What snacks are the best in Chengdu?!

1. “He’s Tofu” next to the Botanical Garden is definitely the best tofu. Recommend the “tomato tofu”.

2. On Qidaoyan Street in Gaoshengqiao (in front of the Traffic Police Corps Hotel), there is a restaurant with bean curd rice. It tastes great and is very cheap. Pickled cabbage and bean curd is 3.50 yuan per person, and meaty bean curd is 5.50 per person. You can eat bean curd and rice for free. To eat, you can order a la carte, including four meat and one vegetarian dishes. Special recommendations: fresh meat dumplings and crispy pork, delicious! ! !

3. There are too many Chuan Chuan restaurants in Yulin. There is a row of Chongqing hot pot restaurants on Zijing South Road. The taste, price and service are all very good.

4. The buckwheat noodle restaurant in the alley diagonally across from Yanshikou Square is the best in Chengdu (actually the best one should be Yuan Buckwheat Noodles in Shuangliu. After reading so many books in Shuangliu, I can only sum up this experience) .

5. Huaxing Omelette Noodles’ brown sugar rice dumplings are so delicious.

6. There is a Chinese restaurant near Yulin Huaxing Omelette Noodles, the signature Meat Yuanzi, which is delicious!

7. Tai’anju on Changshun Street, “Douhua Frog”, if you go after 6 o’clock, there will be no seats.

8. Wenjiang’s “Piancai Yijue” in Gongping Town has more than 200 tables lined up along the street.

9. “Three Ears” cold pot fish on Wangping Street. If you go to line up after 6 o’clock, you have to wait for 2 hours to eat it.

10. The chicken hotpot at Sichuan Dong Family next to the Chenghua National Tax Office on Wangping Street is delicious.

11. The Mushroom King Hot Pot along Dongchenggen Street North has fresh soup, tender mushrooms and rich nutrition.

12. There is a small restaurant “Luo Mutton” in Baojia Lane. Their signature dish is boiled mutton, with Sichuan pepper added, which is on point.

13. In the alley behind the Dandan Noodles Palace of Culture, there is a clay pot rice restaurant. It’s great to eat there in winter.

14. Behind the Convention and Exhibition Center, there are two famous Sichuan restaurants. The main dishes of Peermen are beef garden soup and cold white meat, which are delicious. There is also the “Hongshuanfu Sichuan Restaurant”. The pots and pans are all Western Sichuan style, and each dish has its own unique flavor. Personally, I think: “Hot and Sour Buckwheat Noodles”, “Potato Tomato Noodles”, “Garlic Short Ribs”, “Beef” “Red soup dumplings” and “cold dried radish” are very delicious.

15. “Xuan Tutou” on Jule Road and “Aunt Zhou” in Shuangnan Community have a unique flavor.

16. The “pot shrimps” and “bench copycats” on Qingjiang Road are both good things.

17. The “Ye Chao Shou” on Huaishu Street is no longer in display.

18. There is a family dinner next to the exhibition center. There are only two delicious dishes: Yuanzi soup and chicken, rice and sprouts.

19. There is a noodle shop in the northeast corner of Shuinian River. I went there late and ran out of noodles.

20. There is a restaurant next to the back door of the amusement park that sells delicious soup dumplings. Walking towards Youyou Road from the soup dumpling road, there is a goosefoot soup pot on the right hand side, which tastes good.

21. The barbecue at the entrance of Xinhua Vocational High School is absolutely delicious. I just don’t know if it will be demolished or not.

22. There is a very simple Chuan Chuan Xiang restaurant in Qingyang Community, with only 5 tables, but it tastes great.

23. There is also a Jade Spare Ribs restaurant on Mengzuiwan Street. The casserole of bean curd and pork ribs are delicious.

24. There is a jumping fish in Zongbei. It is a fish cooked in white soup and eaten with a plate. It is so tender.

25. The “Ye Duck” in Qinglong Lane is a typical Sichuan roast duck. The boss is very awesome. You can only eat roast duck at noon. It basically closes at 6pm. It has been open for more than 20 years and has never expanded. The business area was recently relocated to Wenwu Road, next to the Public Security Bureau.

26. “Chiang Roast Duck”, which used to be a popular business on Rennan Road, is now being demolished on Wuhou Avenue.

27. Yandaixiang “Beef Hot Pot Noodles” is delicious, but it seems to be gone now.

28. On the road from Wenjiang to Jinma, there is a farmhouse selling “Montessori’s Beggar’s Chicken”, which is delicious.

