Luquan must-visit attractions Luquan tourist attractions

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1. Luquan tourist attractions

It is known as “the most amazing village in the world” and “the blessed place for babies”.

Baodu Village is not a village, but the name of a famous mountain. It is located in Luquan District, Shijiazhuang City. It is a tourist attraction integrating natural landscape and cultural landscape.

Baodu Village is located 17 kilometers west of Shijiazhuang City. The mountain is majestic and only accessible by a small trail on the north and south slopes. Climbing to the top of the mountain, it suddenly becomes clear.

It has built the country’s largest mountaintop gatehouse – Nantianmen, the country’s first mountaintop underground stone carving Five Hundred Arhat Hall, the country’s largest Hanxin Temple decorated with gold lacquer murals and the Great Wall Wall.

The newly opened “Xiyuan–Lianhua Mountain–Baodu Village” passenger ropeway is more than 1,800 meters long. It is the only domestic transfer station with a transfer station. It has no intermediate tower and is a fully enclosed round-trip passenger ropeway. The highest suspension is 271 meters, making it Baodu Village. A great view of the village.

Belonging to the national 4A level scenic spot, Baodu Village is a famous mountain and ancient village integrating history, culture and natural scenery. It is 580 meters above sea level, surrounded by cliffs. The top is flat and flat, with 660 acres of fertile farmland and a soil depth of 66 meters.

It was once the ancient battlefield where Han Xin, the Marquis of Huaiyin of the Han Dynasty, fought his last battle. It was also the blessed place where the famous Taoist Zhang Sanfeng became a Taoist. Its scenery is strange and unique, and the scenery is pleasant. It is known as “the illusion of heaven, the blessed place on earth, the battlefield of military strategists, and the most beautiful place in the world.” “Peach Blossom Spring” is a wonderful village in the world.

2. Shijiazhuang Luquan Tourist Attraction

The Chahe River in the north, Huolu in the west, the filming location of Dream of Red Mansions in Zhengding, and Zhangshi Rock in the northwest are all good, because these places are in the surrounding counties. It is recommended that you go there by bike, because this way you can visit other scenic spots on the roadside. You can also visit the specialties: jujube, tea noodles, millet, sesame oil, Ganglu sesame cakes

Tourism: Baodu Village, Botanical Garden, Zoo, Jiujing Villa

3. Ranking of Luquan tourist attractions

Traveling to Luquan depends on your personal time. The entire Luquan District is full of scenic spots from south to north, with Fenglong Mountain in the south. Longfeng Lake, Outlet Water World, Junlebao Youzhi Ranch, Daoxiang Village, Golden Phoenix Braised Chicken, Forest Park, Longquan Temple, Longquan Lake. In the west are Changqing, Baodu Village, Shifangyuan, Luquan West Gate, Tumen Town, Lingyan Temple, and Gujia Stone Village. Quzhai new rural villa area. Too many to count. If anyone knows, please continue to introduce me. Let friends from out of town have more choices.

4. Luquan tourist attractions list

Baodu Village, formerly known as Baodu Mountain and ancient name as Peishan, is located in Luquan District, Shijiazhuang City

5. A complete list of Luquan tourist attractions for free

Xibaipo. Xibaipo is a holy land of revolution and a base for patriotic education. There are exhibitions of items used by revolutionary soldiers and the history of the houses where they lived. Moreover, Xibaipo has beautiful mountains and rivers. There is a direct shuttle bus to Xibaipo from Shijiazhuang North Passenger Station.

Berlin Zen Temple. Berlin Zen Temple has magnificent ancient buildings and thousand-year-old temples. Berlin Zen Temple is located in Zhaoxian County. You can take a long-distance bus directly to Berlin Zen Temple at Nanjiao Long-distance Bus Station.

Niu Wangzhai. Niuwang Village is located in Xingtangzhai Township. Niuwang Village has clear water, dangerous mountains, beautiful scenery, and a lot of tourists. In Shishi city, take the direct long-distance bus to Xingtang to Xingtang County, and then transfer to the bus from the county to Zhaixiang. Lingyan Temple. Lingyan Temple not only has antique architectural halls, but also imitates the Potala Palace, the Life Release Pond, the Jinyuan Pagoda, etc. Lingyan Temple is located near Zaolin Village, Luquan District, Shijiazhuang. Drive along National Highway 307 in the direction of Bailuquan. It’s a long way. You can see the Jinyuan Pagoda. Junlebao Ranch is located on Shitong Road in Tongye, Luquan District. Here you can taste fresh milk and watch the process of raising cattle and producing dairy products.

Lotus mountain. It is located in Luquan District and can be reached directly by Tourist Road No. 5. It is a good place for people to climb for leisure. The air is fresh and the mountain is not too high. It is a good place for mountain climbing and exercise.

6. What ancient towns are there in Luquan tourist attractions?

Recommend Longquan Ancient Town.

Longquan Ancient Town is located in Luquan, Shijiazhuang. Compared with the nearby Deming Ancient Town and Tumenguan Yidao Town, Longquan Ancient Town, which opened in 2021, can be said to have an ill-fated fate.

In terms of area, Longquan Ancient Town occupies a huge area. It takes about three times to walk around Deming Ancient Town.

In terms of appearance, the buildings in Longquan Ancient Town are mainly based on the Ming, Qing and Republic of China styles that have been popular in recent years. There is a long water system in the ancient town, and all buildings are built along the water.

At night, red lanterns are hung high in front of the restaurants and shops on the shore, wooden bridges fly across the river, and cruise ships dock. It’s all like a Jiangnan water town.

