A complete list of tourist attractions in Xingning, Guangdong (an introduction to the complete list of tourist attractions in Xingning, Guangdong)

Introduction: A complete list of tourist attractions in Xingning, Guangdong (Introduction to a complete list of tourist attractions in Xingning, Guangdong) What are the scenic spots in Xingning City? What mountains are there in Meizhou Xingning that are good for tourism? What are the scenic spots in Xingning, Meizhou?

Xingning City Attractions

Shenguang Mountain Tourist Area, Xihe Bay Hakka Cultural Tourism Industrial Park, Dihuawei, Xingning Wenfeng Tower, Xingning Ancient City Wall, Xingning Nine Halls and Eighteen Wells, etc.

1. Shenguang Mountain Tourist Area: 360 meters above sea level and 100 meters high. The mountain has towering trees, winding paths and numerous historical sites. It has been a place for literati and poets of all ages to visit. It has a history of more than 800 years to go to Shenguang Mountain to climb mountains, offer sacrifices, and compete with gods every year during the Double Ninth Festival.

2. Xihe Bay Hakka Cultural Tourism Industrial Park: It is a comprehensive industrial park with Hakka culture as the theme and integrating tourism, leisure, sports and vacation.

3. Dihuawei: Also known as Diao Cuifeng, it is located in Zhouxing Village, Diaofang Town, Xingning City, Guangdong Province. Construction started in the spring of the third year of the Republic of China (1914) and took 8 years to complete. In 2009, it was listed as a key cultural relic protection unit in Xingning City and one of the “Top Ten Ancient Residential Houses in Xingning”.

4. Xingning Wenfeng Tower: Built in the 19th year of Jiaqing in the Qing Dynasty (1814), it has a history of more than 200 years. It is said that before the pagoda was built, Xingning had not occupied Kejia for nearly thirty years. The county magistrate Zhong Zilu believed that the landscape and culture were insufficient and advocated the construction of the pagoda to promote the literary style.

5. Xingning Ancient City Wall: Historical records indicate that in the winter of the third year of Chenghua in the Ming Dynasty (1467), Qin Hong, the magistrate of Xingning County, reported to the imperial court for approval to rebuild the county seat, changing the earthen wall into a brick city, and it was completed in the summer of the following year.

6. Xingning Nine Halls and Eighteen Wells: It is one of the three typical representatives of Hakka dwellings (Tulou, Nine Halls and Eighteen Wells, and Weilong House). It is widely distributed in Hakka areas such as Fujian, Guangdong, and Jiangxi. It is a combination of Hakka people. The northern courtyard building is adapted to the rainy and humid climate and natural geographical characteristics of the south. It adopts a symmetrical layout on the central axis and is a large residential building constructed by combining the hall and the courtyard.

Which mountains are good to visit in Xingning, Meizhou?

1. Jiming Mountain: formerly known as Jiling Mountain, it is located at the junction of Jindong Township, Yonghe Town, Ning City, Xingguang Province, and Shuangtou Village, Xinxu Town, with an altitude of 538.7 meters. It is surrounded by mountains and has a single peak. It is the ancient mountain of Xingning. One of the Eight Scenic Spots;

2. Huangfengwo Tea Mountain: Located in Jingnan Town in the east of Xingning City, 20 kilometers away from Xingning City, adjacent to Meixian District, Meizhou City, and National Road 205 passes through the Tea Mountain;

3. Shenguang Mountain: Located in Fuxing Town, Xingning City, Meizhou City, Guangdong Province, with an altitude of 360 meters and a mountain height of 100 meters. The mountain has towering trees, winding paths and numerous historical sites. It has been a popular place for literati and poets of all ages to visit.

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What scenic spots are there in Xingning, Meizhou?

