Apply for a French visa for the second time and study in France for one year. Apply for a third visa for studying in France.

Introduction: Applying for a French visa for the second time and one year for studying in France. Third visa for studying in France. 1. Third visa for studying in France. 2. How long does it take to apply for a third visa for studying in France? 3. Requirements for a third visa to study in France. 4. Multiple times for studying in France for 3 years. Visa 5. French student visa renewal 6. French student visa renewal process 7. Is the French student visa signed after three days? 8. Get the French student visa in three days 9. France student visa 10. The third visa time to study in France

1. Third visa for studying in France

It takes about seven days to apply for a French study visa, but the whole process takes about one month.

  Applying for a French long-term study visa requires several procedures, a large number of translated documents, the legendary “three certificates” and two interviews – before the visa interview, there is also a CELA interview. Many students may get confused when they see this complicated procedure. The French study visa time needs to be arranged in an orderly manner, and the whole process only takes about 3 months.

2. How long does it take to obtain a third visa to study in France?

The embassy will generally accept the visa application when the materials are complete, meet the requirements of the checklist, and do not require additional review. In principle, the consulate’s processing time is 24-48 hours (one to two working days).

The French Embassy and Consulates are committed to ensuring that this processing time is not affected throughout the year and even during peak periods.

3. Third visa requirements for studying in France

Step 1: Go to the French Visa Application Center website, call the call center, or go to the center in person to obtain detailed consultation information.

Step 2: Make an appointment through the French Visa Center webpage or call the call center.

Step 3: Submit the materials at the French Visa Application Center.

(Visa applications must be submitted by the applicant in person, except for holders of diplomatic passports and official passports.

) Step 4: Check the passport progress through the center’s website or call the call center.

Step 5: Pick up your passport at the French Visa Application Center (if requested in advance, it will be sent by express delivery).

4. France 3-year multiple visa

Currently, no Schengen country can directly apply for a five-year multiple-entry visa. Except for applicants who meet certain conditions, they can directly apply for a five-year multiple-entry visa to France. No other Schengen countries can directly apply for a five-year multiple European Schengen visa.

5. French student visa renewal

1. Proof of the French study abroad evaluation interview at Campusfrance 2. French study visa application form with photo, and a passport size photo with a white background 3. Original and copy of passport, original and copy of old passport (if the passport has been changed) )4. Original ID card, its copy and translation 5. French university admission notice and language admission notice 6. Housing certificate (original and one copy) 7. Fund proof: bank deposit certificate (original and copy) One copy) Proof of parents’ income: proof of work (and its translation), and at least six months of salary records in the salary account, signed by the parents, proving that they are responsible for the children’s expenses while they are in France 8. Notarized birth certificate (original and copy One copy) 9. Students over 28 years old need to provide proof of insurance while studying in France 10. Original and copy of French university registration fee certificate (students registered in private schools must provide this certificate) 11. Date of admission to French university Copy of extension certificate (required if the start date has passed)

6. French study visa renewal process

Before the French visa expires, you must go to the Chinese Embassy in France to extend the visa.

7. Was the French study visa signed after three days?

It depends on which country you are going to and what type of visa you are applying for. For specific information, you can go to the Visa Home for consultation. The advantage of the Visa Home is that it has physical stores in major cities across the country. Generally, travel agencies provide reserved tables or I contracted a department, which can only be applied for online, and there is no physical store. Although the travel agency I found on Taobao and Ctrip previously only cost more than 200, I didn’t know everything about it, and I felt very uneasy. Moreover, the visa specialists in the travel agency are all tourism Graduated from a vocational school, very unprofessional. The teachers at Sign House are all former embassy employees, and they consult and handle all business in person. However, the disadvantage of the signature store is that it is more expensive. If you don’t have the money, you can go to the signature store. If you don’t have the money, I suggest you DIY it yourself.

8. Get a French study visa in three days

In fact, in theory, there is no question of which country has a higher or lower visa approval rate, nor does it say that a certain country is easier. The key depends on your own preparation. Applying for a visa is not random. You need to apply for a visa from the main country of destination or country of entry. Otherwise, you are likely to be refused a visa or refuse to enter the country after getting the visa. But I usually apply for visas in France, Germany and Italy. In France, perhaps because there are too many applicants, strange visa rejections occasionally occur. As long as the materials are reasonable, the second visa can be passed. It is better to find an agency to handle it, which will save trouble. Many relatives and friends around the world were denied visas several times when they went abroad for the first time. Later, they all successfully passed the visa application online, and it was very fast. It is understood that they are state-owned enterprises, with a government background, and are also in contact with the embassy, ​​mainly related to business. Even if the visa is refused and signed again, the work efficiency is very high, but the cost is too high.

9. France study visa

There will be differences due to different countries and different types of visas. It can be said that it ranges from 3-30 days. It takes 1-3 working days to apply for a Southeast Asian visa; 5-7 working days to apply for a visa to Japan and South Korea; 7-7 days to apply for a visa from other Asian countries. 10 working days European visa usually takes 5 working days to be reviewed by each embassy, ​​but an appointment needs to be made in advance. The result of the US and Canadian visa can be known within 1 working day, but you need to make an appointment for an interview one month in advance. African visas require 7-15 working days, such as Egypt, South Africa, Tanzania, Kenya, etc., which require shorter working days.

10. The third visa period for studying in France

1: Thailand tourist visa is: 90 days validity, 30 days stay period 2: Japan single visa: 3 months validity, 15 days stay period Japan 3-year multiple visa: 3 years The first time you go, according to the regulations, you can only stay for a maximum of 15 days After that, each visit will not exceed 30 days at most, and the total number of days in a year will not exceed 180 days. If the total number of days in a year reaches 180 days, you will not be able to go again for the rest of the year, and you will have to wait until the second year. Japan’s 5-year multiple-entry visa: valid for 5 years. Like the 3-year visa, you can only stay up to 15 days for the first time, and you can stay up to 90 days for each subsequent visit. Similarly, the total number of days in a year cannot exceed 180 days. Three: Korean single-entry visa: 90-day validity, 90-day stay period. Korean 5-year multiple visa: 5-year validity period, 90-day stay period each time. Let’s talk about the visa validity period and stay period of European Schengen countries. Four; Schengen country first time The process is generally approved in a very short time: basically the validity period is 1-6 months (approved by the embassy) and the number of days of stay (according to the number of days applied by the applicant, it is basically a few days to apply and a few days to be approved). If you have been there many times, 2 – The embassy that has been approved more than 3 times may grant you a validity period of 1-5 years. Five: The first application in the UK is now valid for 2 years, with multiple trips. Six: Australian visa is valid for 1-10 years for a single stay of 3 months. Seven: U.S. tourist visa, business visa, and family visit visa are valid for 1-10 years (it is valid for 10 years as long as it is not reviewed) for a stay of 6 months each time (but the maximum It is best not to exceed 3 months) U.S. study visas for 1-5 years are generally valid for 5 years. Eight: Canadian visas have a maximum validity of 10 years (approved based on your passport validity, the maximum validity is 10 years. Each stay is 6 months) .If the applicant does not know how to apply for a visa, he can find a professional visa officer company to help him.