Free tourist attractions in Fushun. Which free parks are there in Fushun?

Introduction: What are the free tourist attractions in Fushun? Which free parks are there in Fushun? What are the free parks in Fushun? What are the free tourist attractions in Fushun that don’t require tickets? Fushun tourist attractions ranking list. Does Sanhui Temple in Fushun need tickets?

What free attractions are there in Fushun?

What free attractions are there in Fushun?

Fushun is located in the northeastern part of Liaoning Province and is famous for its numerous historical sites and natural landscapes. When you come to Fushun, you can take a dip in the free scenic spots and appreciate the unique beauty of this city.

pedestrian mall

Fushun City’s Pedestrian Street is a popular shopping and leisure spot. It is located in the city center along a busy commercial strip with a variety of restaurants, coffee shops and shops. The pedestrian street is surrounded by trees, with flowers, plants and sculptures along it, and the historical buildings made of red bricks are even more impressive. Here you can stroll, shop and taste local cuisine.

Huashan Park

Huashan Park is one of the famous parks in Fushun City and one of the more beautiful scenic spots among several free parks. There are three main attractions in the park: Huashan Mountain, Xiaohua Mountain and Wolong Mountain. In Huashan National Forest Park, you can enjoy the most charming waterfalls, mountain scenery and forests in the area, and you can also find some ancient buildings and cultural exhibition halls.

Puning Temple

Puning Zen Temple is a famous Buddhist temple in Fushun that has existed since the Tang Dynasty. This is a magnificent building with many ancient Buddhist relics and Buddha statues inside. When you enter the temple, you will be paved with the smell of incense and a peaceful atmosphere. The scenic spot is open to the public for free, allowing you to deeply experience the charm of Buddhist culture.


The above attractions are only a small part of the free scenic spots in Fushun. Fushun is filled with a variety of free attractions and activities, and is rich in culture and natural resources. I hope this article can give you a preliminary understanding of local attractions and stimulate your interest in traveling to Fushun.

What free parks are there in Fushun?

What free parks are there in Fushun?

Fushun City is located in the central part of Liaoning Province. It is a city with a long history and profound cultural heritage. In addition to historical and cultural attractions, Fushun City also has many beautiful natural landscapes. Among them, parks are places that many citizens and tourists like to go to. Let’s take a look at the free parks in Fushun City.

1. Chifeng Park

Chifeng Park is located on Tiandi Road, Wanghua District, Fushun City. It is one of the larger parks in the city. The park covers an area of ​​90 hectares, full of greenery and fragrant flowers all year round. There are also various natural landscapes such as hills, lakes, and streams in the park, which are very suitable for walking and leisure. It is also a good place for citizens to climb mountains and escape the summer heat.

2. Funeral Park

The Funeral Park is located on Jinxing Road, Wanghua District, Fushun City. It is an urban park with pleasant scenery and green trees. The park has a beautiful environment, with multiple trails, musical fountains, children’s play areas, lawns and other landscapes. In addition, the park also has supporting facilities such as fitness equipment, badminton courts, and basketball courts for citizens to have leisure and entertainment.

3. Tianshan Park

Tianshan Park is located in Donghua Street, Xinfu District, Fushun City. It is an urban ecological park with the theme of the beauty of mountains and forests, integrating fitness, leisure and entertainment. The park covers an area of ​​more than 300 acres and contains many scenic spots such as Tianshan Lake, Feilai Peak, Longshen Gorge, and swimming pools. The park also has recreational facilities, fitness trails, open-air concert venues and other supporting facilities, making it a good place for citizens to relax and entertain.

The above is an introduction to some free parks in Fushun City. Citizens and tourists can choose according to their own interests and hobbies to experience the natural scenery of Fushun City.

What free tourist attractions are there in Fushun that don’t require tickets?

Youai Reservoir (Yanming Lake Scenic Area), Shangsi Reservoir, Guanshan Lake Reservoir, Zihualing, Crescent Island, Huiyuan Township Scenic Area, Kangzigou Scenic Area, Gaoershan Park, Huangdingshan Forest Park, Zhuantai, Si Jiazi Garden is open to the public for free;

Admission to the Lei Feng Memorial Hall in Fushun City is free; (Lei Feng Memorial Hall is located in Wanghua District, Fushun City, covering an area of ​​56,700 square meters. It was built in 1964 and renovated in 1992. The main martyr memorial buildings include Lei Feng Monument, Lei Feng Statue, Lei Feng Tomb and Exhibition Hall of Lei Feng’s Deeds. It contains more than 400 pieces of cultural relics such as the inscriptions written by Party and state leaders such as ***, ***, and *** for Lei Feng, as well as Lei Feng’s relics, photos, and other cultural relics.)

