Hohnuoer tourist attractions Where is the Hohnuoer tourist attractions

Introduction: Hohnuoer tourist attractions Where are the Hohnuoer tourist attractions 1. Where are the Hohnuoer tourist attractions 2. Hohnuoer Grassland Tourist Resort 3. Introduction to the Hohnuoer Lake Scenic Area 4. How much are the tickets for the Hohnuoer tourist attraction Money 5. Tickets for Hohnuoer Scenic Area 6. Hailar Hohnuoer Scenic Area 7. Guide to visit Huhnuoer Scenic Area

1. Where is the tourist attraction in Hohnuoer?

The first day, Beijing – Taipusi Banner

Taipusi Banner used to be the royal horse farm of the Mongolian royal family. When you drive a BMW horse and roam on the green grassland, the feeling of galloping is a kind of natural liberation and a return to nature.

Activities on the first day at Taipusi Banner can include horse riding, bonfire party, etc.

The next day, we visited Taipusi Banner

There are many tourist attractions in Taipusi Banner. Even if you are driving on the road, the scenery along the way can be intoxicating.

You can stroll on the grassland, take your children to pick mushrooms in the mountains, go to Malagai Temple to pray, or climb to the top of Mount Aobao to learn about Mongolian culture.

Day 3: Taipu Temple Flag – Zhenglan Flag

Zhenglan Banner was once the center of the world in the 13th century. It was the seat of the capital of the Yuan Dynasty. Kublai Khan built a huge palace here. Although it has now returned to dust, you can still feel its former grandeur. and spirit, Yuanda is now a world cultural heritage.

In Blue Flag, you can go to Shitiao Mountain to experience the mystery of the earth’s movement, you can go to the Yuan Shangdu ruins to recall the glory of Kublai Khan, and you can go to the Yuan Shangdu Museum to learn about that period of history.

Day 4: Zhenglan Banner – Duolun County

On the way from Zhenglan Banner to Duolun, the scenery along the way will feast your eyes. There are white clouds floating in the blue sky. The breeze blows, bringing bursts of wildflower fragrance to your face. The white sheep are like beads falling from a jade plate. Scattered on the grassland, larks are flying happily in front of and behind your saddle. When you are tired, you can lie down on the grass at will, pillowing the weeds like a child, and return to the enjoyment of ancient nature. At this time, you can truly realize, Man and nature are so harmonious and inseparable, and the feeling of being integrated into nature is so beautiful.

Day 5: Duolun Lake, Duolun County

The vast Duolun Lake is like an emerald inlaid between mountains and grasslands. The mountains, lakes and grasslands complement each other. Here you can fish, pick agates, enjoy the scenery of lakes and mountains, and watch the brilliant Milky Way at night.

The most unforgettable thing for me was the whole fish feast. I went to Duolun Lake mostly for the food.

Day 6: Return to Toronto

Put aside your busy work for a while, escape the hustle and bustle of the city, forget all the worries in your heart, ride on the grassland, and feel the pleasure of relaxation. Welcome to Xilin Gol Grassland!

2. Hohnuoer Grassland Tourist Resort


The business card of Hulunbuir is the Mozhgrad River.

One of the must-visit attractions when traveling to Hulunbuir, it winds through the grassland with nine twists and turns, a masterpiece of nature.

The economic and political center of Hulunbuir is in Hailar.

There are four animal husbandry banners around Hailar: Ewenki Banner, Chen Barhu Banner, New Barhu Left Banner, and New Barhu Right Banner. Together they are collectively known as the Hulunbuir Prairie.


There are many famous grassland scenic spots, such as Jinzhanghan Grassland Scenic Area, Bayanhushuo Grassland Scenic Area, Huhnuoer Grassland Scenic Area, Hongji Cibu Grassland Scenic Area, etc. These scenic spots are all large-scale and convenient for the needs of tourists. The establishment also has a strong commercial atmosphere. If you are a family group, it is recommended that you choose to stay away from commercialization and choose outdoor routes.

3. Introduction to Huhnuoer Lake Scenic Area

There are four major river systems: the Yellow River, the Ergun River, the Nen River and the Xiliao River.

