Self-driving tourist attractions around Yueyang City Self-driving tourist attractions near Yueyang City

Guide: Self-driving tourist attractions around Yueyang City Self-driving tourist attractions near Yueyang 1. Self-driving tourist attractions near Yueyang 2. Recommended self-driving one-day tours around Yueyang 3. Complete list of tourist attractions around Yueyang Self-driving tour 4. Self-driving tours around Yueyang 5. Self-driving tours near Yueyang Recommended attractions 6. Guide to self-driving tourist attractions near Yueyang 7. Self-driving tourist attractions around Yueyang 8. Recommended self-driving tourist attractions near Yueyang suitable for children

1. Self-driving tourist attractions near Yueyang

There are quite a few places, such as Zibu Mountain and Huarong Reservoir. These locations are all available and can be reached in one day. For example, if you arrive at that time, you have to be farther away. It is better to just stay for one night. The rest is up to you. It can be done in one day. There is also a mountain and countryside tour nearby. There are many small attractions like this that don’t cost much. They are pretty good. You can go and have fun if you need to.

2. Recommended self-driving one-day tour around Yueyang

First of all, we set off from Changsha and arrived at Yueyang T in less than two hours. The first stop was to go to Yueyang Tower. After arriving, if you can recite the entire Yueyang Tower article, congratulations, you can get free admission.

After visiting Yueyang Tower, we found a restaurant with local characteristics to have lunch.

After dinner, we will visit Junshan. After arriving at Junshan, we will take a boat to see Guishan and Snake Mountains, as well as Xiangfei’s Tomb. After that, you can have dinner and go home.

3. Self-driving tour of tourist attractions around Yueyang

So many day trips! Honghu lake tour, Songzi Island play, Shishou flower viewing, Jingzhou garden tour, Shashi surfing, Jiangling yellow peach, Gongan grape, Jianli morning wine. Go rafting in Yichang, go to Zhongxiang’s Mausoleum, go to Yueyang to view the towers, go to Xiangyang to view the huts, go to Wuhan to view the bridges, and go to Enshi to view the valley!

4. Self-driving around Yueyang

From Yueyang via Wuhan, cross Jiujiang to Jingdezhen and then cross Huangshan to Hangzhou. Starting from Yueyang, go to Wuhan first, visit Wuhan and surrounding attractions, then go to Jiujiang, you can also visit the attractions around Poyang Lake, all the way east to Jingdezhen to enjoy the porcelain capital, and then continue Go north to Huangshan to see the welcoming pines, to Qiandao Lake to eat fish heads, then to Xin’an River in Jiande, all the way north through Tonglu to Hangzhou West Lake.

5. Recommended self-driving tourist attractions near Yueyang

Pingjiang self-driving tour to Nanjiang Bridge Mufu Mountain and then to Bilong Gorge and the memorial hall in the county seat where the uprising occurred, free of charge. After going to Guantang Xiaotian Dupu Cemetery, we went to the water park, then Tuolong Gorge rafting, and finally Shiniuzhai for fun. When you’re done, go home quickly, lest it gets dark and you can’t find your mother

6. Guide to self-driving tourist attractions near Yueyang

First, take the Yueyang bus and get off at Jishou and Huaihua. There are buses to both Jishou and Huaihua.

The nine scenic spots in Fenghuang Ancient City (including Shen Congwen’s Former Residence, Xiong Xiling’s Former Residence, Yang Family Ancestral Hall, Ancient City Museum, East Gate Tower, Wanshou Palace, Chongde Hall, Hongqiao Art Building, and Tuojiang River Rafting) usually take 1-2 days to visit.

Other specialties in Fenghuang Ancient City – snacks:

1. Fenghuang Ancient City Ginger Candy 2. King of Fruits Kiwi 3. Twisted Candy 4. Dragon Beard Cake 5. Fenghuang Ancient City Liangpi 6. Furong Town Rice Tofu 7. Phoenix Sour Radish 8. Xiangxi Ciba

Other specialties of Fenghuang Ancient City – dishes:

1. Xiangxi Phoenix Bacon 2. Phoenix Blood Duck 3. Wild Onion Rice 4. Stir-fried Salmon Mushrooms with Hot and Sour Seeds

5. Farm-style tofu 6. Miao family fire-roasted food 7. Miao family sour fish 8. Tofu boiled in sour soup 9. Stir-fried bracken and smoked bacon


In the ancient city, you can buy batik, tie-dye, horn products, old cloth, Miao embroidery, silver jewelry and other handicrafts.

