What documents are needed to apply for a tourist visa in the United States?

Introduction: What materials are needed to apply for a tourist visa in the United States? 1. What materials are needed to apply for a tourist visa in the United States 2. What materials are needed to apply for a tourist visa in the United States 3. What materials are needed to apply for a tourist visa in the United States 4. What materials are needed to apply for a visa in the United States 5. List of materials needed to apply for a tourist visa to the United States 6. What information and materials are needed to apply for a tourist visa to the United States 7. What materials are needed to apply for a tourist visa to the United States

1. What documents are needed to apply for a tourist visa in the United States?

Exit documents

Entry and exit documents required by relevant personnel

When entering or exiting, relevant personnel will need to apply for relevant entry and exit documents.

Basic Information

Chinese name

Exit documents


Relevant personnel will need to apply for entry and exit documents


When entering or exiting


Receive the form – fill in the form – submit the form – accept – receive the receipt – take a photo – (mail) – pay the fee – receive the certificate

Prepare materials

After preparing the corresponding materials (foreign language certification materials need to be translated into Chinese by a designated translation company), please bring the originals and copies (A4) of the relevant certification materials to the Exit-Entry Administration Office of the Beijing Municipal Public Security Bureau to submit the application and answer relevant inquiries. . The materials you need to submit include:

1. Personal household registration book (a household registration card is provided for collective household registration), original and copy of ID card. 9. The household registration book must copy the homepage and personal information page). If the items in the household registration book and ID card are inconsistent or the household registration is still being moved, please go to the police station where the household registration is located to go through the change or settlement procedures. The place of issue of the ID card for moving and settling must make corresponding changes. Those who are not registered in Beijing must provide a temporary residence permit or settle abroad. Original and photocopy of the certificate.

2. A recent 2-inch straight-edge color ID photo with no hat and light blue background, and paste it in the photo position of the application form. Public officials do not wear standard clothes, and children do not wear red scarves. The size of the photo is shown in the application form.

3. The original completed application form (registration personnel must still fill in the unit’s opinions and stamp it with the official seal);

4. Original or photocopy of supporting materials corresponding to the reason for leaving the country;

After the application is accepted, please take the special photo for digital ID in the reception hall with your “Evidence Collection Receipt” and your ID card. If you entrust the post office to deliver documents, please go to the service desk on the first floor of the reception hall of the Postal Express Bureau to go through the corresponding procedures.

Note: You can collect your certificate 2 days in advance using the postal express service. (Those who have already applied for expediting will not be sent in advance)

When collecting evidence, you must bring your resident ID card or household registration book with the “Evidence Collection Receipt”. After paying the fee, you can collect the certificate. If you cannot collect it in person due to help, you must write a power of attorney. The trustee will hold the original and photocopy of the identity card of the applicant and himself. You can collect it only after registering.

The maximum storage period for the completed certificate is three months. If it is not collected after the expiration date, it will be destroyed.

On December 28, 2015, the Ministry of Public Security issued an announcement detailing the requirements for citizens to apply for entry-exit documents and further simplifying relevant application materials.

First of all, changing the past practice of requiring both identity card and household register to be submitted for verification when applying for private entry and exit documents. In the future, citizens no longer need to submit household registration books when applying for private entry and exit documents. The relevant information will be queried by the public security organs through the internal network;

Secondly, applicants are no longer required to submit copies of application materials, which effectively reduces the cost of applying for a certificate. The relevant materials are collected by the public security organs themselves;

Thirdly, when applying for entry and exit documents to Taiwan, it is no longer necessary to submit the invoice of the group travel agency when applying for a group travel endorsement. Applications for invitation, business, flight attendant, and study endorsements only need to submit an approval letter issued by the Taiwan Affairs Office.

2. What documents are needed for a U.S. tourist visa?

1. Conditions for U.S. investment immigration

(1) Applicants must be over 21 years old

(2) Applicants do not need to have any academic qualifications, business or work experience background.