Xingning City

Xingning City is located in the northeastern part of Guangdong. It was called Qichang Mansion in ancient times. It has a long history, developed culture, and prosperous industry and commerce. National Highway 205 crosses the hinterland, and the Guangmei-Shantou Railway runs through it. It has always been a commodity distribution center and land transportation hub in the three provinces of Guangdong, Jiangxi, and Fujian. , with a total area of ​​2105 square kilometers. With a mild climate and abundant famous local products, it is known as the treasure land of eastern Guangdong. Xingning is known as the “Hometown of Commerce”, “Hometown of Culture” and “Hometown of Overseas Chinese”.

Shenguang Mountain Tourist Area

Shenguang Temple is located on the hillside of Shenguang Mountain in Xingning City. It was formerly known as Nanshan Shouqing Temple. It was built in the third year of Jiayou in the Northern Song Dynasty (1058 AD). There are existing buildings in the temple such as the Main Hall, the Sutra Pavilion, the Ksitigarbha Hall, the Guanyin Hall, the Patriarch’s Hall, the monk’s room, and the Haihui Pagoda. Among them, the Main Hall is a Thai-style lotus hall, and there are 14 inscriptions in the temple.

Burmese white marble statue of Sakyamuni, 1.6 meters high, in Fengan Temple in 1993. Thailand’s 1,500 kilogram bronze sculpture of Sakyamuni Buddha is located in the center of the Main Hall. The Yuanyang Bodhi tree is located in the center of the temple gate. The inscription is stored in the twenty-four-week corridor of the Patriarch’s Hall. Ming Dynasty plaque, stored in Muyuan Hall. An ancient incense burner from the Ming Dynasty is located in front of the Main Hall. A pair of cranes from the Wanli period of the Ming Dynasty are located in front of the Main Hall.

Xingning Xihe Bay

Xihewan Hakka Cultural Tourism Industrial Park is located in Yonghe Town, Xingning City. It is a comprehensive industrial park with Hakka culture as the theme and integrating tourism, leisure, sports and vacation.

The iconic lantern building in the park is 36 meters high, the highest in the country. The lantern display of the Lantern Museum is second to none in the country with the widest variety and largest number. The New Hakka Town Hakka Museum, Folk Sculpture Gallery, Farming and Reading Heirlooms, Loving Mothers and Children, Poems and Books Square, Zhuangyuan Bridge and other cultural landscapes eulogize the traditional virtues of the Hakka people who are hard-working, simple and respectful of Ming Dynasty and education.

Heshui Reservoir Scenic Area

Heshui Tourist Scenic Area – “Pearl of Eastern Guangdong” Heshui Reservoir. It is a well-known tourist attraction and has been included in the Chinese Dictionary of Scenic Spots. It is located at the intersection of Mellon Railway Central Station and Xingning and Pingyuan Highways, 14 kilometers away from Xingcheng City, and located on the Huangpo River and Luogang River. The intersection of Taiping River, hence the name Heshui.

Surrounded by green mountains and green mountains, the reservoir area has rippling blue waves, beautiful scenery and scattered small islands. Light boat little by little. At the lakeside pier, you can take a cruise to enjoy the beautiful scenery of the lake and mountains. At Heshui Hotel, you can taste seasonal fruits and delicacies. Attractions include Wangxing Tower, Yuanyang Pavilion, Huxin Pavilion, Flower Pagoda, Monkey Island, Diaoyutai, Martyrs Monument, etc.

Heshan Tourist Resort

Heshan Tourist Resort is located in the northeast of Xingning City, 4 kilometers away from Xingcheng City. There is a direct highway leading to the scenery, and the transportation is very convenient. This tourist resort is a comprehensive tourist resort integrating tourism, sightseeing, leisure, entertainment and planting.

Jiming Mountain

Xingning Jiming Mountain, formerly known as Jiling Mountain, is located at the junction of Jindong Township, Yonghe Town, Xingning City and Shuangtou Village, Xinxu Town, with an altitude of 538.7 meters. It is surrounded by mountains and has a single peak. Jiming Mountain is one of the eight ancient scenic spots in Xingning. one. Jiming Mountain is a towering peak, facing Xingning Shenguang Mountain, Baoshan Mountain, and Longchuan Huoshan Mountain in the distance. It is majestic.