Best time to travel

The best time to travel to Phoenix is ​​from March to November every year.

In early March, spring is warm and flowers are blooming. There are not many tourists in the ancient city, and accommodation is relatively affordable. In the autumn of early November, go to the Miao villages around the ancient city, and the scenery is superb.

7. Self-driving tourist attractions around Yueyang

The preferred shopping malls include: Pedestrian Street BBK Xintiandi, Parkson, Tianhong, Wushang, Kangxing, Huabanqiao BBK, Luowang Xintiandi, Nanhu Xingduhui, Renhe Spring, Xingeli Plaza

Recommended scenic spots (parks and squares) include: Yueyang Loujunshan Road Scenic Area, Pingjiang Shiniuzhai, Yueyang County Dayun Mountain, Zhang Guying, Pingjiang Mufu Mountain, Linxiang Wujianshan Forest Park, Linxiang Longjiao Mountain Scenic Area, Huarong Peach Blossom Mountain Scenic Area , Miluo Quzi Temple, Xiangyin Yangsha Lake International Resort, Junshan Dongting Lake Happy World, Junshan Silver Beach, Longshan Flower World, Sheng’an Temple, Nanhu Park, Bajiao Lake Park, Jin’e Mountain Park, Nanhu Lake Scenic Belt, Wangjia River scenery belt, Bianhe Street Baling Square, Yueyang Cherry Garden, Pingjiang Tuolong Gorge.

Recommended cinemas include: BBK Wanda Cinema, Star International Cinema, MC Cinema (Luowang), Qianmu Lake Evergrande Cinema, BBK Xintiandi CGV Cinema on the pedestrian street, Bazimen Wal-Mart Jinyi Cinema, Xiaoxiang Cinema at the railway station

Recommended bars and KTVs include: Taihe Hotel, Grand Skylight Hotel, Huarui Danfeng Hotel, Guomao Bangchen Hotel, Yueyang Hotel, Vienna Hotel, Days Hotel, Victoria Hotel, Jinjiangzhi Star, Ful International Hotel, Nanhu Hotel, Apollo Hotel, Huacheng Hotel, Heaven and Earth, Huaya Hotel, Millennium Lake Hotel, Jinhai Hotel, Golden Dragon and Yufeng KTV, Jindinghui, Miyue KTV , Sun God, Beautiful Life KTV, Popcorn, Buckingham Palace (Huabanqiao), Kuqi, Longmai KTV, Chief Mansion, Sugar Muse Bar, helens, S2 Bar, Panda Bar, Wutong Music Pub, visa Bars, F1 Music Pub, Liangdu, Hormone Bar, Fox Music Bar, Sy Late Night Bar, etc.

8. Recommended self-driving tourist attractions near Yueyang suitable for children

Traveling along the western border of Hunan

Self-driving route: Changsha – Zhangjiajie – Sangzhi – Longshan – Xiluo – Leba Fengyu Bridge – Liye – Chadong (border town) – Songtao – Fanjing Mountain – Tongren – Dalongshang Expressway – Changsha.

Abao: This route covers the most beautiful part of the Xiangxi region. It combines ethnic customs, cultural landscapes and the beauty of natural mountains and rivers. The difficulty of cross-country in the middle is challenging for self-driving travelers, so it is recommended to travel in a group.

Chadong is located at the junction of Hunan, Chongqing and Guizhou, and it is here that Shen Congwen wrote about the border town.

D1. Changsha-Zhangjiajie-Sangzhi-Longshan

After arriving at Sangzhi, arrange a 4-hour landscape tour.

D2. Longshan-Xiluo-Reba Fengyuqiao-Liye-Chadong (border town)

Visit the ancient town of Liye and stay at Chadong in Biancheng. Singing while walking, the scenery is beautiful.

D3, Chadong-Songtao-Fanjing Mountain (Su Fanjing Mountain).

