Bitan Fish Watching Guide, Bitan Fish Watching Pictures

Introduction: Bitan Fish Watching Tour Guide Bitan Fish Watching Pictures 1. Bitan Fish Watching Pictures 2. East Lake Bitan Fish Watching Pictures 3. East Lake Bitan Fish Watching 4. Fish Watching on Bitan, the water in Muluo Lake is clear 5. Scenery of Swimming in the Blue Water Fish and Rock Pond 6. Watching the Fish in the Blue Pond

1. Fish watching pictures in Bitan

“Reflections on a trip to Xikou during the Qingming Festival in Xinchou Year” The cauliflower flowers in Xikou town are yellow, and the taro at the foot of Xuedou Mountain is fragrant. There is a thousand-foot rock in front of the Miao Gao platform and a hundred-foot wall behind the general’s house. Jingwei was jealous and retreated to the Three Hermitages, and Fenghao entered the ten directions of meditation. The tomb of Chailu in Fenghua is still there, and the sandy grasses and orioles are intact. Watching the fish in Bitan Lingyu Tai, admiring the moon in the orchid boat illuminates Wenchang. The pink willows are green in Wulingyuan, and the tiger is sitting on the dragon’s plate. It was suspected that Yan was whispering last night, and now I am offering sacrifices to my mother in my dream. The begonias in the southern garden are still showing their pistils, and the cold cypresses in the northern country are full of tears. The mountains and rivers are magnificent, the mountains and rivers are full of tears, and the blessings and longevity are boundless. Who said that Budai was crazy, but in a blink of an eye, Maitreya came to the true dojo. Don’t laugh at a child riding a wooden horse, he may become a king in the future. Nine points of being a human being form good karma, and leave a ray of amber light!

2. Pictures of fish watching in Bitan, East Lake

On a hot summer day, it is better to find a lake with a green pool and watch fish by the water. The lake is filled with jasper, willows and lotuses, the cool breeze is strong, and the artistic conception is leisurely. You can watch fish flying on the shallow bottom and compete freely.

Life is busy, but sometimes we are not as free as a small fish. Just like the poem by the poet Su Shunqin, “I am not as happy as a group of fish, and I am half a person in the world.”

Watching fish can cultivate your sentiments and make you feel relaxed and contented, just like “picking chrysanthemums and autumn water in the old mountains to remember watching fish.”

Watching fish is better than Fuchun River. Watching fish from poems can help you understand the philosophy of life!

Yan hurriedly skimmed the water, and the fish jumped happily.

Who can understand this meaning? Time will disappear in silence.

There are lotus flowers falling in the wild pond, and there are hidden scales jumping underneath.

The fishing is abundant and the sun is deep, so I can enjoy myself.

The peach blossoms have fallen, the apricot blossoms are blooming, and the blue harbor is red and sinks to the bottom of the water.

The mountain rain suddenly clears and the wind recedes, and fishermen are fishing in the small lake.

The spring is warm, the water of the Yangtze River is clear, and the waves are full of pride.

If you don’t want to penetrate Longmen’s will, you just want to wait for the sound of new thunder.

3. Fish watching in Bitan, East Lake

Who knows how good it is to appreciate the West Lake? The beautiful scenery never lasts.

4. Watching the fish in Bitan, the water in Muluotan is clear.

Question: Ten poems about fish?


In ancient poetry, fish not only is an animal, it also has a special meaning. The ancient poem writes:

The guest came from afar and left me a pair of carps. Hu’er cooks carp, and there is a ruler in it.

Therefore, fish, like swan geese, often have the meaning of letters. In addition, there are other meanings that are often used in poetry.

Below, Laojie has recorded several original poems with the word fish in them. Poetry friends are welcome to correct them.

1. Yu Qianli

Five Ancients-Travel to Shimen Temple in Zhushan Mountain

Giant peaks are split and axes stand, bamboos emerge and stone gates open. The pond is still, the fish are thousands of miles away, and the fragrant monk is floating in the future.

The fate flows through the pagoda, and the Brahma world is free from dust. In the pines and wind of the stream, there is a place for resting and reciting poems.

The overpass leads to a winding path, and it is a pleasure to approach the abyss. On a dangerous day, the sky is full of green clouds.

The mountains are surrounded by dragons and tigers, and there are eight green pavilions. If you want to climb the bird’s way, you can’t guess the path of the fairy.

Going around the steps and down into the secluded ravine, the meaning is hard to decipher. The sound of insects filled the empty valley, and the bamboo sticks touched the green moss.