Luofu Dutian River Scenic Area

Luofu Dutianhe Tourist Scenic Area is located in the northwest of Luofu Town, Xingning City, 68 kilometers away from Xingcheng and 13 kilometers away from Luofu Town. It is the source of the clear and green Dongjiang River. Due to the construction of Fengshuba Reservoir, crossing Tianhe River is like “a high gorge emerging from a flat lake”. It is about 30 kilometers long and 2 kilometers wide at its widest point. It is connected to Xunwu County in Jiangxi Province to the north and Fengshuba Reservoir to the south. It is the water transportation line from Longchuan to Xingning.

Xingning City…is located in the northeastern part of Guangdong Province. It is a subordinate city of Meizhou City in Guangdong Province. It borders Wuhua County and Longchuan County to the west, Pingyuan County and Xunwu County of Jiangxi Province to the north. It is a land transportation hub for Guangdong, Jiangxi and Fujian. …

In Xingning in ancient times, there were Yao, She and other ethnic minorities. Today, more than 99% of the population is Han Chinese who speak Hakka, and there are also a small number of Zhuang, Miao, Mongolian, Hui, Yao and other ethnic minorities. Xingning is known as the “Hometown of Overseas Chinese, Home of Culture, and Home of Football”.

Xingning City is rich in tourism resources. If you want to travel to Xingning City, we recommend the top ten tourist attractions in Xingning City: Shenguang Mountain Tourist Area, Yuexingshan Rural Tourist Area, Han Culture Base, Xingning Hongyuan Hot Spring Ecological Park, Xingning City Ningxue Palace, He Ziyuan’s former residence, Lianghai Guild Hall, Zangshiwei, Chunzhi Tower, Ningxin Luoshi Dongshengwei, etc. These are the top ten tourist attractions in Xingning City that are worth visiting. Finally, I wish all my friends who are traveling on their journey Be happy and everything goes well. Yaxi Hakka News welcomes everyone to comment and communicate with each other, thank you.

To be honest, our tourism resources in Xingning are very scarce. Shenguang Mountain and Xihe Bay are two tourist attractions that Xingning City strives to create to attract tourists. These two attractions are really not interesting. Other than that, I want to have a good time looking for the famous mountains and beautiful waters in Xingning, but I think there are relatively few of them at the moment.

In Shenguang Mountain, a group practicing yoga attracted tourists. Everyone took pictures and stopped to watch.

The beauties’ yoga training adds a beautiful scenery to the Shenguang Mountain Scenic Area.

At Shenguang Mountain Square, there are art teachers leading students to take classes and learn sketching.

The teacher is instructing.

The children are very serious about painting and the paintings are very beautiful.

Xihe Bay welcomes many tourists every day.

The garden-style design and layout of pavilions and pavilions here are very good, although it is only a small area.

There are pavilions built in the open areas of the mountain road, which contrast with the dark colors of the distant mountains, giving it an antique feel.

Xingning City is not far from the Wuzhishi Scenic Area in Pingyuan. It only takes a little more than 2 hours by highway.

The man-made path in Wuzhisishishanjian in Pingyuan is built on the cliff, winding and winding, and most of it is flat.

The steps up and down can be long or short, steep or gentle, and are suitable for hiking by donkeys. Those with weak waist and legs should be careful.

Those with weak waist and legs can go to the same scenic area where the path is relatively gentle, such as Touching the Belly Stone and Yixiantian. If you have a super big belly, it is better to ask the tour guide for advice on whether you can pass the Touching the Belly Stone.

The above are just some of my quick viewing records. If there are any inaccuracies, please correct me and forgive me.

Xingning City, the only county-level city in Meizhou, the capital city, governs 20 towns and sub-district offices. It borders Meixian District in the east, Fengshun County in the south, Wuhua County in the west, Jiangxi Province in the north, and Pingyuan County in the northeast. Adjacent to the northwest and bordering Heyuan City.

