Travel guide to Changdao (ticket prices for travel to Changdao)

Introduction: Travel Guide to Changdao (Ticket Price for Traveling to Changdao) Complete Travel Guide to Changdao How to Arrange a Day Trip to Changdao Travel and Accommodation Guide to Changdao Any Suggestions for Traveling to Changdao?

Changdao Travel Guide

Changdao travel guide

Changdao, historically known as Miaodao Islands, also known as Changshan Islands, Changdao County is located between Jiaodong and Liaodong Peninsula, at the intersection of the Yellow Sea and the Bohai Sea. It consists of 32 islands with a land area of ​​55.96 square kilometers and a sea area of ​​8,700 square kilometers. , the coastline is 146 kilometers long.

1. Go to sea, fish, and be a pure fisherman for a day

Changdao’s tourism resources, marine resources and environmental and ecological resources are unique and rich. The island has an excellent ecological environment. The island coast has beautiful scenery, a pleasant climate, and the original high-quality mountain and sea cultural landscapes are not only pleasing to the eyes of people who go to sea, but also create an excellent natural environment for the reproduction of various seafood. Changdao’s sea cucumber, abalone and other top-quality marine treasure resources are well-known at home and abroad. It has been named China’s “Hometown of Abalone”, “Hometown of Scallops” and “Hometown of Kelp”. It is an important production and export base of marine treasures in my country. Therefore, when you go out to sea for a day and follow the fishermen to fish, catch sea cucumbers, and pick abalone, what you want is not only freshness and curiosity, but also satisfaction and joy!

2. Spend some time in Moon Bay

The clear water embraced by Crescent Bay is as blue as agate and as clear as a mirror. It is tempting to jump in and take the sea into your arms. When the wind is high and the waves are rough, the bay is full of emeralds and silver snow is floating; when the sky is clear, it is peaceful, beautiful and charming. For thousands of years, the sea has polished thousands of pearls on this shore with its beautiful soul and beautiful hands.

After escaping from the hustle and bustle of the city, we might as well slow down and settle down to spend half a day in Crescent Bay, just to listen to the sound of the waves and the waves lapping the shore; just to welcome the sea breeze blowing by our ears. Then all the inexplicable worries and melancholy that have been accumulated for a long time will disappear. Or hold his (her) hand and just sit quietly, the world will no longer exist, only your breath is still in my ears. Perhaps, this is the eternity we are looking for. Crescent Bay is also a bathing beach with relatively complete facilities. The best season for bathing is between July and September. But for those who want to come here, it can be done in any other season except winter.

3. Go to the forest and take a deep breath, and step into both oceans with one foot.

Linhai is known as a natural “leisure oxygen bar area”. Especially in summer, when you enter “Linhai”, you can enjoy the sea breeze, the fragrance of the mountain breeze, and nature provides shade everywhere. In the “Emerald Valley”, butterflies are dancing, cicadas are chirping, birds are singing and flowers are fragrant. It can be said that it is evergreen all year round and flowers bloom in three seasons. Migratory birds from spring to autumn gather in the mountains and forests, forming a unique spectacle.

The colors of the seas on both sides of the Yellow Sea and Bohai Sea boundary monument are distinct. One is the Yellow Sea and the other is the Bohai Sea. Along with the line, a long stretch of beach and land at the end of the long mountain stretches out under the island. It seems that this mountain is really a bit spiritual. Here you can cross two seas with one foot. How majestic and heroic this is!

4. Eat authentic Yujiale seafood

When it comes to eating seafood, some people may be disdainful. Nowadays, transportation is so developed and logistics is so abundant. Where can we not eat seafood? In fact, what is seafood? It is just fished out of the sea. You are still confused and confused about what can be done around here. It’s called seafood. What we see in the city are seafood products that are dizzy but confused even after taking a plane or a car. We usually eat scallops, crabs, shrimps, and abalone, and we have to buy them by the piece, by the piece, or by the 2. Many people’s livers tremble when they mention seafood. Why? It’s expensive per piece. But on Changdao, everything you eat is by the basin, the checkout is not expensive, the seafood is all original, and the accommodation is by the seat. Changdao has been developing Yujiale for several years. Yujiale is not only a golden sign of Changdao tourism, but also provides convenience to tourists. Especially the Changdao people, with the innate generosity of Shandong people, and the guidance of tourism managers, Changdao Yujiale has become the first choice for self-guided tourists. Now, with the advantage of ***, Changdao Yujiale has already achieved breakthrough cross-regional publicity and operation. When the tourist season arrives, the famous Yujiale in Changdao is fully booked, and business is very prosperous. Staying at Yujiale, food and accommodation are included, and the price is calculated per head, ranging from 120 yuan per person to 180 yuan per person, so you can choose the cost.

