Yangquan tourist attractions in Taiyuan City Ranking of Yangquan tourist attractions in Taiyuan City

Introduction: Taiyuan City Yangquan Tourist Attractions Ranking of Taiyuan City Yangquan Tourist Attractions 1. Taiyuan City Yangquan Tourist Attractions Ranking 2. Taiyuan City Yangquan Tourist Attractions Ranking Top Ten 3. Taiyuan City Yangquan Tourist Attractions Ranking 4. Shanxi Province Yangquan City Attractions 5. Taiyuan The city’s Yangquan tourist attractions rank first 6. Yangquan tourist attractions rank 7. Taiyuan Yangquan tourist attractions list 8. Shanxi Yangquan’s top ten tourist attractions 9. Shanxi Yangquan scenic spots

1. Ranking of Yangquan tourist attractions in Taiyuan City

Guanshan, Nanshan Park

2. Top ten tourist attractions in Yangquan, Taiyuan City

1. Niangziguan Scenic Area 2. Yangquan Guguan Great Wall 3. Zangshan Scenic Area 4. Shinao Mountain Park 5. Daqian Village 6. Cuifengshan Natural Scenic Area 7. Hundred Regiments War Memorial Hall 8. Niangziguan Waterfall 9. Pingmei Scenic Area, Xiaohe Ancient Village, Yangquan City 10. Monument to the Hundred Regiments War

3. Ranking list of Yangquan tourist attractions in Taiyuan City

As the first city of the Communist Party of China, Yangquan in Shanxi Province has a long history and many tourist and leisure attractions. With the development and changes of society, the main tourist attractions are as follows.

1 Cuifeng Mountain Natural Scenic Area is famous for its virgin sub-forest and autumn maple leaves.

2. Zangshan Scenic Area is well-known for its rich landforms and the story of the orphans of the Zhao family during the Warring States Period.

3 Niangziguan Scenic Area. Including Niangziguan Waterfall and the ruins of the old Great Wall, it was once said to be the Ninth Pass in the World and is a landmark attraction in Yangquan. In addition, there is Taolingou, which is famous for viewing peach blossoms. It is suitable for rafting players to go ecological rafting on the Hutuo River. It also witnesses the history of Yinyuan Villa, Shengquan Temple, Shi Pingmei’s former residence, etc.

4. Attractions in Yangquan City, Shanxi Province

Niangziguan Scenic Area, Taolingou Scenic Area, Zangshan Scenic Area.

5. Yangquan tourist attractions in Taiyuan City rank first

Yangquan is the gateway to the three Shanxi provinces and the key balance between Shanxi and Hebei provinces. It is located in the middle of the two provincial capital cities of Taiyuan and Shijiazhuang, both 100 kilometers apart. Within the territory are the Ninth Pass of the Great Wall, Niangzi Pass, Zangshan Tourist Scenic Area, Guanshan Academy, Shi Pingmei’s Former Residence, Liangjiazhai Hot Spring, and the Shinao Mountain Forest Park, which is mainly composed of buildings commemorating the Hundred Regiments War. Zangshan Tourist Scenic Area, Hundred Regiment War Memorial Hall, Shi Pingmei’s Former Residence, Shinao Mountain Hundred Regiment War Site, Niangziguan Scenic Area in Pingding County, Guanwang Temple Scenic Area in Yangquan Suburbs, Yaolin Temple Forest Park, Guguan Great Wall in Pingding County, Pingding Guanshan Forest Park , Niangziguan, Cuifengshan Natural Scenic Area, Taolingou Scenic Area, Yuxian Da_ Hot Spring Resort, Pingding County Hongyanling Scenic Area

6. Ranking of Yangquan tourist attractions

There are many places worth visiting in Yangquan.

First: Niangziguan Waterfall

Niangziguan Waterfall, also known as Feiquan, is located under the Jealous Girl Temple about 300 meters near the east gate of Niangziguan Castle. It is named because it is close to Niangziguan Castle. It is the source of Zefa Water, known as Shuilian Cave. There are many springs in the hillside valley, forming hanging springs.

Second: Zangshan Scenic Area

The national AAAA scenic spot is located at the western foothills of Taihang Mountain, 18 kilometers north of Yu County, Yangquan City, Shanxi Province, among the mountains to the east of Zangshan Village, Changchi Town. It borders Shijiazhuang to the east, Taiyuan City to the west, Niangziguan to the south and Niangziguan to the north. Mount Wutai, Xibaipo, is a place with magical nature and unique beauty. According to legend, Zhao Shuo, a senior official of the Jin Dynasty, was killed by the Duke of Jin during the Spring and Autumn Period. Before Zhao Shuo died, he entrusted his posthumous orphan to his retainer Cheng Ying. Cheng Ying abandoned his own son and took Zhao Shuo’s orphan Zhao Wu into Yushan Mountain and hid there for 15 years. , later generations renamed Menshan Mountain to Zangshan Mountain and established a temple to offer sacrifices. It has a history of more than 2,600 years. It is the third batch of cultural relics protection units in Shanxi Province.

