extremely profound cultural heritage. Five major cultures, represented by Fuxi culture, Dadiwan culture, early Qin culture, Maijishan Grottoes culture, and the ancient battlefield culture of the Three Kingdoms, complement each other here.

Maiji Mountain Scenic Area

Maiji Mountain Scenic Area consists of more than 180 scenic spots in five sub-scenic areas: Maiji Mountain, Xianren Cliff, Shimen, Quxi and Jieting Hot Spring. It has rich and diverse biological types and species and is known as the “Crown of Longshang Forest Springs”. With profound tourism value, it is a dazzling artistic pearl and the most potential tourist attraction on the golden tourism line of the Silk Road.

One of the four major grottoes in my country: Maijishan Grottoes

Immortal Cliff

“Little Huangshan” Shimen

Shimen Mountain has magnificent scenery and is known as Xiaohuang Mountain in Gansu Province. On the main peak are the Zhenwu Temple, Queen Mother Temple, Sanqing Hall, Wuliang Hall, Jade Emperor Hall and Bell Tower, which were rebuilt in the Ming and Qing Dynasties. There is a fairy bridge pavilion between the peaks. From the foot of Shimen Mountain, Wuyangguan Mountain, you can go up to the eighteen pans. Winding and climbing around, the quaint and majestic palaces, pavilions and pavilions are hidden among the white clouds, and the scenery is charming. On the night of Mid-Autumn Festival, the bright moon seems to rise slowly from the cracks in the stone door, changing endlessly. The moonlit night at Shimen is full of interest and is one of the ten scenic spots in Tianshui.

Wushan Water Curtain Cave

Wushan Water Curtain Cave is located in the Bell Tower Mountain Canyon about 25 kilometers northeast of Wushan County, Tianshui City, Gansu Province. The Water Curtain Cave is a natural rock cave about 50 meters high and more than 20 meters deep. There is a constant trickle in the cave all year round, and the eaves of the cave flow down on rainy days. Like a water curtain, hence the name. It now includes Lazao Temple, Thousand Buddha Cave, Xian Sheng Pond, and Shuilian Cave. It is a group of grottoes second only to the Maijishan Grottoes in Tianshui. It is also a Buddhist art resort on the southern route of the ancient “Silk Road” in the upper reaches of the Wei River. In the scenic area, there is the Giant Buddha of Lhasa Temple, which is the largest open-air cliff relief in Asia.

9. What are the main attractions in Longnan City?

  Wanxia Lake Wanxia Lake is located in Jiangxi Town, 5 kilometers west of Xihe County. It is one of the top ten key tourist attractions in Longnan City. It belongs to the Yangtze River Basin, Jialing River Water System, Xihan River Basin, and the lower reaches of the Jiangxi River, a tributary of the Yangshui River. The water is the Jian’an water mentioned in Li Daoyuan’s “Shui Jing Zhu·Yang Shui”. The Wanxia Lake Reservoir has a storage capacity of 10.35 million cubic meters and a water area of ​​more than 1,800 acres.