There are more than a thousand large and small rivers in Inner Mongolia, of which 107 have a drainage area of ​​more than 1,000 square kilometers. China’s second largest river, the Yellow River, enters Inner Mongolia from near Shizui Mountain in Ningxia, and surrounds the Ordos Plateau from south to north, forming a horseshoe shape. . Among them, there are 107 rivers with a drainage area of ​​more than 1,000 square kilometers; 258 rivers with a drainage area of ​​more than 300 square kilometers. There are nearly a thousand large and small lakes, mainly including Hulun Lake, Beier Lake, Dalinuoer Lake, Wuliangsuhai, Daihai, Juyanhai, etc.

According to different natural conditions and water systems, the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region is divided into: the Heilongjiang River system area at the western foot of the Greater Khingan Mountains (Kulun River, Ergun River); the inland water system area of ​​the Hulunbuir Plateau; and the mountainous and hilly Nenjiang River system area at the eastern foot of the Daxingan Mountains (Hannuo River). River, Naduli River, Dobkul River, Gan River, etc.); Liaohe River water system area in the West Liaohe River Plain (Laoha River and Xilamulun River); Inner Mongolia high plain inland water system area at the northern foot of Yinshan Mountain; Yinshan Mountain, Haihe River , Luanhe River water system area; Yellow River water system area (Yellow River, Dahei River) in the Hetao Plain at the southern foot of Yinshan Mountain; Ordos High Plains water system area; Western Desert Inland Water System area.

4. How much are the tickets for Hohnuoer tourist attractions?

Snow is falling, fluttering from the sky, falling on the roof, falling to the ground, very light, like the footsteps of a kitten. There are a few crystal ice cubes shining in the snow. The trees were covered in snow-covered clothes, with white hats, white cotton-padded jackets, and white scarves. It was such a pure day.

For those who grew up in the South, snow is synonymous with mystery. I am even more yearning for the majestic and majestic snow-capped mountains, so I am full of nostalgia for that trip to the snow country. That eternity, whether it is pure and innocent, or its various postures, or its coldness and severity, ice and snow have left the most beautiful mark in my heart. Today I will tell you all about how to play in Northeast China.

①About the itinerary

If you want to visit some core attractions in the Northeast, it usually takes 5-7 days. Because there is a lot of snow and low temperatures in winter, the driving speed is not fast. Generally, 6 days is the best time. Many people are confused whether to join a group tour or travel independently. This will be analyzed in detail later.

1. [Ice and Snow World] Ice and Snow World is a must-see attraction in Harbin. It combines ice sculptures with architectural craftsmanship, coupled with lighting effects, and it is absolutely beautiful.

2. [Central Street] The buildings on Central Street bring together the European Renaissance styles of the 15th and 16th centuries, the Baroque style of the 17th century, the eclectic style of the 18th century and the Art Nouveau style of the 19th century, which are the most influential in the history of Western architecture. Architectural schools, these schools cover the essence of Western architectural art for hundreds of years.

3. [Yabuli] Yabuli Ski Resort is a national AAAA-level scenic spot. Skiing is definitely a must-do for everyone traveling to Northeast China.

4. [Snow Valley] Located in the Snow Valley is the highest peak in Longjiang, Datuudingzi Mountain, with an altitude of 1,691 meters, ranking highest among the mountains in Longjiang. The top of the mountain is covered with snow caps in June and snowflakes fall on it in October.

5. [Snow Township] The full name is “China Snow Township National Forest Park”. Ever since “Where Are We Going, Dad” was filmed here, this Snow Township has become very popular. The beautiful scenery here can really make you feel like you are in a fairy tale world.

6. [Changbai Mountain] I believe everyone is very familiar with Changbai Mountain, but many people don’t know that Changbai Mountain in winter is so beautiful that it can take your breath away.

7. [Rime Island] “Rime” is called “Shuhang” by the local people. It is a magical and wonderful scenery. Rime Island is recognized as the best place to enjoy this beautiful scenery.


① Never go there by yourself, let alone drive there by yourself. There is snow all over the sky, the temperature is tens of degrees below zero, and there are no professional arrangements. If you go directly to play without saying whether it is a good time or not, even safety is a problem;

②Be sure to arrange your itinerary before going. Many local attractions have limited reception capacity, especially accommodation in Xuexiang. During the peak season, people cannot find accommodation there every year.