Fanjing Mountain, the “ancient Buddhist ashram”, is a famous mountain at the junction of western Hunan and eastern Guizhou. It is the first highlight of this border walk. The sea of ​​clouds and mushroom rocks are its iconic landscapes.

D4. Climb Fanjing Mountain (stay in Fanjing Mountain).

Climbing a mountain, drinking tea, and letting your mind escape slightly are Zen.

D5, Fanjingshan-Tongren-Dalong Expressway-Changsha.

Take a brief walk along the Baili Dong Cultural Corridor to see the Fengyu Bridge and Dong Village.

Route 2: Longhui Huayao Customs Exploration

Self-driving route: Changsha-Shaoyang Longhui-Huxingshan Huayao Ancient Village-Grand Canyon-Former Residence of Wei Yuan-Changsha.

Laohou: Appreciate the unique Huayao folk customs, taste local delicacies such as cured meats, pig blood tofu balls, etc., watch waterfalls and trace rivers in the Grand Canyon, combining the interests of folk customs and nature.

D1. Changsha-Changtan Expressway-Xiangtan-Shaoyang-Longhui

Longhui takes more than 60 kilometers of asphalt road through Daduzhai to Jinshiqiao Town, then turns left and turns west. It takes more than 20 kilometers of cement road to the Huxingshan Yao Township Government. More than 3 hours drive.

D2. Chongmudang Village, experience the folk customs of Huayao

They do not believe in the ancestor of the Yao people, “Pan King”, and their clothing culture and lifestyle are also different from those of the Yao people. Catching up with Huayao to get married will be an eye-opener for people. You can see customs such as “barring the door for wine”, “beating the mud”, and “beating the butt” (that is, beating the butt). Chongmutang Village has hundreds of ancient trees that are thousands of years old and are regarded as gods by the locals.

D3. Watch waterfalls and trace the river at Wangxi Grand Canyon in Datuo Village, then return

There is a grand canyon in Datuo Village, more than ten kilometers away from the Huxingshan Township Government, which is nearly 13 kilometers long and has dozens of large and small waterfalls distributed in it. The Sanlongdong Waterfall in the middle and upper reaches of the canyon is nearly 80 meters high and about 30 meters wide.

Route Three: Looking for Butterflies and Visiting Nushu Village in Yongzhou

Self-driving route: Changsha-Yongzhou Shunhuang Mountain-Jiangyong Nushu Village-Shanggantang-Qianjiadong-Changsha

Big River: Along the way, there are lush forests, abundant water, and butterflies flying around. The mystery of Nüshu and the majesty of the waterfall are completely different from each other in silence and movement. Suitable for self-driving travelers who are interested in history and rafting.

D1, Changsha-Yongzhou-Shunhuang Mountain

It takes about 3 hours to get to Yongzhou. From Lengshuitan to Dong’an, turn to Damiaokou Town and go left into the mountains. The winding mountain road is accompanied by green streams. The whole journey takes about 6 hours.

D2, Shunhuang Mountain, rafting and river tracing

Nuying Creek and Ehuang Creek are two ditches in the Shunhuang Mountain Scenic Area. It is said that there are 261 species of butterflies there, accounting for 1/5 of the known butterfly species in the country. The rafting near the mouth of Ehuang River is 4.5 kilometers long and needs to be passed through a tunnel. When you exit the cave, you rush down a slide 10 to 20 meters high, which is very exciting.

D3. Shunhuang Mountain-Jiangyong Nushu Village-Shanggantang

30 minutes after leaving Jiangyong County, we arrived at Puwei Island, the birthplace of Nüshu. Jiangyong Nvshu Village has the only existing female writing system. Follow the new heir of Nüshu to read and write, and you will be able to understand the “Heavenly Book” based on the context.

D4, Shanggantang-Qianjiadong-Changsha

In the paradise of Qianjia Dong, climb the mountain to explore the source and view the Dabo Waterfall. Qianjiadong is a mountain basin and one of the ancestral homes of the Yao people. Along the way, there are bamboo forests on both sides of the strait, and the movie “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon” was filmed there. The locally produced fragrant ginger, fragrant rice, fragrant taro and fragrant pomelo are famous far and wide.