Third: Guguan Great Wall

The Guguan Great Wall is located in Xinguan Village, Pingding County, Shanxi Province, on the west side of the Taihang Mountains. It starts from Niangziguan Jiayu Valley in the north and ends at the entrance of Baihui Village in the south. It is 20 kilometers long and is an important pass in the inner Great Wall. The Guguan Great Wall is the only remaining intact stone Great Wall in China. It is the earliest inner Great Wall in the Ming Dynasty in my country. Luo Zhewen, a famous Great Wall expert, calls it “the charm of a small Badaling”.

Fourth: Cuifengshan Natural Scenic Area

In the scenic area, there are dangerous mountains and strange rocks, deep ravines and strange peaks, pure spring water, gurgling streams, and a large area of ​​primitive sub-forest. The forest contains more than 100 tree species such as lacquer and birch trees. The unique plant resources make Cuifeng Mountain a scenery all year round.

Fifth: Liangjiazhai Daqian Hot Spring Resort

Daqian Hot Spring is carefully built in accordance with the national 4A-level tourist attraction standards. It is a new hot spring tourist resort integrating hot spring bathing, leisure and health care, water park, and ecological tourism.

7. A complete list of Taiyuan Yangquan tourist attractions

Yangquan tourist attractions in Shanxi Province In addition to the Zangshan Mountain and Niangziguan mentioned above, there are many tourist attractions: Monument to the Hundred Regiments War, Yaolin Temple, Guandi Temple, Shuiliandong Waterfall, Sipingzhuang Hot Spring, Guanshan, etc., which are worth mentioning. The Pingzhuang Hot Spring is only a few dozen miles away from Tibetan Mountain. The hot spring water temperature is 63 degrees and the water quality is excellent. It contains various minerals such as calcium and magnesium and various radioactive elements such as uranium, radium, and radon. It is good for skin diseases. , rheumatoid arthritis, bone hyperplasia, polyneuritis and other diseases have significant curative effect. Nowadays, many travel agencies offer two-day tours. The first day is to soak in hot springs, and the second day to visit the Zangshan Mountain of Zhongyi Culture to experience the Zhongyi Culture of Sanjin. Recommended attractions: Yaolin Temple, Wat Peak, Tianning Temple, Twin Towers, Guanwang Temple, Scenic Area, Zanggu Cave, Baogu Peak, Pingdingguan Mountain Forest Park, Immortals, Beautiful Stones, Qijiyan Temple, Pingzhuang Hot Spring, Worshiping Cave, Kaihe Temple, Dishui Rock, Drinking Horse Pond, Sunset, Evening Photos, Dragon and Phoenix Pine Heaven and Earth. Genshushalou Shi Pingmei’s former residence Shilianhua Zangshan Scenic Area Shinao Mountain Park Guguan Great Wall Pingding Niangziguan Scenic Area

8. Top ten must-visit attractions in Yangquan, Shanxi

  The former site of the Mashan Military Conference of the Eighth Route Army’s “129th Division”

Located in Majiyan Temple, Mashan Village, Donghui Town, Pingding County, it is the site of the first large-scale military meeting held in 1937 when the Eighth Route Army’s “129th Division” crossed the Yellow River eastward and advanced into the Taihang Mountains.

 Monument to the Hundred Regiments War

  Yangquan Revolutionary Martyrs Memorial Hall

It is located on the east side of the red tourist attraction “Monument to the Hundred Regiments” in Shinao Mountain in Yangquan City and was completed in September 2006.

9. Scenic spots in Yangquan, Shanxi

The Yangquan area has a long history and a long-established cultural tradition. The scattered scenic spots and historic sites and rich and colorful natural landscapes constitute unique tourism resources. Toutiao Laibian

The main tourist attractions are: Qiantoutulai

Urban tourist attractions: Nanshan Park, Children’s Park, One Hundred Regiments War Monument and City Square, etc. Bian Toutiao Lai

Suburban scenic spots: Linli Guanwang Temple, etc.

Pingding Scenic Area: Niangziguan, Guanshan and other scenic spots

Yu County Scenic Spots: Tibetan Mountain, Karst Cave, and other scenic spots Toutiao Laiba