Instructions for booking outbound travel

Article 1. Special reminder: (1)’s overseas travel products are provided by fully qualified international travel agencies. International travel agencies make full use of Tongcheng’s online booking platform to launch a full range of domestic and overseas travel products. All Product itinerary arrangements and contract signing are provided by fully qualified international travel agencies. (2) Please read these instructions carefully before booking. The product remarks on the product page also serve as supplementary content to the agreement. When you start booking a vacation product, you indicate that you have carefully read and accepted all the terms of the agreement. 1. Overseas vacation products: vacation destinations are around the world and in Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macau. 2. Self-guided vacation products: This type of product includes some or all of the round-trip air tickets to the vacation destination, accommodation at the destination hotel, and other optional airport transfers, tickets, and other items. 3. Booking lead time and payment period: In order to ensure the booking of vacation products, overseas vacation products must be booked 10 days in advance (5 days in advance in Hong Kong and Southeast Asia) and all payments for the ordered products must be paid in full. The lead time for reservation of individual products will have special requirements, and the details will be separately agreed in the remarks of the product. Article 2. Product content and price: 1. Vacation product content mainly includes hotels, air tickets, cruise tickets, train tickets, destination reception services and other services. The above service content is divided into three categories in the product: fixed included items, must-select items and recommended selection items. The final content of the specific product shall be subject to the agreed content of the confirmed order. 2. When you select vacation products, you should do so within the scope of the options provided. We will try our best to implement your reasonable needs beyond this range, but we do not make any commitment to the results of the implementation. 3. The itinerary recommendations for vacation products on are only friendly reminders and cannot be used as terms of agreement. 4. reserves the right to change the prices of vacation products published on its website without prior notice. The price of the vacation product you booked shall be subject to the amount agreed on the confirmation order. 5. The price on the confirmed order does not include passport or Hong Kong and Macao pass fees, visa or Hong Kong and Macao endorsement fees, luggage storage and overweight fees, personal expenses, aviation personal accident insurance premiums and other insurance fees that you should insure yourself. Article 3. Order Effectiveness and Active Cancellation: (1) The confirmed order will not take effect until you promptly pay the confirmed fees payable or provide a recognized financial guarantee in a timely manner. If you fail to pay the relevant fees in time as required and the price, content or standards of the product change at this time, we will not be responsible for this. (2) After the order takes effect, if you notify us of canceling the reservation before departure, we will cancel it immediately for you. However, you must bear all costs incurred in processing the order. Including booking loss fees, visa fees, international and domestic air tickets and other vehicle and ship transportation expenses, etc. 1. Once a group ticket is issued, it cannot be refunded or endorsed, otherwise the guest will bear the full loss (the special ticket in the self-guided tour product is also a group ticket). If it is a non-group ticket, you will be responsible for the corresponding loss of refund or change according to the regulations of the airline. 2. If overseas and Hong Kong and Macao hotel reservations are canceled within one week before check-in, and if canceled within two weeks before check-in during Christmas, New Year, Spring Festival, Golden Week and other holidays and exhibition periods, one night will be deducted from the fee you paid according to hotel regulations. The room fee is compensated by the hotel. 3. If the visa is canceled after the visa is sent, you will bear all the visa fees. (3) If you have paid the full cost of the vacation product, the fee you paid will be refunded after deducting the above actual losses. If you cancel this trip after paying the deposit, the deposit will not be refunded. If you want to cancel your reservation or if there are changes to your itinerary, please notify us as soon as possible to avoid unnecessary losses. (4) After the order takes effect, if you need to change any items in the order, please be sure to notify your change needs before the vacation begins. We will try our best to meet your needs, but you must fully bear the losses and possible increased costs caused by the changes. Article 4. Change or cancellation of order due to supplier reasons: After you have paid off the vacation fee or deposit as required, if your vacation cannot take place or the content of your vacation is changed due to supplier reasons, we will notify you immediately, unconditionally Refund of all fees you have paid. Or, with your consent, we may adjust the itinerary content or reception standards in the product and refund the difference. If the adjusted product price is higher than the original price, you must make up the difference. Article 5. Change of the right to use vacation products: After you have paid all the vacation fees as required, 10 days before departure, and with the consent of Tongcheng, you can transfer or give away the right to use the vacation products you booked to a participating traveler. The third party required for this vacation activity, but the third party must have the necessary visa or endorsement for this vacation activity. You must bear any increase in costs after the change, and you must also bear all costs incurred due to changes to the effective order. Article 6. About travel liability insurance: Travel agency liability insurance is to compensate tourists for personal injuries, property losses and related expenses caused by the travel agency’s responsibility. For tourists, when an accident actually occurs, “liability insurance” What is protected is mainly the various civil compensation liabilities that travel agencies should bear according to law for tourists during their travels, and this liability will be adjudicated by the court or relevant arbitration institutions. This means that after an accident occurs, the travel agency does not take care of everything, it only assumes its own responsibility. The tourists are solely responsible for any accidents due to their own reasons or other reasons, and the travel agency only provides moral assistance. In order to obtain more comprehensive protection, we strongly recommend that tourists take out personal insurance according to their personal wishes and needs when traveling. Article 7. Applicable laws and regulations for resolving disputes: After your reservation takes effect, if you have a dispute over the performance of relevant matters during the fulfillment of these instructions or the stipulations in the order, you only agree to comply with the provisions promulgated by the National Tourism Administration of the People’s Republic of China. relevant laws and regulations to resolve disputes. Other matters not covered in these instructions will be separately agreed upon in the order confirmed to you by Tongcheng.

1. When traveling abroad, you must at least apply for your passport and visa first. If you have a passport, it must be within six months. 2. When traveling abroad, it is best to sign up with a travel agency to travel together to avoid unnecessary troubles in language. It is recommended that you at least apply in advance. Sign up within 15-30 days, make early preparations before travel, and achieve a perfect trip