What are the fun places in Jinhua? What are the fun places in Jinhua?

Introduction: Where are the fun places in Jinhua? What are the fun places in Jinhua? 1. What are the fun places in Jinhua? 2. What fun places and attractions are recommended in Jinhua? 3. What fun places and tourist attractions are there in Jinhua? 4. What are the fun places in Jinhua? Fun places in places 5. What fun places are there in Jinhua 6. What fun places are there in Jinhua to recommend? 7. What fun places are there in Jinhua indoors 8. What fun places are there in Jinhua 9. What fun places are there in Jinhua for free

1. What are the interesting places in Jinhua?

Jinhua is a city with mountains and rivers, and its natural scenery is very distinctive. The cave groups composed of Shuanglong’s five caves and ten caves and Lanxi’s six caves compete for beauty; the red layer Danxia landform mountain scenery represented by Fangyan Mountain and Jiufeng Mountain is tall and beautiful; the water town landscape represented by Wujiang River and Lanjiang River The scenery is charming; the mountain forest landscape represented by Jinhua Beishan National Forest Park is lush and green. Yiwu River and Wuyi River merge into one in the south of Jinhua City, commonly known as Wujiang River, and nicknamed Shuangxi. The stream is clear and flows westward around the city like a jade belt. The scenery along the coast is beautiful. Outside the city, there are Nanshan Mountain and Beishan Mountain confronting each other. They are majestic.


Jinhua Shuanglong Cave

Wong Tai Sin Temple

Zhuge Bagua Village


2. Jinhua Wuyi

Tang style open-air hot spring

Wuyi Xili Hot Spring

Guodong Ancient Ecological Village

Shouxian Valley Scenic Area

Yuyuan Tai Chi Astrology Village

Shi’eyan Scenic Area

Xiaohuangshan Scenic Area


Clearwater Bay Hot Spring Resort

2 Jinhua Lanxi

Lanxi Underground River

Orchid Village

2. What are the recommended places and attractions in Jinhua?

In urban Jinhua, you can consider going to the riverside during the day. There are several theme parks along the river – Wuzhou Park and Bayong Park in the north of the river, Qingfeng Park and Architectural Art Park to the east, each with its own characteristics and integrating nature. The scenery is integrated with the characteristics of the times, and there are many ancient charms; Huang Binhong Park at Tongji Qiaotou is certainly worth a visit. The Camellia Park located in Jiangnan is also good. Admission to these places is free.

In the evening, it is recommended that you go to Jinhua’s two special dining places – Jiangnan Claypot and Wuyi Road Snack Street. Jinhua’s bone pot and stir-fried lobster are definitely local specialties, and diners can’t get enough of them.

There are also cultural relics and historical sites in the city such as the Taiping Heavenly Kingdom Prince’s Mansion and Bayong Pavilion that are worth visiting. The Shuanglong Scenic Area, Wong Tai Sin Temple and the Big Buddha Temple on the outskirts of the city are all tourist attractions very close to the city and are very convenient to come and go;

3. What are the fun places and tourist attractions in Jinhua?

“Along the River During Qingming Festival”, Qin Palace, Dream Valley

4. What are the interesting places in Jinhua?

There are glass bridges, rowing boats, glass boats, children’s favorite water park, swings that get higher and higher in Gangguling, single-plank bridges and a dark and scary haunted house. It’s so fun.

5. What are the interesting places in Jinhua?

In my opinion:

①Wuzhou Ancient City (Personally, I think Wuzhou Ancient City is more fun than Jinhua Shuanglong Cave)

②Jinhua Shuanglong Scenic Area

③Jinhua Ham (well-known at home and abroad, one of the best hams in China)

④Jinhua shortbread cake (crispy and especially delicious)

The above are all personal opinions, but what I am talking about (Wuzhou Ancient City, Jinhua Shuanglong Scenic Area, Jinhua Ham, Jinhua Shortbread) should not only be known to Jinhua people

6. Can you recommend any interesting places in Jinhua?

Jinhua: China Wu Theater, Jinhua Sports Center, China Camellia Cultural Park, Jinhua Culture and Art Center, Huang Binhong Park, Wuzhou Park, Jinhua Architectural Art Park, Wubaitan Park, Citizen Square, People’s Square, Shi Guangnan Music Square, Jinhua Zoo, Qingfeng Park, Aiqing Park, etc.

Yiwu: Xiuhu Square, Yiwu Riverside Theme Park, Yiwu Ocean World, Yiwu Meihu Sports Center, Chouzhou Park, Great Wall Park, Xuefeng Park, etc.