7. One-day trip to Luquan tourist attractions

Driving route: The total distance is about 85.2 kilometers

Starting point: Shijiazhuang City

1. Shijiazhuang city driving plan

1) Start from the starting point due north, drive 20 meters, and turn right into Zhongshan East Road

2) Drive along Zhongshan East Road for 1.6 kilometers and turn left

3) Drive 20 meters and go straight into Tiyu North Street

4) Drive along Tiyu North Street for 3.9 kilometers and turn left into North Second Ring East Road

5) Drive along North Second Ring East Road for 1.5 kilometers, turn slightly right into North Second Ring West Road

6) Drive along North Second Ring West Road for 4.2 kilometers, turn slightly right and enter S301

7) Drive along S301 for 3.6 kilometers and turn left

8) Drive 10 meters and go straight into the Shiqing Road overpass

9) Drive along the Shiqing Road overpass for 1.1 kilometers and go straight into the Shiqing-Taiwan Expressway

2. Drive 8.5 kilometers along Shitai Expressway and go straight into G5

3. Drive along G5 for 48.9 kilometers and turn on the right front

4. Drive 100 meters towards Niangziguan and turn slightly to the right

5. Yangquan city driving plan

1) Drive 70 meters and go straight

2) Drive 30 meters and turn right to enter G307

3) Drive along G307 for 660 meters, pass the gas station on the left, and turn left to enter the Weijiu Line

4) Drive along Weijiu Line for 8.5 kilometers and turn left into S315

5) Drive along S315 for 2.5 kilometers and go straight

6) Drive 30 meters to the end (on the left side of the road)

End point: Baidu map of Niangziguan Scenic Area

This data comes from Baidu Maps, and the final results are subject to the latest data from Baidu Maps.

8. Ranking of Luquan tourist attractions

Shijiazhuang’s surrounding counties include Pingshan County, Zanhuang County, Lingshou County, Jingxing County, and Luquan District. Each county has mountainous attractions:

1. Pingshan Tuoliang, Tiangui Mountain, Tenglong Mountain, Foguang Mountain, Ziyun Mountain, Jiulong Pond, and Black Mountain Grand Canyon

2. Zanhuangzhang Shiyan, Qipanshan, Doujiazhai

3. Lingshou Wuyue Village, Manshanhuaxi Valley, Qiu Mountain, Shuiquan Stream

4. Jingxing Cangyan Mountain, Xiantai Mountain, Qingliang Mountain, Marble, Stone Village, Ceramic Water Town,

5. Luquan Fenglong Mountain, Baodu Village, Foguang Mountain, Little Potala Palace, Wufeng Mountain, Changqing in the west

9. Are Luquan tourist attractions open?

Free scenic spots:

  Luquan West Evergreen Water Park

  Discount: Free admission from May 1st to May 31st

  Tel: 0311-82205666;0311-89175000

  Address: Liangzhuang and Shuiyu, Bailuquan Township, Luquan City, Shijiazhuang City

  Qiu Shan Scenic Area

  Discount: 40% off tickets on May 18th and May 19th (full ticket price 50 yuan/person), free tickets for disabled people, free tickets for model workers, advanced workers, retired soldiers with preferential treatment cards, and police cards

  Address: Qiushan Original Ecological Natural Scenic Area, Lingshou County, Shijiazhuang City

  Tel: 0311-89684888;0311-82521561

  Shuiquanxi Scenic Area

  Discount: Adult tickets are half price at 30 yuan/ticket during travel days. Tickets for college students, middle school students and primary school students are free

  Address: Mufota Village, Nanying Township, Lingshou County, Shijiazhuang City, Hebei Province

  Tel: 0311-85528928

  Heishanguan Grand Canyon

  Discount: Free admission to Pingshan Heishanguan on the 19th. The original price is 65 yuan/person.

  Address: Heishanguan Village, Yingli Township, Pingshan County

  Tel: 0311-82887788

  Tumenguan Post Road Town

  Discount: The Luquan Tumenguan Yidao Town Scenic Area is free and parking is free; Hanfu Culture Festival and Zootopia themed activities are free.

  Address: Huanbao Road, Guanjing Street, Luquan District, Shijiazhuang City

  For details, click on the 2019 Shijiazhuang 5.19 Tourism Day Promotional Attractions Summary

  Zhangjiakou free scenic spots

  Chicheng County Hot Spring Resort Scenic Area is fully open all day and free for all members

  Shangyi County scenic spots are fully open all day long and free for everyone

  Zhangbei County Zhongdu Primitive Grassland Resort and Yehuling Fortress Military Tourist Area are free all day


  Wuqiang New Year Picture Museum Scenic Area and Zhouwo Music Town Scenic Area are open to tourists free of charge.

10. Luquan Tourist Attractions Tumen Pass

The scenic spot is open all day.

The famous twenty-four passes of the Ming Dynasty include Tumen Pass. By the Qing Dynasty, Tumen Pass was a long-term pass in Guhe Prefecture (today’s Linxia). In the third year of the reign of Emperor Yongzheng of the Qing Dynasty (1725), Tumenguan was established as a tea and horse trading market for Han, Tibetan and Mongolian people. The gates are closed early and open late, and all entrances and exits for merchants and merchants are patrolled by troops. The gate and tower were demolished in 1949.

There is a mosque not far to the north of Tumen Pass, and a Tibetan-style white pagoda stands beside the road south of Tumen Pass. The mosque and the pagoda symbolize two different religious worlds on both sides of Tumen Pass. The land to the north belongs to Allah, and to the south is the world of Sakyamuni.

11. Luquan tourist attractions ancient town

Longquan Ancient Town is expected to open its doors around May Day in 2021