Geographically, the Xingning Basin is a larger basin in Meizhou. There are not many mountains in Xingning, both at the north and south ends. One of the peaks, Yangtianzhang, is in Luofu Town in the north, and the second peak, Lion Rock, is in Shuikou Town in the south.

The most popular landscape in Xingning City is the Weilong House, which ranks first in Meizhou City in terms of number. It is known as the “Hometown of Weilong House”. The unique Hakka houses of different styles are densely distributed in various towns and villages.

Among them, ten ancient residences including Pan’anwei, Shanshuwei, Dongshengwei, Jinshidi, Changxingwei, Dawangwu, Li Hemei, Dihuawei, Xinziwei and Daliuwu are even more outstanding!

In terms of natural scenery, Shenguangshan National Forest Park is the most visited place in Xingning City and is also a good place for local people to relax and exercise.

Heshui Reservoir is the larger reservoir in Xingning City. There is an island in the reservoir, and there is a flower tower in the island. You can see the beautiful scenery of the reservoir area from the tower. There are a large number of monkeys on the island, and a small number of animals in captivity. It is a tourist reservoir with distinctive characteristics in Meizhou.

Lion Rock is a neglected but beautiful natural scenic spot. Lion Rock is located in Gongzhai Village, Shuikou Town, with an altitude of nearly 900 meters. It is named because the mountain resembles a lion. You can see the scenery of several surrounding counties when you climb to the top. It is a free and Relaxing scenic spot.

Yangtianzhang, the highest peak in Xingning City, is 1,018 meters above sea level. It is the boundary mountain between Xingning City and Jiangxi Province. There are many huge rocks and strange rocks on the mountain. It is also a good place to watch rime in winter.

In addition, Xingning also has many petty bourgeoisie scenic spots, such as Baihexianshi, Heshanyan, Jiming Mountain, Longmu Mountain, Dutian River…

Provincial cultural relics protection units such as the Lianghai Guild Hall, the ancient city wall of the Ming Dynasty, Wenfeng Tower, and Xingning Academy are also good architectural sights.

There are also the former residences of famous educational pioneers and revolutionary forerunners, Mr. He Ziyuan, Mr. He Tianjiong, General Li Jiezhi’s Mansion and other celebrity residences. They are all good places for tourism and patriotism education!

You can also visit the recently built Xihe Bay Scenic Area. As spring approaches, the plum blossoms and rapeseed flowers in the south of the path are a good place to enjoy flowers and relax.

There are a lot of fun places in Xingning, Guangdong! Shenguang Mountain and Xihe Bay, which the third child often talks about, have become commonplace. Diao Fang Diao Tan is the place where you can feel cool and relaxed while playing! This village is full of outstanding people, with birds singing and flowers everywhere, gurgling water and golden waves. In addition to various sports and fitness places with clear movements, there is also a fishing and leisure place with free admission. You can eat and sleep when you are full, and fish when you are tired. If you feel tired, you can spend a small amount of money to play wave. If you feel tired of playing, you can make a private appointment for services, etc. In short, Diaotan Village in Diaofang, Xingning, Guangdong is a better first choice resort that integrates eating, drinking, entertainment and travel!

1Shenguang Mountain

2Heihe Bay

3 combined with water

4 Jiming Mountain

5 General’s Mansion

6Ancestral Hall of the Liu Family

July shaped mountain

8Hongyuan Ecological Park

9Lianghai Guild Hall

10 Yellow Honeycomb Tea Mountain

………………………..There are many more, I just don’t know which one you like to go to

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The natural scenery includes Shenguang Mountain, Heshui Reservoir, Jiming Mountain, Lion Rock, Heshan Rock, Yangtianzhang, and Dutian River; the man-made attractions include Xihe Bay Scenic Area and the glass bridge known as one of Guangdong’s; and the cultural landscape includes Mr. Liu’s Temple, White Crane Immortal Master, Ping’an Temple, Wenfeng Pagoda, General’s Mansion, Xingning Academy, Lianghai Guild Hall, the ancient city wall of the Ming Dynasty and nearly 10,000 Hakka dragon houses of different styles and sizes all over Xingning.