Extended information:

Main attractions in Fushun:

Red River Valley Rafting: Red River Valley Rafting is located in Shahezitun, Dasuhe Township, Qingyuan Manchu Autonomous County, from the entrance of Gougou Station at Yaozhan to the Honghe Reservoir, with a total distance of 12.8 kilometers. Because the vegetation is well protected, it plays a good role in water conservation and water quality purification; the river width in the rafting area is 20-50 meters, the average water depth is about 1 meter, and the drop is moderate. Rafting was officially opened to the public on July 1, 2004.

Hetuala City Site: Hetuala City is a key cultural relic protection unit in Liaoning Province and a national AAAA-level tourist attraction. It is an ancient city with a history of more than 400 years. In 1616 AD, Nurhachi ascended the throne and proclaimed himself khan here, establishing the Jin regime, which was known as the Later Jin Dynasty in history. As a result, the city of Hetuala became one of the capitals of the Later Jin Dynasty. Emperor Taizong Huang Taiji of the Qing Dynasty revered the city of Hetuala as the “Hetuala Capital”.

Baoquanshan Shanyuan Temple: Baoquanshan Shanyuan Temple is located in Fushun Economic Development Zone. Inside the courtyard, there are buildings such as the “Daxiong Hall”, “Guanyin Hall”, “Ksitigarbha Hall” and the second floor of bells and drums. In the temple, there is a jade reclining Buddha (Burmese jade) weighing 30 tons, a cultural relic from the Qianlong period, the Tripitaka, and a large bell donated by the fifth concubine of the warlord Zhang Zuolin during the Republic of China.

Fushun tourist attractions ranking

Popular Scenic Area List Click to view the complete list

No.1 Royal Ocean Park

There are also circus performances and other good things.

Bus: You can take bus No. 40 North Ring, No. 40 South Ring, No. 40 branch line and other lines to get to the nearby area.

Ticket policy: Children: 1.2 meters (inclusive) or below (need to be accompanied by 1 ticket-purchasing adult, 1 adult is limited to 1 free-of-charge child) [Free]

The above policies are for reference only, and the details will be subject to the disclosure by the scenic spot on the day

Popularity: 103,000 people have visited recently

No.2 Fushun Rego Park

Complete facilities, *** water sports, a must-choice place for summer fun, suitable for taking children to play

Bus: You can take bus No. 80, No. 103, No. 103 branch line and other lines to get to the nearby area

Ticket policy: Children: Children under 1.2 meters (not included) are free, but must be accompanied by at least one adult. 【free】

Popularity: 88,000 people have visited recently

No.3 Salhu Scenic Area

The vegetation in the scenic area is very lush, which is equivalent to a natural oxygen bar and is very suitable for hiking.

Popularity: 50,000 people have visited recently

No.4 Circle of Life

Bus: You can take bus No. 101 East Ring Road, No. 101 West Ring Road, No. 101 Branch Line and other lines to get to the nearby area.

Popularity: 47,000 people have visited recently

No.5 Three Stone Forest Park

There are many small landscapes on the road, which are beautiful, natural and suitable for sports

Ticket policy: Children: under 6 years old (inclusive) or under 1.3 meters in height [free]

Minors: 6 years old (not included) – 18 years old [half price]

Students: Full-time undergraduate students and below [half price]

Elderly: Seniors aged 60-69 with valid ID [half price]

Seniors: Seniors aged 70 and above with valid ID [Free]

Active military personnel/disabled persons: with valid ID [free]

The above information is for reference only. For specific information, please refer to the information disclosed by the scenic spot on the day.

Popularity: 34,000 people have visited recently

Does Fushun Sanhui Temple require tickets?


According to the official website of Fushun Cultural Tourism, Sanhui Temple in Fushun City is a free and open attraction. No tickets are required. Tourists can freely visit and explore various cultural relics, buildings and gardens in the temple to experience the beauty of Buddhist culture.