What are the attractions in Shadian, Yunnan? What are the attractions in Shadian, Yunnan?

Introduction: What are the attractions in Shadian, Yunnan? What are the attractions in Shadian, Yunnan? 1. What are the attractions in Shadian, Yunnan? 2. Where is Shadian, Yunnan? 3. Scenic spots near Shadian 4. Where is Shadian County, Yunnan Province? 5 . Shadian tourist attractions 6. What are the attractions in Shadian, Yunnan?

1. Are there any attractions in Shadian, Yunnan?

I recommend going to Gejiu in summer.

Gejiu has a subtropical plateau monsoon climate, with no severe cold in winter and no scorching heat in summer. It has abundant rainfall and feels like spring all year round. The annual average temperature is 16 degrees.

Kaiyuan has long summers and no winters. Autumn and spring are connected. The daily temperature difference is large and the annual temperature difference is small. The annual average temperature in Kaiyuan Dam area is 19.8℃, and the extreme maximum temperature is 38.2℃.

The main attractions in Gejiu include Laoyin Mountain Scenic Area

Manhuo Scenic Area

Feixia Cave

Heimajing Han Tombs

Yuandian Neolithic Cultural Site


Literature Forest

Yashadi Hot Spring Resort

Baohua Park

Nigga Blue Hot Spring

Hetian Folk Village

Jinhu Cultural Plaza

Green Water River Tropical Rainforest

Gogia Forest Park

Great Mosque of Sardin

2. Where is Shadian, Yunnan?

Introduction: Gejiu Shadian Ganba Laoer Food Co., Ltd., founded in 1985, is one of the most influential enterprises specializing in the production of halal food in Yunnan Province.

The company’s address is located in China, Yunnan Province, Honghe Prefecture, Gejiu City, Jijie Town, 150 meters away from the Jijie Overpass. The main products of Yunnan Gejiu City Shadian Ganba Laoer Food Co., Ltd. are: Youlin Ganba, Youlinxiang Ya Te Fragrant Goose Gold Gift Pack Silver Gift Pack Fresh Strong Foreign Duck Air-dried Beef Tripe Air-dried Beef Lungs Air-dried Beef Intestine Spicy Beef Sauce Low-Salt Strong Yellow Beef Dried Bar and all other cattle series products Company slogan: Carry forward the national food culture and create China’s first halal brand !

Legal representative: Ma Rongping Date of establishment: 2011-04-13 Registered capital: 1.1 million RMB Industrial and commercial registration number: 532501100014636 Enterprise type: Limited liability company (natural person investment or holding) Company address: Jijie Town, Gejiu City, Honghe Prefecture, Yunnan Province Beside the overpass

3. Attractions near Sardin

tourist attractions

Laoyin Mountain Scenic Area Manhuo Scenic Area Feixia Cave Heimajing Han Tombs

Yuandian Neolithic Cultural Site Jinhu Literature Linya Shadi Hot Spring Resort

Baohua Park Nige Blue Hot Spring Hetian Folk Village Jinhu Cultural Plaza

Green Water River Tropical Rainforest Gogia Forest Park Shadine Grand Mosque Longyuan Water Entertainment Center


Tin handicrafts, Yunnan traditional handicraft products. Produced by Gejiu Tin Arts and Crafts Factory.

Gejiu’s famous water-dipped rolled noodles. People in Yunnan like to eat rice noodles and rolled noodles. Therefore, there are many ways to eat rice noodles and rolled noodles. The most famous one is Cross-Bridge Rice Noodles, which can be said to be famous at home and abroad. There are small pot rice noodles, cold rice noodles, chicken rice noodles, beef rice noodles, mutton rice noodles, etc. It can be said that there are many varieties and countless. But in Gejiu’s Hongbaotai Square, there is a way to eat it that was invented by an old man himself, and that is to roll the noodles in water. A bowl of rolled noodles cut into chunks, rinsed in a bowl of delicious condiments, making it smooth in the mouth, and paired with barbecue, it can really be said to be an endless aftertaste.

Doumu Ge Braised Chicken is a special and famous food in Kafang Town, Gejiu City. In 2003, it was rated as “Yunnan Famous Snack” by the Yunnan Provincial Cuisine Association. It is known to almost everyone in Yunnan, especially Honghe Prefecture. Everyone who has tasted it is intoxicated by its soft meat, elegant fragrance, unique taste and endless aftertaste. In addition, when paired with spicy millet dipped in cold roll powder, old pumpkin and other foods, the taste is even more unique. It is popular in the local area. It is very popular and attracts many diners from inside and outside the province.

Laochang bitter cabbage is a specialty of Laochang Town, Gejiu City, Honghe Prefecture, Yunnan Province. Laochang bitter vegetables are famous far and wide because of their unique taste. Every time around the Spring Festival, it is even more rare and precious. According to the “Compendium of Materia Medica of Southern Yunnan”, bitter herbs have the effect of “cooling blood and heat, cold stomach, dispelling accumulation in the abdomen, and promoting water and stool”; “Compendium of Materia Medica” also records that bitter herbs have the effect of “treating hemorrhoids and stranguria” .

4. Where is Shadian County in Yunnan Province?

According to statistics, the population surnamed Lin in Yunnan is not large, but it is widely distributed. According to records in the county and city records of Honghe Prefecture, Wenshan Prefecture, Chuxiong Prefecture, Kunming City, Yuxi area, Qujing area, Zhaotong area, southern Yunnan, central Yunnan, and eastern Yunnan, the descendants of Lin are distributed. Shiping, Jianshui, Mengzi, Tonghai, Wenshan, Qiubei, and Xundian are more prosperous, while Shadian, Gejiu is the most densely populated area. There are also scattered people living throughout the province, and some descendants have drifted overseas, but most of them do not know their origins. Many discovered and undiscovered Lin family trees have no source.