Huangpi Yewu in Meizhou City starts from the towering Tieshan Mountain in the east and ends at the Huangpi River that looks like a giant dragon and stretches to the South China Sea and flows into the Pacific Ocean in the west. From the foot of Yebi in the north to the foot of Luofu Mountain in the south. The Hakka enclosed houses with Yongxing Wai, Lianchang Wai, Xiuchang Wai, Lingxia, Tianxin, Xiuchang Wai and Sijiaolou as the core areas are backed by Zhulingzhai Forest Park, adjacent to Inventory Daddy and Shanqing Temple. In front of the door is Heping, a pond, has a gate in the middle and small gates on both sides. Entering through the main door are the lower hall, patio, upper hall, south hall, north hall, and corridor. At both ends of the corridor are the upper and lower rooms. At the end of the upper hall is placed the immortal ancestral tablet with a beech wood base. Behind the upper hall is the flower head, and finally there is the back enclosure or the back cross house. The ancestors of Yewu did not huddle together in one house for several generations, encouraging future generations to be self-reliant. The enclosed houses are exquisitely designed and connected into pieces. The composition and formula of the wall materials are mysterious, and they have the functions of waterproofing, fireproofing and anti-theft. The descendants of Yewu have never relied on government for hundreds of years. They all repair and protect the enclosed houses at their own expense. The beams have been immortal for hundreds of years, and their spirit is commendable. Hakka dishes such as Wu He, Zi Jiang, Huang Cong, sweet Cake, sweet potato Cake, pestle leaf Cake, radish vegetable tea, Bujing tea, Tianyaotou, Qingshedai, mountain camellia oil and so on are very delicious. Ye Meifei, the Hakka cuisine made by Bully Ghost is very special. If it’s not delicious, you don’t have to pay for it. They raise their own funds to carry out literary and artistic activities. The 60th anniversary celebration of Hequn Building attracted thousands of people to watch. The most important thing is that Yewu exudes spiritual energy and a large number of celebrities appear. Ye Aigu, Ye Wenyuan, Ye Yuhua, Ye Yanhua, Ye Baogong and other living gods promoted the Hakka culture of Yewu in full swing. The transportation is convenient, with the Huangpi entrance and exit of Ji-Guang Expressway nearby. Mr. Bao.

I am from Xingning, but I have not been in Xingning for a long time. I have been deeply impressed by the several tourist attractions I have visited. I also think these attractions are very suitable for going with friends. One of them is Shenguang Mountain, which is a must-visit attraction when traveling to Xingning. The stairs of Shenguang Mountain are winding and steep in some places. Friends who are afraid of heights may want to be cautious. It is a lot of fun to compete with friends in the process of climbing the stairs. It’s great fun. When you’re tired of climbing, you can replenish your energy at the rest pavilion in the middle. You can also see the scenery at the bottom of the mountain. The breeze blows, which is very comfortable. There is also a sports venue halfway up the mountain, where many locals exercise in the evening or morning; at the top of the mountain It is a large platform with a TV tower, fountains, etc. On the top of the mountain, you can also see the landscape of Xingning; the second one is the Xingning Library, about one thousand meters away from the city center. It is the oldest library in Xingning The library has a rich collection of books. There are many locals and elderly people near the library reading newspapers, playing chess, playing sports and chatting. The scene is very peaceful. The third one is People’s Park, which is the oldest park in Xingning. With the development of Xingning, several new parks have been built, but I think none of them are as interesting as the old parks. Maybe it’s because I played here when I was a child. .

Meizhou Xingning Mountain has beautiful clear waters. The main scenic spots are: Shenguang Mountain Tourist Area, Heshui Reservoir Scenic Area, Yenan Hot Spring Resort, Heshan Tourist Resort, Jiming Mountain, Huangfengwo Tea Mountain Tourist Area, and Luofu Dutian River Scenic Area. If you like, you can go and play.