Sooyoung District Cruise Sooyoung Port Ferry Phone Number

Introduction: Xiuying District Cruise Ship Xiuying Port Ferry Phone Number 1. Xiuying Port Ferry Phone Number 2. Xiuying Port Ferry Terminal Phone Number 3. Xiuying Port Ferry Time 4. Xiuying Port Ferry Phone Number 5. Do I need to make a reservation for Xiuying Port Ferry? 6. Xiuying Port ferry consultation hotline 7. Xiuying Port ferry ticket purchase

1. Sooyoung Port Ferry Phone Number

It will depart Haikou Xiuying Port at 19:00 on April 29 and arrive at Beihai Port at 08:00 on April 20.

Departing from Xiuying Port at 22:00 on May 1st and arriving at Beihai Port at 11:00 on May 2nd.

Xiuying Port at 17:30 on May 3 – Beihai Port at 06:30 on May 4.

On May 5th, 7th and 9th, it will all depart from Xiuying Port at 19:00 and arrive at Beihai Port at 08:00 the next day.

2. Xiuying Port Ferry Terminal Phone Number

It should be Haikou Xiuying Port Bus Terminal, right?

The location is Xiuying Port, Binhai Avenue, Haikou City.

I suggest you call and ask, or call West Railway Station and ask.

West Railway Station is an inter-provincial station and sells island tickets, but some trains depart from Xiuying Port.

This data comes from Baidu Maps, and the final results are subject to the latest data from Baidu Maps.

3. Sooyoung Port Ferry Time

Take a boat from Haikou to Beihai, Guangxi. The ferry location is Xiuying Port, No. 96 Binhai Avenue, Haikou. The Hisense 11 ferry goes to Beihai Port, and the Beibu Gulf 3 ferry goes to Beihai International Passenger Port. The departure time is 6pm or 7pm, and it will arrive in Haikou at 7pm or 8am the next morning. The whole journey takes twelve hours. The ticket prices for Hisense No. 11 are 140 yuan to 400 yuan, Beibu Gulf No. 66 is 250 yuan to 480 yuan, and Beibu Gulf No. 3 is 140 yuan to 500 yuan.

4. Sooyoung Port Ferry Phone Number

Xiuying Port Terminal is characterized by its location in the urban area and close distance. In addition to general car ferry crossings overseas, it is also a passenger car ferry terminal and a passenger cross-sea terminal. Generally, individual travelers choose Xiuying Port Pier. The disadvantages are that there are few shipping flights, the ships are small in tonnage and the speed is slow.

The new seaport is about 15 kilometers away from Xiuying Port and is far from the urban area. Compared with Xiuying Port, it has more flights, larger ship tonnage and relatively faster speed. It is also the only outlying island terminal for purchasing duty-free goods on outlying islands, and is very close to the newly built Hainan’s largest duty-free city.

5. Do you need to make a reservation for the Xiuying Port Ferry?

Xiuying Port.

Currently, there are three terminals where you can take ferries to Hainan from Hai’an Town in Xuwen County: Hai’an Port, Hai’an New Port, and Guangdong Ferry North Port, namely, Xiuying Port, Xinhai Port, and Guangdong Ferry South Port. Among them, Nangang and North Port are mainly ferry trains. Next are large, medium and small freight vehicles and passengers, who must make an appointment in advance before they can board the ship to cross the sea. Other ports serve ferry services for large, medium and small passenger trucks and passengers.

6. Xiuying Pier Ferry Inquiry Hotline

The timetable for ferry tickets from Haikou to Beihai is like this. There are no passenger ships from Haikou to Beihai now, because there is no timetable for ferry tickets now. Because if you want to go to Beihai, the best shortcut is to take the ferry in Haikou. There are three places, one It is Xiuying Wharf, one is New Seaport, and the other is train ferry. After taking the ferry to these three places, you cross the sea to Zhanjiang. From Zhanjiang, you can take bus or train to Beihai.

7. Purchase tickets for Xiuying Port Ferry

Currently, you can buy tickets from Beihai to Haikou on Ctrip. The Beibu Gulf No. 3 ship departs the next day. It departs from Beihai International Passenger Port at 18:30 and arrives at Xiuying Port in Haikou at 6:30. The ticket price for a multi-person cabin cabin is 140 yuan (60 people), the ticket price for a four-person or eight-person ordinary cabin is 160 yuan, the ticket price for a four-person cabin second class (b2) is 180 yuan, and the ticket price for a four-person cabin first class (b1) is 200 yuan. The ticket price for a single room is 500 yuan. The single room has a double bed and an independent bathroom.