7. What are the fun places in Jinhua indoors?

There are cultural relics and historic sites such as Guangdu ruins of Han Dynasty, Woyun Temple, Jinhua Temple, etc., as well as famous places such as Huanglongxi Ancient Town, Zihu Park, Tanghu Park, Mingshui Temple, Wanbai, and Ancient Buddha Weir. Tanghu Park is located on the edge of Shuangliu County, 18 kilometers away from Chengdu. It is a newly built antique garden featuring crabapples and lakes. It covers an area of ​​250 acres, including more than 70 acres of water surface. It is known as a bright pearl among Western Sichuan gardens. The lake is named after Tang, hence the name “Tanghu Park”. The layout of the park is in the style of ancient Chinese royal gardens, with 15 scenic spots cleverly built around the lake, cleverly integrating the long historical and cultural origins of Shuangliu County. If you have time, visit Huanglongxi, which is a historical and cultural town in Sichuan and a municipal tourist attraction. It not only has beautiful scenery and beautiful environment, but also has the style of a typical small town in western Sichuan. It has attracted many film and television camera crews to shoot in the town. Known as the “Film and Television City” and “China’s Hollywood”, it is a well-known natural place for film and television photography at home and abroad.

8. What fun places are there in Jinhua?

In terms of tourism, there is Shuanglong Cave in Jinhua. It is a karst cave. It is most comfortable to go at this time. Standing at the entrance of the cave is like turning on the air conditioner to the lowest temperature. It is very refreshing. If you want to enter the cave, you must bring a Wear a thick coat, otherwise you may catch a cold.

Not far from the city, there is the Chisonghuang Taixian Ancestral Palace, which is also quite famous.

There is Hengdian Film and Television City in Dongyang, which is known as the Hollywood of the East.

There is a long underground river in Lanxi and an ancient village called Zhuge Bagua Village.

Yongkang has Yongkang Fangyan and Xixi Film and Television Base.

Wuyi has Niutoushan Forest Park, Qingshuiwan Hot Spring and Guodong Ancient Village.

In terms of food, Jinhua’s snacks include meat and wheat cakes, large wontons, sugar cakes, ox blood soup, pig tripe, dried wheat cakes and so on.

9. What fun places are free in Jinhua?

 The Jinhua Municipal Museum was officially opened to the public on September 28, 2015. Visitors can visit for free by swiping their ID cards. 1. Location: The intersection of Dongshi Street and Jiangjun Road, Jinhua City, Zhejiang Province, 100 meters east of the Palace of the Taiping Heavenly Kingdom. 2. Overview: The total construction area is 13,600 square meters, of which the exhibition hall area is 4,700 square meters. There are 5 exhibition halls, namely the “Bawu Ancient Rhythm” exhibition hall that interprets Jinhua from a historical perspective, the “Magic Land” exhibition hall that interprets Jinhua from a geological perspective, the “local folk customs” exhibition hall that interprets Jinhua from the perspective of ancient villages, and the “Local Folk Customs” exhibition hall that interprets Jinhua from the perspective of industry and commerce. The “Hometown of Hundreds of Craftsmen” exhibition hall interprets Jinhua from a cultural perspective and the “Poetry and Calligraphy Heirloom” exhibition hall interprets Jinhua from a literary and artistic perspective. 3. Opening hours: 9:00-16:30 every Tuesday to Sunday; entry is closed after 16:00; closed on Mondays (except legal holidays and special circumstances), and closed all day from Lunar New Year’s Eve to the third day of the lunar calendar. 4. Things to note: 1. Pets are not allowed inside. 2. Minors, persons with disabilities or other persons with limited mobility must be accompanied by an adult or guardian with normal mobility when entering the museum. The accompanying visitors are responsible for their own safety. 3. Those who drink too much, are disheveled, or bring pets will not be allowed to enter the museum. 4. It is strictly prohibited to bring flammable, explosive, controlled equipment and other dangerous goods into the museum. 5. Consciously take care of public facilities, do not touch exhibits, do not climb or lie down, and please follow the instructions when using facilities for disabled people. 6. Please do not use flash or brackets when taking photos or taking photos in the exhibition hall. 7. Consciously maintain environmental hygiene, do not throw away debris at will, and smoking is prohibited in the entire hotel. 8. Consciously abide by the visiting order and obey the on-site guidance and instructions of the museum staff. In case of major or temporary events, please follow our arrangements. 9. Group visits (more than 30 people) must make a reservation three days in advance. After confirmation, the visit must be made at the agreed time. If the ticket is not collected within the time limit, the reservation will be cancelled. 10. Audiences who need explanation services or use wheelchairs or strollers please contact the service desk. 11. Pay attention to safety as the floor of the hall is smooth, and some exhibition halls have uneven floors. Pay attention to your feet. 12. The final right of interpretation belongs to Jinhua Museum.