5. We vowed to each other at Jiuzhang Cliff

Jiuzhang Cliff is not really Jiuzhang. It is named after the larger number “nine” among the ten numbers. It is famous for its rare stone combination and steepness. Looking from a distance, Jiuzhang Cliff looks like a natural stone painting, allowing you to appreciate the wonderful patterns and patterns and witness the ink paintings left by heaven and man. The scenic area covers an area of ​​2 square kilometers, and the cliffs stretch for more than 400 meters. The cliffs here are steep, the water is deep and the currents are fast, and the rocks are scattered all over. The natural landscape is unique. It is especially famous for its rare stone combinations and high and dangerous cliffs. It is majestic and majestic. It stands out among the many sea cliffs in the country.

It is said that these dangerous cliffs have experienced hundreds of millions of years of geological movement and have become what they are today. The ancients called eachother’s oath, pointing to the mountains and facing the sea, promising to each other that love in this life will be as loyal as a rock and as inexhaustible as the sea water. This is still the best place at this time. There are mountains and seas, and the waves are crashing on the shore. If there is a pair of beautiful people embracing each other facing the sea, it will be the most beautiful scene in the world. So if someone is asking for love or marriage proposal, come here and face the miraculous nature and the good intentions of your sweetheart. Nine times out of ten, you will be impressed, right?

6. Go to Wanniao Island to see seagulls

Wanniao Island, also known as Cheyou Island, is located in the east-central part of the Changdao Islands. This small island with an altitude of 73.5 meters and only 0.05 square kilometers is simply an insignificant grain of sand in the vast ocean. However, the depth of the sea is great and the island is small and interesting. Because there are tens of thousands of black-tailed gulls, sea cormorants, white-rumped swifts and other seabirds living on the island, it was later called Thousand Bird Island. More than 90% of the coastal landforms are steep cliffs. The cliffs are interbedded with quartzite and slate, with well-developed joints and strong fragmentation. After thousands of years of weathering and sea erosion, the cliffs are convex and concave, with stone steps, stone platforms, grottoes, and stone walls. The caves are lined up in rows, forming a natural “seagull stone tower”. Thousands of seagulls make their home here, foraging, playing, resting, and giving birth to their children. At this time, the island became a noisy bird country, a boiling theater, and a paradise for seagulls.

To go to Wanniao Island, you have to go out to sea and take a boat. The boat trip takes half a day, but along the way you pass by Miaodao Shaobing Island, Xiaoheishan Island, Pagoda Reef, Magun Rock, Warship Island Alpine Island and many other islands. The scenery is very unique, and you will be there unknowingly along the way. It’s over. It is recommended to bring some bread, biscuits and other food. When you are near Ten Thousand Birds Island, throw it to the seagulls. Hundreds of seagulls will fly over to compete for food. The scene is very spectacular. (Do not feed the seagulls food with cream or pigment, as it will easily cause them to lose weight.) Digestion).

When the cruise ship leaves, there will be thousands of seagulls following along, reluctant to say goodbye to the tourists and see them off. The scene is so nostalgic and lingering. Of course, they are just nostalgic for the food in your hands. But it’s true that the seagulls on Thousand Birds Island are human. This is due to Changdao’s unremitting efforts to protect and manage the marine ecological environment in recent years, as well as Changdao’s own deep understanding that only by living in harmony with the ocean and protecting our homeland that is too lazy to survive, will Changdao’s prospects be brighter. Beautiful copy (4) 102527tw37rh77jb1h7135.jpg Copy 225345winjwha0bikhngsj.jpg. The hospitable Shandong people and the beautiful Changdao people recommend you to visit Changdao. Changdao Tourism is a national AAA-level scenic spot, watch the sunrise in the East, search for the relics of the First Emperor, taste fishermen’s seafood, and experience the fisherman’s style. Changdao Sisters Fishermen’s should be your first choice. If you are interested in the one-stop service of food, accommodation and entertainment, free shuttle service, please contact me. Changdao Sisters Fisherman’s Home welcomes you! “Eat, live and drink in fishermen’s homes, and have fun at sea” is the main tourism project. The fishermen’s food is rich and affordable, and the fishermen are warm and honest. In the fishermen’s village where chickens and dogs chat with each other and neighbors love each other, I believe that all kinds of authentic flavors can be found The seafood and simple and natural folk customs will leave a very deep impression on you. Friends who love mountains, water, food, and fun can enjoy eating seafood in Changdao, live in a fisherman’s house with peace of mind, and have fun at the beach. Try the fish dumplings and seaweed dumplings that are the specialty of the island fishermen. Please drink some wine, grill some scallops, cook some crabs and stew the fresh fish with beans, and talk about stories from all over the world. The fisherman’s house is the island Fishermen provide urban modern people with a way of leisure travel to return to nature and gain physical and mental relaxation and pleasure. The sister fishermen welcome friends to visit. Appreciate the style of the sea and experience the life of the fishermen.


How to arrange a day trip to Changdao

Changdao, also known as Miaodao Islands, is one of the “Top Ten Most Beautiful Islands in China”. Located at the mouth of the Bohai Sea – the intersection of the Yellow Sea and the Bohai Sea, it consists of 32 islands with a total area of ​​56 square kilometers and a coastline of 146 kilometers. It is a scenic spot with beautiful scenery, pleasant climate, green mountains and blue waters, and hundreds of brilliant birds. What to do on a day trip to Changdao?