Route 4: Humanistic Tour of Southern Huaihua

Self-driving route: Changsha-Hongjiang Ancient Mall-Huitong Gaoyi Ancient Village-Jingzhou Miao Village-Tongtong Dong Village-Changsha.

Linjiang Tingyu: ancient cities, ancient villages, and ancient villages with obvious humanistic characteristics. Feel the original life of the residents and read the stories of the past at a slow pace.

D1. Changsha-Hongjiang Ancient Mall

It takes about 5 hours by car. From Changtan West Expressway, turn to Shaohuai Expressway and go down to Hongjiang River, then enter Hongjiang Ancient Mall. The old houses from the Ming and Qing Dynasties in Hongjiang Ancient Mall are relatively intact. Although a little decadent, it is still grand. The cellar house is tall and the alley is narrow and far-reaching. The ancient city still retains the original lifestyle of the residents. It takes time to interpret the business culture.

D2, Hongjiang-High Chair-Jingzhou Miao Village

Take the war-ready highway from Hongjiang to Huitong High Chair, walking along the water and mountains within one hour. When you arrive at Gaoyi Ancient Village, you can even feel the ancient atmosphere without looking at the buildings. Especially in the morning, there are women washing clothes at the river pier and cormorants fishing on the awnings. The morning and dusk in the high chair are more beautiful.

D3. Jingzhou Miao Village-Tongtong Dong Village

You can listen to big songs in Jingzhou Disun Miao Village, and the Miao songs are in the form of multi-part chorus. Eating the “Helong Banquet” in the Dong Village, the atmosphere immediately rose.

D4, return to the Dong village through the passage

Route 5: Yongshun Creek Ecological Tour

Self-driving route: Changsha-Yuanling-Fengtan, the car stops at Fengtan Hydropower Station Dam Pier, then takes half an hour by boat and half an hour’s drive to Xiaoxi Village Farmhouse. If you want to drive directly into the Xiaoxi Nature Reserve, you can also drive from Changsha-Zhangjiajie-Xiaoxi, which takes 7-8 hours.

Swallows: Walking along the stream that has never been turbid, there are natural “botanical halls” on both sides. Sometimes the steps are smooth, sometimes there is a climb. A favorite for those who enjoy the outdoors. The villagers here are more simple and pure.

D1—D2, Changsha-Zhangjiajie-Yongshun Creek

Stay at Luguan Villa in Xiaoxi Village. The mountain spring water of the creek has never been turbid, even during heavy rains. The vegetation of the creek is green all the way from Maoping Pier, and you can take a botany lesson while walking. There are more than a dozen natural villages living in the nature reserve. The villagers rely on the mountains to feed themselves, and they still maintain a simple life style.

D3. Swim in the creek

There are three main ditches. There is a king cedar tree in Longmen Valley, which requires four people to embrace. There are many waterfalls near the king cedar tree, and it takes an hour or two to walk there. There are three natural villages in Yuquan River. It takes nearly 2 hours to hike to the nearest large village, tracing the stream and swimming all the way. There is also a Chayuan River that has not been developed and is more primitive.

D4, Xiaoxi-Changsha

Route 6: Rafting on the Kuangshui River in Qiyang

Self-driving route: Changsha-Hengkun Expressway Qiyang Baishui Exit-322 National Highway-Jindong-Kangshi River.

Go to Golden Cave National Forest Park to get close to nature, and then go to Kuangshi River to experience the thrill of rafting. It is an excellent place to escape the heat in summer. Kuangshi River rafting is known as “the first rafting in the Shenzhou Canyon”, it is exciting and thrilling. There is a grassland on Golden Beach less than 5 kilometers away from Kuangshi River, where roller skating and car skating can be performed at the same time.

D1, morning, Changsha-Yongzhou

Take Hengkun Expressway and drive 37.6 kilometers along Hengkun Expressway. After passing Luositang for about 250 meters, turn right and drive 220 meters. Turn left and arrive at Jindong National Forest Park.

D1. Afternoon, Golden Cave – Kuangshi River

Carry out expansion training and have a wonderful bonfire party in the evening. Overnight at Kuangshi River Hotel.