(3) The applicant must have proof of assets of US$500,000 (it does not need to be accumulated by the applicant himself. Gifts, inheritance, etc. are also acceptable, but it must be obtained through legal and legitimate channels.)

(4) The applicant must have already invested or is actively investing the specified investment amount.

2. Conditions for outstanding talents to immigrate to the United States

(1) This person has outstanding talents in the fields of science, art, education, business or sports, etc., and has always been unanimously recognized by his country or internationally, and his achievements can be proved through a large number of written materials.

(2) This person hopes to enter the United States and continue to engage in the industry he is good at

(3) This person will bring great benefits to the United States after entering the United States.

3. Conditions for U.S. spouse immigration

Spouse immigration includes two types of persons:

1. Spouses of U.S. citizens. This type of immigration is not subject to quota restrictions. As long as you apply, you can be approved quickly.

2. Spouses of green card holders in the United States. This type of immigration is subject to quota restrictions and belongs to the second category of priority immigration categories.

4. Immigration conditions for children in the United States

(1) Unmarried children of U.S. citizens under the age of 21 can apply for immigration without quota restrictions.

(2) If the child has reached the age of 21 but is unmarried, he/she belongs to the first priority category.

(3) If the children are married, they also belong to the third priority category.

(4) Green card holders can also apply for immigration for their unmarried children. The beneficiaries belong to the second priority category. Divorced children are regarded as unmarried. Married children of green card holders are not prioritized.

5. Conditions for immigrant brothers and sisters in the United States.

Citizens with citizenship, as long as they are over 21 years old, can apply for their brothers and sisters to immigrate to the United States. They are the fourth priority in the priority category of relative immigration.

6. Tourist visa conditions to the United States

(1) Scanned copy of passport first page

(2) Scanned copies of the front and back of the ID card

(3) Electronic version of the photo (51×51, free white-backed color photo within 6 months, the specifications are the same as those required by India)

(4) A scanned copy of the personal information form. Individuals who are interviewed need to bring the information to the embassy.

(5) Data sheet

(6) Asset certificate

(7) Proof of deposit of more than 100,000 yuan.

(8) Photos of the whole family

(9) Provide proof of employment and a copy of the attached business license with an official seal or a copy of the organization code certificate with an official seal.

(10) Students under the age of 18 must provide birth certificates, parents’ ID cards, household registers and other information.

3. What materials are needed to apply for a U.S. tourist visa?

Traveling to the United States requires a U.S. visa.


1. Fill in the form: DS-160 online visa application, which can be filled in Chinese.

2. Prepare materials

Including a valid private passport (more than half a year before the expected return date), the last page of the passport must be signed; 2 2*2 inch square color bareheaded photos, signed in pencil on the back (recent photo taken within three months, background is white); if the visa applicant has ever left the country, he or she must provide photos taken in the country visited.

3. Submit photos

U.S. passport applicants are required to submit 2 identical photos, and U.S. visa applicants only need to submit one. Photos must meet the following basic requirements, otherwise the application will not be accepted.

4. Visa appointment

Starting from July 16, 2012, when making a visa appointment at the U.S. Embassy, ​​in addition to providing the visa fee receipt number, passport number, ID number, and contact information, you also need to provide the visa application form DS-160 form number.

5. Visa interview at the embassy

When entering the U.S. Embassy, ​​you will have to register your fingerprints and wait in line for a visa interview. The interview time is usually very short, with about five questions, and the details will be asked based on the filled-in form.

