Opportunities brought by rural e-commerce

Rural e-commerce continues to be popular, and there are many opportunities to start businesses in the countryside. 2015 is the year when rural e-commerce explodes. Under the opportunity of Internet +, rural logistics, wall cleaning, agricultural product e-commerce procurement platforms, agricultural micro-business, etc. have flourished. Some experts predict that agricultural e-commerce has been included in the No. 1 document for four consecutive years, and the central government’s “No. 1 document” in 2016 may further focus on rural e-commerce. As capital pours into rural areas and rural network infrastructure improves, rural e-commerce still has a lot of room for development in the next few years. Can farmers become the main body of rural e-commerce? Can it lead the development of rural e-commerce? The emergence of Taobao Village shows that it can! This kind of rural e-commerce solves the long-standing problem of low application performance in “top-down” rural e-commerce. It can be said that “a new village has a bright future”. Vigorously cultivate county e-commerce talents and open up the rural local product market so that villagers can buy and sell. Solve logistics problems, allow foreign goods to go to the countryside smoothly, and local goods to the city smoothly, and provide high-quality and efficient services to help farmers buy high-quality and low-price products, establish a good relationship of trust with villagers, and jointly open up the future of rural Taobao development. Jeff E-commerce Group began to study the development of county e-commerce and rural e-commerce a few years ago, and hopes to promote the development of rural e-commerce through its own efforts. Through continuous exploration, we have developed a complete online + offline talent training system. The online talent training platform E-commerce has gathered more than 100,000 e-commerce industry information and materials on the platform, making it a one-stop e-commerce platform. Service education platform; offline multi-level training incubation, open class + entrepreneurial incubation class + quality class model, serving e-commerce practitioners across the country, and comprehensively cultivating e-commerce talents. Alibaba plans to invest 10 billion in three to five years to establish 1,000 county-level service centers and 100,000 village-level service stations, covering one-third of the counties and one-sixth of the rural areas in the country. Cooperate with governments across the country to build service outlets at the county and village levels based on e-commerce platforms. The core is the village-level service center, called a rural Taobao partner, to establish a credit system for agricultural products, rural areas, and farmers. . What does “agricultural products on the rise” mean? Now regarding the development of the Internet in counties, it is usually said that “agricultural products are going up, and industrial products are going down.” There are also several concepts such as agricultural product e-commerce, rural e-commerce, and county e-commerce. We think this is a progressive relationship, and “agricultural products are going up. “It is a production and sales reform method that aims at e-commerce of agricultural products and involves the reshaping of county and rural resources, talents, services, and supply chains.