D2 Wild Lion River Rafting

In the morning, we divided into two groups for field battle. In the afternoon, experience the thrilling rafting of Kuangshi River. The Kuangshi River rafting is about 10 kilometers long and the whole journey takes about 2.5 hours. It has fast water, secluded valleys, strange rocks, dangerous cliffs, fragrant flowers and dense forests.

Route 7: Lotus Picking at Tuanhu Lake in Yueyang

Self-driving tour route: Changsha – Yueyang – Yueyang Tower – Junshan – Tuanhu – Zhang Guying Village – Quzi Temple – Changsha.

In the summer, when the lotus blooms and the lotus pods mature, you can enjoy lotus viewing in Tuanhu Lake. It is suitable to pick lotus pods in summer.

D1, Changsha-Yueyang

From Changsha to Yueyang, drive 320 meters, go straight into G4, drive along G4 for 120.1 kilometers, pass Miaopoli, turn left, drive 990 meters, pass the Yueyang toll station for about 170 meters, and go straight into Yueyang Avenue. Visit Yueyang Tower, tour Junshan, see Xiangfei Bamboo and Liuyi Well. Sunan Lake Hotel.

D2, Yueyang-Miluo

Visit Tuan Lake, appreciate lotuses, pick lotus pods, and eat lotus pods; visit Zhangguying Village to see the ancient residential buildings in the south of the Yangtze River; visit Quzi Temple and Quyuan Forest of Steles. Then return to Changsha via the original route.

Route 8: An unrestrained trip to Shaoyang Nanshan Ranch

Self-driving route: Changsha – Loudi – Zijuanjie Terraces – Hucaishan Huayao (Loudi) – Nanshan Ranch (Shaoyang).

The grassland scenery of Nanshan Ranch is very beautiful. On a sunny day, you can bring your own tent and camp on the playground at night, but on rainy days, it is suitable to stay at the local Nanshan Hotel.

Nanshan Ranch.

D1, Changsha-Loudi Xinhua County

Drive along the South Second Ring Road for 3.5 kilometers and go straight into the Changtan West Expressway; drive along the Changtan West Expressway for 27.4 kilometers and go straight for 680 meters and enter the Shangrui Expressway; drive along the Shangrui Expressway for 103.2 kilometers and go straight.

Visit the beautiful Rhododendron Terraces, a row of beautiful pastoral scenery. In the afternoon, we went to Huayao Mountain in Hucai Mountain to visit the Yao Village and watch performances by Yao girls and boys with ethnic characteristics. Then drive to Shaoyang Nanshan Ranch. Stay at Nanshan Hotel, or bring your own tent.

D2. Drive to Shaoyang

Run wildly on the grass and taste local fresh milk, special oil tea, and Miao bacon. Visit Shenmu District, Dayakou, Dumpling Cave, Lujiahao, Shentong Mountain, and Nanshan Lake.

Route 9: Exploring the Source of Lishui River

Self-driving route: Changsha-Sangzhi-Nanmuping (at the foot of Tianping Mountain)-Tianping Mountain-Bamao Stream-Wudaoshui-Badagongshan Town-Changsha.

Zhijun: The purpose of the route is to explore the source of the Lishui River. The farthest north source of the Lishui River is Zishaping. Travelers who are interested in plants will benefit greatly from this trip.

Tianping Mountain.

D1, Changsha-Sangzhi

From Changsha to Sangzhi, then take Sanglong Highway, turn to Sanghe Highway at Chenjiahe, turn left at Shuitianba Bridge for 11 kilometers, and arrive at Nanmuping (at the foot of Tianping Mountain). The hiking route is 13 kilometers long and we stay at Tianpingshan Hotel.

D2. Drive or hike to the mountains

Tianpingshan Hotel-Scientific Research Institute. Admire the unique Davidia involucrata community, Metasequoia community, Sichuan Rhododendron community, etc.

D3. Tianping Mountain-Bamao River-Wudaoshui-Badagongshan Town

Driving 10 kilometers on a cross-country mountain road, the road conditions are thrilling and only one car wide. Then we hike to Doupeng Mountain to see Zishaping (the source of the North Source of Lishui River), and then go down the mountain and stay in Badagong Mountain Town.

D4. Return to the original route

You can soak in hot springs when passing by Wudaoshui, and see the monument of Lishui River at Qiyan Spring.