② Things you need to prepare for traveling

1. Backpack, a long and sturdy down jacket, earmuffs, a mask, a hat, a scarf, and thickened leather gloves (this is super important! The warmer, the better! I often take pictures with my mobile phone, it’s too cold!), It is best to prepare some baby warmers. In addition to keeping yourself warm, your mobile phone also needs to be protected by a baby warmer, otherwise some mobile phones will freeze and shut down in minutes. Also prepare a pair of glasses to protect your eyes in the snow.

2. Medicines: cold medicine

③Does it need someone to play with?

This issue has actually been mentioned above, because there is a lot of snow in the Northeast, the temperature is low, and the scenic spots span the two provinces of Harbin and Jilin. Therefore, not having professionals to arrange and play with you is not only a bad fun, but also a safety issue. Here I would like to recommend group tours or free travel routes to the Northeast.

④About catering

Everyone knows that Northeastern people are honest. The food there is not only plentiful, but also cheap. I guess everyone has eaten Northeastern food, but after trying it in the Northeast, you will find that the authentic Northeastern food is not a little bit delicious.

⑤About fees

If you travel by yourself for a 6-day itinerary, it will cost you at least 4,000 yuan per person, and it will be even higher if there is a shortage of housing in scenic spots during the peak season. Therefore, it is recommended to find a local travel expert to arrange it. The cost can be saved by more than 30%, which is cost-effective and worry-free.


The Northeast in winter is a place worth remembering, but you must make arrangements in advance before visiting, otherwise it will definitely be time-consuming. In general, there are three play options:

Local tour group booking: Tourists sign up for a local tour group in their own city. This option is the most common one and the least cost-effective one. All travel agencies outside the Northeast are actually middlemen. All their tourists will eventually be sent to local travel agencies in the Northeast. After tourists arrive in the Northeast, all itineraries are arranged by the local travel agency. So if there are too many middlemen in this situation, you can imagine the price and service.

Purely free travel: Don’t let anyone else help you arrange the trip. You can arrange all the itineraries by yourself. This kind of gameplay is very free, you can stop and go, you have the final say. However, due to the special climate in the Northeast, it is generally not recommended to choose this option. If time and cost are not considered, friends can choose.

Free travel to the destination: Find a local experienced travel expert to make a reasonable itinerary plan. This method has become more and more popular in the past two years. The method is to contact a travel expert before going, and he will help arrange the route and itinerary in advance according to your needs. You only need to tell the flight information to the host. When the tourists arrive, there will be someone to pick them up. The rest of the food, drinks and entertainment will be arranged by the host. This method is also recommended to everyone. It has the freedom of independent travel and the low cost of joining a group. Because of this, this method is becoming more and more popular.

The white snow wrapped the house, as if wearing a

Thick cotton jacket. The snow on the roof seemed about to pour down, layer after layer, piling up into soft shapes.

The bright red lanterns look particularly bright in the pure white world.

This is the cold and dreamy ice and snow kingdom – Snow Country.

The meaning of travel does not lie in others, but in yourself. “Both body and mind must be on the road of travel.”

5. Tickets for Hohnuoer Scenic Area

60 dollars.

The Morgrad River is also known as the Morgrad River, the Morgen River, and the Morgen River. It is a transliteration of Mongolian and means “winding river” or “meeting river”. It is known as “the most curved water in the world” .

Located in Chenbalhu Banner, Hulunbuir City, Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, it originates from the west side of Hadal Ridge in the middle section of the Greater Khingan Mountains. It is 319 kilometers long and has a drainage area of ​​4,987 square kilometers. The river snakes from northeast to southwest through the Hulunbuir Prairie, and ends at Bayankuren. More than 10 kilometers west of the town, it merges into Huhnuoer Lake, flows out from the south of the lake, and joins the Hailar River near the Wugunuoer Station on the Binzhou Line. It belongs to the Ergun River system of the Sino-Russian boundary river. The terrain in the basin is flat and open, the river gradient is small, the river is tortuous, and the water and grass on both sides are abundant, making it a good natural pasture.

The Morgrad River is extremely winding and winding, just like a giant dragon lying on the grassland, with nine twists and turns, the waterway twists and turns, and the flow direction changes. A river with so many bends is very rare in the country. The famous Chinese writer Lao She once called it “the best Qushui in the country”.

The Morgler River is a very narrow but extremely winding river. Viewed from the air, the river meanders like a blue ribbon, sometimes going east, sometimes west, sometimes south, sometimes north. Its degree of curvature can be described as nine twists and eighteen turns.