No matter where you come from, tourists who want to enter Changdao must first go to Penglai Pier, which is the only port for entering and exiting Changdao. There are many ferries in and out of the island during the peak tourist season. You don’t have to worry about whether you can get on the boat. As long as the wind is not strong (below level 7), you can go in and out smoothly. Flights from Changdao to Penglai depart every half hour from 6 a.m. to 18 p.m. during the tourist season (May-October), with a flight duration of 30 to 40 minutes. If you drive into the island, you need to consider the vehicle entry fee, which is 130 yuan/vehicle for a car and 160 yuan/vehicle for a van. If you don’t want to drive to the island, you can consider hiring a taxi to visit various attractions. Generally, accommodation places can help you contact a taxi rental company.

recommended places:

Crescent Bay, Jiuzhang Cliff, Wangfu Reef, Fairyland Source, Fengshan, Linhai Park, Pearl Square, Miao Island Poseidon Temple, ***, Seal Reef, Pagoda Reef, Longzhao Mountain, Wanniao Island, Gaoshan Island, Daheishan Island, Beizhuang Ruins, Tuoji Island, etc.

One-day *** schedule:

Morning: Breakfast at 7 o’clock, buy a combined ticket for scenic spots for 150 yuan, and visit Linhai and Fengshan at 7:30. You can see the dividing line between the Yellow Sea and the Bohai Sea, and you can also see the panoramic view of Changdao from the highest point of Changdao. At 10:30, you can visit Xianjingyuan Scenic Area (you can catch the sea here during low tide and touch some small crabs).

Have lunch at 12 noon, go to Wangfujiao Park at 1:30 pm, and go to Half Moon Bay Park at 2:30 pm to watch seal performances, pick up ball stones, and feed baby seals with your own hands. You can swim here from July to August. Arrive at Jiuzhangya at 4:30, where you can watch the sunset over the Bohai Sea. After dinner, depending on where you live, you can choose to take a walk on the beach or go to Pearl Square (Beach Beach) and Barbeque Street (Seafood Food Stalls) to taste delicious seafood barbecue.

Changdao Travel and Accommodation Guide

There are roughly two options for accommodation in Changdao. One is to choose to stay in a hotel, and the other is to choose to stay in a fisherman’s house. When traveling to Yantai Changdao, the first choice for food and accommodation is Changdao Yujiale. If you come to Changdao to stay in a hotel to see the scenic spots, then a trip to Changdao like this will be much inferior. Most fishermen’s houses charge 80 yuan or 100 yuan per person per day. They are usually farmhouses. Each family has a room for accommodation. The fishermen’s house with relatively good conditions can also reach the standard of 120 yuan or even 180 yuan. So before you stay, you should check the conditions first and then negotiate the price. Changdao Travel Guide It is worth noting that during the National Day Golden Week, the Yujiale in South Island is 200 yuan per person, but includes three meals. A relatively famous fisherman’s house on Chang Island.

Any suggestions for traveling to Long Island?

When traveling to Changdao, it is recommended to spend three days enjoying the panoramic view of Changdao.

The recommended itinerary for visiting Changdao is as follows:

(1) One day: Penglai Pavilion → Sanxian Mountain Scenic Area

(2) The next day: Golden Beach

(3) Day 3: Changdao → Jiuzhang Cliff

Golden Beach

long island


1. Penglai Pavilion

Travel guide: Penglai Pavilion is known as a fairyland, and the myth and legend of the Eight Immortals crossing the sea originated from here. The entire Penglai Pavilion complex is composed of Sanqing Hall, Lu Zu Hall, Su Gong Temple, Tianhou Palace, Dragon King Palace, Penglai Pavilion, Amituo Temple, etc., all with different architectural styles. If you’re lucky, you might even see a mirage.

2. Sanxian Mountain Scenic Area

Travel Guide: Sanxian Mountain Scenic Area is located on the coast of the Yellow Sea. It is a theme scenic area with Taoist culture as its core. The majestic antique buildings reproduce the artistic conception of the mythical “Three Immortals Mountain”. In addition, you can also appreciate art treasures such as wood carvings and jade carvings, among which the Burmese water white jade ice-type Sakyamuni Reclining Buddha statue is the most rare.

3. Golden Beach

Travel guide: Golden Beach is known as “one of the beaches in northern China”. The beach here has gentle slopes, clean water, and fine sand. It is an excellent natural seaside beach and a tourist attraction for leisure and vacation.

4. Long Island

Travel guide: Changdao is a small island located on the sea. The people on the island are simple and the scenery is pleasant. Here you can watch the sunrise over the Yellow Sea and the sunset over the Bohai Sea. The spectacular scenery of the sun jumping out of the sea level and slowly setting is the most shocking. In addition, the seafood feast on Long Island is particularly unforgettable.

5. Jiuzhang Cliff

Travel guide: Jiuzhang Cliff is the tallest cliff on Changdao. It is extremely steep and has beautiful scenery with few people. The beach here is a pebble beach, with pebbles as big as goose eggs. The waves make a splash when they hit the shore, which is very spectacular. Here you can also see the marks left by wind and wave erosion on the cliffs.