The pond is still and the fish is thousands of miles away. There is a fish pond outside the gate of this temple. The fish pond is thousands of miles away. This is an allusion from “Guan Yinzi Yu”: “Use the basin as a marsh and the stone as an island. The fish swim around it, and they don’t know how many millions of miles it has.” Rather than being poor.”

2. Fish and birds

The water melody song (using Su Zimei’s elegant Taihu rhyme to chant Canglang Pavilion) Canglang shares fish and birds, Suzi understands Qinglun. I gave up my fame and other things, and smoked toward Luwan. He even poured a cup of sake from the Five Lakes Fengyue and returned it with a loud song. I don’t get tired of walking and hiding, and I am proud of it among the water and clouds. The affairs of the past and present seem to be taking no time while talking and laughing. After several ups and downs, I want to ask whether it is clear or unclear. I feel sorry for the wanderers in the south of the Yangtze River, reading the spring breeze and writing, and they are in harmony with each other. I just wish I could camp for a long time and wonder when I will return to the mountain.

Canglang Pavilion is a place in Suzhou. It is estimated that Su Shunqin, a poet of the Northern Song Dynasty, was impeached for selling waste paper to engage in league building. After that, he lived in Suzhou and built Canglang Pavilion.

Fish and birds generally refer to secluded scenery. Ji Kang during the Three Kingdoms period wrote in his “Book of Severing Diplomacy with Shanjuyuan”: “It is a great pleasure to visit the mountains and rivers and watch fish and birds.”

3. Yule

“Seven Wonders-Winter Tour in Yuyuan during the Guisi Year”

Listening to the dream of waves in the clouds and rolling rain, looking at the beautiful river to gain moonlight. The ancient stage is empty and the fish are playing, and the understanding is that it is exquisite jade.

The poem incorporates several landscapes in Yu Garden: Huanyun Rockery, Juanyu Tower, Tingtao Pavilion, Yixiu Pavilion, Wangjiang Pavilion, Deyue Tower, Jade Exquisite, Ancient Stage, and Yule Pavilion.

The Joy of Fish, from “Zhuangzi Autumn Water”:

Zhuangzi said: “The minnow (tiáo) travels calmly, which is the joy of the fish.”

Huizi said: “You are not a fish, how can you know what a fish is like?”

Zhuangzi said: “You are not me, how do you know that I don’t know the joy of fish?”

Huizi said: “I am not a son, so I don’t know how to be a son; I am not a fish, so I don’t know how to enjoy fish.”

4. Fish eyes

“Qilu-Sacrifice to Zhang Yichao”

After a hundred years of decline, I remember Chang’an, and my family and country are divided between the sky and the Han Dynasty. The fish’s eyes are full of anger, and the spring breeze is blowing through Yumen Pass. The clouds in the vast sea are beginning to break, and the wine dragon pond has spots on its temples. The everlasting paintings and green forest paintings on the walls, the heroic spirit still surrounds the Tianshan Mountains.

Zhang Yichao was a hero in the recovery of the Hehuang area in the late Tang Dynasty. He was a national hero with a relatively low reputation.

Yumei is the name of a kind of horse. “Book of Han: Praise for the Western Regions”: “The horses with Pushao, Longwen, Yumei, and sweating blood filled the Huangmen.” An ancient note by Yan Shi quoted Meng Kang as saying: “The names of the four horses are also there.”

5. Pisces

Ding Fengbo·Sparing Plum Blossoms in the Solitary Hall

The plum blossoms in the solitary pavilion are sparse and the snow has just passed, and the spring feeling in the world is mixed. The wild horse is lightly indulged in dust, returning to the dream, leaving the soul and wandering into the world

There is no word in the note, which seems suspicious, and the tears gradually become a book. Tonight, when I burn the lamp and freeze my inkstone, I think about it all. It makes people feel ashamed of being a Pisces.

Pisces refers to letters, which comes from the ancient poem mentioned in the preface: A guest comes from afar, leaving me two carps

Ding Feng Bo·Old Oaths to the End of the World

The old vows seem to be gone at the end of the world, and the new sorrow is as bright as the waning moon. Sitting there with all the candles and windows, the shadows on the temples are gone. I am too heavy on the provinces, and I am afraid to open the luan mirror, which is always blurry.

It’s half better to express my lovesickness than to miss it secretly. It’s just spots and spots that can’t be written into a book. The geese are in the clouds and the fish are in the water. When the wind blows, the autumn sails should be like water shields and perch.