The Morgrad River is not wide. If it is not the flood season, the widest point is only five or six meters. The river water is formed by the convergence of springs, and the areas it passes through are mostly uninhabited mountains and grasslands, so the river water is very clean and is a completely unpolluted water source.

6. Hailar Hohnuoer Scenic Area

Hello, if you want to visit the Hulunbuir Prairie, it is best to spend six days. I recommend a classic loop route to you. This route does not take repeated routes and does not see repeated landscapes:

D1, Hailar – Enhe (passing scenic spots: Golden Horde Khan, Mozhgrad River hinterland also known as the world’s first Qushui, birch forest,). Enhe double standard check-in

Today we started to cross the grassland. The first place we arrived by car was the Golden Horde Khan Scenic Area. You can take photos, but we didn’t go in because the ones behind us are all original and free. Next, we went deep into the grassland along the Morgler River. Watch the beautiful scenery of the Mozhgrad River, the most meandering river in the world, and in the afternoon go to the birch forest. There are straight birch forests here, where you can enjoy the beautiful scenery, lush green under the blue sky, and feel the deepest charm of the Greater Khingan Mountains.

D2, Enhe-Shiwei-Linjiang-Taiping (passing scenic spots: Qika, Jiuka, Sino-Russian Boundary River, Eagle Mouth Stone, Crescent Pao) Check-in in Taiping (double standard)

After breakfast, we headed to Shiwei along the border highway. Here we can enjoy the beautiful rapeseed flowers, which are like golden waves and are intoxicating. Everyone can take photos. After that, we went to Shiwei, which was rated as one of the top ten charming towns in China by CCTV. Wei, enjoy the beautiful Sino-Russian border river, where you can see the beautiful Russian town, and then take the bus to Eagle Mouth Rock, which was once the filming location of the movies {Wheat Field} and {White Deer Plain}, and there is a lot of wheat next to it. and rapeseed flowers, which are particularly beautiful when blown by the wind. After a short stay, we continued along the forest path to Yueyuepao, a naturally formed small lake and a naturally formed Half Moon Lake. After Brother Gu takes you to play, we will Arrive at Taiping Village, which is a quiet small village with a small river flowing quietly in front. You can play and take photos by the stream. It looks so peaceful and beautiful under the blue sky and white clouds.

D3, Taiping Village–Mordauga (passing attractions: Mordauga National Forest Park, Longyan Mountain) Mordauga double standard check-in

After breakfast, drive to Mordaoga National Forest Park. It is famous for its beautiful scenery and unique scenery. It has Mordaoga in the south and Xishuangbanna in the north. Well-known throughout the country, there are virgin forests of Pinus sylvestris and virgin larch forests. In the evening we went up to Longyan Mountain to enjoy the sunset over the village in the forest.

D4, Mordaoga-Ergun (passing scenic spots: Genhe Wetland, Ergun accommodation (double standard).

After breakfast, we drove to Genhe Wetland, which is the first wetland in China. It is currently the best-maintained wetland with the largest area. In the viewing area, you can see winding rivers, green trees, wetlands, and great views. It is very good. You can overlook this wetland from the highest point. This is the best place to appreciate the Genhe Wetland. You can feel the atmosphere of the Genhe Wetland here. It is best seen at sunset. It feels like the entire Ergun is at your feet.

D5, Ergun–Heishantou–Manzhouli (passing scenic spots: Hulie Tu Lake, Hulun Lake, Manzhouli night view,). Double standard accommodation in Manzhouli

After breakfast, drive to Heishantou. The scenery along the way is very beautiful, with large grasslands, wheat fields and rapeseed fields. You can also ride horses after arriving at Heishantou. Experience the nation on horseback. Then go to Hulieyetu Ecological Wetland, which is the best base for bird watching. There are various water birds flying everywhere on the water. Then we will come to Hulun Lake, one of the four largest freshwater lakes in China and the largest lake in Inner Mongolia. Then we will go to Manzhouli to stay. After dinner, we can walk on the street and feel the exotic customs of Russia.