4. What documents are needed to apply for a visa to the United States?

Getting a visa to the United States is not easy, but it is not as difficult as everyone thinks. Materials you need to bring include:

1. A valid private passport (more than half a year away from the expected return date), and the last page of the passport must have my signature;

2. Two 2*2 inch (approximately 51mm*51mm) square color bareheaded photos, signed in pencil on the back (recent photos taken within three months, with a white background);

3. If the visa applicant has a record of leaving the country before, he or she must provide photos taken in the country visited (the person must be in the photo, and there must be local landmark buildings);

4. Copies of ID cards, work certificates, marriage certificates and all pages of the household registration book of the whole family (if the couple is not in the same household registration book, a copy of all pages of the other spouse’s household registration book is required);

5. A copy of the business license or business license (or organization code certificate), stamped with the official seal;

6. Introduction to the unit (time of establishment, nature, scale, products, benefits, etc.), 4 business cards;

7. Employment certificate issued by the company (printed in Chinese and English, or blank letterhead with official company letterhead and official seal, printed by our company); if the applicant is a child under 18 years old, please provide school leave approval certificate ;

8. Registration form (registration form, dependents form, education and employment details form);

9. Bank statement certificate for the past six months. If you want to get a visa smoothly, you need to pay attention to the following things when applying for a visa: 1. Telephone survey Everyone knows that applying for a U.S. tourist visa requires an interview, but before the interview, the visa applicant will also receive a random interview from the U.S. consulate. Telephone survey, so the applicant must be prepared for the telephone survey and prepare personal information for spot checks, and it is best to maintain the authenticity of the information. 2. Interview The interview is a very important step in applying for a U.S. tourist visa. Before the interview, the applicant must prepare relevant materials in advance and then go to the U.S. consulate for the interview. In addition, the U.S. Consulate has strict requirements on items that can be carried with you. Except for some materials related to the visa interview, it is best for applicants not to bring in irrelevant items to avoid trouble. And when waiting for your visa interview at the U.S. Consulate, do not move around at will, but follow the instructions of the staff. In addition, during the visa interview, if the visa officer returns your passport, it means that your visa application failed. There may be errors in some aspects and you need to prepare again. If the passport is taken away, congratulations, your passport application must have been successful. 3. Answer honestly. Once the visa officer finds out that you lied during the interview, no matter what the reason is, you will definitely be rejected. So be sure not to arouse the resentment of the US visa officer in this regard. 4. If your visa is rejected, you should first analyze the reasons instead of blindly applying again. Sometimes you may be fully prepared and perform well, but there is also the possibility of visa rejection. Once your visa is rejected, the first thing to do is to carefully analyze the reasons for the rejection and make preparations before applying again. If you apply again immediately after being rejected, you may not only be rejected again, but it may also cause the visa officer to doubt your motivation for applying, which is very detrimental to your visa application. 5. Choosing the right time to apply for a visa is very important. Peak season is an excellent time to apply for a tourist visa. Many friends have misunderstandings about the application season for tourist visas. They believe that in order to attract more people to travel, visa officers will lower the visa threshold during the off-season. This idea is extremely wrong. The following explains why you need to apply for a tourist visa during the peak tourist season in terms of workload. During the peak tourist season, the number of visas reviewed by visa officers every day is very small, so there is a lot of time to carefully review the visa application and carefully pick out the problems, so the visa approval rate will be reduced. However, for the peak tourist season, the number of tourists increases, the number of visa applications increases significantly, and the workload of visa officers also increases. Therefore, the review will not be as strict as in the off-season, but it will be conducive to the approval of visa applications. It is difficult to get a US visa. Many people are refused visas every year, but more people get approved. As long as everyone fully prepares the documents, there is still great hope for getting a visa to the United States.