5. Sardin tourist attractions

Come on, let me show you how to eat like this

Day 1: Get up early. Do you want to eat spicy food? Then I will take you to Xinjie to eat spicy rice noodles, or to Longshu Garden to eat the rice noodles that I have eaten for four years and I still don’t get tired of them. Then, I will take you to the train station to buy physalis cakes, buy Hui roast beef skewers opposite the train station, and then go to the farmer’s market to drink papaya cold water. At noon, I will take you to Xidu Restaurant to eat the most famous soup dumplings (a specialty). After eating, I will buy a bowl of old potatoes across the street, and then go around to Huaiyuan Fangpu to buy taro and purple rice dew. In the afternoon, I will take you to the department store to eat clay pot rice noodles, and then go around to Wutong Building to eat potatoes with garlic oil. In the evening, go to the train station to have a barbecue first. Eat whatever you want, grilled tofu, grilled melons, grilled pork belly, the most recommended is grilled eggs, roast slowly over low heat, and all kinds of bugs. You can eat whatever you want. point. Then go to the alley opposite the Honghe Hotel to eat breaded cowpeas.

The next day: Get up in the morning and eat something light. Go to Wuyi Road Street to eat thin soybean flour and fried dough sticks, and then sweep in the direction of Lao No. 1 Middle School. Lala noodles and beef skewers with powdered sugar are available at the entrance of the Grand Park, and green onion cakes and honey buns are available in the direction of the river. Walk to the pedestrian street and eat soybean cakes (a specialty) worth $1.51, as well as rose sugar cakes. At noon, we took the bus to Hongbaotai to eat rice noodles rolled in water, and of course, rose shaved ice. At three o’clock, we go to the train station to eat rice roll noodles. We especially recommend soaked lotus root and mung bean soup. For lunch, go to the alley of the farmer’s market to eat Handsome Malatang. You can watch the handsome guy and eat delicious Malatang at the same time. In the evening, I first went to the seventh floor to buy winter melon cakes, then went straight to the transportation team to eat grilled chicken wing tips, and then took the bus to Chadian to drink fresh milk (a specialty).

On the third day out of the city, first go to Shadian to eat Hui beef rice noodles, and then go straight to Mengzi to eat chrysanthemum rice noodles. Of course, you can choose to taste Mengzi’s famous Yang steamed cake and Yang porridge. For lunch, choose to eat grilled fish, cold leek, fried meat and peanut and winter melon soup in Zhongdian. They are common farm dishes and are recommended. If you go to Datun to eat shaved potatoes in the evening, you must eat them. The condiments are super delicious.

On the fourth day out of the city, I will take you to Shaden to eat Hui cuisine. Oil-soaked duck (a specialty) is a must-order dish, as well as spicy stir-fried beef with millet. At noon, you can try the Hui barbecue. The cold rice noodles are the best. I stayed hungry until the evening to eat roasted chicken (a specialty). The roasted chicken in Sardin is absolutely the best, so it is more cost-effective to eat on an hungry stomach. Of course, there are other beef dishes that are also good.

On the fifth day, leave the city and go to Doumu Pavilion to eat braised chicken (a specialty). If you like it, you can go to the mountain to catch the chicken yourself. I chose to take you to eat Doumu Ge Braised Chicken on the last day because it is the most delicious delicacy in my opinion. I have never been tired of it since I was a snack.

On the sixth day and the seventh day, we sweep the streets and enjoy various snacks, which are cheap and delicious. The barbecue and fried food at the one next to Heping Primary School, the cold rice noodles at the train station, the porridge at Huaiyuan Fangpu, and the sour potato and sugar porridge at Jinhu Primary School. If you have time, please ask my dad to take you to Hani Village to eat tadpoles cooked with pickled cabbage and Hani black beans. Go to Yangjiatian to buy spicy millet with garlic oil, pickled pears (specialty), and pickled papaya…

There’s not much to do in a week, but why not come here? There are so many delicious things, why are you hesitating? Maybe we can find more delicious food during the journey, which will definitely make your mouth water just thinking about it.

This is what a foodie looks like~

There is also a train station barbecue, which mainly serves small meat skewers, which is great!

As for scenic spots in the city, you can go to Laoyin Mountain. There is a Buddhist temple on it. This year, there are cherries planted in the garden. You can pick them in the garden for 10 yuan per person, and you can take them away for 18 yuan. There are also Nige Hot Spring and Yashadi Hot Spring in the suburbs. , and the Great Mosque of the Shadin Hui people. The night view is truly spectacular. . . . . That’s pretty much all I can think of right now.

6. What are the attractions in Shadian, Yunnan?

Gejiu City, also known as Xidu, is located in the Honghe Hani and Yi Autonomous Prefecture in Yunnan Province. It was once the state capital and the second largest industrial city in Yunnan Province. Due to its beautiful environment, it has mountains and rivers, and is also called Little Hong Kong. Before liberation, France spent a lot of money to build an international railway from Kunming, China to Vietnam in order to seize the tin mining industry in Gejiu, China, to transport mineral resources out of China. Now under the leadership of the Communist Party, Gejiu City’s urban construction has achieved rapid development and has become a famous city in Yunnan Province.