29. Wuding Qiaokou Bald Spicy Crab is relatively famous in other places, but I personally think it is no longer available.

30. There is a “Spicy King” fried ground lobster on the road between the 420 factory dormitory and the Wuye dormitory area.

31. There is a fat rabbit hot pot in Shuinianhe. It tastes very good, but there are many thieves in it, from the boss to the waiters. Everyone is an expert. My friends and I have lost our bags there several times and now we don’t dare to go.

32. Dujiangyan Night Beer sells “buckwheat steamed buns”, and I pack them every time.

33. “Red Star Rabbit” I believe many people know about it. I have a friend in Shenzhen. Every time I go there on a business trip, he asks me to bring 3 pounds of cold ear slices or diced rabbit.

34. Xinjin’s “Fat Sister” Huang La Ding has been around since the early 1990s, and then declined for a while. However, I have been there a few times recently and found that the business is booming again. The new dish: “Homestyle Shuimi Zi” is especially worth trying.

35. At the junction of Emei and Leshan expressways, there is a wild yellow pepper shop. It is on a big boat under a very long bridge. I can’t remember the specific name. There are two. Whichever one has the most cars is the one. Parked. The yellow peppercorns there are definitely wild. I can judge based on my many years of experience.

36. At the pier opposite the Leshan Giant Buddha, there are several “Xiba Tofu” stores. I don’t think the tofu tastes good. There is a local Leshan dish: “Bobo Chicken”, which mixes chicken offal, chicken, and bean sprouts into a cold dish. It has a special taste.

37. Go west to the West Extension Line, don’t take the Chengdu-Guan Expressway, take Pixian County, and eat “Chiang Spare Ribs” in Hongguang Town. Eat less ribs and drink two more bowls of porridge, which is good.

38. There is an unknown steamed stuffed bun shop at the “Shuqian Street” entrance behind the Chinese Association Cinema. The steamed buns are delicious. I used to go to No. 13 Middle School and every time I finished my second class, I would go there to get two steamed buns. It is still open now. With.

39. There is a bald fish hot pot in Jinjiaba, which is hot pot with flower chain meat. The taste is more authentic, but it is a bit spicy, and the shop is very small, so there will be no seats later.

40. Behind the Jinniu District Court on the West Extension Line, there is Jialeshan Niuhua Spicy Hotpot. It uses casserole soup. I think it is much more delicious than other Yulin Spicy Hotpots and is more hygienic. What I hate most about Yulin Malatang is that it is extremely unhygienic. very messy.

41. There are three connected shops selling barbecue along the Xiaojiahe street. The taste is not bad. But I personally think that the barbecue in Chengdu is too spicy and not very fragrant. The barbecue in Yunnan and Hainan is more delicious.

42. There is a “Jiangmen Beef Flower” in Zhangjia Lane, Beimen. It has two dishes: “Stir-fried minced beef with soaked cowpeas” and “Fish-flavored eggplant.” The fish-flavored eggplant is first cooked with oil and then poured with juice. It is absolutely authentic. Sichuan cuisine recipes.

43. There is a “PAUL” bar next to Yuan Nanhong Swimming Pool on Binjiang Road. It is run by a couple of foreigners. The Western food is very authentic and has the same flavor as when I was on a business trip in Europe. It is the base area for foreigners in Chengdu. The price is very cheap.

44, Shuangliu Center Field Hebin Road, Rou Dewa Hotpot, you can taste fresh frogs, the price is reasonable, and you can be honest. You have to go early, there will be no parking space after you go.

45. There is a yellow pepper restaurant in Xiaojiahe. It tastes very delicious and the location is good. I sit on the Xiaojiahe embankment and lean on the railing to eat. Unfortunately, the river water is a bit smelly. But it does not affect the tenderness and deliciousness of the fish. After eating the fish, ask the boss to open the fire and order vegetarian dishes. We especially recommend the lotus root slices and cucumbers. Every time we eat, some people have to take off their pants and get into the pot to fish them out before giving up.

46. ​​The hot pot noodles in Yandai Alley are extremely delicious.

47. There is a large plate of chicken on the small street next to Yulin Middle School (senior school). It costs 28 yuan (small portion, three plates of handmade noodles and three 20 taels of white wine). It can feed four people.

48, Ito’s beef noodles downstairs. tasty.