D6, Manzhouli-Hailar (passing scenic spots: Guomen, No. 41 Boundary Monument, Matryoshka Square, Mammoth Park, Huhnuoer Scenic Area)

After breakfast, we came to the National Gate. There is boundary monument No. 41 here. It is recommended not to go in. We took pictures outside. After feeling the solemnity of the National Gate, we went to the Matryoshka Doll Square to see the largest matryoshka doll in the world. The matryoshka dolls here are lifelike and very unique. Then we took a bus to Mammoth Park, the largest group of mammoth statues, which are very vivid, like a group of mammoths flying towards you, with extraordinary momentum, and then all the way to Huhnuoer Lake, where there are turquoise lakes and white Mongolian yurts, cute camels, sheep and horses on the grassland eating water grass, the lake and mountains are connected in a line. Against the backdrop of blue sky and white clouds, the beauty is breathtaking. After admiring it, we returned to Hailar to end our happy trip.

This route can tour the essence of the Hulunbuir Prairie, including grasslands, forests, wetlands, fields, rivers, lakes, famous towns, ancient ruins, waterway ports, land ports, ethnic villages, fellow herders, picking flowers and fruits, horseback riding and archery Across the grassland! During a pleasant trip, you can also experience the food, accommodation and transportation with different ethnic characteristics. This kind of journey will definitely make your trip worthwhile!

Eat: hand-meat with ethnic characteristics, roasted whole lamb, roasted lamb chops, milk tea, sheep scorpion, haggis soup, lamb hot pot, Russian bar, wild blueberries, fresh milk, various Russian meals, game, wild day lilies , wild mushrooms, wild fungus, various wild vegetables, various natural vegetables, etc.

Accommodation: yurts with Mongolian characteristics, wood-carved houses with Russian characteristics, luxury hotels with Chinese architecture, ethnic style family houses, etc.

OK: Hulunbuir Prairie is like a huge picture scroll, boundless, with blue sky and white clouds everywhere. As you play and walk along the way, you will see herds of cattle and sheep, and you will have a panoramic view of the blue sky, white clouds, green grassland, and golden rapeseed flowers. 

(This is a rough itinerary, the specific itinerary depends on your time and wishes.) Horse Travel

1. The biggest feature of grassland tour is that there is no destination. You must stop the car when you see the beautiful scenery along the way. In the past, you missed the beautiful scenery.

2. The temperature difference between day and night is large in Hulunbuir. You cannot only wear short-sleeved shirts, shorts or skirts when traveling. You should bring appropriate long-sleeved clothes to add or subtract at any time.

3. There are many mosquitoes on the grassland in summer, so you should bring some Fengyoujing (available locally). It is best to wear travel shoes instead of sandals to prevent mosquito bites.

4. It is also wise to bring a folding umbrella. It can provide shade on sunny days and protect you from the sun, and it can also cope with the light rain that comes at any time.

5. Friends who like to take pictures, bring some bright clothes and take pictures with the grassland.

7. Guide to visiting Huhnuoer tourist attractions

I recommend a six-day classic loop route to you. This route does not take repeated routes or see repeated scenery: the first day, Hailar-Ergun (passing scenic spots: Golden Horde Khan, Mozhgrad River hinterland also known as The most beautiful water in the world, the Ergunagan River Wetland is also known as the first wetland in Asia). The next day, Ergun – Enhe – Linjiang (passing scenic spots: birch forest, century-old house, Russian Folk Museum, Haur Scenic Area, Sino-Russian boundary river, No. 111 boundary monument, Russian Oluo across the river Qicun, Linjiang sunset, Linjiang morning fog). On the third day, Linjiang – Taiping Tun – Mordaoga (passing scenic spots: Eagle Mouth, Crescent Pao, Taiping Village, Mordaoga National Forest Park). On the fourth day, Mordaoga – Genhe – Ergun – Heishantou (passing scenic spots: Longyan Mountain, Daxinganling Primeval Forest, Shenlu Park, Aoluguya Ewenki Ethnic Customs Park, Hongjilab Mongolian Park camp). Day 5, Heishantou – Manzhouli (passing scenic spots: Heishantou Sino-Russian Port, Thirty-three Wetlands, Hulunbuir’s vastest grassland, Hulie Tu, Manzhouli night view, Zhongsu Street). Day six, Manzhouli-Hailar (passing scenic spots: National Gate, No. 41 Boundary Monument, Matryoshka Square, Russian Art Museum, Hulun Lake, Hohnuoer Scenic Area).