The wild goose is in the cloud and the fish is in the water. The fish here also refers to the letter. The wild goose is in the cloud and the fish is in the water, which means the fish sinks and the wild goose disappears, indicating that the letter cannot be communicated. “Lovesickness Song” by Dai Shulun of the Tang Dynasty: “The fish sinks and the wild geese disappear on the road to the end of the world, and I begin to believe that separation in the world is painful.”

The original sentence comes from Yan Shu’s “Qingpingle·Red Note Small Characters”:

Small print on red paper. Talk about smooth business. The geese are in the clouds and the fish are in the water. It’s hard to express this feeling of melancholy.


The same word in ancient poetry often has different meanings, which need to be judged based on the context.

If you have any original poems about “fish”, please leave a message to exchange ideas.


5. Scenery of swimming in clear water and fish-rock pond

Shuanghe Stone Wall is located in Shuanghe Village, Daixi Town, at the western end of Daishan Island. The famous stone slabs here are fine and tough. After five or six hundred years of hard work by the local people and the uncanny workmanship of nature, the stone slabs still remain today. There are more than 50 old ruins of stone scenery, with strange rocks and strange caves, each with its own shape.

Introduction to scenic area:

Shuanghe Shibi Scenic Area has majestic and tall stone peaks, knife-shaped stone walls, and stone pools with clear bottom. Entering the gate that resembles a European-style castle, you can look down along the entrance of the pond to see a deep and quiet cave, with clear water reaching the sky; looking up from the pond, you can see the cliffs covered with clouds. When the sunset on the island casts its light on the stone wall, looking from a distance and looking up close, the “remnant light of the stone wall” like a rainbow has been selected as one of the ten sceneries of the ancient Penglai Fairy Island.

Not only that, the new scenery of the double stone wall also gives it a romantic element. Interactive programs such as Honeymoon Promise and Oath of Eachother; Endless Ends of the World and Eternal Bonding; Castle Exploration and Good Luck and Other Interactive Programs add to the sweet and harmonious tourism atmosphere. Around the scenic area, a square displaying stone culture from all over the world and an Oriental Honeymoon Castle integrating island resorts, sea-view real estate, sightseeing, leisure and entertainment facilities have been planned.

6. Watching fish on Bitan


“Shanyuan Xiaomei Part 1” Author: Lin Bu:

The sparse shadows are slanting across the clear and shallow water, and the faint fragrance is floating in the moonlight at dusk.

“Canglang Song”:

The water in Canglang is clear, so I can wash my tassel; the water in Canglang is turbid, so I can wash my feet.

“Nine Debates” Author: Song Yu:

The sky is high and the air is clear; it is lonely and the water is clear.

“Farewell to Song Dynasty in Jiangxia” by Li Bai

The water of Chu is as clear as the sky, and the blue sea is in the distance.

“Three Poems on the Moon” Author: Du Fu

And looking out of Wushan, I can see the clear water of Chu.

“Man Ting Fang·Come Back Come” Author: Su Shi

Wait and watch the autumn wind, the clear waves of Luoshui.

“Visiting the Two Monks Huiqin and Huisi on a Visit to Gushan on December 1st” by Su Shi

The water is clear, there are countless stone fish, and there are no birds in the deep forest.

“Two Poems on New City Road” Author: Su Shi

The wild peaches are smiling, the bamboo fence is short, and the willows in the stream shake the sand and the water is clear.

“Salong Water” Author: Zheng Banqiao

The water is clear and shallow, and the sand and gravel are numerous. The rippling waves float leisurely to Yuanpu.

Author of “Lianpu Ballad”: Wen Tingyun

The water is clear, the lotus is beautiful, facing each other, and the sadness becomes even redder when seen in the mirror.

“Yong Yu Le·Tan Mei Ci Shi Zhai Yun” Author: Wu Wenying

Heavy planning and drunkenness, rubbing incense and making shadows, the water is clear and shallow.

Author of “The Story of Jingchai”: Ke Danqiu

It is precisely because of the turbidity that there is no distinction between silver carp and carp. Only when the water is clear can one see the two types of fish.

“Viewing the Fish Pond” Author: Li Bai

Watching the fish in Bitan, the water in Muluotan is clear.

“Early Spring in the East Pond of Kaiyuan Temple” Author: Bai Juyi

The water in the pool is warm and warm, and the water is clear and ripples.

“Shui Tiao Ge Tou” Author: Cheng Dachang

When you think about it, you can see the clear water in the pond, and the shadows of the houses in the town are visible.

Hope it helps you.