49. He’s cold pot fish. This is my favorite. I go to Chengdu to eat it once, twice to eat double, and three times to eat triple. I wish I could hold it and sleep, or cook it and sleep. Behind Wangfujing on Zongfu Street, directly opposite Chunxi Road, there is an unknown alley. As we walked and took a look, we met Wang’s sister-in-law who was famous in the city, Chuan Chuan Xiang. When we squinted, we saw the cold pot fish. The plaque on the store only says “Cold Pot Fish”, but its name is huge. It is called “Cold Pot Fish” behind Wangfujing, which is known to all women and children. The so-called cold pot fish refers to fish fillets boiled in red soup. The taste is extremely delicious, spicy yet spicy, yet spicy yet fresh. It is supplemented by fresh dried bamboo shoots, which adds more flavor. You ask what fish? I don’t know.

50, Lai glutinous rice balls. These stores are all over Chengdu, and their density is not as high as that of McDonald’s. My favorite among them is the pearl dumplings, which are small, cold in the mouth, glutinous but not greasy. Those who hate sweets should avoid this product.

51, Niuwang Temple Cold Cup. This street is very magical. There are only a few birds during the day, but at night it is crowded with people. When you come to Niuwang Temple, eating is not the first priority. The most important thing is to learn about the corrupt atmosphere in the capital of Shu, and to see all the beauties in the city.

52, Guokui. People in Shu call it Chinese pizza, but I call it Chengdu Roujiamo. But the crispy skin and fresh filling are beyond the reach of Roujiamo. The one with braised meat inside is the most famous. There are also stores all over Chengdu, so you can eat anywhere.

53. Rake leaves. This thing is even more magical, with glutinous rice flour on the outside and sugar or meat filling inside. The ones filled with white sugar have no special characteristics and are too greasy, but the salty ones are hard to eat. The leaves wrapped around the rake are fragrant, so they are called leaf rake. There are no shops, but itinerant vendors push a permanent bicycle with two huge buckets tied to the back, shouting “leaf rake” all the way, and you can wash it, buy it, and eat it.

54. There is a Chongqing Shrimp Shrimp in the Yulin Vegetable Market. It is OK and delicious. It comes in three flavors: slightly spicy, medium spicy and extra spicy. There are also field snails (the boss said they are Hu (sound) snails, I don’t understand) It’s great! ! !

55. There is a casserole skewers in Xiaojiahe, which is delicious. I wonder if it is still there.

56. In the western suburbs of Chengdu, next to Sichuan Institute of Technology, there is Zhenjiang Piaotang, which is so delicious! ! ! !

57. Daci Temple, there is a Yunnan Cross Bridge Rice Noodles on the small street next to the Jinjiang District Government. It tastes good!

58. In Yanshikou Square, opposite Daye Department Store, there is a roast duck restaurant, which is pretty good.

59. Regarding farmhouses, Chuiyuan near Gaojiacun is very good, and its environmental, food and hygiene conditions are considered to be among the best among farmhouses. Take No. 96 and get off at Gaojiacun (towards Gaoxin West District) near the current terminal of No. 54.

60. There is a “Muslim Restaurant” on the road outside the South Campus of the University of Electronic Science and Technology of China. The boiled beef, mapo tofu, etc. are very delicious and worth eating.

61. There is a restaurant called “Qiao Yiqiao” next to Shuangliu Baiyi Community, which sells strange-flavored goose lips and rabbit heads that are delicious and cheap. People who go to Shuangliu must eat there. . Otherwise, I would be very sorry for myself. .

62. Near Hejiang Pavilion, there is a rice roll rice rolls and Guokui shop. I was addicted for a while. Reading must be eaten every day. But that was 1999.

63. There is a Kongliang eel hotpot on Longzhou Road, which is delicious~! The price is reasonable and it is one of the better ones I have eaten at.

64. The Chiang Pork Ribs restaurant on Jule Road is originally from Pixian County and tastes good.

65. In Dujiangyan there is Youshi Tutou and Shuangliu Tutou Bitou.

66. There is a Chinese restaurant near Yulin Huaxing Omelette Noodles, the signature Meat Yuanzi is delicious! ) This restaurant is called Zhiweifan! ! !

67. Tai’anju on Changshun Street, “Douhua Frog”, if you go after 6 o’clock, there will be no seats. ) but can be open all night! Suitable for cutting and eating after finishing high!

68. The Chiang Pork Ribs restaurant on Jule Road is originally from Pixian County and tastes good. ) There is also a home opposite Athens