5. List of documents required to apply for a U.S. tourist visa

1. Passport: Original passport valid for at least six months when leaving the United States, with at least one blank page left; 3. Please sign (Chinese name) on the last page of your passport; if you hold a renewed passport, you need to provide all originals of your old passport. 2. Photos: 2 colorful bareheaded photos taken within 6 months (the background is required to be white, and the ears are exposed); general photo studios can take them, and they will know the size and rules if you tell them that it is required for the US visa. 3. Business cards: 2 personal business cards (business cards of company employees, if any). 4. Family certificates required for U.S. visas: copy of ID card; original and copy of family register; original and copy of marriage certificate, family photo; two copies of applicant’s resume, one in Chinese and one in Chinese English. 5. Proof of assets required for a U.S. visa: (Original copies of any of the following methods, with a total balance of at least 100,000 yuan) ① Original bank passbook ② Original bank deposit slip Original bank savings card, credit card; stock delivery receipt, negotiable securities, Funds, salary income slips; original property certificates of the applicant or his spouse or other immediate family members, original driving license (blueprint) of the car, and any other information proving the applicant’s financial status. Copy of ID card. The original “Deposit Certificate” of not less than fifty thousand (50,000 yuan). 6. Business license: Applicants whose unit is an enterprise must provide a clear copy of the business license, copy it on A4 paper, and stamp the copy with the official seal of the unit. 7. Organization code certificate: Applicants whose unit is a public institution should provide a clear copy of the organization code certificate on A4 paper, with annual inspection records, and the copy should be stamped with the official seal of the unit. 8. Proof of employment: Of course, the purpose is to prove that you will not immigrate illegally after traveling to the United States, and that you are the one who wants to come back. � �. Air ticket and hotel orders: One air ticket order and one hotel order. Records of travel abroad (optional) Several commemorative photos taken abroad with local landmark buildings in the background. Original old passport with previous travel records (if any)

6. What information and materials are needed to apply for a tourist visa in the United States?

General process of US visa:

Armed police guards check passports and enter the embassy;

Security check to enter the venue;

Submit the form (printed DS160 form confirmation page);

Queue to take fingerprints;

Waiting in line for interview;


Special Note:

Visa applicants who go to the U.S. Embassy in China should note that the U.S. Embassy cannot bring bags, metal objects, electronic devices (mobile phone lighters) and other items into the embassy, ​​but car keys can be brought inside. Please do not bring bags into the embassy. It is not safe to store bags privately at the embassy entrance. Applicants are asked to make appropriate preparations in advance.

Detailed process:

1. There was a long queue outside the iron fence of the embassy waiting to enter the US Embassy.

2. The armed police will release people in batches. At this time, the information should be in hand. The armed police will look at the watch and then release people into the embassy courtyard.

3. Enter the embassy courtyard, continue to queue, wait for the small window at the entrance of the embassy to check your passport, and then enter the embassy security gate.

4. After security check, enter the embassy. This is the real visa hall.

5. Queue up and hand in materials.

6. Queue and fingerprint.

7. Next, wait in line for the US visa officer to conduct the interview. During the process, you can hear and see the exchanges between others and the visa officer.

8. When the visa interview is over, usually if you pass the review, you will receive a note, which is the notification of visa approval, and then your passport will be taken away by the visa officer who interviewed you. At this point, the visa interview is over.

Tip: After receiving the “Visa Approval Notification”, you will receive your passport with a US visa printed in the next 1-3 weeks. The payment method is determined by the method you originally selected. Some can be mailed, and some can be picked up at CITIC Bank. If you contact an agency to help you apply for a visa, the passport will first go to your original visa agency. They will forward it to you. If you have not received your passport after more than 3 weeks, you need to check the official website for applying for a US visa (http://www.ustraveldocs.com/cn).

In addition, there will be a situation where although the “Visa Approval Notification” from VO was received, it was administratively reviewed. This will take longer and you need to check the status at any time. Usually, special sensitive industries have a higher chance of being subject to administrative review. There is no need to panic. Most of the administrative review personnel successfully issued the visa after review, but the waiting time was longer.

The picture shows the “Administrative Review Status” query page

7. What materials are needed to apply for a visa to travel to the United States?

To travel to the United States, you must first apply for a personal passport. The passport is in the place of residence and you must apply to the Exit-Entry Administration Office of the local Public Security Bureau. After applying for a passport, prepare a tourist visa for the United States. To apply for a tourist visa to the United States, you must apply personally, and prepare the required personal information, various documents and certificates, and go to the U.S. Embassy or consulates in various places to apply for a tourist visa. Once approved, you can travel to the United States. .